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Articles from Crop Science (January 1, 2006)

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A cytological marker associated with winterhardiness in oat. Santos, A.G.; Livingston, D.P., III; Jellen, E.N.; Wooten, D.R.; Murphy, J.P. 4568
A gene-based model to simulate soybean development and yield responses to environment. Messina, C.D.; Jones, J.W.; Boote, K.J.; Vallejos, C.E. 9058
Allelopathic potential of winter cereals and their cover crop mulch effect on grass weed suppression and corn development. Dhima, K.V.; Vasilakoglou, I.B.; Eleftherohorinos, I.G.; Lithourgidis, A.S. 5194
Analysis of genetic diversity in rough bluegrass determined by RAPD markers. Rajasekar, Shanmugam; Fei, Shui-hang; Christians, Nick E. 4730
Chemical control of Neotyphodium spp. endophytes in perennial ryegrass and tall fescue seeds. Leyronas, C.; Meriaux, B.; Raynal, G. 4850
Conservation and change: a comparison of in situ and ex situ conservation of Jala maize germplasm. Rice, Elizabeth B.; Smith, Margaret E.; Mitchell, Sharon E.; Kresovich, Stephen 8332
Cryopreservation of bermudagrass germplasm by encapsulation dehydration. Reed, Barbara M.; Schumacher, Laura; Wang, Nan; D'Achino, Jeff; Barker, Reed E. 3722
Cultivar adaptation across Italian locations in four turfgrass species. Annicchiarico, Paolo; Russi, Luigi; Piano, Efisio; Veronesi, Fabio 5932
Cultivar weed-competitiveness in aerobic rice: heritability, correlated traits, and the potential for indirect selection in weed-free environments. Zhao, D.L.; Atlin, G.N.; Bastiaans, L.; Spiertz, J.H.J. 10235
Cytogenetic and molecular characterization of hybrids between 6x, 4x, and 2x ploidy levels in crested wheatgrass. Jensen, Kevin B.; Larson, Steven R.; Waldron, Blair L.; Asay, Kay H. 6172
Defining sunflower selection strategies for a highly heterogeneous target population of environments. de la Vega, Abelardo J.; Chapman, Scott C. 7761
Drought tolerance improvement in tropical maize source populations: evidence of progress. Monneveux, P.; Sanchez, C.; Beck, D.; Edmeades, G.O. 10969
Early generation testing in upland cotton. Jones, Darren G.; Smith, C. Wayne 4571
Effect of Russian wheat aphid on yield and yield components of field grown susceptible and resistant spring barley. Mornhinweg, D.W.; Brewer, M.J.; Porter, D.R. 7063
Effect of sowing time on coriander performance in a semiarid Mediterranean environment. Carrubba, Alessandra; la Torre, Raffaele; Saiano, Filippo; Alonzo, Giuseppe 7366
Effects of forage length and bale chamber pressure on pearl millet silage. Han, K.J.; Collins, M.; Newman, M.C.; Dougherty, C.T. 6660
Establishment stand thresholds for switchgrass grown as a bioenergy crop. Schmer, M.R.; Vogel, K.P.; Mitchell, R.B.; Moser, L.E.; Eskridge, K.M.; Perrin, R.K. 4186
Estimating out-crossing rates in spring wheat cultivars using the contact method. Lawrie, R.G.; Matus-Cadiz, M.A.; Hucl, P. 3033
First the Seed: The Political Economy of Plant Biotechnology (second edition). Cantrell, Ronald P. Book Review 594
Gamete selection for resistance to common and halo bacterial blights in dry bean intergene pool populations. Asensio-S.-Manzanera, M. Carmen; Asensio, Carmen; Singh, Shree P. 5047
Gametic selection by Glyphosate in soybean plants hemizygous for the CP4 EPSPS transgene. Walker, David R.; Walker, Alan K.; Wood, E. Dale; Talevera, Magda E. Bonet; Fernandez, Francisco E.; 6738
