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Articles from Crop Science (January 1, 2000)

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A Model for Marker-Based Selection in Gene Introgression Breeding Programs. Reyes-Valdes, M. Humberto 6067
A Twelve-Hour In Vitro Procedure for Sorghum Grain Feed Quality Assessment. Pedersen, J. F.; Milton, Todd; Mass, R. A. Statistical Data Included 4403
Agricultural Biotechnology in International Development. Smith, Roberta H. Book Review 434
Association of Fusarium Head Blight Resistance with Gliadin Loci in a Winter Wheat Cross. Ittu, Mariana; Saulescu, Nicolae N.; Hagima, Ioana; Ittu, Gheorghe; Mustatea, Pompiliu 4482
Competitive Ability in Mixtures of Small Grain Cereals. Juskiw, P. E.; Helm, J. H.; Salmon, D. F. 6179
Crop Improvement and the Accumulation and Partitioning of Biomass and Nitrogen in Lentil. Whitehead, S. J.; Summerfield, R. J.; Muehlbauer, F. J.; Coyne, C. J.; Ellis, R. H.; Wheeler, T. R. Statistical Data Included 9415
Cycles of Soil. Izaurralde, R. Cesar Book Review 784
Developing High-Protein, High-Yield Soybean Populations and Lines. Cober, E. R.; Voldeng, H. D 2727
Early-Season Plant Nitrate Test for Leaf Yield and Nitrate Concentration of Air-Cured Burley Tobacco. MacKown, Charles T.; Crafts-Brandner, S. J.; Sutton, Tommy G. 4211
Effect of Flower Color and Sampling Time on Volatile Emanation in Alfalfa Flowers. Pecetti, Luciano; Tava, Aldo Statistical Data Included 4591
Effect of Stem Termination on Soybean Traits in Southern U.S. Production Systems. Kilgore-Norquest, L.; Sneller, C. H. 6701
Effects of Phosphorus and Water Supply on Yield, Transpirational Water-Use Efficiency, and Carbon Isotope Discrimination of Pearl Millet. Bruck, H.; Payne, W. A.; Sattelmacher, B. Statistical Data Included 4988
Efficiency of the Use of Doubled-Haploids in Recurrent Selection for Combining Ability. Bouchez, A.; Gallais, A. 6836
Forage Yield and Quality for Monocrops and Mixtures of Small Grain Cereals. Juskiw, P. E.; Helm, J. H.; Salmon, D. F. Statistical Data Included 11125
Genetic Diversity among Elite Sorghum Inbred Lines Assessed with Simple Sequence Repeats. Smith, J. S. C.; Kresovich, S.; Hopkins, M. S.; Mitchell, S. E.; Dean, R. E.; Woodman, W. L.; Lee, M 4509
Genetic Mapping in Maize with Hybrid Progeny Across Testers and Generations: Grain Yield and Grain Moisture. Austin, David F.; Lee, Michael; Veldboom, Lance R.; Hallauer, Arnel R. 8921
Genetic Progress From 50 Years of Smooth Bromegrass Breeding. Casler, M. D.; Vogel, K. P.; Balasko, J. A.; Berdahl, J. D.; Miller, D. A.; Hansen, J. L.; Fritz, J. 9231
Genetics of Four Male-Sterile, Female-Fertile Soybean Mutants. Palmer, R. G. 4579
Genotype x Region Interaction for Two-Row Barley Yield in Canada. Atlin, G. N.; McRae, K. B.; Lu, X. 5883
Geographical Distribution of a Chromosome 7C and 17 Intergenomic Translocation in Cultivated Oat. Jellen, E. N.; Beard, J. 6432
Host Variation in Traits Associated with Crown Nodule Senescence in Soybean. Espinosa-Victoria, David; Vance, Carrol P.; Graham, Peter H. 4891
