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Get your head round dos and don'ts of bed-hopping; For National Allotments Week Hannah Stephenson looks at veg you can grow together, and the benefits of crop rotation. Hannah Stephenson Aug 8, 2020 610
How to boost your veg patch through crop rotation. Aug 1, 2020 372
How to boost your veg patch through crop rotation. Aug 1, 2020 372
How to boost your veg patch through crop rotation. Aug 1, 2020 372
How to boost your veg patch through crop rotation. Aug 1, 2020 372
How to boost your veg patch through crop rotation. Aug 1, 2020 568
How to boost your veg patch through crop rotation. Aug 1, 2020 366
How to boost your veg patch through crop rotation. Aug 1, 2020 372
How to boost your veg patch through crop rotation. Aug 1, 2020 372
How to boost your veg patch through crop rotation. Aug 1, 2020 372
How to boost your veg patch through crop rotation. Aug 1, 2020 554
NFUS calls for greening measures to be dropped; Crop rotation: Defra to ditch requirements for English growers next year. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jul 31, 2020 317
How to boost your veg patch through crop rotation. Jul 30, 2020 372
Crop rotation as soil management tool. Jul 4, 2020 1008
COMPANION PLANTING WITH VEGETABLES AND FLOWERS: The right combinations will save space and provide weed and pest control. Pleasant, Barbara Jul 1, 2020 1475
Pakistan to boost soybean yield by using China's intercropping technology: Prof Yang Wenyu. Jun 1, 2020 816
Pakistan's soybean may move towards self-production with Chinese tech. Jun 1, 2020 764
Pakistan to enhance soybean yield by using China's intercropping technology. Jun 1, 2020 781
What a farmer can grow this rainy season. May 30, 2020 1773
Long-term Iowa State research shows poultry manure improves profits and soil health. May 1, 2020 1006
Analysis shows benefits of conservation agriculture in South Asia. Amin Ahmed Apr 27, 2020 780
What a farmer can grow this first rainy season. Apr 18, 2020 389
AKILIMO Prediction Expands To Five Regions In Tanzania Nine Nigerian States. Apr 7, 2020 460
ASSESSMENT OF CROPPING SYSTEM PRODUCTIVITY, PROFITABILITY AND ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY OF WHEAT. M. Nawaz, S, A. Anjum, U. Ashraf, I. Khan, S. Hussain, A. Zohaib, Y. Hubiao and W. Zhiyong Apr 3, 2020 5512
Companion Planting Primer for Vegetable Gardens. Bratvold, Krista Apr 1, 2020 500
Economic returns to households participating in different models of commercial tree plantations in Lao PDR. Simo, A. Van Der Meer; Kanowski, P.; Barney, K. Mar 1, 2020 14992
Sowing maize as a rotation crop in irrigated cotton cropping systems in a Vertosol: effects on soil properties, greenhouse gas emissions, black root rot incidence, cotton lint yield and fibre quality. Hulugalle, N.R.; Nachimuthu, G.; Kirkby, K.; Lonergan, P.; Heimoana, V.; Watkins, M.D.; Finlay, L.A. Report Mar 1, 2020 11339
Soil mineralogy and dynamic pedogenic processes in response to redox cycles due to rice and sweet potato rotation. Anda, Markus; Suryani, Erna; Nursyamsi, Dedi Report Mar 1, 2020 12688
Protect your soil for bumper crop. Feb 29, 2020 213
Pakistan can increase production of pulses: FAO. Feb 10, 2020 320
Impact of continuous organic manuring on mechanisms and processes of the stabilisation of soil organic C under rice-wheat cropping system. Purakayastha, T. J.; Das, Ruma; Kumari, Savita; Shivay, Y. S.; Biswas, Sunanda; Kumar, Dhiraj; Chakr Report Feb 1, 2020 10197
Crop rotational diversity impacts soil physical and hydrological properties under long-term no- and conventional-till soils. Alhameid, Abdullah; Singh, Jasdeep; Sekaran, Udayakumar; Ozlu, Ekrem; Kumar, Sandeep; Singh, Sharden Report Feb 1, 2020 10099
A Comparative Study of Rotation Patterns on Soil Organic Carbon in China's Arid and Semi-Arid Regions. Wei, Chen; Adamowski, Jan F.; Liu, Yujia; Zhang, Yongkai; Liu, Chunfang; Zhou, Junju; Wang, Xueyan; Feb 1, 2020 7617
