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Articles from Crop Science (November 1, 2004)

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A marker-based approach to broadening the genetic base of rice in the USA. Xu, Yunbi; Beachell, Henry; McCouch, Susan R. 12265
Agronomic and seed characteristics of soybean with reduced phytate and palmitate. Hulke, Brent S.; Fehr, Walter R.; Welke, Grace A. 4937
Agronomic performance of hard red spring wheat isolines sensitive and insensitive to photoperiod. Dyck, J.A.; Matus-Cadiz, M.A.; Hucl, P.; Talbert, L.; Hunt, T.; Dubuc, J.P.; Nass, H.; Clayton, G.; 5999
Application of genomic technologies to crop plants: opportunities and challenges. Havey, Michael J. 2273
Applying genomics to alfalfa breeding programs. Brummer, E. Charles 2096
Butterbean seed yield, color, and protein content are affected by photomorphogenesis. Kasperbauer, M.J.; Loughrin, J.H. 4004
Changes in pedigree backgrounds of pioneer brand maize hybrids widely grown from 1930 to 1999. Smith, J. Stephen C.; Duvick, Donald N.; Smith, Oscar S.; Cooper, Mark; Feng, Lizhi 9855
Combining abilities of quality protein maize inbreds. Bhatnagar, S.; Betran, F.J.; Rooney, L.W. 7904
Crop plant genome sequence: what is it good for? Martienssen, Robert A. 1359
Cropping Systems Trends and Advances. Boquet, Donald J.; Breitenbeck, Gary A. Book Review 707
Cytokinin effects on ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase and nitrogen partitioning in rice during ripening. Ookawa, Taiichiro; Naruoka, Yukiko; Sayama, Ayumi; Hirasawa, Tadashi 6646
Determination of the level of variation in polyploidy among Kentucky bluegrass cultivars by means of flow cytometry. Eaton, T.D.; Curley, J.; Williamson, R.C.; Jung, G. 5013
Diallel analysis of carbon isotope discrimination and its association with forage yield among nine historically recognized alfalfa germplasms. Ray, I.M.; Segovia-Lerma, A.; Murray, L.W. 5616
Diallel analysis of grain iron and zinc density in southern African-adapted maize inbreds. Long, Jennifer K.; Banziger, Marianne; Smith, Margaret E. 7842
Eastern bottlebrush grass yield, persistence, and nutritive value in the northeastern USA. Sanderson, Matt A.; Skinner, R. Howard; van der Grinten, Martin; Kujawski, Jennifer 4867
Effects of ice cover on annual bluegrass and creeping bentgrass putting greens. Tompkins, D.K.; Ross, J.B.; Moroz, D.L. 4770
Engineering higher yield and herbicide resistance in rice by agrobacterium-mediated multiple gene transformation. Cao, M.X.; Huang, J.Q.; Wei, Z.M.; Yao, Q.H.; Wan, C.Z.; Lu, J.A. 6381
Establishment of bermudagrass and zoysiagrass by seed. Patton, Aaron J.; Hardebeck, Glenn A.; Williams, David W.; Reicher, Zachary J. 5997
Establishment of Poa annua var. reptans from seed under golf course conditions in the Pacific Northwest. Miltner, Eric D.; Stahnke, Gwen K.; Rinehart, Geoffrey J.; Backman, Paul A.; Johnston, William J. 5420
Flowering Plant Embryology. Yeung, Edward C. Book Review 646
Genetic diversity among CIMMYT maize inbred lines investigated with SSR markers: I. lowland tropical maize. Xia, X.C.; Reif, J.C.; Hoisington, D.A.; Melchinger, A.E.; Frisch, M.; Warburton, M.L. 4809
Genetic diversity in natural populations and corresponding seed collections of little bluestem as revealed by AFLP markers. Fu, Yong-Bi; Phan, Anh T.; Coulman, Bruce; Richards, Ken W. 5558
Genetic responses of single crosses of maize to Striga hermonthica (Del.) Benth. and Striga asiatica (L.) Kuntze. Gethi, James G.; Smith, Margaret E. 9559
Genetics of resistance to Stagonospora nodorum blotch of hexaploid wheat. Feng, Jie; Ma, Hong; Hughes, Geoff R. 5673
Genomics and plant breeding: the experience of the initiative for future agricultural and food systems. Thro, Ann Marie; Parrott, Wayne; Udall, Joshua A.; Beavis, William D. 370