Genetic mapping of loci associated with seed phytic acid content in CX1834-1-2 soybean. Walker, D.R.; Scaboo, A.M.; Pantalone, V.R.; Wilcox, J.R.; Boerma, H.R. 7537
Genetic variability for phytic acid phosphorus and inorganic phosphorus in seeds of soybeans in maturity groups V, VI, and VII. Israel, D.W; Kwanyuen, P.; Burton, J.W. 4128
Grazing research in the humid East: a historical perspective. Burns, J.C. 12789
Heritabilities and correlations of fusarium ear rot resistance and fumonisin contamination resistance in two maize populations. Robertson, Leilani A.; Kleinschmidt, Craig E.; White, Don G.; Payne, Gary A.; Maragos, Chris M.; Hol 8513
High-throughput DNA extraction and allele specific PCR primers enables efficient screening for mutant (gsf) and wild-type (GSF) alleles in eastern gamagrass. Goldman, Jason J. 2231
Identification of QTLs associated with fusarium head blight resistance in barley accession CIho 4196. Horsley, R.D.; Schmierer, D.; Maier, C.; Kudrna, D.; Urrea, C.A.; Steffenson, B.J.; Schwarz, P.B.; F 9929
Influence of grass species and sample preparation on ensiling characteristics. Cherney, D.J.R.; Alessi, M.A.; Cherney, J.H. 6079
Influence of large amounts of nitrogen on nonirrigated and irrigated soybean. Ray, Jeffery D.; Heatherly, Larry G.; Fritschi, Felix B. 8227
Influence of late-season iron, nitrogen, and seaweed extract on fall color retention and cold tolerance of four bermudagrass cultivars. Munshaw, G.C.; Ervin, E.H.; Shang, C.; Askew, S.D.; Zhang, X.; Lemus, R.W. 11248
Inheritance of high stearic acid content in the sunflower mutant CAS-14. Perez-Vich, Begona; Velasco, Leonardo; Munoz-Ruz, Juan; Fernandez-Martinez, Jose M. 5588
Intake and digestion of 'Jesup' tall fescue hays with a novel fungal endophyte, without an endophyte, or with a wild-type endophyte. Burns, J.C.; Fisher, D.S. 7568
Intersubgenomic heterosis in rapeseed production with a partial new-typed Brassica napus containing subgenome [A.sup.r] from B. rapa and [C.sup.c] from Brassica carinata. Li, Maoteng; Chen, Xin; Meng, Jinling 7193
Isogenic lines for genes Lr37/Yr17/Sr38 from T. ventricosum. Chicaiza, O.; Khan, I.A.; Zhang, X.; Brevis, J.C.; Jackson, L.; Chen, X.; Dubcovsky, J. 1154
Isogenic lines for leaf rust resistance gene Lr47. 574
Isogenic lines for stripe rust resistance gene Yr36 and grain protein content gene Gpc-B1. 741
Manipulating stem number, tuber set, and yield relationships for northern- and southern-grown potato seed lots. Knowles, N. Richard; Knowles, Lisa O. 7578
Mapping fiber and yield QTLs with main, epistatic, and QTL x environment interaction effects in recombinant inbred lines of upland cotton. Shen, Xinlian; Zhang, Tianzhen; Guo, Wangzhen; Zhu, Xiefei; Zhang, Xiaoyang 6508
Marker-assisted selection for neutral detergent fiber in smooth bromegrass. Stendal, C.; Casler, M.D.; Jung, G. 8587
Maximizing efficiency of recurrent phenotypic selection for neutral detergent fiber concentration in smooth bromegrass. Stendal, C.; Casler, M.D. 4952
Minimum water requirements for creeping, colonial, and velvet bentgrasses under fairway conditions. DaCosta, Michelle; Huang, Bingru 7083
Multi-Scale Integrated Analysis of Agroecosystems. Gliessman, Stephen R. Book Review 774
Neotyphodium in Cool-Season Grasses. Bultman, Thomas L. Book Review 811
