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Articles from Crop Science (May 1, 2004)

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A sequence specific PCR marker for distinguishing rice lines on the basis of Wild Abortive cytoplasm from their cognate maintainer lines. Yashitola, J.; Sundaram, R.M.; Biradar, S.K.; Thirumurugan, T.; Vishnupriya, M.R.; Rajeshwari, R. Vi 2753
Agronomic and quality attributes of winter durum wheat in the central Great Plains. Marque, V.; Fritz, A.K.; Martin, T.J.; Paulsen, G.M. 5603
Awards presented in Crop Science, 2003. 10050
Bale density and moisture effects on alfalfa round bale silage. Han, K.J.; Collins, M.; Vanzant, E.S.; Dougherty, C.T. 5566
Biochemical response of soybean roots to Fusarium solani f. sp. glycines infection. Lozovaya, V.V.; Lygin, A.V.; Li, S.; Hartman, G.L.; Widholm, J.M. 6800
Chicory root yield and carbohydrate composition is influenced by cultivar selection, planting, and harvest date. Wilson, Robert G.; Smith, John A.; Yonts, C. Dean 4498
Cloning and identification of highly expressed genes in barley lemma and palea. Abebe, Tilahun; Skadsen, Ronald W.; Kaeppler, Heidi F. 6580
Comparison of [S.sub.1] with open-pollination progenies in selection for yield in crested wheatgrass. Berdahl, John D.; Ray, Ian M. 3166
CSSA Board of Directors meetings. 1951
CSSA Executive Committee meetings. 3252
CSSA fellows and award recipients. 2632
CSSA Headquarters report, 2003. 2086
CSSA officers, boards, and committees, 2004. 6640
Divergent selection for rind penetrometer resistance and its effects on European corn borer damage and stalk traits in corn. Martin, Sheri A.; Darrah, Larry L.; Hibbard, Bruce E. 5630
Effect of row width and nitrogen on cotton morphology and canopy microclimate. Marois, James J.; Wright, David L.; Wiatrak, Pawel J.; Vargas, Matthew A. 6536
Eliminating summer fallow reduces winter wheat yields, but not necessarily system profitability. Lyon, Drew J.; Baltensperger, David D.; Blumenthal, Jurg M.; Burgener, Paul A.; Harveson, Robert M. 5885
Errata. Correction Notice 260
Ethylene production of two wheat cultivars exposed to desiccation, heat, and paraquat-induced oxidation. Balota, Maria; Cristescu, Simona; Payne, W.A.; Hekkert, S. te Lintel; Laarhoven, L.J.J.; Harren, F.J 5367
Evaluation of soybean, dry bean, and sunflower for resistance to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. Vuong, T.D.; Hoffman, D.D.; Diers, B.W.; Miller, J.F.; Steadman, J.R.; Hartman, G.L. 5633
Fellows of the Crop Science Society of America: elected in 2003. 7661
Gene flow in wheat at the field scale. Matus-Cadiz, M.A.; Hucl, P.; Horak, M.J.; Blomquist, L.K. 10246
Genetic differentiation of tetraploid creeping bentgrass and hexaploid redtop bentgrass genotypes by AFLP and their use in turfgrass breeding. Vergara, Georgina V.; Bughrara, Suleiman S. 5384
Genetic diversity in the Batini barley landrace from Oman: II. Response to salinity stress. Jaradat, A.A.; Shahid, M.; Al-Maskri, A. 10725
Genomic targeting and high-resolution mapping of the Tsn1 gene in wheat. Haen, Karri M.; Lu, Huangjun; Friesen, Timothy L.; Faris, Justin D. 9360
Genotype x environment interactions and heritability of tocopherol contents in canola. Marwede, Volker; Schierholt, Antje; Mollers, Christian; Becker, Heiko C. 3020
Increased transgene expression by breeding and selection in white clover. Schmidt, M.A.; Martin, G.S.; Artelt, B.J.; Parrott, W.A. 3696
Leaf tip necrosis: a phenotypic marker associated with resistance to spot blotch disease in wheat. Joshi, A.K.; Chand, R.; Kumar, S.; Singh, R.P. 4749
