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Articles from Crop Science (March 1, 2000)

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A Uniform, Objective, and Adaptive System for Expressing Rice Development. Counce, Paul A.; Keisling, Terry C.; Mitchell, Andrew J. 4171
Agronomic and Seed Traits of 1%-Linolenate Soybean Genotypes. Ross, Andrew J.; Fehr, Walter R.; Welke, Grace A.; Cianzio, Silvia R. Statistical Data Included 4105
Aluminum Tolerance Associated with Quantitative Trait Loci Derived from Soybean PI 416937 in Hydroponics. Bianchi-Hall, C. M.; Carter, Thomas E. Jr.; Bailey, M. A.; Mian, M. A. R.; Rufty, T. W.; Ashley, D. 6511
An Alternative Model to Predict Corn Seed Deterioration during Storage. Tang, Shande; TeKrony, Dennis M.; Egli, Dennis B.; Cornelius, Paul L. 6496
Applied Plant Biotechnology. Scoles, Graham J. Book Review 637
Association of Puroindoline Sequence Type and Grain Hardness in Hard Red Spring Wheat. Giroux, Michael J.; Talbert, Luther; Habernicht, Debrah K.; Lanning, Susan; Hemphill, Amber; Martin, Statistical Data Included 5020
Birdsfoot Trefoil Seed Production: II. Plant-Water Status on Reproductive Development and Seed Yield. Garcia-Diaz, C. A.; Steiner, J. J. 6031
Birdsfoot Trefoil Seed Production: III. Seed Shatter and Optimal Harvest Time. Garcia-Diaz, C. A.; Steiner, J. J. 4753
Calcium Effects on Soybean Seed Production, Elemental Concentration, and Seed Quality. Burton, M. G.; Lauer, M. J.; McDonald, M. B. 5922
Copper Reduces Shoot Growth and Root Development of Creeping Bentgrass. Faust, M. B.; Christians, N. E. 4144
Correcting for Classification Errors when Estimating the Number of Genes Using Recombinant Inbred Chromosome Lines. Eskridge, K. M.; Shah, M. M.; Baenziger, P. S.; Travnicek, D. A. Statistical Data Included 6458
Development of PCR-Based Markers for a High Grain Protein Content Gene from Triticum turgidum ssp. dicoccoides Transferred to Bread Wheat. Khan, I. A.; Procunier, J. D.; Humphreys, D. G.; Tranquilli, G.; Schlatter, A. R.; Marcucci-Poltri, 4502
Economic Efficiency of One Cycle of Marker-Assisted Selection. Moreau, L.; Lemarie, S.; Charcosset, A; Gallais, A. 8204
Effective Population Size and Genetic Variability in the BS11 Maize Population. Guzman, Peter S.; Lamkey, Kendall R. Statistical Data Included 8792
Enhancing Yield of Semidwarf Barley. Hellewell, Kendell B.; Rasmusson, Donald C.; Gallo-Meagher, Maria Statistical Data Included 5270
Evaluation of Perennial Glycine Species for Resistance to Soybean Fungal Pathogens That Cause Sclerotinia Stem Rot and Sudden Death Syndrome. Hartman, G. L.; Gardner, M. E.; Hymowitz, T.; Naidoo, G. C. 4532
Expanding the Context of Weed Management. Zimdahl, Robert L. Book Review 1005
Genetic and Agronomic Evaluation of wp-m in Soybean. Hegstad, J. M.; Vodkin, L. O; Nickell, C. D. Statistical Data Included 5187
Genetic Mapping of Factors Affecting Quantitative Variation for Flowering in Sunflower. Leon, A. J.; Andrade, F. H.; Lee, M. Statistical Data Included 3745
Genotypic and Environmental Variation in Soybean Seed Cell Wall Polysaccharides. Stombaugh, S. K.; Jung, H. G.; Orf, J. H.; Somers, D. A. Statistical Data Included 4511
Grain Yield of Rice Cultivars and Lines Developed in the Philippines since 1966. Peng, S.; Laza, R. C.; Visperas, R. M.; Sanico, A. L.; Cassman, K. G.; Khush, G. S. 6259
Growth and Yield Comparisons of Cotton Planted in Conventional and Ultra-Narrow Row Spacings. Jost, Philip H.; Cothren, J. Tom 5845
Heat Stress Injury in Relation to Membrane Lipid Peroxidation in Creeping Bentgrass. Liu, Xiaozhong; Huang, Bingru 4349
Heritability and Genotype x Environment Interactions for Discolored Rice Kernels. Gravois, Kenneth A.; Bernhardt, John L. 4088
