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Articles from Crop Science (July 1, 1999)

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A Color Handbook of Diseases of Small Grain Cereal Crops. McMullen, Marcia Book Review 917
A Method for the Efficient Management and Utilization of Large Germplasm Collections. Skinner, D. Z.; Bauchan, G. R.; Auricht, G.; Hughes, S. Statistical Data Included 7517
A Novel Means of Analyzing the Soluble Acidity of Rice Grains. Lii, Lai-Jiu; Wang, Chang-Ying; Lur, Huu-Sheng 2115
Agronomic Performance of Transgenic Burley Tobaccos Expressing TVMV or AMV Coat Protein Genes with and without Virus Challenges. Xu, Dongmei; Collins, Glenn B.; Hunt, Arthur G.; Nielsen, Mark T. Statistical Data Included 6816
Alkaloids: Biochemistry, Ecology, and Medicinal Applications. Gershenzon, Jonathan Book Review 1012
Application of the Normal Distribution for Testing the Potential of the Controlled Deterioration Test. Kruse, M. 3765
Assessing the Abundance and Polymorphism of Simple Sequence Repeats in Perennial Ryegrass. Kubik, Christine; Meyer, William A.; Gaut, Brandon S. 5332
Capturing Heterosis in Forage Crop Cultivar Development. Brummer, E. Charles Statistical Data Included 11435
Continuous Daily Light Period and Temperature Influence Peanut Yield in Nutrient Film Technique. Rowell, T.; Mortley, D. G.; Loretan, P. A.; Bonsi, C. K.; Hill, W. A. 3392
Digestibility Analysis of Undried, Unground, and Dry Ground Herbage by Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy. Griggs, T. C.; Lobos, K. B.; Kingery, P. E. 6253
Discovery and Characterization of Polymorphic Simple Sequence Repeats (SSRs) in Peanut. Hopkins, M.S.; Casa, A.M.; Wang, T.; Mitchell, S.E.; Dean, R.E.; Kochert, G. D.; Kresovich, S. Statistical Data Included 4255
Do Second Cycle Maize Inbreds Preserve the European Flint Heterotic Group? Cartea, M. E.; Revilla, P.; Butron, A.; Malvar, R. A.; Ordas, A. Statistical Data Included 4321
Facilitating Sustainable Agriculture: Participatory Learning and Adaptive Management in Times of Environmental Uncertainty. DeWitt, Jerald R. Book Review 673
Feeding a World Population of More than Eight Billion People: A Challenge to Science. Loomis, R.S. Book Review 851
Free-Air [CO.sub.2] Enrichment Effects on Apex Dimensional Growth of Spring Wheat. Li, Aiguo; Wall, Gerard W.; Clarke, Rebecca (English composer); Hou, Yuesheng 4482
Gain from Two Cycles of Divergent Selection for Root Morphology in Alfalfa. Lamb, J.F.S.; Barnes, D.K.; Henjum, K.I. Statistical Data Included 7844
Genetic Analyses of Agronomic Traits Controlled by Wheat Chromosome 3A. Shah, M.M.; Baenziger, P.S.; Yen, Y.; Gill, K.S.; Moreno-Sevilla, B.; Haliloglu, K. Statistical Data Included 3745
Genetic Analysis of Frogeye Leaf Spot Resistance in PI54610 and Peking Soybean. Baker, William A.; Weaver, David B.; Qiu, Jiansheng; Pace, Patrick F. Statistical Data Included 4396
Genetic Redundancy and Diversity among `Orange' Accessions in the U.S. National Sorghum Collection as Assessed with Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR) Markers. Dean, R. E.; Dahlberg, J. A.; Hopkins, M. S.; Mitchell, S. E.; Kresovich, S. Statistical Data Included 5140
Genome Characterization of MT-2 Perennial and OK-906 Annual Wheat x Intermediate Wheatgrass Hybrids. Jones, T. A.; Zhang, X-Y.; Wang, R. R-C. Statistical Data Included 2812
Global Plant Genetic Resources for Insect-Resistant Crops. Widstrom, N. W. Book Review 906
Heritabilities and Interrelationships of Water-Use Efficiency and Agronomic Traits in Irrigated Alfalfa. Ray, Ian M.; Townsend, M. Shaun; Muncy, Cherokee M. 4470