Outcrossing in annual canarygrass. Matus-Cadiz, M.A.; Hucl, P. 3588
Performance of irrigated tall fescue-legume communities under two grazing frequencies in the southern Rocky Mountains, USA. Lauriault, Leonard M.; Guldan, Steven J.; Martin, Charles A.; VanLeeuwen, Dawn M. 6038
Potassium availability indices and turfgrass performance in a calcareous sand putting green. Woods, Micah S.; Ketterings, Quirine M.; Rossi, Frank S.; Petrovic, A. Martin 5374
Quantitative trait loci for root architecture traits correlated with phosphorus acquisition in common bean. Beebe, Stephen E.; Rojas-Pierce, Marcela; Yan, Xiaolong; Blair, Matthew W.; Pedraza, Fabio; Munoz, F 10002
Quantitative trait loci underlying resistance to three soybean cyst nematode populations in soybean PI 404198A. Guo, B.; Sleper, D.A.; Nguyen, H.T.; Arelli, P.R.; Shannon, J.G. 7170
Radicle length and osmotic stress affect the chilling sensitivity of cucumber radicles. Mangrich, Mary E.; Martinez-Font, Rafael T.; Saltveit, Mikal E. 3985
Reducing nutrient runoff from golf course fairways using grass buffers of multiple heights. Moss, Justin Q.; Bell, Gregory E.; Kizer, Michael A.; Payton, Mark E.; Zhang, Hailin; Martin, Dennis 6051
Registration of 'AR 839' wheat. Bacon, R.K.; Kelly, J.T.; Milus, E.A.; Parsons, C.E. 1234
Registration of 'AT 3081R' peanut. Anderson, W.F.; Harvey, J.E. 751
Registration of 'Atlas bmr-12' forage sorghum. Pedersen, J.F.; Funnell, D.L.; Toy, J.J.; Oliver, A.L.; Grant, R.J. 688
Registration of 'Charles' Barley. Obert, D.E.; Wesenberg, D.M.; Burrup, D.E.; Jones, B.L.; Erickson, C.A. 1534
Registration of 'Choptank' wheat. Costa, J.M.; Griffey, C.A.; Bockelman, H.E.; Cambron, S.E.; Chen, X.; Cooper, A.; Gaines, C.; Graybo 1765
Registration of 'Glenn' wheat. Mergoum, M.; Frohberg, R.C.; Stack, R.W.; Olson, T.; Friesen, T.L.; Rasmussen, J.B. 2046
Registration of 'Jinmai 61' wheat. Xinglai, Pan; Sangang, Xie; Qianying, Pan; Yinhong, Shi; Tianyu, Pan; Yongjie, Wang; Guiyun, Zhang 1207
Registration of 'Masami' wheat. Jones, S.S.; Lyon, S.R.; Balow, K.A.; Murray, T.D.; Chen, X.M.; Carter, B.P.; Morris, C.R.; Campbell 1514
Registration of 'Oropos' wheat. Gogas, D. 1006
Registration of 'Pembina' soybean. Helms, T.C.; Nelson, B.D.; Goos, R.J. 1053
Registration of 'ProSoy' soybean. Helms, T.C.; Nelson, B.D.; Goos, R.J.; Chang, K.C. 855
Registration of 'Verl' eastern gamagrass. Springer, T.L.; Dewald, C.L.; Sims, P.L.; Gillen, R.L.; Louthan, V.H.; Cooper, W.J.; Taliaferro, C.M 985
Registration of five wheat isogenic lines for leaf rust and stripe rust resistance genes. Brief Article 173
Registration of ICG 12991 peanut germplasm line. Deom, C.M.; Kapewa, T.; Busolo-Bulafu, C.M.; Naidu, R.A.; Chiyembekeza, A.J.; Kimmins, F.M.; Subrahm 905
Registration of imidazolinone herbicide-resistant maintainer (HA 442) and fertility restorer (RHA 443) oilseed sunflower germplasms. Miller, J.F.; Gulya, T.J.; Vick, B.A. 1274
Registration of KY98-2047 and KY98-2932 extra-dense pubescence soybean germplasm. Pfeiffer, T.W.; Pilcher, D.L. 934
Registration of reliable Sandberg bluegrass germplasm. Waldron, B.L.; Larson, S.R.; Jensen, K.B.; Harrison, R.D.; Palazzo, A.J.; Cary, T.J. 982
Registration of root-knot nematode resistant peanut germplasm lines NR 0812 and NR 0817. Anderson, W.F.; Holbrook, C.C.; Timper, P. 822