Genomics, genetics, and plant breeding: a private sector perspective. Cooper, Mark; Smith, Oscar S.; Graham, Geoff; Arthur, Lane; Feng, Lizhi; Podlich, Dean W. 4357
Heterosis for grain yield and other agronomic traits in foxtail millet. Siles, M.M.; Russell, W. Ken; Baltensperger, David D.; Nelson, Lenis A.; Johnson, Blaine; Van Vleck, 5703
Heterosis for leaf C[O.sub.2] exchange rate during the grain-filling period in maize. Ahmadzadeh, A.; Lee, E.A.; Tollennar, M. 5290
Induction of somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in select Georgia and Pee Dee cotton lines. Sakhanokho, Hamidou F.; Ozias-Akins, Peggy; May, O. Lloyd; Chee, Peng W. 4442
Influence of plant height and heading date on the expression of the resistance to Septoria tritici blotch in near isogenic lines of wheat. Simon, M.R.; Worland, A.J.; Struik, P.C. 7103
Mapping of quantitative trait loci associated with resistance to brown planthopper in rice by means of a doubled haploid population. Soundararajan, R.P.; Kadirvel, P.; Gunathilagaraj, K.; Maheswaran, M. 6201
Marker-assisted selection in public breeding programs: the wheat experience. Dubcovsky, Jorge 2461
Moving beyond the winter hardiness plateau in U.S. oat germplasm. Livingston, David P., III; Elwinger, Gerald F.; Murphy, J. Paul 3158
Optimizing pollen confinement in maize grown for regulated products. Stevens, W.E.; Berberich, S.A.; Sheckell, P.A.; Wiltse, C.C.; Halsey, M.E.; Horak, M.J.; Dunn, D.J. 6309
Origin of the blue-aleurone gene in Sebesta Blue wheat genetic stocks and a protocol for its use in apomixis screening. Morrison, L.A.; Metzger, R.J.; Lukaszewski, A.J. 2828
Phenology measurements and fiber associations of near-long staple upland cotton. Braden, Chris A.; Smith, C.W. 5909
Phenotypic effects of introgressing Chinese winter and resynthesized Brassica napus L. germplasm into hybrid spring canola. Udall, Joshua A.; Quijada, Pablo A.; Polewicz, Hieronim; Vogelzang, Robert; Osborn, Thomas C. 6330
Phenotypic effects of introgressing French winter germplasm into hybrid spring canola. Quijada, Pablo A.; Udall, Joshua A.; Polewicz, Hieronim; Vogelzang, Robert D.; Osbosn, Thomas C. 6789
Physiological basis of heterosis for grain yield in maize. Tollenaar, M.; Ahmadzadeh, A.; Lee, E.A. 9257
Plant breeding requirements for applied molecular biology. Goodman, Major M. 5190
Productivity and stability relationships in mowed pasture communities of varying species composition. Tracy, Benjamin F.; Sanderson, Matt A. 5800
Quantitative trait loci associated with cell wall polysaccharides in soybean seed. Stombaugh, S.K.; Orf, J.H.; Jung, H.G.; Chase, K.; Lark, K.G.; Somers, D.A. 5481
Reducing the genetic vulnerability of cotton. Paterson, Andrew H.; Boman, Randal K.; Brown, Steven M.; Chee, Peng W.; Gannaway, John R.; Gingle, A 1405
Registration of 'Beyond' Kentucky bluegrass. Brede, A.D. 806
Registration of 'Cache' meadow bromegrass. Jensen, K.B.; Waldron, B.L.; Larson, S.R.; Peel, M.D. 1148
Registration of 'Chicago II' Kentucky bluegrass. Brede, A.D. 785
Registration of 'Choteau' wheat. Lanning, S.P.; Carlson, G.R.; Nash, D.; Wichman, D.M.; Kephart, K.D.; Stougaard, R.N.; Kushnak, G.D. 1092
Registration of 'Excursion' Kentucky bluegrass. Brede, A.D. 674
Registration of 'FMC-6' bermudagrass. Rodgers, C.A.; Baltensperger, A.A. 567
Registration of 'Forager' pea. Krall, J.M.; Ali, S.M.; Baltensperger, D.D; Nachtman, J.; Hybner, R. 760
Registration of 'Freedom II' Kentucky bluegrass. Brede, A.D. 787
Registration of 'Idlib-3' lentil. El-Ashkar, F.; Sarker, A.; Erskine, W.; Bayaa, B.; El-Hassan H.; Kadah, N.; Karim, B.A. 879
Registration of 'Idlib-4' lentil. El-Ashkar, F.; Sarker A.; Erskine, W.; Bayaa, B.; El-Hassan, H.; Kadah, N.; Karim, B.A. 819
Registration of 'Nu Destiny' Kentucky bluegrass. Brede, A.D. 903
