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Articles from Crop Science (March 1, 2006)

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A greenhouse method to screen brachiariagrass genotypes for aluminum resistance and root vigor. Wenzl, Peter; Arango, Adriana; Chaves, Alba L.; Buitrago, Maria E.; Patino, Gloria M.; Miles, John; 4772
Adaptedness and heterosis in corn and mule hybrids. Troyer, A. Forrest 13810
Aegilops species from semiarid areas of Lebanon: variation in quantitative attributes under water stress. Baalbaki, R.; Hajj-Hassan, N.; Zurayk, R. 6663
An assessment of phenotype selection for linolenic acid using genetic markers. Beuselinck, P.R.; Sleper, D.A.; Bilyeu, K.D. 3632
Anion exchange membrane soil nitrate predicts turfgrass color and yield. Mangiafico, Salvatore S.; Guillard, Karl 7064
Bayesian modeling of heterogeneous error and genotype x environment interaction variances. Edwards, Jode W.; Jannink, Jean-Luc 10125
Breeding effects on nitrogen use efficiency of spring cereals under Northern conditions. Muurinen, S.; Slafer, G.A.; Peltonen-Sainio, P. 6543
Characterization of amphiploid hybrids between bluebunch and thickspike wheatgrasses. Jensen, Kevin B.; Maughan, Kory W.; Asay, Kay H. 5554
Chromosomal location of the Russian wheat aphid resistance gene, Dn5. Heyns, Ian; Groenewald, Ewald; Marais, Francois; du Toit, Francois; Tolmay, Vicky 4781
Climate Change and Global Food Security. Amthor, Jeffrey S. Book review 910
Comments on "An empirical model for pollen-mediated gene flow in wheat" (Crop Sci. 45:1286-1294). Willenborg, Christian J.; Van Acker, Rene C.; Gustafson, D.I.; Horak, M.J.; Metz, S.G.; Gigax, D.R.; Letter to the editor 2153
Compensatory mechanisms associated with the effect of spring wheat seed size on wild oat competition. Guillen-Portal, Fernando R.; Stougaard, Robert N.; Xue, Qingwu; Eskridge, Kent M. 9939
Cytogenetic and nuclear DNA content characterization of diploid Bromus erectus and Bromus variegates. Tuna, Metin; Vogel, Kenneth P.; Arumuganathan, K. 3726
Development of canopy reflectance algorithms for real-time prediction of bermudagrass pasture biomass and nutritive values. Starks, Patrick J.; Zhao, Duli; Phillips, William A.; Coleman, Samuel W. 5802
Disease- and performance-related traits of ethylene-insensitive soybean. Bent, Andrew F.; Hoffman, Thomas K.; Schmidt, J. Scott; Hartman, Glen L.; Hoffman, David D.; Xue, Pi 8268
Effect of genotype and genotype x nitrogen rate interactions on color in juice and raw sugar from sugarcane. Jackson, Philip A.; O'Shea, Michael G.; Rattey, Allan R.; Bonnett, Graham D.; Lindeman, Patricia F.; 5164
Efficient deletion of transgenic DNA from complex integration locus of rice mediated by Cre/lox recombination system. Moore, Sarah K.; Srivastava, Vibha 5029
Estimating genotypic correlations and their standard errors using multivariate restricted maximum likelihood estimation with SAS Proc MIXED. Holland, James B. 11613
Field evaluation of green stem disorder in soybean cultivars. Hill, Curtis B.; Hartman, Glen L.; Esgar, Ralph; Hobbs, Houston A. 4804
Fine mapping of a seed protein QTL on soybean linkage group I and its correlated effects on agronomic traits. Nichols, D.M.; Glover, K.D.; Carlson, S.R.; Specht, J.E.; Diers, B.W. 4612
Five decades of alfalfa cultivar improvement: impact on forage yield, persistence, and nutritive value. Lamb, JoAnn F.S.; Sheaffer, Craig C.; Rhodes, Landon H.; Sulc, R. Mark; Undersander, Daniel J.; Brum 5745