Increased Chromosomal Variation in Transgenic versus Nontransgenic Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Plants. Choi, H. W.; Lemaux, P. G.; Cho, M.-J. 7367
Maize Genetics and Breeding in the 20th Century. Kannenberg, Lyndon W. Book Review 1076
Management of a Mound-Building Ant, Lasius neoniger Emery, on Golf Putting Greens and Tees Using Delayed-Action Baits or Fipronil. Lopez, Rolando; Held, David W.; Potter, Daniel A. 5698
Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Morphological Characteristics of Timothy Populations Selected for Low and High Forage Nitrogen Concentrations. Bregard, A.; Belanger, G.; Michaud, R. Statistical Data Included 6004
Oryza: from Molecule to Plant. Moldenhauer, Karen A.K. Book Review 810
Osmotic and Salt Stress-Induced Alteration in Soluble Carbohydrate Content in Wheat Seedlings. Kerepesi, Ildiko; Galiba, Gabor 4513
Positioning the wp Flower Color Locus on the Soybean Genome Map. Hegstad, J. M.; Tarter, J. A.; Vodkin, L. O.; Nickell, C. D. 3715
Principles of Crop Improvement, 2nd Edition. Ward, Richard W. Book Review 1272
Principles of Plant Breeding, 2nd Edition. Ward, Richard W. Book Review 1269
Registration of `118' Buffalograss. RIORDAN, T.P.; JOHNSON, P.G.; JOHNSON-CICALESE, J.; GAUSSOIN, R.E.; BAXENDALE, F.P.; SHEARMAN, R.C.; 880
Registration of `120' Buffalograss. JOHNSON-CICALESE, J.; JOHNSON, P.G.; RIORDAN, T.P.; BAXENDALE, F.P.; GAUSSOIN, R.E.; WATKINS, J.E.; 871
Registration of `61' Buffalograss. JOHNSON, P.G.; RIORDAN, T.P.; JOHNSON-CICALESE, J.; BAXENDALE, F.P.; GAUSSION, R.E.; SHEARMAN, R.C.; 844
Registration of `AC Nanda' Wheat. SADASIVAIAH, R.S.; PERKOVIC, S.M.; PEARSON, D.C.; POSTMAN, B. 873
Registration of `AC Phil' wheat. SADASIVAIAH, R.S.; LAROCHE, A.; THOMAS, J.B. 956
Registration of `Coda' Club Wheat. ALLAN, R.E.; MORRIS, C.F.; LINE, R.F.; ANDERSON, J.A.; WALKER-SIMMONS, M.K.; DONALDSON, E. 1051
Registration of `CP 88-1540' Sugarcane. SHINE, J.M. JR.; DEREN, C.W.; TAI, P.Y.P.; MILLER, J.D.; GLAZ, B.; COMSTOCK, J.C. 542
Registration of `CP 89-2143' Sugarcane. GLAZ, B.; MILLER, J.D.; DEREN, C.W.; TAI, P.Y.P.; SHINE, J.M. JR.; COMSTOCK, J.C. 603
Registration of `Fleming' Wheat. JOHNSON, J.W.; BLAND, D.E.; BARNETT, R.D.; CUNFER, B.M.; BUNTIN, G.D.; ROBERTS, J.J. 881
Registration of `Goldfield' Wheat. OHM, H.W.; SHANER, G.E.; RATCLIFFE, R.H.; HUBER, D.M.; SHARMA, H.; PERRY, K.L.; BUECHLEY, G.C.; CAMB 1168
Registration of `Jay' Spring Oat. OHM, H.W.; COOK, V.M.; SHANER, G.E.; BUECHLEY, G.C.; SHARMA, H.; PERRY, K.L.; RATCLIFFE, R.H.; CAMBR 940
Registration of `Montola 2000' Safflower. BERGMAN, J.W.; RIVELAND, N.R.; FLYNN, C.R.; CARLSON, G.; WICHMAN, D. 1172
Registration of `Montola 2001' Safflower. BERGMAN, J.W.; RIVELAND, N.R.; FLYNN, C.R.; CARLSON,, G.; WICHMAN, D. 1219
Registration of `NE3297' Soybean. GRAEF, G.L.; WHITE, D.M.; KORTE, L.L. 491
Registration of `NE3399' Soybean. GRAEF, G.L.; KORTE, L.L.; WHITE, D.M. 473
Registration of `Phantom' Black Bean. KELLY, J.D.; HOSFIELD, G.L.; VARNER, G.V.; UEBERSAX, M.A.; TAYLOR, J. 868
Registration of `TN 5-95' Soybean. ALLEN, F.L.; QIAN, D.; YOUNG, L.D.; LANDAU-ELLIS, D.; PANTALONE, V.R. 635
Registration of 10 Wheat Germplasms Resistant to Septoria tritici Leaf Blotch. MUJEEB-KAZI, A.; GILCHRIST, L.I.; VILLAREAL, R.L.; DELGADO, R. 1129
Registration of 11 Isogenic T1BL.1RS Chromosome Translocation and 11 Chromosome 1B Durum Germplasms. MUJEEB-KAZI, A.; WILLIAM, M.D.H.M.; VILLAREAL, R.L.; CORTES, A.; ROSAS, V.; DELGADO, R. 1384
Registration of B1, B2, B3, and B4 Berseem Clover Germplasms. MCLAUGHLIN, M.R.; FAIRBROTHER, T.E.; ROWE, D.E. 965