Near isogenic lines confirm a soybean cyst nematode resistance gene from PI 88788 on linkage group J. Glover, K.D.; Wang, D.; Arelli, P.R.; Carlson, S.R.; Cianzio, S.R.; Diers, B.W. 5114
Pedigree analysis of a major QTL conditioning soybean resistance to southern root-knot nematode. Ha, Bo-Keun; Bennett, J. Brandon; Hussey, Richard S.; Finnerty, Steven L.; Boerma, H. Roger 5446
Physical properties of three sand size classes amended with inorganic materials or sphagnum peat moss for putting green rootzones. Bigelow, Cale A.; Bowman, Daniel C.; Cassel, D. Keith 6568
Physiological responses of cotton to two-spotted spider mite damage. Reddall, A.; Sadras, V.O.; Wilson, L.J.; Gregg, P.C. 7597
Presidents of the Crop Science Society of America. 144
Putative alleles for increased yield from soybean plant introductions. Kabelka, E.A.; Diers, B.W.; Fehr, W.R.; LeRoy, A.R.; Baianu, I.C.; You, T.; Neece, D.J.; Nelson, R.L 8187
QTL analysis of morphological, developmental, and winter hardiness-associated traits in perennial ryegrass. Yamada, T.; Jones, E.S.; Cogan, N.O.I.; Vecchies, A.C.; Nomura, T.; Hisano, H.; Shimamoto, Y.; Smith 7768
Rapid iodine staining techniques for identifying the waxy phenotype in sorghum grain and waxy genotype in sorghum pollen. Pedersen, J.F.; Bean, S.R.; Funnell, D.L.; Graybosch, R.A. 1392
Registration of 'Ankor' wheat. Haley, S.D.; Quick, J.S.; Johnson, J.J.; Peairs, F.B.; Stromberger, J.A.; Clayshulte, S.R.; Clifford 1309
Registration of 'Apache' arrowleaf clover. Smith, G.R.; Rouquette, F.M., Jr.; Pemberton, I.J. 641
Registration of 'Armadillo' burr medic. Ocumpaugh, W.R.; Hussey, M.A.; Grichar, W.J., Jr.; Read, J.C.; Bade, D.H.; Pinchak, W.E.; Smith, G.R 1079
Registration of 'Black Violet' common bean. Mundel, H.-H.; Kiehn, F.A.; Huang, H.C.; Conner, R.L.; Saindon, G. 1123
Registration of 'Dilse' durum wheat. Elias, E.M.; Manthey, F.A.; Miller, J.D. 1094
Registration of 'Early Rose' pink common bean. Mundel, H.-H.; Kiehn, F.A.; Huang, H.C.; Conner, R.L.; Saindon, G. 1043
Registration of 'Jerry' wheat. Peel, M.D.; Anderson, J.A.; Rasmussen, J.B.; Miller, J.D.; Olsen, T.C.; Johnson, G.W. 1335
Registration of 'Morden003' navy common bean. Mundel, H.-H.; Kiehn, F.A.; Huang, H.C.; Conner, R.L.; Saindon, G.; Kemp, G.A. 1233
Registration of 'Nekoma' flax. Hammond, J.J.; Miller, J.F.; Rasmussen, J.B. 452
Registration of 'Newport' hop. Henning, J.; Townsend, S.; Mahaffee, W.; Kenny, S.; Haunold, A. 1157
Registration of 'Pierce' durum wheat. Elias, E.M.; Manthey, F.A.; Miller, J.D. 1124
Registration of 'Rescue 911' hard fescue. Sellman, M.J.; Brede, A.D. 902
Registration of 'Stalwart' soybean. Cooper, R.L.; Mendiola, T.; St. Martin, S.K.; Fioritto, R.J.; Dorrance, A.E. 898
Registration of 'Tara' soybean. Devine, T.E.; McMurtrey, J.E., III 1375
Registration of 'Wilson' peanut. Mozingo, R.W.; Coffelt, T.A.; Swann, C.W.; Phipps, P.M. 1389
Registration of 'York' flax. Hammond, J.J.; Miller, J.F.; Statler, G.D. 423
Registration of Cucharas green needlegrass germplasm. Jones, T.A.; Nielson, D.C.; Young, S.A. 742
Registration of EL0204 sugarbeet germplasm with smooth-root and resistance to rhizomania. McGrath, J.M.; Lewellen, R.T. 1144
Registration of four sunflower germplasms resistant to race F of broomrape. Fernandez-Martinez, J.; Perez-Vich, B.; Akhtouch, B.; Velasco, L.; Munoz-Ruz, J.; Melero-Vara, J.M.; 1062
Registration of N-Si-6, N-Si-7, and N-Si-8 foxtail millet germplasms. Andrews, D.J.; Rajewski, J.F.; Dweikat, I.M. 882