Plant Acceptance for Oviposition of Tetranychus urticae on Strawberry Leaves Is Influenced by Aromatic Plants in Laboratory and Greenhouse Intercropping Experiments. Hata, Fernando Teruhiko; Bega, Vinadio Lucas; Ventura, Mauricio Ursi; Grosso, Francine dos Santos; S Feb 1, 2020 6923
Acquiring Plant Features with Optical Sensing Devices in an Organic Strip-Cropping System. Krus, Anne; Apeldoorn, Dirk van; Valero, Constantino; Ramirez, Juan Jose Feb 1, 2020 5206
Distribution and Restricted Vertical Movement of Nematodes in a Heavy Clay Soil. Knox, Oliver; Polain, Katherine; Fortescue, Elijha; Griffiths, Bryan Feb 1, 2020 3899
Effects of Seven Diversified Crop Rotations on Selected Soil Health Indicators and Wheat Productivity. Wang, Lin; Zhao, Yingxing; Al-Kaisi, Mahdi; Yang, Jia; Chen, Yuanquan; Sui, Peng Feb 1, 2020 6855
Cropping System Redesign for Improved Weed Management: A Modeling Approach Illustrated with Giant Ragweed (Ambrosia trifida). Liebman, Matt; Nichols, Virginia A. Feb 1, 2020 6457
Changes in the Weed Seed Bank in Long-Term Establishment Methods Trials under Rice-Wheat Cropping System. Sharma, Prashant; Singh, Manoj Kumar; Verma, Kamlesh; Prasad, Saroj Kumar Feb 1, 2020 7507
The Effect of Various Tillage Systems on Productivity of Narrow-Leaved Lupin-Winter Wheat-Winter Triticale-Winter Barley Rotation. Panasiewicz, Katarzyna; Faligowska, Agnieszka; Szymanska, Grazyna; Szukala, Jerzy; Ratajczak, Karoli Feb 1, 2020 5900
Soil and Water Quality Indicators of Diversified Farming Systems in a Saline Region of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Van Tan, Lam; Tran, Thanh; Loc, Ho Huu Feb 1, 2020 8509
Organic Cropping System Affects Grain Chemical Composition, Rheological and Agronomic Performance of Durum Wheat. Pandino, Gaetano; Mattiolo, Emanuela; Lombardo, Sara; Lombardo, Grazia Maria; Mauromicale, Giovanni Feb 1, 2020 8846
Plateau Farmers Brace For Late Blight Outbreak As Planting Season Begins. Jan 28, 2020 447
Experts underscore need to restore natural agri cropping. Jan 18, 2020 223
Agro ecological zones to facilitate agri efficiency. Jan 8, 2020 244
Methods for Management of Soilborne Diseases in Crop Production. Panth, Milan; Hassler, Samuel C.; Baysal-Gurel, Fulya Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2020 13215
Impact of Weather Conditions and Farming Systems on Size Distribution of Starch Granules and Flour Yield of Winter Wheat. Keres, Indrek; Alaru, Maarika; Talgre, Liina; Luik, Anne; Eremeev, Viacheslav; Sats, Andres; Joudu, Jan 1, 2020 6624
Assessing the Performance of Maize (Zea mays L.) as Trap Crops for the Management of Sunflower Broomrape (Orobanche cumana Wallr.). Ye, Xiaoxin; Zhang, Meng; Zhang, Manyun; Ma, Yongqing Jan 1, 2020 6317
Analysis of Grain Yield Differences Among Soybean Cultivars under Maize--Soybean Intercropping. Wang, Xingcai; Wu, Xiaoling; Ding, Guohui; Yang, Feng; Yong, Taiwen; Wang, Xiaochun; Yang, Wenyu Report Jan 1, 2020 7650
Can Trichoderma-Based Biostimulants Optimize N Use Efficiency and Stimulate Growth of Leafy Vegetables in Greenhouse Intensive Cropping Systems?. Visconti, Donato; Fiorentino, Nunzio; Cozzolino, Eugenio; Woo, Sheridan Lois; Rouphael, Youssef Jan 1, 2020 9469
Effect of Integrated Technologies on Production and Productivity of Pearl Millet in the Dryland Areas of Wag Himira Administrative Zone, Eastern Amhara, Ethiopia. Berhanu, Tafere; Beshir, Wubshet; Lakew, Alemu Jan 1, 2020 3419
Supporting Crop and Different Row Spacing as Factors Influencing Weed Infestation in Lentil Crop and Seed Yield under Organic Farming Conditions. Kraska, Piotr; Andruszczak, Sylwia; Kwiecinska-Poppe, Ewa; Staniak, Mariola; Rozylo, Krzysztof; Ruse Jan 1, 2020 5394
A Two-Year Simulated Crop Rotation Confirmed the Differential Infestation of Broomrape Species in China Is Associated with Crop-Based Biostimulants. Hayat, Sikandar; Wang, Kai; Liu, Bo; Wang, Yue; Chen, Fangjie; Li, Pufang; Hayat, Kashif; Ma, Yongqi Jan 1, 2020 7319