Forage preservation method influences alfalfa nutritive value and feeding characteristics. Hancock, D.W.; Collins, M. 6976
Genetic analyses of Chinese Cynodon accessions by flow cytometry and AFLP markers. Wu, Y.Q.; Taliaferro, C.M.; Bai, G.H.; Martin, D.L.; Anderson, J.A.; Anderson, M.P.; Edwards, R.M. 6405
Genetic analysis of corn kernel chemical composition in the random mated 10 generation of the cross of generations 70 of IHO X ILO. Clark, Darryl; Dudley, John W.; Rocheford, Torbert R.; LeDeaux, John R. 14895
Genetic diversity in the core subset of the U.S. red clover germplasm. Mosjidis, J.A.; Klingler, K.A. 4593
Genotypic variation for stem reserves and mobilization in wheat: I. postanthesis changes in internode dry matter. Ehdaie, B.; Alloush, G.A.; Madore, M.A.; Waines, J.G. 8965
Global adaptation of spring bread and durum wheat lines near-isogenic for major reduced height genes. Mathews, Ky L.; Chapman, Scott C. Trethowan, Richard; Singh, Ravi P.; Crossa, Jose; Pfeiffer, Wolfga 9509
Glycine soja PI 468916 SCN resistance loci's associated effects on soybean seed yield and other agronomic traits. Kabelka, E.A.; Carlson, S.R.; Diers, B.W. 7577
Identification of quantitative trait loci for [[delta].sup.13]C and productivity in irrigated lowland rice. Laza, Ma. R.; Kondo, M.; Ideta, O.; Barlaan, E.; Imbe, T. 8768
Identifying discriminating locations for cultivar selection in Louisiana. Blanche, Sterling B.; Myers, Gerald O. 3251
Kernel set in maize hybrids and their inbred lines exposed to stress. Echarte, Laura; Tollenaar, Matthijs 8286
Management of switchgrass-dominated conservation reserve program lands for biomass production in South Dakota. Mulkey, V.R.; Owens, V.N.; Lee, D.K. 7458
Marker-assisted selection for the broad-spectrum potato late blight resistance conferred by gene RB derived from a wild potato species. Colton, Lara M.; Groza, Horia I.; Wielgus, Susan M.; Jiang, Jiming 4901
Multivariate analyses to display interactions between environment and general or specific combining ability in hybrid crops. de la Vega, Abelardo J.; Chapman, Scott C. 10301
Nitrogen uptake and leaching under annual bluegrass ecotypes and bentgrass species: a lysimeter experiment. Pare, K.; Chantigny, M.H.; Carey, K.; Johnston, W.J.; Dionne, J. 5315
Plant density modifies within-canopy cotton fiber quality. Bednarz, Craig W.; Nichols, Robert L.; Brown, Steve M. 5036
Polyphenol oxidase and o-diphenols inhibit postharvest proteolysis in red clover and alfalfa. Sullivan, Michael L.; Hatfield, Ronald D. 7299
Potential application of TRAP (targeted region amplified polymorphism) markers for mapping and tagging disease resistance traits in common bean. Miklas, Phillip N.; Hu, Jinguo; Grunwald, Niklaus J.; Larsen, Karen M. 5395
QTLs associated with resistance to soybean cyst nematode in soybean: meta-analysis of QTL locations. Guo, B.; Sleper, D.A.; Lu, P.; Shannon, J.G.; Nguyen, H.T.; Arelli, P.R. 7319
Quantitative trait loci for genetically correlated seed traits are tightly linked to branching and pericarp pigment loci in sunflower. Tang, Shunxue; Leon, Alberto; Bridges, William C.; Knapp, Steven J. 9705
Recent molecular and genomic studies on stress tolerance of forage and turf grasses. Zhang, Y.; Mian, M.A.R.; Bouton, J.H. 15493
