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Articles from Crop Science (July 1, 2004)

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'Florigraze' and 'Arbrook' rhizoma peanut as pasture for growing Holstein heifers. Garay, A. Hernandez; Sollenberger, L.E.; Staples, C.R.; Pedreira, C.G.S. 4361
A decade of QTL mapping for cyst nematode resistance in soybean. Concibido, Vergel C.; Diers, Brian W.; Arelli, Prakash R. Author Abstract 10575
AFLP and AFLP-derived SCAR markers associated with Striga gesnerioides resistance in cowpea. Boukar, O.; Kong, L.; Singh, B.B.; Murdock, L.; Ohm, H.W. 5431
Agronomic effect of wheat-rye translocation carrying rye chromatin (1R) from different sources. Kim, W.; Johnson, J.W.; Baenziger, P.S.; Lukaszewski, A.J.; Gaines, C.S. 5724
Associations among international CIMMYT bread wheat yield testing locations in high rainfall areas and their implications for wheat breeding. Lillemo, M.; van Ginkel, M.; Trethowan, R.M.; Hernandez, E.; Rajaram, S. Author Abstract 6784
Balancing investment incentives and social benefits when protecting plant varieties: implementing initial variety systems. Lesser, W.; Mutschler, M.A. Author Abstract 6397
Biomass and carbon partitioning in switchgrass. Frank, A.B.; Berdahl, J.D.; Hanson, J.D.; Liebig, M.A.; Johnson, H.A. 4911
Carbon dioxide content in golf green rhizosphere. Chong, S.-K.; Boniak, Richard; Indorante, S.; Ok, C.-H.; Buschschulte, D. 2949
Comparison of bermudagrass, bahiagrass, and kikuyugrass as a standing hay crop. Evers, G.W.; Redmon, L.A.; Provin, T.L. 4550
Covariation for microsatellite marker alleles associated with Rht8 and coleoptile length in winter wheat. Bai, Guihua; Das, Modan K.; Carver, Brett F.; Xu, Xiangyang; Krenzer, Eugene G. 6353
Differential sowing time of turfgrass species affects the establishment of mixtures. Larsen, Soren U.; Andreasen, Christian; Kristoffersen, Palle 8025
Diverse adapted populations for improving northern maize inbreds. Taller, Jennifer M.; Bernardo, Rex 5395
Effect of multiple copies of puroindoline genes on grain softness. See, D.R.; Giroux, M.; Gill, B.S. 4670
Effects of random mating on marker-QTL associations in the cross of the Illinois high protein x Illinois low protein maize strains. Dudley, J.W.; Dijkhuizen, A.; Paul, C.; Coates, S.T.; Rocheford, T.R. 10023
Errata. Correction Notice 349
Estimation of combining ability for resistance to Fusarium stalk rot in grain sorghum. Tesso, Tesfaye; Claflin, Larry E.; Tuinstra, Mitchell R. Author Abstract 5124
Evaluation of oat kernel size uniformity. Doehlert, Douglas C.; McMullen, Michael S.; Jannink, Jean-Luc; Panigrahi, Surangan; Gu, Huanzhong; R Author Abstract 7090
Extent of cross-fertilization in maize by pollen from neighboring transgenic hybrids. Ma, B.L.; Subedi, K.D.; Reid, L.M. 8228
Genetic diversity of public inbreds of Sorghum determined by mapped AFLP and SSR markers. Menz, Monica A.; Klein, Robert R.; Unruh, Natalie C.; Rooney, William L.; Klein, Patricia E.; Mullet 6469
Geographical parameters and proximity to related species predict genetic variation in the inbred potato species Solanum verrucosum Schlechtd. del Rio, A.H.; Bamberg, J.B. Author Abstract 5703