Estimation of Maize (Zea mays L.) Yield Per Harvest Area: Appropriate Methods. Tandzi, Liliane Ngoune; Mutengwa, Charles Shelton Jan 1, 2020 9481
Germination Ecology of Brachiaria eruciformis in Australia and Its Implications for Weed Management. Mobli, Ahmadreza; Mollaee, Mahboobeh; Manalil, Sudheesh; Chauhan, Bhagirath Singh Jan 1, 2020 4643
Effect of Tree Presence and Soil Characteristics on Soybean Yield and Quality in an Innovative Alley-Cropping System. Mantino, Alberto; Volpi, Iride; Micci, Martina; Pecchioni, Giovanni; Bosco, Simona; Dragoni, Federic Jan 1, 2020 8248
Biochar Integration with Legume Crops in Summer Gape Synergizes Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Enhance Maize Yield. Jalal, Fazal; Arif, Muhammad; Akhtar, Kashif; Khan, Aziz; Naz, Misbah; Said, Fazal; Zaheer, Sajjad; Jan 1, 2020 7946
Organic Greenhouse Production: Towards an Agroecological Approach in the Framework of the New European Regulation--A Review. Tittarelli, Fabio Jan 1, 2020 7764
Effects of Cowpea-Amaranth Intercropping and Fertiliser Application on Soil Phosphatase Activities, Available Soil Phosphorus, and Crop Growth Response. Mndzebele, Buhlebelive; Ncube, Bhekumthetho; Fessehazion, Melake; Mabhaudhi, Tafadzwanashe; Amoo, St Jan 1, 2020 10002
Soybean RandD project launches in Surigao del Sur. Dec 29, 2019 491
Long-Term Green Manure Rotations Improve Soil Biochemical Properties, Yield Sustainability and Nutrient Balances in Acidic Paddy Soil under a Rice-Based Cropping System. Qaswar, Muhammad; Huang, Jing; Ahmed, Waqas; Li, Dongchu; Liu, Shujun; Ali, Sehrish; Liu, Kailou; Xu Dec 1, 2019 8033
Long-Term Mineral Fertilization Improved the Grain Yield and Phosphorus Use Efficiency by Changing Soil P Fractions in Ferralic Cambisol. Ahmed, Waqas; Liu, Kailou; Qaswar, Muhammad; Huang, Jing; Huang, Qinghai; Xu, Yongmei; Ali, Sehrish; Dec 1, 2019 6897
Performances of Durum Wheat Varieties Under Conventional and No-Chemical Input Management Systems in a Semiarid Mediterranean Environment. Anastasi, Umberto; Corinzia, Sebastiano Andrea; Cosentino, Salvatore Luciano; Scordia, Danilo Dec 1, 2019 9103
Liming Positively Modulates Microbial Community Composition and Function of Sugarcane Fields. Pang, Ziqin; Tayyab, Muhammad; Kong, Chuibao; Hu, Chaohua; Zhu, Zhisheng; Wei, Xin; Yuan, Zhaonian Dec 1, 2019 7351
Designing Cropping Systems to Improve the Management of the Invasive Weed Phalaris minor Retz. Xu, Gaofeng; Shen, Shicai; Zhang, Yun; Clements, David Roy; Yang, Shaosong; Li, Jun; Dong, Liyao; Zh Dec 1, 2019 7957
Simulating Growth and Development Processes of Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.): Adaptation and Evaluation of the CSM-CROPGRO Model. Prager, Achim; Boote, Kenneth J.; Munz, Sebastian; Graeff-Honninger, Simone Dec 1, 2019 14379
Winter Rye Cover Crop with Liquid Manure Injection Reduces Spring Soil Nitrate but Not Maize Yield. Everett, Leslie A.; Wilson, Melissa L.; Pepin, Randall J.; Coulter, Jeffrey A. Dec 1, 2019 8566
Changes in Leaf Structural and Functional Characteristics when Changing Planting Density at Different Growth Stages Alters Cotton Lint Yield under a New Planting Model. Khan, Aziz; Zheng, Jie; Tan, Daniel Kean Yuen; Khan, Ahmad; Akhtar, Kashif; Kong, Xiangjun; Munsif, Dec 1, 2019 9232
Incorporation of Manure into Ridge and Furrow Planting System Boosts Yields of Maize by Optimizing Soil Moisture and Improving Photosynthesis. Qin, Anzhen; Fang, Yanjie; Ning, Dongfeng; Liu, Zhandong; Zhao, Ben; Xiao, Junfu; Duan, Aiwang; Yong Dec 1, 2019 9419
Soybean in No-Till Cover-Crop Systems. Halwani, Mosab; Reckling, Moritz; Schuler, Johannes; Bloch, Ralf; Bachinger, Johann Dec 1, 2019 7475
WHY GENDER AND LAND MATTER: EXAMPLES FROM RURAL GHANA. Ragsdale, Kathleen; Read-Wahidi, Mary; Mendez, Gina Rico; Lower, Kelly Dec 1, 2019 1359
