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Articles from Crop Science (May 1, 2005)

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A method of controlling corn rootworm feeding using a Bacillus thuringiensis protein expressed in transgenic maize. Vaughn, Ty; Cavato, Tracey; Brar, Gurdip; Coombe, Timothy; DeGooyer, Todd; Ford, Stephanie; Groth, M 5197
A sampling strategy for conserving genetic diversity when forming core subsets. Ramos, Jorge Franco; Crossa, Jose; Taba, Suketoshi; Shands, Henry 9386
A threshold model for multiyear genebank data based on different rating scales. Hartung, K.; Piepho, H.P. 5258
Agronomic performance of Rht alleles in a spring wheat population across a range of moisture levels. Butler, Joshua D.; Byrne, Patrick F.; Mohammadi, Valiollah; Chapman, Phillip L.; Haley, Scott D. 8047
An integrated biplot analysis system for displaying, interpreting, and exploring genotype x environment interaction. Yan, Weikai; Tinker, Nicholas A. 8400
Association between soybean cyst nematode resistance loci and yield in soybean. Kopisch-Obuch, F.J.; McBroom, R.L.; Diers, B.W. 8146
Best linear unbiased prediction of cultivar effects for subdivided target regions. Piepho, H.P.; Mohring, J. 10279
Can lignin be accurately measured? Hatfield, Ronald; Fukushima, Romualdo S. 6318
Characterization of resistance to brown stem rot of soybean in five accessions from central China. Patzoldt, M.E.; Carlson, S.R.; Diers, B.W. 3725
Comparative responses of container- versus ground-grown soybean to elevated carbon dioxide and ozone. Booker, Fitzgerald L.; Miller, Joseph E.; Fiscus, Edwin L.; Pursley, Walter A.; Stefanski, Leonard A 12097
Corn: Origin, History, Technology, and Production. Lee, Elizabeth A. Book Review 683
Correlation of genotype performance for agronomic and physiological traits in space-planted versus densely seeded conditions. Hansen, K.A.; Martin, J.M.; Lanning, S.P.; Talbert, L.E. 5306
Detecting genetic changes over two generations of seed increase in an awned slender wheatgrass population using AFLP markers. Ferdinandez, Yasas S.N.; Coulman, Bruce E.; Fu, Yong-Bi 4310
Diallel analyses of agronomic traits using Chinese and U.S. maize germplasm. Glover, Max A.; Willmot, David B.; Darrah, Larry L.; Hibbard, Bruce E.; Zhu, Xiaoyang 6712
Diallel analysis in cassava adapted to the midaltitude valleys environment. Jaramillo, G.; Morante, N.; Perez, J.C.; Calle, F.; Ceballos, H.; Arias, B.; Bellotti, A.C. 6186
Effect of temperature on the expression of necrosis in soybean infected with Soybean mosaic virus. Zheng, C.; Chen, P.; Gergerich, R. 5372
Effects of salicylic acid on heat tolerance associated with antioxidant metabolism in Kentucky bluegrass. He, Yali; Liu, Youliang; Cao, Weixing; Huai, Mingfang; Xu, Baogang; Huang, Bingru 5562
Embryogenic callus induction and regeneration in a pentaploid hybrid bermudagrass cv. Tifton 85. Jain, Mukesh; Chengalrayan, Kudithipudi; Gallo-Meagher, Maria; Mislevy, Paul 3064
Erratum. Correction Notice 160
Gas exchange and leaf ultrastructure of tinnevelly senna, Cassia angustifolia, under drought and nitrogen stress. Ratnayaka, H.H.; Kincaid, D. 5739
Genetic diversity of Cynodon transvaalensis Burtt-Davy and its relatedness to hexaploid C. dactylon (L.) pers. as indicated by AFLP markers. Wu, Y.Q.; Taliaferro, C.M.; Bai, G.H.; Anderson, M.P. 4728
Genetic improvement rates of short-season soybean increase with plant population. Cober, Elroy R.; Morrison, Malcolm J.; Ma, Baoluo; Butler, Gail 3335
Geographic patterns of RAPD variation in cultivated flax. Fu, Yong-Bi 6629
Hard wheat milling and bread baking traits affected by the seed-specific overexpression of puroindolines. Hogg, A.C.; Beecher, B.; Martin, J.M.; Meyer, F.; Talbert, L.; Lanning, S.; Giroux, M.J. 6696
How do lignin composition, structure, and cross-linking affect degradability? A review of cell wall model studies. Grabber, John H. 10761
Identification of essentially derived varieties obtained from biparental crosses of homozygous lines: I. Simple sequence repeat data from maize inbreds. Heckenberger, M.; Bohn, M.; Melchinger, A.E. 9329
Identification of essentially derived varieties obtained from biparental crosses of homozygous lines: II. Morphological distances and heterosis in comparison with simple sequence repeat and amplified fragment length polymorphism data in maize. Heckenberger, M.; Bohn, M.; Klein, D.; Melchinger, A.E. 7944
Identification of putative velvet bentgrass clones using RAPD markers. Hollman, Andrew B.; Stier, John C.; Casler, Michael D.; Jung, Geunhwa; Brilman, Leah A. 5820
Impact of reduced lignin on plant fitness. Pedersen, J.F.; Vogel, K.P.; Funnell, D.L. 6948
Inheritance of seed zinc accumulation in navy bean. Cichy, Karen A.; Forster, Shana; Grafton, Kenneth F.; Hosfield, George L. 5385
