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Articles from Crop Science (November 1, 2001)

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A description and interpretation of the NPGS birdsfoot trefoil core subset collection. Steiner, J.J.; Beuselinck, P.R.; Greene, S.L.; Kamm, J.A.; Kirkbride, J.H.; Roberts, C.A. Statistical Data Included 10942
A retrospective DNA marker assessment of the development of insect resistant soybean. Narvel, James M.; Walker, David R.; Rector, Brian G.; All, John N.; Parrott, Wayne A.; Boerma, H. Ro Statistical Data Included 7105
Agronomic and end-use qualities of wheat streak mosaic virus resistant spring wheat. Baley, G.J.; Talbert, L.E.; Martin, J.M.; Young, M.J.; Habernicht, D.K.; Kushnak, G.D.; Berg, J.E.; Statistical Data Included 6071
Amino acid and protein changes during cold acclimation of green-type annual bluegrass (Poa annua L.) ecotypes. (Turfgrass Science). Dionne, Julie; Castonguay, Yves; Nadeau, Paul; Desjardins, Yves 5839
An improved whole-seed assay for screening wheat germplasm for polyphenol oxidase activity. Anderson, James V.; Morris, Craig F. Statistical Data Included 6721
Antioxidant activity and phenolic content of oat as affected by cultivar and location. (Crop Breeding, Genetics & Cytology). Emmons, Cheryld L.; Peterson, David M. Abstract 4984
Association of the Brazil nut protein gene and kunitz trypsin inhibitor alleles with soybean protease inhibitor activity and agronomic traits. Streit, Leon G.; Beach, Larry R.; Register, James C., III; Jung, Rudolph; Fehr, Walter R. Statistical Data Included 3240
Attempts to transfer Russian wheat aphid resistance from a rye chromosome in Russian triticales to wheat. Lukaszewski, Adam J.; Porter, David R.; Baker, Cheryl A.; Rybka, Krystyna; Lapinski, Boguslaw 5777
Blend response and stability and cultivar blending ability in oat. Helland, S. J.; Holland, J. B. Statistical Data Included 7538
Broadening the genetic base of common bean cultivars: a review. (Review & Interpretation). Singh, Shree P. Abstract 18815
Comparative bread quality of white flour and whole grain flour for hard red spring and winter wheat. Bruckner, P.L.; Habernicht, D.; Carlson, G.R.; Wichman, D.M.; Talbert, L.E. Abstract 3872
Comparative responses of two Kentucky bluegrass cultivars to salinity stress. Qian, Y.L.; Wilhelm, S.J.; Marcum, K.B. 4177
Comparing canola, field pea, dry bean, and durum wheat crops grown in saline media. (Crop Ecology, Management & Quality). Steppuhn, H.; Volkmar, K.M.; Miller, P.R. 6307
Comparing nitrogen runoff and leaching between newly established St. Augustinegrass turf and an alternative residential landscape. Erickson, J.E.; Cisar, J.L.; Volin, J.C.; Snyder, G.H. Statistical Data Included 5159
Comparison of hemp varieties using random amplified polymorphic DNA markers. Forapani, Silvia; Carboni, Andrea; Paoletti, Claudia; Moliterni, V.M. Cristiana; Ranalli, Paolo; Man Statistical Data Included 6424
Comparisons of two-row and six-row Barley for chemical composition using doubled-haploid lines. Fregeau-Reid, Judith; Choo, Thin-Meiw; Ho, Keh-Ming; Martin, Richard A.; Konishi, Takeo Statistical Data Included 6380
Crop Responses and Adaptations to Temperature Stress. (Book Reviews). McKersie, Bryan D. Book Review 876
Crop sequence effects on soybean cyst nematode and soybean and corn yields. Chen, Senyu; Porter, Paul M.; Reese, Curtis D.; Stienstra, Ward C. Abstract 6709
Deletion mapping of a nematode resistance gene on rye chromosome 6R in wheat. Dundas, Ian S.; Frappell, Deirdre E.; Crack, Donna M.; Fisher, John M. Abstract 6090
Distribution and characterization of heterochromatic DNA in the tetraploid African population alfalfa genome. (Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics). Bauchan, Gary R.; Hossain, M. Azhar Abstract 4083
Ear temperature and pollination timing effects on maize kernel set. Carcova, Jorgelina; Otegui, Maria E. Statistical Data Included 6177
Endophyte infection can contribute to aluminum tolerance in fine fescues. (Notes). Zaurov, D.E.; Bonos, S.; Murphy, J.A.; Richardson, M.; Belanger, F.C. Statistical Data Included 3524