Diversified Arable Cropping Systems and Management Schemes in Selected European Regions Have Positive Effects on Soil Organic Carbon Content. Francaviglia, Rosa; Alvaro-Fuentes, Jorge; Di Bene, Claudia; Gai, Lingtong; Regina, Kristiina; Turto Dec 1, 2019 7937
Assessing Forms of Application of Azospirillum brasilense Associated with Silicon Use on Wheat. Galindo, Fernando Shintate; Rodrigues, Willian Lima; Biagini, Antonio Leonardo Campos; Fernandes, Gu Nov 1, 2019 9065
Modeling Water and Nitrogen Balance of Different Cropping Systems in the North China Plain. Leghari, Shah Jahan; Hu, Kelin; Liang, Hao; Wei, Yichang Nov 1, 2019 10155
Understanding the Interactions between Biomass, Grain Production and Grain Protein Content in High and Low Protein Wheat Genotypes under Controlled Environments. Eichi, Vahid Rahimi; Okamato, Mamoru; Haefele, Stephan M.; Jewell, Nathaniel; Brien, Chris; Garnett, Nov 1, 2019 7368
Impact of Row Distance and Seed Density on Grain Yield, Quality Traits, and Free Asparagine of Organically Grown Wheat. Stockmann, Falko; Weber, Ernst Albrecht; Merkt, Nikolaus; Schreiter, Pat; Claupein, Wilhelm; Graeff- Nov 1, 2019 10191
Key Aspects on the Biology, Ecology and Impacts of Johnsongrass [Sorghum halepense (L.) Pers] and the Role of Glyphosate and Non-Chemical Alternative Practices for the Management of This Weed in Europe. Travlos, Ilias S.; Montull, Jose M.; Kukorelli, Gabor; Malidza, Goran; Dogan, Mehmet N.; Cheimona, N Nov 1, 2019 7627
Processing Tomato-Durum Wheat Rotation under Integrated, Organic and Mulch-Based No-Tillage Organic Systems: Yield, N Balance and N Loss. Tosti, Giacomo; Benincasa, Paolo; Farneselli, Michela; Guiducci, Marcello; Onofri, Andrea; Tei, Fran Report Nov 1, 2019 6197
Species Interactions Improve Above-Ground Biomass and Land Use Efficiency in Intercropped Wheat and Chickpea under Low Soil Inputs. Latati, Mourad; Dokukin, Peter; Aouiche, Adel; Rebouh, Nazih Yacer; Takouachet, Riad; Hafnaoui, Elal Nov 1, 2019 8103
Nitrogen fixation in summer-grown soybean crops and fate of fixed-N over a winter fallow in subtropical sugarcane systems. Kearney, Lee J.; Dutilloy, Emma; Jose, Terry J. Report Nov 1, 2019 5635
Cropping systems including legume cover crops favour mineral-organic associations enriched with microbial metabolites in no-till soil. Veloso, Murilo C.; Dick, Deborah Pinheiro; Costa, Janaina Berne da; Bayer, Cimelio Report Nov 1, 2019 6464
Trends in key soil parameters under conservation agriculture-based sustainable intensification farming practices in the Eastern Ganga Alluvial Plains. Sinha, A.K.; Chosh, A.; Dhar, T.; Bhattacharya, P.M.; Mitra, B.; Rakesh, S.; Paneru, P.; Shrestha, S Report Nov 1, 2019 9533
Lawmaker pitches intercropping in 23 rice-producing provinces. Oct 14, 2019 398
Positive effects of increasing crop diversity in land use on soil microbial biomass, enzyme activity and bacterial community composition. Jiao, Yujie; Yuan, Ling Report Oct 1, 2019 7593
Acrylamide-Formation Potential of Cereals: What Role Does the Agronomic Management System Play? Stockmann, Falko; Weber, Ernst Albrecht; Mast, Benjamin; Schreiter, Pat; Merkt, Nikolaus; Claupein, Oct 1, 2019 8968
An Opportunity for Regenerative Rice Production: Combining Plastic Film Cover and Plant Biomass Mulch with No-Till Soil Management to Build Soil Carbon, Curb Nitrogen Pollution, and Maintain High-Stable Yield. Lv, Shi Hua; Dong, Yu Jiao; Jiang, Yuan; Padilla, Hilario; Li, Joanne; Uphoff, Norman Oct 1, 2019 11359
Hierarchical Patch Dynamics Perspective in Farming System Design. Merot, Anne; Belhouchette, Hatem Oct 1, 2019 7402
Prospects of Bioenergy Cropping Systems for A More Social-Ecologically Sound Bioeconomy. von Cossel, Moritz; Wagner, Moritz; Lask, Jan; Magenau, Elena; Bauerle, Andrea; von Cossel, Viktoria Oct 1, 2019 19269
Substitution of Inorganic Nitrogen Fertilizer with Green Manure (GM) Increased Yield Stability by Improving C Input and Nitrogen Recovery Efficiency in Rice Based Cropping System. Qaswar, Muhammad; Huang, Jing; Ahmed, Waqas; Liu, Shujun; Li, Dongchu; Zhang, Lu; Liu, Lisheng; Xu, Oct 1, 2019 10007
