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Articles from Crop Science (March 1, 1999)

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A Major Gene for Flowering Time in Chickpea. Or, E.; Hovav, R.; Abbo, S. 5435
Agricultural Ethics: Research, Teaching, and Public Policy. Hartel, Peter G. Book Review 854
Analysis of Seed Growth by Linear Increase in Harvest Index. Bindi, M.; Sinclair, T. R.; Harrison, J. 6519
Annual and Biennial Flowering Habit of Kentucky Bluegrass Tillers. Sylvester, Anne W.; Reynolds, James O. 5398
Antioxidant Response to Hormone-Containing Product in Kentucky Bluegrass Subjected to Drought. Zhang, Xunzhong; Schmidt, R.E. 4650
Bugs in the System. Redesigning the Pesticide Industry for Sustainable Agriculture. Dill, Gerry Book Review 1142
Climate Change and the Global Harvest--Potential Impacts of the Greenhouse Effect on Agriculture. Hammer, Graeme Book Review 1035
Combining Ability for Rind Puncture Resistance in Maize. Kang, Manjit S.; Din, A. Kushairi; Zhang, Yudong; Magari, Robert 4240
Cutting Frequency and Nitrogen Fertilization Effects on Yield and Nitrogen Concentration of Switchgrass in a Short Season Area. Madakadze, I. C.; Stewart, K. A.; Peterson, P. R.; Coulman, B. E.; Smith, D. L. 4015
Differential Concentration of Ten Minerals among Four Ancestral Alfalfa Germplasms. Townsend, M. S.; Henning, J. A.; Smith, D. W.; Ray, I. M.; Currier, C. G. 4124
Effects of Insect Tripping on Seed Yield of Common Bean. Ibarra-Perez, F.J.; Barnhart, D.; Ehdaie, B.; Knio, K.M.; Waines, J.G. 5317
Epistasis for Grain Yield in Two [F.sub.2] Populations of Maize. Eta-Ndu, J. T.; Openshaw, S. J. 6915
Erratum. Marquez-Sanchez, Fidel 297
Fallow Management and Nitrogen Fertilizer Influence Winter Wheat Kernel Hardness. Lyon, Drew J.; Shelton, David R. 3636
Field Evaluation of Switchgrass Seedlings Divergently Selected for Crown Node Placement. Elbersen, H. W.; Ocumpaugh, W. R.; Hussey, M. A.; Sanderson, M. A.; Tischler, C. R. 4296
Field Performance of Cell Suspension-Derived Tall Fescue Regenerants and Their Half-Sib Families. Stadelmann, F. J.; Kolliker, R.; Boller, B.; Spangenberg, G.; Nosberger, J. 4898
Forage Seed Production. I. Temperate Species. Sundstrom, F.J. Book Review 642
Genetic Control of a Photoperiod-Sensitive Response in Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench. Rooney, W. L.; Aydin, S. 4048
Genetic Modification of Cotton Fiber Properties as Measured by Single- and High-Volume Instruments. May, O. Lloyd; Jividen, Gay M. 5746
Genetic Similarity Indices for Ancestral Cotton Cultivars and their Impact on Genetic Diversity Estimates of Modern Cultivars. Van Esbroeck, G.A; Bowman, D.T.; May, O.L.; Calhoun, D.S 4602
Genetic Variation within and among White Clover Populations from Managed Permanent Pastures of the Northeastern USA. Gustine, David L.; Huff, David R. 5892
Growth and Photosynthetic Responses of Groundnut Genotypes to High Temperature. Talwar, H. S.; Takeda, H.; Yashima, S.; Senboku, T. 5443
Heritabilities of Water-Use Efficiency Traits and Correlations with Agronomic Traits in Water-Stressed Alfalfa. Ray, Ian M.; Townsend, M. Shaun; Muncy, Cherokee M.; Henning, John A. 4783
Inheritance of Cytoplasmic-Virescent cyt-V and Dense-Glanding dg Mutants in American Pima Cotton. Percy, Richard G. 2414
Inheritance of Phyllochron in Barley. Dofing, Stephen M. 3868
