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Crossware Adds C++ Language Support to ARM and ColdFire Suites.

CAMBRIDGE, England -- Crossware (, a leading embedded software tools developer, has added C++ language support to its ARM[R] and ColdFire[R] Development Suites. This allows developers to program in both C and C++ to suit the needs of the particular application under development. As C++ is an object-orientated language, it makes programs easier to understand, maintain, enhance and upgrade.

Migrating from C to C++ with the Crossware suites is easy. Adding two instructions to the startup code is sufficient to handle the construction and destruction of global C++ objects; and C source files can be switched to the C++ language simply by giving them a .CPP extension.

The Crossware Code Creation Wizards are compatible with both C and C++. For example, if the Code Creation Wizards are used to insert code into a C++ source file, functions that must remain in C, such as interrupt handlers, are automatically qualified to keep them as C functions.

"The addition of C++ language support for our ARM and ColdFire suites is a significant milestone in the development of our compiler technology," says Alan Harry, founder and CEO of Crossware. "It builds upon all of the recent advances introduced into our latest ColdFire and ARM compilers and gives customers the features that they need in order to build more complex, but more easily maintainable applications."

The Crossware ARM and ColdFire Development Suites both provide complete and extremely user friendly development environments for the ARM and ColdFire family of microprocessors respectively - with advanced C/C++ compilers, libraries, wizards, simulators and debuggers.

Crossware is a leading developer of programmer-friendly C/C++ cross compilers and other development tools for embedded systems based on the ARM, 8051, ColdFire, 68000, CPU32 and other chip families. Host environments include Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Crossware's products are used throughout the world by professional developers, educational establishments and hobbyists.

For more information please contact Alan Harry, Crossware, Old Post House, Silver Street, Litlington, Royston, Herts, SG8 0QE, UK, tel: + 44 (0) 1763 853500 or fax + 44 (0) 1763 853330,
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 11, 2006
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