Registration of BYMVRB Berseem Clover Germplasm. FAIRBROTHER, T.E.; MCLAUGHLIN, M.R.; ROWE, D.E. 749
Registration of EL51 Sugarbeet Germplasm with Resistance to Rhizoctonia Crown and Root Rot. HALLOIN, J.M.; SAUNDERS, J.W.; THEURER, J.C.; MCGRATH, J.M. 756
Registration of Maize Germplasms Mp713 and Mp714. WILLIAMS, W. PAUL; DAVIS, FRANK M. 461
Registration of Seven Orobanche Resistant Sunflower Germplasms. MILLER, J.F.; DOMINGUEZ, J. 883
Registration of Sorghum Parental Lines [A.sub.1]/[B.sub.1] Tilt 98bmr. HANNA, W.W.; GATES, R.N. 984
Registration of TAM Bk-59 Sorghum Germplasm. COLLINS, S.D.; FREDERIKSEN, R.A.; ROONEY, W.L.; ROSENOW, D.T. 918
Registration of Ten Interspecific Germplasms Derived from Wild Perennial Sunflower. SEILER, G.J. 1098
Registration of Twelve Creeping Bentgrass Germplasms Selected in Mississippi. KRANS, J.V.; PHILLEY, H.W.; GOATLEY, J.M. JR.; MADDOX, V.L. 696
Registration of Tx2911 Sorghum Germplasm. ROONEY, W.L.; MILLER, F.R.; FREDERIKSEN, R.A. 850
Registration of UCRBW98-1 and UCRBW98-2 Wheat Germplasms with Leaf Rust and Greenbug Resistance Genes. LUKASZEWSKI, A.J.; PORTER, D.R.; ANTONELLI, E.F.; DUBCOVSKY, J. 778
Relationship between Laboratory Seed Quality Tests and Field Emergence of Common Bean Seed. Kolasinska, Krystyna; Szyrmer, Jerzy; Dul, Stefania 3862
Root Elongation of Soybean Genotypes in Response to Acidity Constraints in a Subsurface Solution Compartment. Ferrufino, Armando; Smyth, T. Jot; Israel, Daniel W.; Carter, Thomas E. Jr. Statistical Data Included 7380
Salinity Effects on Zoysiagrass Cultivars and Experimental Lines. Qian, Y. L.; Engelke, M. C.; Foster, M. J. V. 4305
Seed Yield Variation in Blue Grama and Little Bluestem Plant Collections in Southern Manitoba, Canada. Phan, Anh T.; Smith, S. Ray Jr. 5903
Seeds: Ecology, Biogeography, and Evolution of Dormancy and Germination. Murdoch, Alistair J. Book Review 1068
Selecting Soybean for Adaptation to Double Cropping on the Basis of Full Season Plant Height. Pfeiffer, T. W. Statistical Data Included 3586
Selection of Wild and Cultivated Sunflower for Resistance to a New Broomrape Race that Overcomes Resistance of the [Or.sub.5] Gene. Fernandez-Martinez, J.; Melero-Vara, J.; Munoz-Ruz, J.; Ruso, J.; Dominguez, J. 4649
Soybean Quantitative Trait Loci for Resistance to Insects. Terry, L. I.; Chase, K.; Jarvik, T.; Orf, J.; Mansur, L.; Lark, K. G. Statistical Data Included 6426
Spray Chamber Evaluation of Air-Assisted Spraying on Broccoli. Panneton, Bernard; Philion, Hubert; Theriault, Roger; Khelifi, Mohamed 4193
Stigma Receptivity and Seed Set in Protogynous Buffelgrass. Shafer, Gail S.; Burson, Byron L.; Hussey, Mark A. Statistical Data Included 5331
Tissue Production and Quality of `Tifway' Bermudagrass as Affected by Seasonal Application Patterns of Trinexapac-Ethyl. Fagerness, M. J.; Yelverton, F. H. 5091
Triticeae III. McGuire, Patrick E. Book Review 958
Variation among Maize Inbred Lines and Detection of Quantitative Trait Loci for Growth at Low Phosphorus and Responsiveness to Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi. Kaeppler, Shawn M.; Parke, Jennifer L.; Mueller, Suzanne M.; Senior, Lynn; Stuber, Charles; Tracy, W Statistical Data Included 6289
Within- and Among-Cultivar Genetic Variation in Alfalfa: Forage Quality, Morphology, and Yield. Julier, Bernadette; Huyghe, Christian; Ecalle, Christian Statistical Data Included 3243
World Economic Plants: A Standard Reference. Merrick, Laura C. Book Review 1039
Yield and Yield Stability of Four Population Types of Grain Sorghum in a Semi-Arid Area of Kenya. Haussmann, B. I. G.; Obilana, A. B.; Ayiecho, P. O.; Blum, A.; Schipprack, W.; Geiger, H. H. 7779

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