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Articles from Crop Science (January 1, 2005)

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AFLP assessment of genetic diversity of Capsicum genetic resources in Guatemala: home gardens as an option for conservation. Guzman, Felix Alberto; Ayala, Helmer; Azurdia, Cesar; Duque, Myriam Cristina; de Vicente, M. Carmen 6218
Agricultural fitness of smooth bromegrass populations selected for divergent fiber concentration. Casler, M.D. 7059
Agronomic and quality characteristics of 1AS.1AL-1DL translocation lines of durum wheat carrying glutenin allele Glu-D1d. Klindworth, Daryl L.; Hareland, Gary A.; Elias, Elias M.; Xu, Steven S. 7576
Analysis of mono- and polysaccharides in creeping bentgrass turf using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy. Narra, Siddhartha; Fermanian, Thomas W.; Swiader, John M. 8922
Correlations and QTL correspondence between line per se and testcross performance for agronomic traits in four populations of European maize. Mihaljevic, Renata; Schon, Chris C.; Utz, H. Friedrich; Melchinger, Albrecht E. 11236
Criteria for assessing salinity tolerance of the halophytic turfgrass seashore paspalum. Lee, Geungjoo; Carrow, Robert N.; Duncan, Ronny R. 6423
Development and characterization of a CP4 EPSPS-based, glyphosate-tolerant corn event. Heck, G.R.; Armstrong, C.L.; Astwood, J.D.; Behr, C.F.; Bookout, J.T.; Brown, S.M.; Cavato, T.A.; De 8821
Divergent selection for polyphenol oxidase and its influence on agronomic, milling, bread, and Chinese raw noodle quality traits. Martin, J.M.; Berg, J.E.; Fischer, A.M.; Jukanti, A.K.; Kephart, K.D.; Kushnak, G.D.; Nash, D.; Bruc 6947
Ecotypic variation among switchgrass populations from the Northern USA. Casler, M.D. 7890
Estimation of quantitative genetic parameters for outcrossing-related traits in barley. Abdel-Ghani, Adel H.; Parzies, Heiko K.; Ceccarelli, Salvatore; Grando, Stefania; Geiger, Hartwig H. 6144
Evaluation of multienvironment trials of peanut cultivars. Casanoves, F.; Baldessari, J.; Balzarini, M. 6599
Exogenous salicylic acid enhances post-transplant success of heated Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue sod. Ervin, E.H.; Zhang, Xunzhong; Schmidt, R.E. 3645
Fall forage biomass and nitrogen composition of winter wheat populations selected from grain-only and dual-purpose environments. MacKown, Charles T.; Carver, Brett F. 5403
Fan and syringe application for cooling bentgrass greens. Guertal, E.A.; van Santen, Edzard; Han, D.Y. 3168
Foundations of yield improvement in watermelon. Gusmini, Gabriele; Wehner, Todd C. 5721
Generation of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) for gene discovery and marker development in cultivated peanut. Luo, M.; Dang, P.; Guo, B.Z.; He, G.; Holbrook, C.C.; Bausher, M.G.; Lee, R.D. 7102
Genetic analysis of resistance to gray leaf spot of midaltitude maize inbred lines. Menkir, Abebe; Ayodele, Maria 8553
Genetic contribution to yield gains in the Florida sugarcane industry across 33 years. Edme, Serge J.; Miller, Jimmy D.; Glaz, Barry; Tai, Peter Y.P.; Comstock, Jack C. 5933
Genetical and mathematical properties of similarity and dissimilarity coefficients applied in plant breeding and seed bank management. Reif, J.C.; Melchinger, A.E.; Frisch, M. 5829
Genotypic variation for snow mold reaction among creeping bentgrass clones. Wang, Z.; Casler, M.D.; Stier, J.C.; Gregos, J.S.; Millett, S.M. 6687
Heterosis and inbreeding depression for forage yield and fiber concentration in smooth bromegrass. Casler, M.D.; Diaby, M.; Stendal, C. 6190
Heterosis in a broad range of alfalfa germplasm. Riday, Heathcliffe; Brummer, E. Charles 8789
Identification, mapping, and economic evaluation of QTLs encoding root maggot resistance in Brassica. Ekuere, U.U.; Dosdall, L.M.; Hills, M.; Keddie, A.B.; Kott, L.; Good, A. 5487