Growth, water relations, and nutritive value of pasture species mixtures under moisture stress. Skinner, R. Howard; Gustine, David L.; Sanderson, Matt A. 7629
Hybridization and introgression between bread wheat and wild and weedy relatives in North America. Hegde, S.G.; Waines, J.G. Author Abstract 10489
Identification of microsatellite markers associated with a stem solidness locus in wheat. Cook, J.P.; Wichman, D.M.; Martin, J.M.; Bruckner, P.L.; Talbert, L.E. 5368
Identification of molecular markers linked to the fertility restorer genes for CMS-D8 in cotton. Zhang, Jinfa; Stewart, James McD. 8628
Indehiscence expression and capsule anatomy in Vernola. Verdolini, F.; Anconetani, A.; Laureti, D.; Pascual-Villalobos, M.J. 5087
Inflorescence sampling improves effective population size of grasses. Johnson, R.C.; Bradley, V.L.; Evans, M.A. 5409
Inheritance of high levels of adult-plant resistance to stripe rust in five spring wheat genotypes. Navabi, Alireza; Singh, Ravi P.; Tewari, Jalpa P.; Briggs, Keith G. Author Abstract 6959
Marker-assessed retention of wheat chromatin in wheat (Triticum aestivum) by jointed goatgrass (Aegilops cylindrica) backcross derivatives. Kroiss, L.J.; Tempalli, P.; Hansen, J.L.; Vales, M.I.; Riera-Lizarazu, O.; Zemetra, R.S.; Mallory-Sm 4368
Microsatellite markers linked to the Stb2 and Stb3 genes for resistance to Septoria tritici blotch in wheat. Adhikari, Tika B.; Wallwork, Hugh; Goodwin, Stephen B. 6841
Modeling rice growth with hyperspectral reflectance data. Yang, Chwen-Ming; Chen, Rong-Kuen 5475
Molecular and phenotypic diversity of common bean landraces from Nicaragua. Gomez, Oscar J.; Blair, Matthew W.; Frankow-Lindberg, Bodil E.; Gullberg, Urban 6450
New sources of resistance to greenbug in barley. Porter, David R.; Mornhinweg, Dolores W. 1951
Nitrogen fertilization and stocking rate affect stargrass pasture and cattle performance. Garay, A. Hernandez; Sollenberger, L.E.; McDonald, D.C.; Ruegsegger, G.J.; Kalmbacher, R.S.; Mislevy 6932
Nutritive value of Virginia wildrye, a cool-season grass native to the Northeast USA. Sanderson, Matt A.; Skinner, R. Howard; van der Grinten, Martin; Kujawski, Jennifer 5005
Phylogenetic relationships among North American popcorns and their evolutionary links to Mexican and South American popcorns. Santacruz-Varela, A.; Widrlechner, M.P.; Ziegler, K.E.; Salvador, R.J.; Millard, M.J.; Bretting, P.K 9896
Physiological adaptation of Kentucky bluegrass to localized soil drying. DaCosta, Michelle; Wang, Zhaolong; Huang, Bingru 5491
Physiological and molecular characterization of mutation-derived imidazolinone resistance in spring wheat. Pozniak, Curtis J.; Birk, Iwona T.; O'Donoughue, Louise S.; Menard, Christiane; Hucl, Pierre J.; Sin 7721
Physiological consequences of moisture deficit stress in cotton. Pettigrew, W.T. 7584
Plant species diversity and management of temperate forage and grazing land ecosystems. Sanderson, M.A.; Skinner, R.H.; Barker, D.J.; Edwards, G.R.; Tracy, B.F.; Wedin, D.A. Author Abstract 10462