Crop Rotation Compared with Continuous Rye Cropping for Weed Biodiversity and Rye Yield. A Case Study of a Long-Term Experiment in Poland. Jastrzebska, Magdalena; Kostrzewska, Marta K.; Marks, Marek; Jastrzebski, Wieslaw P.; Treder, Kinga; Case study Oct 1, 2019 9715
Farm mechanization seen to boost other cropping systems. Sep 27, 2019 747
Sustainable Agriculture Requires Agroecology to Truly Be Sustainable. Sep 22, 2019 234
Natural pest control with companion planting. Sep 14, 2019 645
Natural pest control with companion planting. Sep 14, 2019 645
Parasitoids diversity in organic Sweet Pepper (Capsicum annuum) associated with Basil (Ocimum basilicum) and Marigold (Tagetes erecta)/Diversidade de parasitoides em Pimentao Organico (Capsicum annuum) associado com Manjericao (Ocimum basilicum) e Cravo Amarelo (Tagetes erecta). Souza, I.L.; Tomazella, V.B.; Santos, A.J.N.; Moraes, T.; Silveira, L.C.P. Sep 12, 2019 6542
Habitat Manipulation through Intercropping for the Management of Codling Moth Cydia pomonella (Linnaeus) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in Swat Pakistan. Zada, Hayat; Saljoqi, Ahmad-ur-Rahman Report Aug 31, 2019 6127
Effect of crop rotation, fertilisation and tillage on main soil properties and its water extractable organic matter. De Mastro, Francesco; Brunetti, Gennaro; Traversa, Andreina; Cocozza, Claudio Report Jul 1, 2019 6150
Nitrogen fertilisation improves the grain production efficiency and sustainability of out-of-season corn and Congo grass intercropping. Batista, Karina; Giacomini, Alessandra Aparecida; Gerdes, Luciana; de Mattos, Waldssimiler Teixeira; Report Jul 1, 2019 6393
Biological Activity of Moringa oleifera Lam. on Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) in Sustainable Agriculture practices. Ahmed, Hoda; Darier, Salama El-; Migahid, Masrrat; Belkasem, Khansa Technical report Jul 1, 2019 5523
Soil Moisture Response to Short-Term Inorganic Fertilization on Tef (Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter) Crop Varieties in Northern Ethiopia. Tesfahunegn, Gebreyesus Brhane Jul 1, 2019 10941
A guide to rotating crops on your farm. Jun 28, 2019 651
Inter-cropping maize with sunflower reduces damage. Jun 22, 2019 773
Scientists' road map in fight against deadly fall armyworm. Jun 21, 2019 421
Impact of pig slurry application on soil and water losses: Comparison with a historical series/ Impacto da aplicacao de dejetos de suinos nas perdas de solo e agua: Comparacao com uma serie historica. Bandeira, Douglas H.; Bertol, Ildegardis; Vazquez, Eva V.; Ramos, Julio C.; Bertol, Camilo Jun 1, 2019 7071
8 best ways to keep pests at bay; Companion planting helps PROTECTION take root. May 24, 2019 851
Why some farmers enjoy harvest in doubtful climate. May 10, 2019 565
Agronomist's notebook: What a farmer can grow this rainy season. May 10, 2019 779
Predicting nitrogen mineralisation in Australian irrigated cotton cropping systems. Brackin, Richard; Buckley, Scott; Pirie, Rhys; Visser, Francois Report May 1, 2019 7837
Modelling the effects of stover harvest on soil organic carbon in the Pampas of Argentina. Alvarez, Roberto; De Paepe, Josefina L. Report May 1, 2019 6400
Combined effect of intercropping and minimum tillage on soil carbon sequestration and organic matter pools in the semiarid region of Brazil. Maia, Stoecio Malta Ferreira; Otutumi, Adriana Tamie; de Sa Mendonga, Eduardo; Neves, Julio Cesar Li Report May 1, 2019 9439
Effects of Soil Conservation Practice and Crop Rotation on Selected Soil Physicochemical Properties: The Case of Dembecha District, Northwestern Ethiopia. Degu, Melkamu; Melese, Asmare; Tena, Wondwosen May 1, 2019 12296
Access to potable water in Balochistan. Apr 12, 2019 609
Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Greenhouses and Affecting Driving Factors in Al-Batinah South, Oman, Using GIS Mapping. Al-Maimani, Asma M.; Al-Ismaili, Abdulrahim M.; Al-Maktoumi, Ali K.; Charabi, Yassine Report Apr 1, 2019 6639