Registration of 'Pacific Gold' oriental condiment mustard. Brown, J.; Davis, J.B.; Brown, D.A.; Seip, L.; Gosselin, T. 1356
Registration of 'Pirogue' rice. Sha, X.; Linscombe, S.D.; Bearb, K.; Chu, Q.R.; Groth, D.E.; White, L.M.; Dunand, R.T.; Bollich, P.K 1193
Registration of 'Post 90' barley. Mornhinweg, D.W.; Edwards, L.H.; Smith, E.L.; Morgan, G.H.; Webster, J.A.; Porter, D.R.; Carver, B.F 898
Registration of 'Tsunami' Kentucky bluegrass. Brede, A.D. 677
Registration of an apetalous male-sterile genetic stock (T368) of soybean. Palmer, R.G.; Matson, A.L.; Knap, H.T. 1279
Registration of ARS-2424 birdsfoot trefoil germplasm. Beuselinck, P.R. 507
Registration of B117, B118, B119, B120, and B121 inbred lines of maize. Hallauer, A.R.; Lamkey, K.R.; White, P.R. 1627
Registration of CP07 and CP08 sugarbeet germplasms with resistance to powdery mildew, rhizomania, and other diseases. Lewellen, R.T. 1336
Registration of CR-34 and CR-81 safflower germplasms with increased tocopherol. Velasco, L.; Fernandez-Martinez, J.M. 988
Registration of GA98033 upland cotton germplasm line. May, O.L.; Chee, P.W.; Sakhanokho, H. 1313
Registration of Hessian fly resistant wheat germplasm line P921696. Ohm, H.W.; Patterson, F.L.; Ratcliffe, R.H.; Cambron, S.E.; Williams, C.E. 1134
Registration of NPM-4, a dwarf white grain pearl millet germplasm. Rajewski, J.F.; Andrews, D.J.; Dweikat, I.M. 744
Registration of NPM-8, a dwarf grain pearl millet germplasm with long panicles. Rajewski, J.F.; Andrews, D.J.; Dweikat, I.M. 826
Registration of three blue-seeded wheat genetic stocks exhibiting xenia. Metzger, R.J.; Sebesta, E. 849
Registration of three partial waxy winter wheats. Graybosch, R.A.; Baenziger, P.S. 1572
Russian wildrye seedlings are sensitive to acidic soil. Hopkins, A.A.; Malinowski, D.P.; Zhang, H.; Walker, D.W. 5249
Screening for salinity tolerance in alfalfa: a repeatable method. Peel, Michael D.; Waldron, Blair L.; Jensen, Kevin B.; Chatterton, N. Jerry; Horton, Howard; Dudley, 5231
Seedling resistance to tan spot and Stagonospora nodorum blotch in synthetic hexaploid wheats. Xu, S.S.; Friesen, T.L.; Mujeeb-Kazi, A. 10441
Semigamy gene is associated with chlorophyll reduction in cotton. Zhang, J.F.; Stewart, J. McD. 7505
Simulating the effects of dominance and epistasis on selection response in the CIMMYT wheat breeding program using QuCim. Wang, Jiankang; van Ginkel, Maarten; Trethowan, Richard; Ye, Guoyou; DeLacy, Ian; Podlich, Dean; Coo 9454
Soybean maturity gene effects on seed coat pigmentation and cracking in response to low temperatures. Benitez, Eduardo R.; Funatsuki, Hideyuki; Kaneko, Yukio; Matsuzawa, Yasuo; Bang, Sang W.; Takahashi, 3793
Statistical genetics and simulation models in genetic resource conservation and regeneration. Wang, Jiankang; Crossa, Jose; van Ginkel, Maarten; Taba, Suketoshi 6092
Striga resistance in the wild relatives of Sorghum. Rich, Patrick J.; Grenier, Cecile; Ejeta, Gebisa 8128
Systemic acquired resistance and induced systemic resistance in conventional agriculture. Vallad, Gary E.; Goodman, Robert M. 14601
The role of genomics research in improvement of "orphan" crops. Nelson, Rebecca J.; Naylor, Rosamond L.; Jahn, Molly M. 3495
Use of a water stress index to identify barley genotypes adapted to rainfed and irrigated conditions. Rizza, F.; Badeck, F.W.; Cattivelli, L.; Lidestri, O.; Di Fonzo, N.; Stanca, A.M. 9344
Weed-Crop Competition. A Review. Second Edition. Buhler, Douglas D. Book Review 526
Yield components of pearl millet and grain sorghum across environments in the Central Great Plains. Maman, Nouri; Mason, Stephen C.; Lyon, Drew J.; Dhungana, Prabhakar 6990
Yield physiology of a semidwarf and tall oat cultivar. de Rocquigny, Pamela J.; Entz, Martin H.; Gentile, Roberta M.; Duguid, Scott D. 6141

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