Hypertriploid in Soybean: Origin, Identification, Cytology, and Breeding Behavior. Xu, S. J.; Singh, R. J.; Kollipara, K. P.; Hymowitz, T. 4842
Improvement of Bacterial Blight Resistance of `Minghui 63', an Elite Restorer Line of Hybrid Rice, by Molecular Marker-Assisted Selection. Chen, Sheng; Lin, X. H.; Xu, C. G.; Zhang, Qifa 5643
Influence of Genotype and Environment on Isoflavone Contents of Soybean. Hoeck, Joseph A.; Fehr, Walter R.; Murphy, Patricia A.; Welke, Grace A. 2713
Inheritance of Partial Resistance to Sclerotinia Stem Rot in Soybean. Kim, H. S.; Diers, B. W. 5929
Inheritance of Resistance to Stem Rust in Medea Durum Wheat and the Role of Suppressors. Knott, D.R. 4796
Isozyme Analysis of Entire and Core Collections of Solanum tuberosum subsp. andigena Potato Cultivars. Huaman, Zosimo; Ortiz, Rodomiro; Zhang, Dapeng; Rodriguez, Flor 3515
Lupins as Crop Plants: Biology, Production and Utilization. Clapham, William M. Book Review 1581
Manipulation of the 1RS.1BL Translocation in Wheat by Induced Homoeologous Recombination. Lukaszewski, Adam J. 7896
Patterns of Variation in a Collection of Meadow Fescue Accessions. Casler, Michael D.; van Santen, Edzard 7586
Plant Breeding and Whole-System Crop Physiology. Oram, Rex N. Book Review 2039
Postheading Biomass Distribution for Monocrops and Mixtures of Small Grain Cereals. Juskiw, P. E.; Helm, J. H.; Salmon, D. F. 11470
Protein Degradability and Forage Quality in Maturing Alfalfa, Red Clover, and Birdsfoot Trefoil. Cassida, K. A.; Griffin, T. S.; Rodriguez, J.; Patching, S. C.; Hesterman, O. B.; Rust, S. R. 6158
Quantitative Trait Loci for Antibiosis Resistance to Corn Earworm in Soybean. Rector, B. G.; All, J. N.; Parrott, W. A.; Boerma, H. R. 4898
Registration of `AU Sunrise' Crimson Clover. MOSJIDIS, J.A.; OWSLEY, C.M.; KIRKLAND, M.S.; ROGERS, K.M. Brief Article 461
Registration of `Boggs' Soybean. BOERMA, H.R.; HUSSEY, R.S.; PHILLIPS, D.V.; WOOD, E.D.; ROWAN, G.B.; FINNERTY, S.L. Brief Article 965
Registration of `Cocodrie' Rice. LINSCOMBE, S.D.; JODARI, F.; BOLLICH, P.K.; GROTH, D.E.; WHITE, L.M.; CHU, Q.R.; DUNAND, R.T.; SANDE 1059
Registration of `Delsoy 5710' Soybean. ANAND, S.C. Brief Article 640
Registration of `HJ98' Wheat. BUSCH, R.H.; MCVEY, D.V.; LINKERT, G.L.; WIERSMA, J.V.; DILL-MACKY, R.; HARELAND, G.A.; EDWARDS, I.; Brief Article 967
Registration of `Jaguar 3' Tall Fescue. ROSE-FRICKER, CRYSTAL A.; FRASER, MELODEE L.; MEYER, WILLIAM A.; ZAJAC, JOHN; FUNK, C. REED Brief Article 957
Registration of `Jeokwangtangkong' Peanut. OH, YOUN-SUP; CHEONG, YOUNG-KEUN; KO, JONG-CHUL; KIM, JONG-TAE; OH, MYUNG-KYU; KIM, JUNG-GON; PARK, Brief Article 625
Registration of `Knowles' Meadowfoam. CRANE, J.M.; KNAPP, S.J. Brief Article 734
Registration of `LN92-7369' Soybean. NICKELL, C.D.; THOMAS, D.J.; CARY, T.R. Brief Article 724
Registration of `Plainsman' Rapeseed. RIFE, C.L.; AULD, D.L.; STEGMEIER, W.D.; SUNDERMAN, H.D.; HEER, W.F.; BALTENSPERGER, D.D.; NELSON, L 1466