Inheritance of Reduced Stearic and Palmitic Acid Content in Sunflower Seed Oil. Miller, J. F.; Vick, B. A. 4000
Intrarow Plant Spacing and Family x Environment Interaction Effects on Sugarcane Family Evaluation. De Sousa-Vieira, O.; Milligan, S. B. 5038
Kernel Number Determination in Maize. Andrade, Fernando H.; Vega, Claudia; Uhart, Sergio; Cirilo, Alfredo; Cantarero, Marcelo; Valentinuz, 5296
Land Resources: On the Edge of the Malthusian Precipice? Olson, Richard K. Book Review 965
Major Gene, Nonallelic Sheath Blight Resistance from the Rice Cultivars Jasmine 85 and Teqing. Pan, X. B.; Rush, M. C.; Sha, X. Y.; Xie, Q. J.; Linscombe, S. D.; Stetina, S. R.; Oard, J. H. 6061
Management of Root-Knot Nematodes with Resistant Cotton cv. NemX. Ogallo, Juma L.; Goodell, Peter B.; Eckert, James W.; Roberts, Philip A. 3139
Mathematical Characterization of Leaf Shape and Area of Maize Hybrids. Stewart, D. W.; Dwyer, L. M. 3845
Molecular Marker-Assisted Dissection of Genotype x Environment Interaction for Plant Type Traits in Rice (Oryza sativa L.). Yan, Juqiang; Zhu, Jun; He, Cixin; Benmoussa, Mebrouk; Wu, Ping 6253
Phenotypic Recurrent Selection Methodology for Reducing Fiber Concentration in Smooth Bromegrass. Casler, M.D. 7917
Plant Density-Dependent Variation in Density, Frequency, and Size of Watermelon Fruits. Duthie, James A.; Roberts, B. Warren; Edelson, Jonathan V.; Shrefler, James W. 4947
Plant Density-Dependent Variation in Marketable Yield, Fruit Biomass, and Marketable Fraction in Watermelon. Duthie, James A.; Shrefler, James W.; Roberts, B. Warren; Edelson, Jonathan V. 5529
Plant-Microbe Interactions and Biological Control. Baum, Thomas J. Book Review 777
QTL for Resistance to Setosphaeria turcica in Tropical African Maize. Schechert, A. W.; Welz, H. G.; Geiger, H. H. 7874
Quantitative Trait Loci for Antixenosis Resistance to Corn Earworm in Soybean. Rector, B. G.; All, J. N.; Parrott, W. A; Boerma, H. R. 5741
Recovery of Superior Homozygous Progeny from Biparental Crosses and Backcrosses. Isleib, T. G. 2863
Registration of `AC Alberta Pink' Dry Bean. MUNDEL, H.-H.; SAINDON, G.; HUANG, H. C.; KIEHN, F. A. 1070
Registration of `AC Earlired' Small Red Dry Bean. MUNDEL, H.-H.; SAINDON, G.; HUANG, H. C.; KIEHN, F. A. 912
Registration of `Florakirk' Bermudagrass. MISLEVY, P.; BROWN, W. F.; KALMBACHER, R. S.; DUNAVIN, L. S. JUDD, W. S.; KUCHAREK, T. A.; RUELKE, O 1334
Registration of `Matterhorn' Great Northern Bean. KELLY, J. D.; HOSFIELD, G. L.; VARNER, G. V.; UEBERSAX, M. A.; TAYLOR, J. 825
Registration of `MN 0301' Soybean. ORF, J. H.; HELMS, T.C.; DENNY, R.L. 721
Registration of `MN 1301' Soybean. ORF, J. H.; DENNY, R. L. 781
Registration of `Norpro' Soybean. HELMS, T. C.; CHANG, K.C. 713
Registration of `Reveille' Hybrid Bluegrass. READ, J. C.; REINERT, J. A.; COLBAUGH, P. F.; KNOOP, W. E. 721
Registration of `Stressland' Soybean. COOPER, R. L.; MARTIN, R. J.; ST. MARTIN, S. K.; CALIP-DUBOIS, A.; FIORITTO, R. J.; SCHMITTHENNER, A 706
Registration of `Sunnyview' Big Bluestem. BOE, A.; ROSS, J. G.; HAAS, R. J.; TOBER, D. A. 979
Registration of Four Dry Bean Germplasms Resistant to Common Bacterial Blight: ICB-3, ICB-6, ICB-8, and ICB-10. MIKLAS, P. N.; ZAPATA, M.; BEAVER, J. S.; GRAFTON, K. F. 1106