Registration of 'AR 910' wheat. Bacon, R.K.; Kelly, J.T.; Milus, E.A.; Parsons, C.E. 1386
Registration of 'Bond CL' wheat. Haley, S.D.; Johnson, J.J.; Peairs, F.B.; Quick, J.S.; Westra, P.H.; Stromberger, J.A.; Clayshulte, 2120
Registration of 'Bozoisky-II' Russian wildrye. Jensen, K.B.; Asay, K.H.; Johnson, D.A.; Larson, S.R.; Waldron, B.L.; Palazzo, A.J. 1484
Registration of 'Ceora' grass pea. Siddique, K.H.M.; Hanbury, C.L.; Sarker, A. 635
Registration of 'Genou' wheat. Bruckner, P.L.; Berg, J.E.; Kushnak, G.D.; Stougaard, R.N.; Eckhoff, J.L.; Carlson, G.R.; Wichman, D 1310
Registration of 'Hallam' wheat. Baenziger, P.S.; Beecher, B.; Graybosch, R.A.; Baltensperger, D.D.; Nelson, L.A.; Yin, Y.; Watkins, 2151
Registration of 'Infinity CL' wheat. Baenziger, P.S.; Beecher, B.; Graybosch, R.A.; Baltensperger, D.D.; Nelson, L.A.; Krall, J.M.; Jin, 2524
Registration of 'Jinmai 50' wheat. Xinglai, Pan; Sangang, Xie; Qianying, Pan; Yinhong, Shi 1445
Registration of 'Paul' wheat. Bruckner, P.L.; Berg, J.E.; Carlson, G.R.; Riveland, N.; Wichman, D.M.; Kephart, K.D.; Kushnak, G.D. 1194
Registration of 'Premier' spring rapeseed. Brown, J.; Seip, L.; Davis, J.B.; Brown, D.A.; Baker, N. 1423
Registration of 'Protection' wheat. Haley, S.D.; Johnson, J.J.; Peairs, F.B.; Quick, J.S.; Westra, P.H.; Stromberger, J.A.; Clayshulte, 1794
Registration of 'Quincy' pinto bean. Hang, A.N.; Miklas, P.N.; Silbernagel, M.J.; Hosfield, G.L. 755
Registration of 'Shoshone' sainfoin. Gray, F.A.; Shigaki, T.; Koch, D.W.; Delaney, R.D.; Hruby, F.; Gray, A.M.; Majerus, M.E.; Cash, D.; 1126
Registration of 'Silver Cloud' white kidney dry bean. Hang, A.N.; Miklas, P.N.; Silbernagel, M.J.; Hosfield, G.L. 801
Registration of 'Skylla' soybean. Wang, D.; Diers, B.W.; Boyse, J. 992
Registration of 'Stellar-ND' barley. Horsley, R.D.; Franckowiak, J.D.; Schwarz, P.B.; Neate, S.M. 1842
Registration of 'Sublette' barley. Obert, D.E.; Wesenberg, D.M.; Burrup, D.E.; Erickson, C.A.; Whitmore, J.C.; Jones, B.L. 1779
Registration of 'UA 4805' soybean. Chen, P.; Sneller, C.H.; Rupe, J.C.; Riggs, R.D.; Robbins, R.T. 1056
Registration of 'Ulen' wheat. Anderson, J.A.; Busch, R.H.; Mcvey, D.V.; Kolmer, J.A.; Jin, Y.; Linkert, G.L.; Wiersma, J.V.; Dill- 1617
Registration of 'Whitten' kenaf. Baldwin, B.S.; Hollowell, J.E.; Mosley, J.W.; Cossar, R.D. 1038
Registration of 20 GEM maize breeding germplasm lines adapted to the Southern USA. Balint-Kurti, P.J.; Blanco, M.; Millard, M.; Duvick, S.; Holland, J.; Clements, M.; Holley, R.; Cars 2378
Registration of 26 tropical maize germplasm lines with resistance to Striga hermonthica. Menkir, A.; Kling, J.G.; Badu-Apraku, B.; Ibikunle, O. 3707
Registration of common bacterial blight resistant dark red kidney bean germplasm line USDK-CBB-15. Miklas, P.N.; Smith, J.R.; Singh, S.P. 1296
Registration of FC720, FC722, and FC722CMS monogerm sugarbeet germplasms resistant to rhizoctonia root rot and moderately resistant to cercospora leaf spot. Panella, L.; Hanson, L.E. 1239
Registration of four durum germplasms carrying glutenin allele Glu-Dld on a 1AS.1AL-1DL translocation chromosome. Klindworth, D.L.; Xu, S.S.; Elias, E.M. 1265
Registration of maize germplasm line Oh605. Pratt, R.C.; Casey, M.A. 1516
Registration of N551 and N552 parental inbred lines of maize. Russell, W.K. 1175
Registration of N98--4445A mid-oleic soybean germplasm line. Burton, J.W.; Wilson, R.F.; Rebetzke, G.J.; Pantalone, V.R. 1897