Evaluating maize for allelochemicals that affect European corn borer (lepidoptera: crambidae) larval development. Warnock, Daniel F.; Hutchison, William D.; Tong, Cindy B. S.; Davis, David W. Abstract 10925
Factors modifying frost tolerance of legume species. (Forage & Grazing Lands). Badaruddin, M.; Meyer, D.W. Abstract 4479
Flooding and temperature effects on soybean germination. Wuebker, Eileen Feilmeier; Mullen, Russell E.; Koehler, Kenneth Statistical Data Included 4844
Flowering and yield response of cotton to application of mepiquat chloride and PGR-IV. Biles, Stephen P.; Cothren, J.T. Statistical Data Included 4452
Frost tolerance of ten seedling legume species at four growth stages. Meyer, D.W.; Badaruddin, M. Statistical Data Included 5101
Genetic analysis of resistance to soybean mosaic virus in OX670 and harosoy soybean. Gunduz, I.; Buss, G. R.; Ma, G.; Chen, P.; Tolin, S. A. Statistical Data Included 6496
Genetic background and environment influence palmitate content of soybean seed oil. Rebetzke, G.J.; Pantalone, V.R.; Burton, J.W.; Carter, T.E., Jr.; Wilson, R.F. Statistical Data Included 5000
Genetic diversity and population structure of wild lentil tare. (Plant Genetic Resources). Huh, Man Kyu; Huh, Hong Wook Statistical Data Included 5597
Genetic mapping of a macromutation and quantitative trait loci underlying fatty acid composition differences in meadowfoam oil. Katengam, Sureeporn; Crane, Jimmie M.; Slabaugh, Mary B.; Knapp, Steven J. Statistical Data Included 3468
Infection of soybean with soybean mosaic virus increases susceptibility to phomopsis spp. seed infection. (Seed Physiology, Production & Technology). Koning, Gwen; TeKrony, Dennis M.; Pfeiffer, Todd W.; Ghabrial, Said A. Statistical Data Included 5679
Inheritance of sugarcane borer resistance in sugarcane derived from two measures of insect damage. White, W.H.; Miller, J.D.; Milligan, S.B.; Burner, D.M.; Legendre, B.L. Statistical Data Included 5338
Inoculum rate influences selection for field resistance to soybean sudden death syndrome in the greenhouse. Njiti, V.N.; Johnson, J.E.; Torto, T.A.; Gray, L.E.; Lightfoot, D.A. Statistical Data Included 5470
Kentucky bluegrass growth responses to trinexapac-ethyl, traffic, and nitrogen. Ervin, E.H.; Koski, A.J. Statistical Data Included 6334
Land-Grant Universities and Extension: Into the 21st Century. (Book Reviews). Francis, Charles A. Book Review 1193
Low R:FR light quality delays flowering of E7E7 soybean lines. Cober, Elroy R.; Voldeng, Harvey D. Statistical Data Included 3456
Lowering soil temperatures improves creeping bentgrass growth under heat stress. Xu, Qingzhang; Huang, Bingru Statistical Data Included 3479
Maize kernel weight response to postflowering source--sink ratio. Borras, Lucas; Otegui, Maria E. Statistical Data Included 5092
Marker-assisted backcrossing for simultaneous introgression of two genes. Frisch, Matthias; Melchinger, Albrecht E. Statistical Data Included 9835
Performance of meadow fescue accessions under management-intensive grazing. Casler, Michael D.; van Santen, Edzard Statistical Data Included 6019
Phenotypic diversity of modern Chinese and north American soybean cultivars. Cui, Zhanglin; Carter, Thomas E., Jr.; Burton, Joseph W.; Wells, Randy Statistical Data Included 18366
Plant growth regulator and mowing height effects on seasonal root growth of penncross Creeping bentgrass. Fagerness, Matthew J.; Yelverton, Fred H. Statistical Data Included 4255
Quantifying turfgrass cover using digital image analysis. Richardson, M.D.; Karcher, D.E.; Purcell, L.C. Statistical Data Included 3378
Quantitative assessment of some factors limiting seed set in buckwheat. (Crop Physiology & Metabolism). Taylor, Douglas P.; Obendorf, Ralph L. Statistical Data Included 6278
Registration of `AC Argonaut' navy dry bean. (Registrations of Cultivars). Mundel, H.-H.; Kiehn, F.A.; Saindon, G.; Huang, H.C. 1232
Registration of `AC Black Diamond' black dry bean. (Registrations of Cultivars). Mundel, H.-H.; Saindon, G.; Huang, H.C.; Kiehn, F.A.; Singh, S.P. 1434
Registration of `AC Oxley II' cicer milkvetch. (Registrations of Cultivars). Acharya, S.N. 887