Primitive accession derived germplasm by cultivar crosses as sources for cotton improvement: I. Phenotypic values and variance components. McCarty, Jack C.; Jenkins, Johnie N.; Wu, Jixiang 5071
Primitive accession derived germplasm by cultivar crosses as sources for cotton improvement: II. Genetic effects and genotypic values. McCarty, Jack C.; Jenkins, Johnie N.; Wu, Jixiang 5624
RAPD-based genetic relationships in Kentucky bluegrass: comparison of cultivars, interspecific hybrids, and plant introductions. Curley, J.; Jung, G. 5951
Registration of '5002T' soybean. Pantalone, V.R.; Allen, F.L.; Landau-Ellis, D. 763
Registration of 'Alturas' wheat. Souza, E.J.; Guttieri, M.J.; O'Brien, K.M.; Brown, B. 1197
Registration of 'Apagbaala' cowpea. Padi, F.K.; Denwar, N.N.; Kaleem, F.Z.; Salifu, A.B.; Clottey, V.A.; Kombiok, J.; Haruna, M.; Hall, 826
Registration of 'BUmug-1' mungbean. Hamid, A.; Afzal, M.A.; Haque, M. Moynul; Shanmugasundaram, S. 787
Registration of 'Cabernet' Kentucky bluegrass. Bonos, S.A.; Ford, T.M.; Bara, R.F.; Meyer, W.A.; Funk, C.R. 1214
Registration of 'Caledonia' wheat. Sorrells, M.E.; Benscher, D.; Cox, W.J. 895
Registration of 'DW' wheat. Souza, E.J.; Guttieri, M.J.; O'Brien, Katherine 1052
Registration of 'Expedition' wheat. Ibrahim, A.M.H.; Haley, S.D.; Jin, Y.; Langham, M.A.C.; Stymiest, C.; Rickertsen, J.; Kalsbeck, S.; 1205
Registration of 'Gary' wheat. Souza, E.J.; Guttieri, M.J.; McLean, R. 1222
Registration of 'Georgia-03L' peanut. Branch, W.D. 601
Registration of 'Goodstreak' wheat. Baenziger, P.S.; Beecher, B.; Graybosch, R.A.; Baltensperger, D.D.; Nelson, L.A.; Krall, J.M.; McVey 1631
Registration of 'Harry' wheat. Baenziger, P.S.; Beecher, B.; Graybosch, R.A.; Baltensperger, D.D.; Nelson, L.A.; McVey, D.V.; Watki 1541
Registration of 'Hubbard' wheat. Zemetra, R.S.; Guy, S.O.; Lauver, M.A.; O'Brien, Katherine; Koehler, T.; Robertson, L.; Brown, B. 1489
Registration of 'Lakeshore' Kentucky bluegrass. Bonos, S.A.; Brentano, T.; Molnar, T.J.; Meyer, W.A.; Funk, C. Reed 945
Registration of 'LN97-15076' soybean. Diers, B.W.; Cary, T.R.; Thomas, D.J.; Nickell, C.D. 681
Registration of 'LS94-3207' Soybean. Schmidt, M.E.; Klein, J.H. 962
Registration of 'Marfo-Tuya' cowpea. Padi, F.K.; Denwar, N.N.; Kaleem, F.Z. Salifu, A.B.; Clottey, V.A.; Kombiok, J.; Haruna, M.; Hall, A 719
Registration of 'Merrit' lentil. Muehlbauer, F.J.; McPhee, K.E. 601
Registration of 'Moreland' wheat. Souza, E.J.; Guttieri, M.J.; McLean, R. 1057
Registration of 'NC-Neuse' wheat. Murphy, J.P.; Navarro, R.A.; Leath, S.; Bowman, D.T.; Weisz, P.R.; Ambrose, L.G.; Pate, M.H.; Founta 1670
Registration of 'Ok102' wheat. Carver, B.F.; Krenzer, E.G.; Hunger, R.M.; Porter, D.R.; Smith, E.L.; Klatt, A.R.; Verchot-Lubicz, J 1668
Registration of 'Oneida Ultra' alfalfa. Viands, D.R.; Hansen, J.L.; Thomas, E.M.; Neally, J.L. 557
Registration of 'Pardee' birdsfoot trefoil. Viands, D.R.; Miller-Garvin, J.E.; Hansen, J.L.; Bergstrom, G.C.; Tillapaugh, B.P.; Lowe, C.C.; Thom 546
Registration of 'Pennell' lentil. Muehlbauer, F.J.; McPhee, K.E. 562