The Effects of Plant Spacing, Rhizobium japonicum Inoculations and Main Stem Tip Pruning on Soybean Productivity and the Soil Quality in Intercropping with Kayu Putih. Irfa'I; Suryanto, Priyono; Sumardi; Putra, Eka Tarwaca Susila Report Apr 1, 2019 3278
A Review on Managing Agroecosystems for Improved Water Use Efficiency in the Face of Changing Climate in Tanzania. Kimaro, Jerome Apr 1, 2019 9553
Impact of cover cropping on non-target arthropod pests of red maple trees in nursery production. Dawadi, Sujan; Oliver, Jason B.; O'neal, Paul A.; Addesso, Karla M. Report Mar 1, 2019 6842
Responses of soil organic carbon, aggregate stability, carbon and nitrogen fractions to 15 and 24 years of no-till diversified crop rotations. Maiga, Amadou; Alhameid, Abdullah; Singh, Shikha; Polat, Atilla; Singh, Jasdeep; Kumar, Sandeep; Osb Report Mar 1, 2019 8004
Decadal changes and ecological risk assessment of trace and heavy metal elements in soils of a desert oasis, Linze County, China. Yang, Rong; Du, Zeyu; Kong, Junqia Report Mar 1, 2019 6547
Conservation agriculture effects on soil properties and crop productivity in a semiarid region of India. Somasundaram, J.; Salikram, M.; Sinha, N.K.; Mohanty, M.; Chaudhary, R.S.; Dalal, R.C.; Mitra, N.G.; Report Mar 1, 2019 11835
How to achieve high crop yields. Jan 26, 2019 412
Labor-Intensive Multiple Cropping Systems and the H-2A Program: Evidence from the Crawfish Industry. Osti, Surendra; Bampasidou, Maria; Fannin, J. Matthew Report Jan 1, 2019 2553
Labile and Dan Stable Carbon in the Soil of Monoculture and Polyculture Fields in Karangsambung, Kebumen, Indonesia. Utami, Nuryani Hidayah; Puspitasari, Nurvita Trias; Hanudin, Eko Report Jan 1, 2019 5684
Spatial dependence of attributes of rainfed maize under distinct soil cover conditions/Dependencia espacial de atributos do milho em sequeiro sob distintas condicoes de cobertura do solo. de Carvalho, Ailton A.; de A. Montenegro, Abelardo A.; de Assis, Fred M.V.; Tabosa, Jose N.; Cavalca Jan 1, 2019 4604
Understanding farmer needs and unlocking local genetic resources for potato improvement: a case study in Ethiopia. Kolech, Semagn Asredie; De Jong, Walter; Halseth, Donald; Schulz, Steffen Case study Jan 1, 2019 8338
Effects of soil management on aggregation and organic matter dynamics in sub-Saharan Africa. Ayuke, F.O.; Zida, Z.; Lelei, D. Report Jan 1, 2019 6796
Spatial variability and changes in carbon stocks of a Regosols (Psamments) cultivated with sisal/ Variabilidade espacial e mudancas nos estoques de carbono de um Neossolo Regolitico cultivado com sisal. do Sacramento, Jose A.A.S.; Santos, Jorge A.G.; Loureiro, Diego C.; Costa, Oldair V.; Cova, Alide M. Nov 1, 2018 3903
Organic carbon and nitrogen contents and their fractions in soils with onion crops in different management systems. Ferreira, Lucas Borges; Loss, Arcangelo; Giumbelli, Lucas Dupont; Ventura, Barbara Santos; Souza, Mo Report Nov 1, 2018 10379
Response of soil organic carbon fractions to increasing rates of crop residue return in a wheat-maize cropping system in north-central China. Zhao, S.C.; Huang, S.W.; Qiu, S.J.; He, P. Report Nov 1, 2018 7891
Villar pushes P2B cacao intercropping, training for farmers. Oct 18, 2018 757
Organic methods to fight pests and stubborn diseases. Oct 5, 2018 679
Organic onions may have more antioxidant activity, higher flavonol content. Oct 1, 2018 380
Intercropping of castor bean and sugarcane under irrigation: part 2: yield and agronomic indices. de Alexandria, Francisco Figueiredo; Alves, Everton John Camelo; da Silva, Silvanete Severino; Neto, Report Oct 1, 2018 4541
Greenhouse gas emission reductions in subtropical cereal-based cropping sequences using legumes, DMPP-coated urea and split timings of urea application. Schwenke, Graeme D.; Brock, Philippa M.; Haigh, Bruce M.; Herridge, David F. Report Oct 1, 2018 11054