Registration of `Axcella' annual ryegrass. (Registrations of Cultivars). Nelson, L.R.; Crowder, J.; Engelke, M.C.; White, R.; Lehman, V.G. 884
Registration of `Barnes' soybean. (Registrations of Cultivars). Helms, T.C.; Nelson, B.D.; Goos, R.J. 851
Registration of `Bear' barley. (Registration Of Cultivars). Ullrich, S.E.; Muir, C.E.; Froseth, J.A. 846
Registration of `Bruehl' wheat. (Registrations of Cultivars). Jones, S.S.; Murray, T.D.; Lyon, S.R.; Morris, C.F.; Line, R.F. 1047
Registration of `Calmati-201' rice. (Registrations of Cultivars). Tseng, S.T.; McKenzie, K.S.; Johnson, C.W.; Oster, J.I.; Hill, J.E.; Brandon, D.M. 1024
Registration of `Earl' rice. (Registrations of Cultivars). Linscombe, S.D.; Jodari, F.; Bollich, P.K.; Groth, D.E.; White, L.M.; Chu, Q.R.; Dunand, R.T.; Sande 1003
Registration of `Endeavor' tall fescue. (Registrations of Cultivars). Fraser, M.L.; Rose-Fricker, C.A. 555
Registration of `Finaska' barley. (Registration Of Cultivars). Dofing, S.M; Knight, C.W. 603
Registration of `GA 161' cotton. (Registration Of Cultivars). May, O.L.; Davis, R.F.; Baker, S.H. 1389
Registration of `Georgia Valencia' peanut. (Registrations of Cultivars). Branch, W.D. 428
Registration of `Heris' barley. (Registrations Of Cultivars). Dreiseitl, A.; Svacina, P. 1032
Registration of `L-205' rice. (Registrations of Cultivars). Tseng, S.T.; Johnson, C.W.; McKenzie, K.S.; Oster, J.J.; Hill, J.E.; Brandon, D.M. 1130
Registration of `Lacey' barley. (Registration Of Cultivars). Rasmusson, D.C.; Smith, K.P.; Dill-Macky, R.; Schiefelbein, E.L.; Wiersma, J.V. 819
Registration of `Lebsock' durum wheat. (Registrations of Cultivars). Elias, E.M; Miller, J.D.; Manthey, F.A. 915
Registration of `Niska' barley. (Registration Of Cultivars). Helm, James H.; Cortez, Manuel J.; Juskiw, Patricia; Salmon, Donald F.; Stewart, William M. 810
Registration of `Olympic Gold' tall fescue. (Registrations of Cultivars). Fraser, M.L.; Rose-Fricker, C.A.; Meyer, W.A. 884
Registration of `Peregrine' barley. (Registration Of Cultivars). Helm, J.H.; Cortez, M.J.; Juskiw, P.; Salmon, D.F.; Stewart, W.M. 920
Registration of `Plaza' durum wheat. (Registrations of Cultivars). Elias, E.M.; Miller, J.D.; Manthey, F.A. 856
Registration of `Red River' crabgrass. (Registrations of Cultivars). Dalrymple, R.L. 1026
Registration of `Washford' barley. (Registration Of Cultivars). Ullrich, S.E.; Muir, C.E.; Nelson, M.L.; Froseth, J.A. 663
Registration of arkot A306 and arkot A314 germplasm lines of cotton. (Registrations Of Germplasms). Bourland, F.M.; Smith, C.W. 709
Registration of B115 inbred line of maize. (Registrations of Parental Lines. Hallauer, A.R.; Lamkey, K.R.; White, P.R. 593
Registration of EPM6 and SIM6 maize germplasm, high silk-maysin sources of resistance to corn earworm. Widstrom, N.W.; Snook, M.E. 878
Registration of five genetic marker stocks of foxtail millet. (Registrations of Genetic Stock). Siles, M.M.; Baltensperger, D.D.; Nelson, L.A.; Marcon, A.; Frickel, G.F. 1278
Registration of high digestibility maize germplasm GT-HID9. (Registrations Of Germplasms). Widstrom, N.W.; Burton, G.W.; Gates, R.N. 470
Registration of P8901-AP1A2B1B and P8901-AQ1A2B1B hard red spring wheat germplasm lines with Lr21 and Lr34 leaf rust resistance. (Registration Of Germplasms). Knox, R.E.; Campbell, H.L.; DePauw, R.M.; Fernandez, M.F.; Clarke, J.M. 965
Seed germination and dormancy in eastern gamagrass. (Forage & Grazing Lands). Springer, T.L.; Dewald, C.L.; Aiken, G.E. Statistical Data Included 3524
Simple partial purification of D-pinitol from soybean leaves. (Notes). Streeter, John G. Statistical Data Included 2892
Sixty years of improvement in publicly developed elite soybean lines. Wilcox, James R. Statistical Data Included 4269
Spatial yield distribution in cotton following early-season floral bud removal. Bednarz, Craig W.; Roberts, Phillip M. Statistical Data Included 8451
Specialty Corns. (Book Reviews). Pratt, Richard C. Book Review 999
Wheat polyphenol oxidase: distribution and genetic mapping in three inbred line populations. Demeke, Tigst; Morris, Craig F.; Campbell, Kimberly G.; King, Garrison E.; Anderson, James A.; Chang 6242

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