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Articles from Crop Science (May 1, 1999)

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Agronomic Performance and Stability of 1A vs. 1AL.1RS Genotypes Derived from Winter Wheat `Nekota'. Espitia-Rangel, E.; Baenziger, P.S.; Graybosch, R.A.; Shelton, D.R.; Moreno-Sevilla, B.; Peterson, C 4452
Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism Analysis of Tef [Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter]. Bai, Guihua; Ayele, Mulu; Tefera, Hailu; Nguyen, Henry T. 4619
An RFLP Marker Associated with Resistance to Phomopsis Seed Decay in Soybean PI 417479. Berger, G. U.; Minor, H. C. 4688
Association of Alfalfa Radicle Length with Resistance to Rhizoctonia Damping-Off. Fowler, M. Craven; Miller-Garvin, J. E.; Regulinski, D. P.; Viands, D. R. 1760
Awards Presented in Crop Science, 1998. 6000
Background of U.S. Hybrid Corn. Troyer, A. Forrest 23698
Birdsfoot Trefoil Seed Production: I. Crop-Water Requirements and Response to Irrigation. Garcia-Diaz, C. A.; Steiner, J. J. 7920
Characterization of High-Lysine Mutants of Rice. Krishnan, Hari B. 4430
Combining Abilities for Maize Stem Antibiosis, Yield Loss, and Yield under Infestation and Non Infestation with Pink Stem Borer. Butron, A.; Malvar, R. A.; Velasco, P.; Vales, M. I.; Ordas, A. 6561
Corn Root Growth in Soil Columns with Artificially Constructed Aggregates. de Freitas, P. L.; Zobel, R. W.; Snyder, V. A. 4107
CSSA Board of Directors Meetings. 2714
CSSA Executive Committee Meetings. 8418
CSSA Fellows and Award Recipients. 2228
CSSA Headquarters Report, 1998. 2305
CSSA Officers, Boards, and Committees, 1999. 6375
Diallel Analysis of Gene Effects Conditioning Resistance to Stagonospora nodorum (Berk.) in Wheat. Du, C. G.; Nelson, L. R.; McDaniel, M. E. 4216
Donor-Plant Environment Effects on Regeneration from Barley Embryo-Derived Callus. Dahleen, Lynn S. 3080
Early Plant Development in `Emerald' and `UM67-10' Creeping Bentgrass. Cattani, D.J. 7837
Encyclopaedia of Seed Production of World Crops. Copeland, Lawrence O. Book Review 779
End-Use Quality Performance and Stability of 1A vs. 1AL.1RS Genotypes Derived from Winter Wheat `Nekota'. Espitia-Rangel, E.; Baenziger, P. S.; Shelton, D. R.; Graybosch, R. A.; Moreno-Sevilla, B.; Peterson 4307
Family and Line Selection for Elevated Palmitate of Soybean. Bravo, Jose J.; Fehr, Walter R.; Welke, Grace A.; Hammond, Earl G.; Cianzio, Silvia R. 3794
Fellows of the Crop Science Society of America. 5854
Fiber Digestion Dynamics of Sward Components within Switchgrass Populations. Redfearn, Daren D.; Moore, Kenneth J.; Vogel, Kenneth P.; Waller, Steven S.; Mitchell, Robert B. 5869
Genetic and Agronomic Effects on Semolina Milling Value of Durum Wheat. Chaurand, M.; Lempereur, I.; Roulland, T.M.; Autran, J C.; Abecassis, J. 5209
Genetic Mechanism and Chromosomal Location of Pollen-Specific Gene(s) in Gossypium. Kakani, A.; Saha, S.; Sapra, V. T.; Zipf, A.; Stelly, D. M. 4276