Population Dynamics of Aphids and their Natural Enemies Associated with Strip-Intercropping in Wheat Crop. Arshad, Muhammad; Ahmad, Sajjad; Sufyan, Muhammad; Abdin, Zain-ul; Maqsood, Sumaira Report Aug 31, 2018 4189
Idaho oilseeds supplier expands his foreign markets. Aug 8, 2018 851
20 Years of Sustainable Grape Growing: What has changed, what has not and how can we improve? Ohmart, Cliff Aug 1, 2018 1634
Effects of feeding different varieties of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) straws with concentrate supplement on feed intake, digestibility, body weight gain and carcass characteristics of Arsi-Bale sheep. Wegi, Teklu; Tolera, Adugna; Wamatu, Jane; Animut, Getachew; Rischkowsky, Barbara Report Aug 1, 2018 6971
Road map needed for coconut intercropping. Jul 5, 2018 664
Cropping systems on root rot and soybean seed yield/ Sistemas de cultivo afetam podridoes radiculares e produtividade de semente de soja. Maier, Maira; Souza, Clovis Arruda; Casa, Ricardo Trezzi Jul 1, 2018 4401
Caenorhabditis elegans as an indicator of toxicity of Bacillus thuringiensis strains to Meloidogyne incognita race 3/Caenorhabditis elegans como indicador de toxicidade de estirpes de Bacillus thuringiensis a Meloidogyne incognita raca 3. Montalvao, Sandro Coelho Linhares; de Castro, Marcelo Tavares; Soares, Carlos Marcelo Silveira; Blum Jul 1, 2018 4453
Green manure and spatial arrangement in the sustainability improvement of lettuce-beet intercrops/Adubo verde e arranjo espacial na melhoria da sustentabilidade de consorcios de alface e beterraba. Silva, Italo N.; Neto, Francisco Bezerra; Barros, Aurelio P. Junior; Lima, Jailma S.S. de; V. Batist Jul 1, 2018 4889
Quantifying total and labile pools of soil organic carbon in cultivated and uncultivated soils in eastern India. Priyanka, Kumari; Anshumali Report Jul 1, 2018 6993
Seeding system and density for winter Urochloa ruziziensis intercropped with sorghum between soybean crops. Buffara, Marco Antonio; da Silva, Alessandro Guerra; Teixeira, Itamar Rosa; de Pinho Costa, Katia Ap Report Jul 1, 2018 6117
Issues and Constraints of Organic Farming in Himachal Pradesh: An Empirical Analysis. Raj, Tilak Jul 1, 2018 4715
Unexpected Trade Toll. Jun 22, 2018 417
Diagnosis of directed pollination services in apple orchards in Brazil/Diagnostico dos servicos de polinizacao comercial em pomares de macieiras no Brasil. da Rosa, Joatan Machado; Arioli, Cristiano Joao; Blochtein, Betina; Agostinetto, Lenita; Grutzmacher Jun 1, 2018 4734
Liming improves soil microbial growth, but trash blanket placement increases labile carbon and nitrogen availability in a sugarcane soil of subtropical Australia. Liu, X.Y.; Rashti, M. Rezaei; Esfandbod, M.; Powell, B.; Chen, C.K. May 1, 2018 7607
Does 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate or N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide reduce nitrous oxide emissions from a rain-fed cropping system? Li, Guangdi D.; Schwenke, Graeme D.; Hayes, Richard C.; Xing, Hongtao; Lowrie, Adam J.; Lowrie, Rich Report May 1, 2018 9581
Alarming Nasa images show massive fires in large parts of India. Apr 30, 2018 441
Dry and barren. Apr 7, 2018 707
Top Plants for COMPANION PLANTING: You can use plants in specific combinations to repel pests, control weeds, and boost your garden's overall health. Pleasant, Barbara Apr 1, 2018 2074
Sowing date of palisadegrass intercropped with grain sorghum and soybean yield in succession. Dias, Danyllo Santos; Umburanas, Renan Caldas; de Sena, Darly Geraldo, Jr. Report Apr 1, 2018 4037
Parc develops new technology for rice-wheat cropping system. Mar 28, 2018 311
General Mills announces strategic sourcing agreement with Gunsmoke Farms. Mar 6, 2018 251
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Seed Money: Streaming in Agriculture: From cattle wrangling to crop rotation, streaming plays a key role in agribusiness. Siglin, Tim Jan 1, 2018 2277