Registration of seven forage sorghum genetic stocks near-isogenic for the brown midrib genes bmr-6 and bmr-12. Pedersen, J.F.; Funnell, D.L.; Toy, J.J.; Oliver, A.L.; Grant, R.J. 547
Registration of seven Russian wheat aphid resistant near isogenic lines developed in South Africa. Tolmay, V.L.; Du Toit, F.; Smith, C. Michael 1808
Registration of three low cadmium (HA 448, HA 449, and RHA 450) confection sunflower genetic stocks. Miller, J.F.; Green, C.E.; Li, Y.-M.; Chaney, R.L. 1739
Registration of three maintainer (HA 444 to HA 446) and one restorer (RHA 447) high oleic oilseed sunflower germplasms. Miller, J.F.; Gulya, T.J.; Vick, B.A. 1386
Registration of twelve grain sorghum genetic stocks near-isogenic for the brown midrib genes bmr-6 and bmr-12. Pedersen, J.F.; Funnell, D.L.; Toy, J.J.; Oliver, A.L.; Grant, R.J. 1120
Registration of two restorer (RHA 439 and RHA 440) and one maintainer (HA 441) sclerotinia tolerant oilseed sunflower germplasms. Miller, J.F.; Gulya, T.J. 1015
Registration of Yakima western yarrow germplasm. Waldron, B.L.; Jensen, K.B.; Harrison, R.D.; Palazzo, A.J.; Cary, T.J. 710
Rps8 maps to a resistance gene rich region on soybean molecular linkage group F. Gordon, Stuart G.; St. Martin, Steven K.; Dorrance, Anne E. 5124
Safety and public acceptance of transgenic products. Byrne, Patrick F. 3996
Seedling transplant selection does not cause genetic shifts in genebank populations of inbred potato species. Bamberg, J.B.; del Rio, Alfonso H. 3349
Selection for lodging resistance in early generations of field pea by molecular markers. Zhang, Chunzhen; Tar'an, Bunyamin; Warkentin, Tom; Tullu, Abebe; Bett, Kirstin E.; Vandenberg, Bert; 7666
Selection in cultivar trials--is it ignorable? Piepho, Hans-Peter; Mohring, Jens 10054
Single nucleotide polymorphisms and insertion--deletions for genetic markers and anchoring the maize fingerprint contig physical map. Bi, I. Vroh; McMullen, M.D.; Sanchez-Villeda, H.; Schroeder, S.; Gardiner, J.; Polacco, M.; Soderlun 5643
Single-plant selection at ultra-low density to improve stability of a bread wheat cultivar. Tokatlidis, Ioannis S.; Xynias, Ioannis N.; Tsialtas, John T.; Papadopoulos, Ioannis I. 6370
Soybean cultivars resulted from more recombination events than unselected lines in the same population. Stefaniak, T.R.; Hyten, D.L.; Pantalone, V.R.; Klarer, A.; Pfeiffer, T.W. 6528
Target region amplification polymorphism (TRAP) for assessing genetic diversity in sugarcane germplasm collections. Alwala, S.; Suman, A.; Arro, J.A.; Veremis, J.C.; Kimbeng, C.A. 6189
Temperature influences on endophyte growth in tall fescue. Ju, H.-J.; Hill, N.S.; Abbott, T.; Ingram, K.T. 4801
The 4E-ms system of producing hybrid wheat. Zhou, Kuanji; Wang, Shihong; Feng, Yuqin; Liu, Zhongxiang; Wang, Genxuan 4134
The fate of nitrogen applied to a mature Kentucky bluegrass turf. Frank, Kevin W.; O'Reilly, Kevin M.; Crum, James R.; Calhoun, Ronald N. 7451
Use of sister-lines and the performance of modified single-cross maize hybrids. Lee, E.A.; Singh, A.; Ash, M.J.; Good, B. 8307
Variance component estimation using the additive, dominance, and additive x additive model when genotypes vary across environments. Wu, Jixiang; Jenkins, Johnie N.; McCarty, Jack C.; Wu, Dongfeng 6240
Variation of mucilage in flax seed and its relationship with other seed characters. Diederichsen, Axel; Raney, J. Philip; Duguid, Scott D. 6196

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