Registration of `Roberts' Wheat. JOHNSON, J.W.; BARNETT, R.D.; CUNFER, B.M.; BUNTIN, G.D.; BLAND, D.E.; ROBERTS, J.J. Brief Article 732
Registration of `Shademaster' Strong Creeping Red Fescue. ROSE-FRICKER, CRYSTAL A.; FRASER, MELODEE L.; MEYER, WILLIAM A. 419
Registration of 96-2052, 96-2058, 96-2068, 96-2198, and 96-2222 Pea Germplasms. KRAFT, J.M.; COFFMAN, V.A. 1133
Registration of 97-261 and 97-2154 Pea Germplasms. KRAFT, J.M.; COFFMAN, V.A. Brief Article 544
Registration of 97-363, 97-2170, and 97-2162 Pea Germplasms. KRAFT, J.M.; COFFMAN, V.A. 904
Registration of CADL 98 Alfalfa Germplasm. BINGHAM, E.T. Brief Article 521
Registration of D-Null `Bai Huo' Waxy Wheat Germplasm. MORRIS, C.F.; KONZAK, C.F. Brief Article 682
Registration of D95-5246 Soybean Germplasm Line Resistant to Phytophthora Rot and Soybean Cyst Nematode Races 3 and 14. KILEN, T.C.; YOUNG, L.D. Brief Article 583
Registration of High Oil Cuphea Germplasm VL186. KNAPP, S.J.; CRANE, J.M. Brief Article 866
Registration of Nondormant Cuphea Germplasm VL160. KNAPP, S.J.; CRANE, J.M. Brief Article 611
Registration of PSVR1 White Clover Germplasm. MCLAUGHLIN, M.R.; PEDERSON, G.A. 1084
Registration of Reduced Seed Shattering Cuphea Germplasm PSR23. KNAPP, S.J.; CRANE, J.M. Brief Article 992
Registration of SR93 Sugarbeet Germplasm with Smooth Root. SAUNDERS, J.W. 686
Relationship of Elevated Palmitate to Soybean Seed Traits. Stoltzfus, David L.; Fehr, Walter R.; Welke, Grace A. 1948
Response of Cassava to Water Deficit: Leaf Area Growth and Abscisic Acid. Alves, Alfredo A. C.; Setter, Tim L. Statistical Data Included 6090
Response to Selection for Increased Individual Grain Mass in Pearl Millet. Bidinger, F. R.; Raju, D. S. 3896
RFLP Mapping of QTLs Influencing Shoot Regeneration from Mature Seed-Derived Calli in Rice. Takeuchi, Y.; Abe, T.; Sasahara, T. Statistical Data Included 1760
Root Physiological Characteristics Associated with Drought Resistance in Tall Fescue Cultivars. Huang, Bingru; Gao, Hongwen 4864
Selection Response in Subdivided Target Regions. Atlin, G. N.; Baker, R. J.; McRae, K. B.; Lu, X. 6912
Spectral Irradiance Available for Turfgrass Growth in Sun and Shade. Bell, G. E.; Danneberger, T. K.; McMahon, M. J. 5256
Strawberry Yield over Red versus Black Plastic Mulch. Kasperbauer, M.J. Statistical Data Included 3746
Structure of Genetic Diversity among Common Bean Landraces of Middle American Origin Based on Correspondence Analysis of RAPD. Beebe, S.; Skroch, P. W.; Tohme, J.; Duque, M. C.; Pedraza, F.; Nienhuis, J. 7101
The Western Wheatgrass Chloroplast Genome Originates in Pseudoroegneria. Jones, T. A.; Redinbaugh, M. G.; Zhang, Y. 3883
Winter Annual Legumes for Use as Cover Crops in Row Crops in Northern Regions: II. Frost Resistance Study. Brandsaeter, Lars Olav; Smeby, Thomas; Tronsmo, Anne Marte; Netland, Jan Statistical Data Included 5481
Xenia Effects in Maize with Normal Endosperm: II. Kernel Growth and Enzyme Activities during Grain Filling. Bulant, C.; Gallais, A.; Matthys-Rochon, E.; Prioul, J. L. 7022

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