Identifying isoyield environments for field pea production. Yang, Rong-Cai; Blade, Stanford F.; Crossa, Jose; Stanton, Daniel; Bandara, Manjula S. 6930
Implementation of soybean in cotton cropping sequences for management of reniform nematode in South Texas. Westphal, Andreas; Scott, Andrew W., Jr. 5511
Improving winter hardiness in nondormant alfalfa germplasm. Weishaar, Mindy A.; Brummer, E. Charles; Volenec, Jeffrey J.; Moore, Kenneth J.; Cunningham, Suzanne 5372
Influence of phosphorus and potassium on alfalfa yield and yield components. Berg, W.K.; Cunningham, S.M.; Brouder, S.M.; Joern, B.C.; Johnson, K.D.; Santini, J.; Volenec, J.J. 6186
Inheritance of high oleic/low ricinoleic acid content in the seed oil of castor mutant OLE-1. Rojas-Barros, Pilar; de Haro, Antonio; Fernandez-Martinez, Jose Maria 5270
Linkage analysis between gametophytic restorer [Rf.sub.2] gene and genetic markers in cotton. Zhang, Jinfa; Stewart, J.M.; Wang, Tonghui 8946
Mapping late blight resistance in Solanum microdontum Bitter. Bisognin, D.A.; Douches, D.S.; Buszka, L.; Bryan, G.; Wang, D. 5433
Oil content in a European x Chinese rapeseed population: QTL with additive and epistatic effects and their genotype-environment interactions. Zhao, Jianyi; Becker, Heiko C.; Zhang, Dongqing; Zhang, Yaofeng; Ecke, Wolfgang 7206
Organelle DNA diversity among buffalograsses from the Great Plains of North America determined by cpDNA and mtDNA RFLPs. Gulsen, O.; Shearman, R.C.; Vogel, K.P.; Lee, D.J.; Heng-Moss, T. 4512
Overexpression of polyphenol oxidase in transgenic sugarcane results in darker juice and raw sugar. Vickers, J.E.; Grof, C.P.L.; Bonnett, G.D.; Jackson, P.A.; Knight, D.P.; Roberts, S.E.; Robinson, S. 7209
Pasture and stocker cattle performance on furrow-irrigated alfalfa and tall wheatgrass pastures, Southern High Plains, USA. Lauriault, L.M.; Kirksey, R.E.; Donart, G.B.; Sawyer, J.E.; VanLeeuwen, D.M. 6899
Physiological processes associated with wheat yield progress in the UK. Shearman, V.J.; Sylvester-Bradley, R.; Scott, R.K.; Foulkes, M.J. 10813
Population structure and breeding patterns of 145 U.S. rice cultivars based on SSR marker analysis. Lu, Hong; Redus, Marc A.; Coburn, Jason R.; Rutger, J. Neil; McCouch, Susan R.; Tai, Thomas H. 8228
QTL analysis of cotton fiber quality using multiple Gossypium hirsutum x Gossypium barbadense backcross generations. Lacape, Jean-Marc; Nguyen, Trung-Bieu; Courtois, Brigitte; Belot, Jean-Louis; Giband, Marc; Gourlot, 8697
QTL mapping of resistance to Thrips palmi Karny in common bean. Frei, A.; Blair, M.W.; Cardona, C.; Beebe, S.E.; Gu, H.; Dorn, S. 6663
Quantitative trait loci contributing resistance to aflatoxin accumulation in the maize inbred Mp313E. Brooks, Thomas D.; Williams, W. Paul; Windham, Gary L.; Willcox, Martha C.; Abbas, Hamed K. 3535
RAPD marker variation among divergent selections for fiber concentration in smooth bromegrass. Diaby, M.; Casler, M.D. 7701
Reduction of ploidy level by androgenesis in intergeneric Lolium-Festuca hybrids for turf grass breeding. Kopecky, David; Lukaszewski, Adam J.; Gibeault, Victor 6060
Registration of 'Asmara' vegetable soybean. Mebrahtu, T.; Devine, T.E.; Donald, P.; Abney, T.S. 1554
Registration of 'Beefmaker' intermediate wheatgrass. Vogel, K.P.; Reece, P.E.; Baltsensperger, D.D.; Schuman, G.; Nicholson, R.A. 1252
Registration of 'CP 96-1252' sugarcane. Edme, S.J.; Tai, P.Y.P.; Glaz, B.; Gilbert, R.A.; Miller, J.D.; Davidson, J.O.; Dunckelman, J.W.; Co 733
Registration of 'Dapps' wheat. Mergoum, M.; Frohberg, R.C.; Miller, J.D.; Olson, T.; Rasmussen, J.B. 1236
Registration of 'Frio' buffelgrass. Hussey, M.A.; Burson, B.L. 1020
Registration of 'Grand Mesa' pinto bean. Brick, M.A.; Schwartz, H.F.; Ogg, J.B.; Johnson, J.J.; Judson, F. 1120
Registration of 'Haymaker' intermediate wheatgrass. Vogel, K.P.; Tober, D.; Reece, P.E.; Baltsensperger, D.D.; Schuman, G.; Nicholson, R.A. 924