INNOVATIVE HOOP HOUSES from our friends at FARM SHOW[R]. Reprint Jan 1, 2018 505
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Hill farm beets the winter feed blues; Family will show how they did it at a Farming Connect open day. Dec 7, 2017 661
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Perk up crops with plant partners; You can reap rich harvests through savvy companion planting. Hannah Stephenson looks at some of the best plant partners that will look pretty and boost your crops. Jul 9, 2016 647
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THE OUTSIDERS; You can reap rich harvests through savvy companion planting. Hannah Stephenson looks at some of the best plant partners that will look pretty and boost your crops. Jun 30, 2016 440
The importance of crop rotation: could this agricultural practice have saved one million people between 1845 and 1852? Ames, Marissa Jun 19, 2016 1997
KIMBERELLA HAS IT STALL GOING FOR HIM; Tylicki to breeze up Musselburgh's fast lane Olivia's worth the Fallowing. Jun 11, 2016 693
KIMBERELLA HAS IT STALL GOING FOR HIM; Tylicki to breeze up Musselburgh's fast lane Olivia's worth the Fallowing. Jun 11, 2016 678
KIMBERELLA HAS IT STALL GOING FOR HIM; IN ASSOCIATION WITH Tylicki to breeze up Musselburgh's fast lane Olivia's worth the Fallowing. Jun 11, 2016 698
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The Complete Guide to Companion Planting, second edition. Book review Jul 1, 2015 143
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Assessment of common bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.) seed quality produced under different cropping systems by smallholder farmers in eastern Ethiopia. Oshone, Kedir; Gebeyehu, Setegn; Tesfaye, Kindie Report Mar 1, 2014 5317
Doses of liquid swine slurry on soil biota community under no tillage and minimum tillage/Doses de dejeto liquido de suinos na comunidade da fauna edafica em sistema plantio direto e cultivo minimo. da Silva, Rodrigo Ferreira; Bertollo, Gilvan Moises; Corassa, Geomar Mateus; Cocco, Leonardo Burin; Mar 1, 2014 4121
Matrix analysis of energy and economic crop of rice, soy and wheat in intensive production system in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil/Analise da matriz energetica e economica das culturas de arroz, soja e trigo em sistemas de producao tecnificados no Rio Grande do Sul. Ferreira, Fernanda de Figueiredo; Neumann, Pedro Selvino; Hoffmann, Ronaldo Feb 1, 2014 4057
Oat tillering and tiller traits under different nitrogen levels in an eucalyptus agroforestry system in Subtropical Brazil/ Perfilhamento e caracteristicas dos perfilhos da aveia submetida a niveis de nitrogenio em sistema agroflorestal com eucalipto no subtropico brasileiro. Deiss, Leonardo; de Moraes, Anibal; Pelissari, Adelino; Neto, Francisco Skora; de Oliveira, Edilson Jan 1, 2014 4292
Interference of light, temperature, depth of sowing and straw on germination and emergency of Murdannia nudiflora/Interferencia de luz, temperatura, profundidade de semeadura e palhada na germinacao e emergencia de Murdannia nudiflora. Luz, Flavia Nayane; Yamashita, Oscar Mitsuo; Ferraresi, Danilo Aparecido; de Carvalho, Marco Antonio Report Jan 1, 2014 3302
Effect of tillage practices on soil properties and crop productivity in Wheat-Mungbean-Rice cropping system under subtropical climatic conditions. Alam, Khairul; Islam, Monirul; Salahin, Nazmus; Hasanuzzaman, Mirza Report Jan 1, 2014 10407
Effect of continuous cropping generations on each component biomass of poplar seedlings during different growth periods. Xia, Jiangbao; Zhang, Shuyong; Li, Tian; Liu, Xia; Zhang, Ronghua; Zhang, Guangcan Report Jan 1, 2014 5667
The response of durum wheat to the preceding crop in a Mediterranean environment. Ercoli, Laura; Masoni, Alessandro; Pampana, Silvia; Mariotti, Marco; Arduini, Iduna Report Jan 1, 2014 5698

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