Registration of PA 15 soybean germplasm. Devine, T.E.; McMurtney, J.E., III 1238
Registration of PR9745-232 and RMC-3 red-mottled dry bean germplasm lines with resistance to Bean golden yellow mosaic virus. Blair, M.W.; Beaver, J.S.; Nin, J.C.; Prophete, E.; Singh, S.P. 1828
Registration of rusty durum wheat. Klindworth, D.L.; Miller, J.D.; Xu, S.S. 991
Registration of spring wheat germplasm ND 735 combining tan spot, leaf, and stem rusts. Mergoum, M.; Frohberg, R.C.; Ali, S.; Singh, P.K.; Rasmussen, J.B.; Miller, J.D. 2233
Registration of TBTE001 and TBTE002 Thinopyrum amphidiploid genetic stocks differing for leaf glaucousness. Wang, R.R.-C. 1009
Registration of WS4U and WS8U switchgrass germplasms. Casler, M.D.; Vogel, K.P.; Beal, A.C. 973
Relationships between emergence and soil water content for perennial cool-season grasses native to Iran. Gazanchian, Ali; Sima, Nayer A. Khosh Kholgh; Malboobi, Mohamad A.; Heravan, Eslam Majidi 10368
Resistance to tobacco black shank in Nicotiana species. Li, B.-C.; Bass, W.T.; Cornelius, P.L. 5781
Risk assessment for transgenic sorghum in Africa: crop-to-crop gene flow in Sorghum bicolor (L.) moench. Schmidt, Markus; Bothma, Gurling 6628
Sampling strategies for conserving maize diversity when forming core subsets using genetic markers. Franco, Jorge; Crossa, Jose; Warburton, Marilyn L.; Taba, Suketoshi 9199
Spectral reflectance indices as a potential indirect selection criteria for wheat yield under irrigation. Babar, M.A.; Reynolds, M.P.; van Ginkel, M.; Klatt, A.R.; Raun, W.R.; Stone, M.L. 10894
Spontaneous hybridization between bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and its wild relatives in Europe. Zaharieva, M.; Monneveux, P. 15841
Sugarcane. Legendre, Benjamin L. Book review 1022
Sunflower seed weight and oil concentration under different post-flowering source-sink ratios. Ruiz, Ricardo Adolfo; Maddonni, Gustavo Angel 8863
Translational fusion hybrid Bt genes confer resistance against yellow stem borer in transgenic elite Vietnamese rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars. Ho, N.H.; Baisakh, N.; Oliva, N.; Datta, K.; Frutos, R.; Datta, S.K. 6632
Two genes from soybean encoding soluble [DELTA]9 stearoyl-acp desaturases. Bayfield, G.E.; Xue, H.; Upchurch, R.G. 4925
Use of aroA-M1 as a selectable marker for Brassica napus transformation. Wang, J.X.; Zhao, F.Y.; Xu, P. 3664
Use of chlorophyll fluorescence assessments to differentiate corn hybrid response to variable water conditions. O'Neill, Patrick M.; Shanahan, John F.; Schepers, James S. 5805
Usefulness of gene information in marker-assisted recurrent selection: a simulation appraisal. Bernardo, Rex; Charcosset, Alain 7792
Variation in early plant height in wild soybean. Chen, Yiwu; Nelson, Randall L. 4542
Variation in nutritional value of sorghum hybrids with contrasting seed weight characteristics and comparisons with maize in broiler chicks. Kriegshauer, Travis D.; Tuinstra, Mitchell R.; Hancock, Joe D. 4745
Variation in the U.S. photoperiod insensitive sorghum collection for chemical and nutritional traits. Hooks, Tisha; Pedersen, J.F.; Marx, D.B.; Vogel, K.P. 5660
Virulence of two Russian wheat aphid biotypes to eight wheat cultivars at two temperatures. Jyoti, J.L.; Qureshi, J.A.; Michaud, J.P.; Martin, T.J. 6394

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