Registration of Ribstone Indian ricegrass germplasm. Jones, T.A.; Nielson, D.C.; Young, S.A.; Phan, A. 839
Registration of two maintainer (HA 434 and HA 435) and three restorer (RHA 436 to RHA 438) high oleic oilseed sunflower germplasms. Miller, J.F.; Gulya, T.J.; Vick, B.A. 1345
Registration of two oilseed sunflower genetic stocks, SURES-1 and SURES-2 resistant to tribenuron herbicide. Miller, J.F.; Khatib, K. Al- 1317
Registration of Tx110 maize. Betran, F.J.; Bockholt, A.; Fojt, F., III; Mayfield, K. 768
Registration of Tx114 maize. Betran, F.J.; Bockholt, A.; Fojt, F., III; Pietsch, D.; Rooney, L.; Mayfield, K. 718
Registration of Tx714 maize germplasm line. Betran, F.J.; Bockholt, A.; Fojt, F., III; Mayfield, K.; Pietsch, D. 884
Registration of Tx732 maize germplasm line. Betran, F.J.; Bockholt, A.; Fojt, F., III; Mayfield, K. 470
Registration of Tx745 maize germplasm line. Betran, F.J.; Bockholt, A.; Fojt, F., III 461
Registration of Tx770 maize germplasm line. Betran, F.J.; Bockholt, A.; Fojt, F., III; Mayfield, K. 531
Registration of Tx772 maize. Llorente, C.F.; Betran, F.J.; Bockholt, A.; Fojt, F., III 1051
Reports of CSSA divisons, branches, and committees, 2003. 24931
Resource allocation in a breeding program for phosphorus concentration in maize grain. Wardyn, Brandon M.; Russell, W. Ken 4633
Response of corn grain yield to spatial and temporal variability in emergence. Liu, Weidong; Tollenaar, Matthijs; Stewart, Greg; Deen, William 7749
Shoot biomass production among accessions of Medicago truncatula exposed to NaCl. Veatch, Maren E.; Smith, Steven E.; Vandemark, George 7142
Sorghum and salinity: I. Response of growth, water relations, and ion accumulation to NaCl salinity. Netondo, Godfrey Wafula; Onyango, John Collins; Beck, Erwin 5799
Sorghum and salinity: II. Gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence of sorghum under salt stress. Netondo, Godfrey Wafula; Onyango, John Collins; Beck, Erwin 4135
Stability of the expression of acyl-ACP thioesterase transgenes in oilseed rape doubled haploid lines. Tang, Jihong; Scarth, Rachael; McVetty, Peter B.E. 8262
The effect of natural mulches on crop performance, weed suppression and biochemical constituents of catnip and St. John's wort. Duppong, L.M.; Delate, K.; Liebman, M.; Horton, R.; Romero, F.; Kraus, G.; Petrich, J.; Chowdbury, P 7351
The genetic anatomy of a patented yellow bean. Pallottini, L.; Garcia, E.; Kami, J.; Barcaccia, G.; Gepts, P. 7291
Tocopherol content of soybean lines with reduced linolenate in the seed oil. McCord, Kristen L.; Fehr, Walter R.; Wang, Tong; Welke, Grace A.; Cianzio, Silvia R.; Schnebly, Stev 4375
Total nonstructural carbohydrate assessment in creeping bentgrass at different mowing heights. Narra, Siddhartha; Fermanian, Thomas W.; Swiader, John M.; Voigt, Thomas B.; Branham, Bruce E. 4441
Use of germination curves to describe variation in germination characteristics in three turfgrass species. Larsen, Soren Ugilt; Bibby, Bo Martin 5633
Variation among and within smooth bromegrass collections from rural cemeteries. Casler, M.D. 8278
Variation in seed production traits of reed canarygrass germplasm. Sahramaa, Mia; Hommo, Leena; Jauhiainen, Lauri 6371
Vertical profile of leaf senescence during the grain-filling period in older and newer maize hybrids. Valentinuz, Oscar R.; Tollenaar, Matthijs 6859
Yield evaluation of maize cultivars across environments with different levels of pink stem borer infestation. Butron, A.; Velasco, P.; Ordas, A.; Malvar, R.A. 6015

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