Registration of 'Highlander' eastern gamagrass. Grabowski, J.M.; Douglas, J.L.; Lang, D.J.; Edwards, S.D. 685
Registration of 'IDO580' spring wheat germplasm. Souza, E.J.; Guttieri, M.J.; Udall, J.A. 1382
Registration of 'Juchi F2000' wheat. Villasenor-Mir, H.E.; Espitia-Rangel, E.; Huerta-Espino, J.; Gonzalez-Iniguez, R.; Solis-Moya, E.; O 1014
Registration of 'LaMoure' soybean. Helms, T.C.; Nelson, B.D.; Goos, R.J. 1086
Registration of 'McCormick' wheat. Griffey, C.A.; Rohrer, W.L.; Pridgen, T.H.; Brooks, W.S.; Chen, J.; Wilson, J.A.; Nabati, D.; Brann, 2200
Registration of 'Nahuatl F2000' wheat. Villasenor-Mir, H.E.; Espitia-Rangel, E.; Huerta-Espino, J.; Solis-Moya, E.; Maria-Ramirez, A.; Agui 994
Registration of 'NE2701' soybean. Graef, G.L.; White, D.M.; Korte, L.L. 852
Registration of 'NU-ARS AC2' crested wheatgrass. Vogel, K.P.; Tober, D.; Reece, P.E.; Baltsensperger, D.D.; Schuman, G.; Nicholson, R.A. 1087
Registration of 'Ross' meadowfoam. Knapp, S.J.; Crane, J.M.; Brunick, R. Public Notice 951
Registration of 'S99-3181' soybean. Shannon, J.G.; Anand, S.C.; Arelli, P.R.; Wrather, J.A.; Sleper, D.A. 1085
Registration of 'Tlaxcala F2000' wheat. Villasenor-Mir, H.E.; Espitia-Rangel, E.; Huerta-Espino, J.; Maria-Ramirez, A.; Alcala-Osorio, L.; A 1077
Registration of 'Tribute' wheat. Griffey, C.A.; Rohrer, W.L.; Pridgen, T.H.; Brooks, W.S.; Chen, J.; Wilson, J.A.; Nabati, D.; Brann, 2328
Registration of 'Truman' wheat. McKendry, A.L.; Tague, D.N.; Wright, R.L.; Tremain, J.A.; Conley, S.P. 1559
Registration of 'Yacine' cowpea. Cisse, N.; Ndiaye, M.; Sene, A. 725
Registration of D98-1218 soybean germplasm line resistant to Phytophthora rot (Rps2) and soybean cyst nematode races 3 (HG Type 0) and 14 (HG Type Mengistu, Alemu; Kilen, T.C.; Donald, P.A. 1303
Registration of Guichao 2 eui rice genetic stock. Rutger, J.N. 754
Registration of IDO602 spring wheat germplasm. Souza, E.J.; Goates, B.J.; Fuentes-Davila, G.; Udall, J.A. 1267
Registration of Mo48 and Mo49 maize germplasm lines with resistance to European corn borer. Willmot, D.B.; Hibbard, B.E.; Barry, B.D.; Antonio, A.Q.; Darrah, L.L. 1235
Registration of spring wheat germplasm ND 744 resistant to Fusarium head blight, leaf, and stem rusts. Mergoum, M.; Frohberg, R.C.; Miller, J.D.; Rasmussen, J.B.; Stack, R.W. 1836
Registration of UC66049 Triticum aestivum blue aleurone genetic stock. Qualset, C.O.; Soliman, K.M.; Jan, C.-C.; Dvorak, J.; McGuire, P.E.; Vogt, H.E. 1117
Root-zone salinity: I. Selecting a product-yield index and response function for crop tolerance. Steppuhn, H.; van Genuchten, M.Th.; MacDiarmid, Hugh 10596
Root-zone salinity: II. indices for tolerance in agricultural crops. Steppuhn, H.; van Genuchten, M.Th.; MacDiarmid, Hugh 11824
Seasonal patterns of glutathione and ascorbate metabolism in field-grown cotton under water stress. Mahan, James R.; Wanjura, Don F. 6412
Spatial and temporal expression of mutations for high oleic acid and low linolenic acid concentration in Ethiopian mustard. Nabloussi, Abdelghani; Fernandez-Martinez, Jose M.; Velasco, Leonardo 5754
Species diversity and functional composition of pastures that vary in landscape position and grazing management. Guretzky, John A.; Moore, Kenneth J.; Brummer, E. Charles; Burras, C. Lee 7755
Species interactions with quackgrass and their effects on forage production. Brenly-Bultemeier, T.L.; Barker, D.J.; Sulc, R.M.; Harrison, S.K.; Regnier, E.E. 4963
Temperature and carbon dioxide effects on nutritive value of rhizoma peanut herbage. Newman, Y.C.; Sollenberger, L.E.; Boote, K.J.; Allen, L.H., Jr.; Vu, J.C. V.; Hall, M.B. 4854
Turfgrass reflectance measurements, chlorophyll, and soil nitrate desorbed from anion exchange membranes. Mangiafico, Salvatore S.; Guillard, Karl 5393

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