Genetic Relationships of Alleles for Tolerance to Sethoxydim Herbicide in Maize. Gengenbach, B. G.; VanDee, K. L.; Egli, M. A.; Hildebrandt, K. M.; Yun, S. J.; Lutz, S. M.; Marshall 6264
Golf Ball Deceleration Measuring System to Evaluate Surface Uniformity on Golf Course Greens. Rist, A. M.; Kocher, M. F.; Stroup, W. W.; Gaussoin, R. E.; Grisso, R. D.; Shearman, R. C. 3804
Growth Responses and Performance of Kentucky Bluegrass under Summer Stress. Bonos, Stacy A.; Murphy, James A. 4175
Inheritance and Linkage Analysis of Frost Injury in Lentil. Eujayl, I.; Erskine, W.; Baum, M.; Pehu, E. 2622
Inheritance of Resistance to Orobanche cernua Loefl. in Six Sunflower Lines. Sukno, S.; Melero-Vara, J. M.; Fernandez-Martinez, J. M. 5160
Isozyme Divergence between Maintainers and Restorers in Hybrid Rice Breeding Programs in India. Devanand, P.S.; Wan, J.; Rangaswamy, M.; Ikehashi, H. 3147
Kernel Color Variability of Hard White and Hard Red Winter Wheat. Wu, Jiming; Carver, Brett F.; Goad, Carla L. 5112
Low-Temperature Tolerance in Cereals: Model and Genetic Interpretation. Fowler, D.B.; Limin, A.E.; Ritchie, J.T. 6959
Major Errors in Data and Their Effect on Response to Selection. Mackay, I. J.; Caligari, P. D. S. 5849
Measuring Wheat Senescence with a Digital Camera. Adamsen, F. J.; Pinter, Paul J. Jr.; Barnes, Edward M.; LaMorte, Robert L.; Wall, Gerard W.; Leavitt 3903
Mutation Breeding: Theory and Practical Applications. Bingham, Edwin T. Book Review 689
Night Temperature at Silking Affects Kernel Set in Maize. Cantarero, M. G.; Cirilo, A. G.; Andrade, F. H. 5055
Nuclear DNA Content of Perennial Grasses of the Triticeae. Vogel, Kenneth P.; Arumuganathan, K.; Jensen, Kevin B. 6725
Ozone Strees, Carbon Dioxide Enrichment, and Nitrogen Fertility Interactions in Cotton. Heagle, A.S.; Miller, J.E.; Booker, F.L.; Pursley, W.A. 7306
Partitioning of Nitrate Assimilation between Shoots and Roots of Kentucky Bluegrass. Jiang, Zhongchun; Hull, Richard J. 7546
Presidents of the Crop Science Society of America. 132
Principles of Ecology in Plant Production. Loomis, R.S. Book Review 589
Registration of `AC Avonlea' Durum Wheat. CLARKE, J.M.; MCLEOD, J.G.; MCCAIG, T.N.; DEPAUW, R.M.; KNOX, R.E.; FERNANDEZ, M.R. 732
Registration of `Barimasur-2' Lentil. SARKER, A.; ERSKINE, W.; HASSAN, M.S.; MIAN, W.; DEBNATH, N. 742
Registration of `Barimasur-4' Lentil. SARKER, A.; ERSKINE, W.; HASSAN, M.S.; AFZAL, M.A.; MURSHED, A.N.M.M. 762
Registration of `Batan F96' Wheat. VILLASENOR-MIR, H.E.; MORENO-GALVEZ, R.; ESPITIA-RANGEL, E. 724
Registration of `Bay' Oat. FORSBERG, R. A.; KAEPPLER, H. F.; DUERST, R. D. 947
Registration of `Belle' Oat. FORSBERG, R.A.; KAEPPLER, H.F.; DUERST, R.D. 924
Registration of `Belzer' Durum Wheat. ELIAS, E.M.; STACK, R.W.; MILLER, J.D. 960
Registration of `Frontier' Pinto Bean. GRAFTON, K.F.; VENETTE, J.R.; CHANG, K.C. 859
Registration of `Gem' Oat. DUERST, R.D.; KAEPPLER, H.F.; FORSBERG, R.A. 884
Registration of `Horizon' Hop. HENNING, J.A.; HAUNOLD, A. 868