Registration of Insect-Resistant Soybean Germplasm Lines HC95-24MB and HC95-15MB. COOPER, R. L.; HAMMOND, R. B. 654
Registration of KS96WGRC34 Leaf Rust-Resistant Hard Red Winter Wheat Germplasm. COX, T. S.; SEARS, R. G.; GILL, B. S.; HUSSIEN, T.; BOWDEN, R. L.; BROWN-GUEDIRA, G. L. 522
Registration of KS96WGRC35 and KS96WGRC36 Leaf Rust-Resistant Hard Red Winter Wheat Germplasms. BROWN-GUEDIRA, G. L.; COX, T. S.; GILL, B. S.; SEARS, R. G. 490
Registration of KS96WGRC37 Powdery Mildew-Resistant Hard White Winter Wheat Germplasm. BROWN-GUEDIRA, G. L.; COX, T. S.; GILL, B. S.; SEARS, R. G.; LEATH, S. 496
Registration of KS96WGRC38 and KS96WGRC39 Tan Spot-Resistant Hard Red Winter Wheat Germplasms. BROWN-GUEDIRA, G. L.; COX, T. S.; BOCKUS, W. W.; GILL, B. S.; SEARS, R. G. 605
Registration of KS96WGRC40 Hard Red Winter Wheat Germplasm Resistant to Wheat Curl Mite, Stagnospora Leaf Blotch, and Septoria Leaf Blotch. COX, T. S.; BOCKUS, W. W.; GILL, B. S.; SEARS, R. G.; HARVEY, T. L.; LEATH, S.; BROWN-GUEDIRA, G. L. 618
Registration of LS-G96 Soybean Germplasm Resistant to Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome and Soybean Cyst Nematode Race 3. SCHMIDT, M. E.; SUTTNER, R. J.; KLEIN, J. H.; GIBSON, P. T.; LIGHTFOOT, D. A.; MYERS, O. JR. 882
Registration of PD 94042 Germplasm Line of Upland Cotton with High Yield and Fiber Maturity. MAY, O. L. 863
Registration of Sorghum Parental Lines ICSA/B 38, ICSA/B 39, ICSV 247, and ICSR 101. MURTY, D. S.; NWASIKE, C. C.; DA, S. 1339
Relational Database System for Summarization and Interpretation of Hard Winter Wheat Regional Quality Data. Haley, Scott D.; May, Rod D.; Seabourn, Bradford W.; Chung, Okkyung K. 3086
Relationship between Relative Water Content, Nitrogen Pools, and Growth of Phaseolus vulgaris L. and P. acutifolius A. Gray during Water Deficit. Lazcano-Ferrat, Ignacio; Lovatt, Carol J. 7305
RFLP Markers Associated with High Grain Protein from Triticum turgidum L. var. dicoccoides Introgressed into Hard Red Spring Wheat. Mesfin, Asfaw; Frohberg, Richard C.; Anderson, James A. 4340
Seedling Growth Comparison of Arrowleaf, Crimson, Rose, and Subterranean Clovers. Evers, G. W. 4776
Selection of Castor for Divergent Concentrations of Ricin and Ricinus communis Agglutinin. Pinkerton, Scott D.; Rolfe, Rial; Auld, Dick L.; Ghetie, Victor; Lauterbach, Brenda F. 4111
Sprout Damage and Preharvest Sprout Resistance in Hard White Winter Wheat. Wu, Jiming; Carver, Brett F. 6016
Sugar Metabolism during Growth and Development in Sugarcane Internodes. Lingle, Sarah E. 5185
Trichomes on Pigeonpea [Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.] and Two Wild Cajanus spp. Romeis, J.; Shanower, T. G.; Peter, A. J. 4319
Two Cycles of Recurrent Selection for Seed Yield in Common Bean. Singh, Shree P.; Teran, Henry; Munoz, Carlos German; Takegami, Juan Carlos 6261
Using a Subsample of the Core Collection to Identify New Sources of Resistance to White Mold in Common Bean. Miklas, Phillip N.; Delorme, Richard; Hannan, Richard; Dickson, Michael H. 4765
Wheat Production and Utilization. Systems, Quality and the Environment. Kidwell, Kimberlee K. Book Review 696
Yield and Quality of Soymilk and Tofu Made from Soybean Genotypes Grown at Four Locations. Bhardwaj, H. L.; Bhagsari, A. S.; Joshi, J. M.; Rangappa, M.; Sapra, V. T.; Rao, M. S. S. 4878

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