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Cross Inside A Circle Found On Mars; Could Be Fossil Or Crystal Formation [Watch Video].

NASA's Opportunity rover, a Mars exploration rover has been active for four years on Mars travelling fro a distance of more than 25 miles, captured images through its microscopic imager camera. A formation of a cross inside a circle was observed in the images.

According to a post on ( UFO Sightings Daily by Scott Waring, the photos, five in number, were captured on July 12 at 10.23 UTC with the photo ID Sol 3720. The source of the photos is the ( ) NASA site .

Scott Waring explained that the cross inside a circle was unusual and could possibly be three things. The objects that he felt this symbol, similar to a Celtic or Irish cross shape, could be are a fossil creature, a crystal formation and micro-technology.

Before the arrival of Christianity, the Celtic and Irish cross was widely used by the ancient people, reported ( UFO Sightings Hotspot . The four arms of the cross could denote either the four elements, the four directions of a compass or the four parts of man namely mind, body, soul and heart. The ring around the cross carries many explanations including sun worship as well as symbolism. The ring was assumed to be symbolic as it created a shape that was aesthetically pleasing.

Scott Waring, on UFO Sightings Daily, explained that it could be a fossil of a micro creature but since there was a ring around the cross, it wasn't likely. He also wrote that the cross had a few similarities to a crystal formation but the ring caused him to rule that out as well.

He felt that the best fitting explanation is that of micro-technology. He explained that ancient technology could be useful to regulate plants, animals and other ecosystems that could help create a controlled environment. He mentioned that NASA's chief, Charles Bolden had said that Mars did have life and it may still have one. So Scott has taken to this statement and said that ancient micro-technology could explain such an advanced world in the Red Planet.

A video of the finding was posted on YouTube with the title "Ancient Aliens On Mars: Cross Slabs Caught By Opportunity NASA, The Same Clonenaugh Ireland." It was uploaded by the YouTube channel, ( UFOvni2012 . The video has garnered more than 32,000 views.


Video Source: ( YouTube/ UFOvni2012

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Date:Oct 15, 2014
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