Registration of 'Richland' wheat. Sorrells, M.E.; Benscher, D.; Bergstrom, G.C. 992
Registration of 'Seedway 9558' alfalfa. Viands, D.R.; Hansen, J.L.; Thomas, E.M.; Neally, J.L. 709
Registration of D95-6271 soybean germplasm line resistant to velvetbean caterpillar. Abel, C.A.; Kilen, T.C. 644
Registration of eight multiadversity resistant (MAR-7B) germplasm lines of upland cotton. Thaxton, P.M.; Zik, K.M. El 1243
Registration of eight pairs of oat near isogenic lines, naked vs. covered. Kibite, S.; Clayton, G. 1567
Registration of five induced semidwarf mutants of rice. Rutger, J.N.; Moldenhauer, K.A.K.; Gravois, K.A.; Lee, F.N.; Norman, R.J.; Bryant, R.J. 1798
Registration of four synthetic hexaploid wheat germplasm lines with resistance to Fusarium head blight. Berzonsky, W.A.; Hartel, K.D.; Kianian, S.F.; Leach, G.D. 1339
Registration of goldhull low phytic acid (GLPA) germplasm of rice. Rutger, J.N.; Bryant, R.J.; Moldenhauer, K.A.K.; Gibbons, J.W. 669
Registration of LG92-4208, LG94-1128, LG94-1906, and LG94-4667 soybean germplasm. Warburton, M.L.; Brown-Guedira, G.L.; Nelson, R.L. 1867
Registration of LGRU ef early flowering mutant of rice. Rutger, J.N.; Moldenhauer, K.A.K.; Gibbons, J.W.; Anders, M.M.; Bryant, R.J. 1014
Registration of N95L11881 and 97L9521 strong gluten 1BL.1RS wheat germplasm lines. Graybosch, R.A.; Peterson, C.J.; Chung, O.K. 1569
Registration of N96L9970 greenbug resistant wheat. Graybosch, R.A.; Peterson, C.J.; Porter, D.R.; Chung, O.K. 1059
Registration of NE-1 proso millet germplasm. Baltensperger, D.D.; Nelson, L.A.; Frickel, G.E.; Heyduck, R.F.; Yu, T.T. 704
Registration of nineteen waxy spring wheats. Graybosch, R.A.; Souza, E.J.; Berzonsky, W.A.; Baenziger, P.S.; McVey, D.J.; Chung, O.K. 1290
Registration of root-knot nematode-resistant sugarbeet germplasm M6-2. Yu, M.H.; Lewellen, R.T. 551
Registration of short internode red clover genetic stock. Taylor, N.L.; Olson, G.L. Author Abstract 371
Registration of spring wheat germplasm ND2710 resistant to fusarium head blight. Frohberg, R.C.; Stack, R.W.; Mergoum, M. 1359
Selection for silage quality in the Wisconsin Quality Synthetic and related maize populations. Frey, T.J.; Coors, J.G.; Shaver, R.D.; Lauer, J.G.; Eilert, D.T.; Flannery, P.J. 9177
St. Augustinegrass response to plant growth retardants. McCarty, Lambert B.; Weinbrecht, Jan S.; Toler, Joe E.; Miller, Grady L. 5638
The fate of nitrogen-15 ammonium sulfate applied to Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass turfs. Engelsjord, M.E.; Branham, B.E.; Horgan, B.P. 5354
Tolerance of seedling bermudagrass to postemergence herbicides. McCalla, J.H., Jr.; Richardson, M.D.; Karcher, D.E.; Boyd, J.W. 4260
Validation and designation of quantitative trait loci for seed protein, seed oil, and seed weight from two soybean populations. Fasoula, Vasilia A.; Harris, Donna K.; Boerma, H. Roger 7110
Virginia wildrye evaluated as a potential native cool-season forage in the Northeast USA. Sanderson, Matt A.; Skinner, R. Howard; Kujawski, Jennifer; van der Grinten, Martin 6117

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