Insects of Stored Products. Arthur, Franklin H. Book Review 713
Lignin and Forage Digestibility symposium. Jung, H.G. Brief Article 276
Minimum number of genes controlling cotton fiber strength in a backcross population. Meredith, W.R., Jr. 6773
Nitrogen application increases yield and early dry matter accumulation in late-planted soybean. Taylor, R. Scott; Weaver, David B.; Wood, C. Wesley; van Santen, Edzard 4318
Nitrogen remobilization during grain filling in wheat: genotypic and environmental effects. Barbottin, Aude; Lecomte, Christophe; Bouchard, Christine; Jeuffroy, Marie-Helene 8855
Performance of crosses among French and Spanish maize populations across environments. Malvar, R.A.; Revilla, P.; Butron, A.; Gouesnard, B.; Boyat, A.; Soengas, P.; Alvarez, A.; Ordas, A. 4987
Performance of perennial cool-season forage grasses in diverse soil moisture environments, Southern High Plains, USA. Lauriault, L.M.; Kirksey, R.E.; VanLeeuwen, D.M. 4608
Population structure and evolutionary dynamics of wild--weedy--domesticated complexes of common bean in a Mesoamerican region. Zizumbo-Villarreal, Daniel; Colunga-GarciaMarin, Patricia; de la Cruz, Emeterio Payro; Delgado-Valer 8051
Principles of Plant Science: Environmental Factors and Technology in Growing Plants. Grabau, Larry J. Book Review 718
Quantitative genetic analysis of the physiological processes underlying maize grain yield. Lee, E.A.; Ahmadzadeh, A.; Tollenaar, M. 7353
Registration of 'Ambassador' Chewings fescue. Ford, T.M.; Meyer, W.A.; Murphy, J.A.; Bonos, S.A.; Smith, D.A.; Funk, C.R. 1396
Registration of 'Aquila' spring barley. Roche, D.; Hole, D.J, Albrechtsen, R.S.; Clawson, S.M.; Young, S.A. 1144
Registration of 'Burton' barley. Bregitzer, P.; Mornhinweg, D.W.; Hammon, R.; Stack, M.; Baltensperger, D.D.; Hein, G.L.; O'Neill, M. 1237
Registration of 'Improved Purple Marker' rice germplasm. Gravois, K.A.; Moldenhauer, K.A.K.; Lee, F.N. 866
Registration of 'Jerome' wheat. Souza, E.J.; Bosque-Perez, N.A.; Guttieri, M.J.; Schotzko, D.J.; Guy, S.O.; Brown, B.; Zemetra, R. 1634
Registration of 'MISCOT 8839' cotton. Wallace, T.P.; White, B.W.; Hollowell, J.E. 1337
Registration of 'Mustang' Altai wildrye. Jensen, K.B.; Larson, S.R.; Waldron, B.L. 1214
Registration of 'Steele-ND' wheat. Mergoum, M.; Frohberg, R.C.; Miller, J.D.; Stack, R.W. 1560
Registration of 'Tamcot 22' high-yielding upland cotton cultivar. Thaxton, P.M.; Smith, C. Wayne; Cantrell, Roy 885
Registration of Arkot 8712 germplasm line of cotton. Bourland, F.M.; Johnson, J.T.; Jones, D.C. 807
Registration of bermudagrass parental lines A-3 and A-4. Rodgers, C.A.; Baltensperger, A.A. 708
Registration of FC201, a heterogeneous, disease-resistant, monogerm, O-type sugarbeet population. Panella, L.; Lewellen, R.T. 1038
Registration of GA98066 upland cotton germplasm line. May, O.L.; Cantrell, R.G.; Jones, D.C. 1258
Registration of N584, N587, and N588, large-seeded grain sorghum germplasm. Dweikat, I.M.; Rajewski, J.F.; Easten, J.D. 1101
Registration of nine indica germplasms of rice. Rutger, J.N.; Bryant, R.J.; Bernhardt, J.L.; Gibbons, J.W. 2113
Registration of TAM 96WD-18 upland cotton germplasm line with improved fiber length and strength. Thaxton, P.M.; Smith, C. Wayne; Cantrell, Roy 808
Registration of TAM 96WD-69s glabrous upland cotton germplasm line. Thaxton, P.M.; Smith, C. Wayne; Cantrell, Roy 921
Renewing husbandry. Berry, Wendell 5030
Reporting forage allowance in grazing experiments. Sollenberger, Lynn E.; Moore, John E.; Allen, Vivien G.; Pedreira, Carlos G.S. 3915
Responses to divergent phenotypic selection for fiber traits in Timothy. Claessens, Annie; Michaud, Real; Belanger, Gilles; Mather, Diane E. 5732
Root segregation of C3 and C4 species using carbon isotope composition. Eleki, Krisztina; Cruse, Richard M.; Albrecht, Kenneth A. 3818
Seed dormancy imposed by covering tissues interrelates to shattering and seed morphological characteristics in weedy rice. Gu, Xing-You; Kianian, Shahryar F.; Foley, Michael E. 6641
Seed maturity, germination, and endophyte relationships in tall fescue. Hill, N.S.; Bouton, J.H.; Hiatt, E.E., III; Kittle, B. 4324
Selection for water use efficiency traits in a cotton breeding program: cultivar differences. Stiller, Warwick N.; Read, John J.; Constable, Gregory A.; Reid, Peter E. 6980
Selective phenotyping to accurately map quantitative trait loci. Jannink, J.-L. 5843
Spectral reflectance as a covariate for estimating pasture productivity and composition. Tarr, Alison B.; Moore, Kenneth J.; Dixon, Philip M. 5964
Trends over time among cotton cultivars released by the Oklahoma agricultural experiment station. Bayles, Melanie B.; Verhalen, Laval M.; Johnson, William M.; Barnes, Bradley R. 10061

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