Registration of `Kewaunee' Barley. KAEPPLER, H. F.; DUERST, R. D.; FORSBERG, R.A. 633
Registration of `Matador' Tall Fescue. FRASER, MELODEE L.; ROSE-FRICKER, CRYSTAL A.; MEYER, WILLIAM A. 641
Registration of `Santiam' Hop. HENNING, J.A.; HAUNOLD, A. 979
Registration of `Secretariat LA495' Oat. HARRISON, S. A.; MASCAGNI, H. J.; MOORE, S. H. 1039
Registration of `TennTurf' Centipedegrass. CALLAHAN, L. M. 887
Registration of `Wolfpack' Tall Fescue. FRASER, MELODEE L.; ROSE-FLICKER, CRYSTAL A.; MEYER, WILLIAM A.; FUNK, C. REED 930
Registration of DE1 and DE2 Parental Inbred Lines of Maize. HAWK, J. A.; WELDEKIDAN, T. 903
Registration of EL50 Monogerm Sugarbeet Germplasm with Resistance to Cercospora Leaf Spot and Aphanomyces Blackroot. SAUNDERS, J. W.; THEURER, J. C.; HALLOIN, J. M. 620
Registration of NC96BGTA4, NC96BGTA5, and NC96BGTA6 Wheat Germplasm. MURPHY, J. P.; LEATH, S.; HUYNH, D.; NAVARRO, R. A.; SHI, A. 830
Registration of NC97BGTD7 and NC97BGTD8 Wheat Germplasms Resistant to Powdery Mildew. MURPHY, J. P.; LEATH, S.; HUYNH, D.; NAVARRO, R. A.; SHI, A. 797
Registration of PBATM96, a Genetic Male-Sterile Population of Spring Bread Wheat. VILLASENIOR-MIR, H. E.; CASTILLO, F.; RAJARAM, S.; MOLINA, J. D.; ESPITIA-RANGEL, E. 859
Registration of STARS-9577B Russian Wheat Aphid Resistant Barley Germplasm. MORNHINWEG, D.W.; PORTER, D.R.; WEBSTER, J.A. 742
Relationship of Multispectral Radiometry Data to Qualitative Data in Turfgrass Research. Trenholm, L. E.; Carrow, R. N.; Duncan, R. R. 5900
Relationships among Kernel Weight, Early Vigor, and Growth in Maize. Revilla, P.; Butron, A.; Malvar, R. A.; Ordas, A. 3256
Reports of CSSA Divisions and Committees. 15621
Resistance to Rotylenchulus reniformis and Meloidogyne incognita Race 3 in the Major Cotton Cultivars Planted Since 1950. Robinson, A. Forest; Cook, Charles G.; Percival, A. Edward 8506
RFLP Mapping of QTL for Fusarium Head Blight Resistance in Wheat. Waldron, B. L.; Moreno-Sevilla, B.; Anderson, J. A.; Stack, R. W.; Frohberg, R. C. 5749
Seed Yield after Environmental Stress in Soybean Grown under Elevated [CO.sub.2]. Ferris, Rachel; Wheeler, T. R.; Ellis, R. H.; Hadley, P. 6868
Sustainable Use of Genetic Resources under the Convention on Biological Diversity: Exploring Access and Benefit Sharing Issues. Eberhart, Steve A. Book Review 767
Tall Fescue Endophyte Detection: Commercial Immunoblot Test Kit Compared with Microscopic Analysis. Hiatt, E. E. III; Hill, N. S.; Bouton, J. H.; Stuedemann, J. A. 3217
Temperate Forage Legumes. Ehlke, N.J. Book Review 703
Thanks to Our Reviewers, Crop Science, 1998. 4091
Using Geographic Information to Acquire Wild Crop Germplasm for Ex Situ Collections: I. Map Development and Field Use. Greene, Stephanie L.; Hart, Thomas C.; Afonin, Alexandr 6113
Using Geographic Information to Acquire Wild Crop Germplasm for Ex Situ Collections: II. Post-Collection Analysis. Greene, Stephanie L.; Hart, Thomas C.; Afonin, Alexandr 4581

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