Heritability of Lipase Activity of Oat Caryopses. Hoi, S. W.; Holland, J. B.; Hammond, E. G. Statistical Data Included 4294
Inbreeding Method Effects on Genetic Mean, Variance, and Structure of Recurrent Selection Populations. Jannink, J.-L.; Abadie, T. E. Statistical Data Included 8497
Isozyme Diversity in Bambara Groundnut. Pasquet, Remy S.; Schwedes, Sonya; Gepts, Paul Statistical Data Included 7878
Isozyme Variation within and among Accessions of Annual Phalaris Species in North American Germplasm Collections. Matus, Maria; Hucl, Pierre Statistical Data Included 5142
Leafy Reduced-Stature Maize Hybrids for Short-Season Environments. Dijak, M.; Modarres, A. M.; Hamilton, R. I.; Dwyer, L. M.; Stewart, D. W.; Mather, D. E.; Smith, D. 4814
Light Environment, Nitrogen Content, and Carbon Balance of Basal Leaves of Sunflower Canopies. Rousseaux, M.C.; Hall, A.J.; Sanchez, R.A. 7030
Linkage between the Centromere and a Gene Producing Nucleocytoplasmic Compatibility in Durum Wheat. Maan, S. S.; Joppa, L. R.; Kianian, S. F. 3227
Loci Controlling Resistance to High Plains Virus and Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus in a B73 X Mo17 Population of Maize. Marcon, A.; Kaeppler, S. M.; Jensen, S. G.; Senior, L.; Stuber, C. 6899
Minimum Sample Size and Optimal Positioning of Flanking Markers in Marker-Assisted Backcrossing for Transfer of a Target Gene. Frisch, Matthias; Bohn, Martin; Melchinger, Albrecht E. Statistical Data Included 7609
Natural Hybrids of Elymus elymoides X Leymus salinus subsp. salmonis (Poaceae: Triticeae. Jensen, Kevin B.; Redinbaugh, M.; Blood, M.; Horton, W. H.; Asay, K. H. Statistical Data Included 4294
Photosynthate and Dry Matter Partitioning in Short- and Long-Season Cotton Cultivars. Pace, P. F.; Cralle, Harry T.; Cothren, J. Tom; Senseman, Scott A. 4939
Photosynthetic Characteristics of Three Asparagus Cultivars Differing in Yield. Faville, Marty J.; Silvester, Warwick B.; Green, T. G. Allan; Jermyn, William A. 7038
Ploidy Determination of Alfalfa Germplasm Accessions Using Flow Cytometry. Brummer, E. Charles; Cazcarro, Patricia, M.; Luth, Diane Statistical Data Included 5593
Prediction Assessment of Shrinkage Estimators of Multiplicative Models for Multi-Environment Cultivar Trials. Cornelius, Paul L.; Crossa, Jose Statistical Data Included 12469
Progenitor Germplasm of Domesticated Hexaploid Oat. Zhou, X.; Jellen, E. N.; Murphy, J. P. Statistical Data Included 5786
Quantitative Trait Loci Associated with Kernel Traits in a Soft X Hard Wheat Cross. Campbell, Kim Garland; Bergman, Christine J.; Gualberto, Daisy G.; Anderson, James A.; Giroux, Micha Statistical Data Included 7340
Quantitative Trait Locus Mapping of Ovicidal Response in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) against Whitebacked Planthopper (Sogatella furcifera Horvath). Yamasaki, Masanori; Tsunematsu, Hiroshi; Yoshimura, Atsushi; Iwata, Nobuo; Yasui, Hideshi 3760
Recessive, Day Length-Insensitive Earliness to Synchronize Flowering of Pearl Millet Hybrid Parents. Bidinger, F.R.; Hash, C.T.; Jayachandran, R.; Ratnaji Rao, M.N.V. Statistical Data Included 6389
Registration of `Madison' Rice. MCCLUNG, A. M.; MARCHETTI, M. A.; WEBB, B. D.; BOLLICH, C. N. Statistical Data Included 1115
Registration of `Morales' Small White Bean. BEAVER, J. S.; MIKLAS, P. N. 475
Registration of `Rosada Nativa' Pink Bean. BEAVER, J.S.; MIKLAS, P.N.; ECHAVEZ-BADEL, R. 666
Registration of `Scarlet' Wheat. KIDWELL, K. K.; SHELTON, G. S.; MORRIS, C. F.; LINE, R. F.; MILLER, B. C.; DAVIS, M. A.; KONZAK, C. 1194
Registration of `TifEagle' Bermudagrass. HANNA, W. W.; ELSNER, J. E. 669
Registration of KS1701 Winter Rapeseed Germplasm. RIFE, C.L.; AULD, D.L.; SUNDERMAN, H.D.; HEER, W.F.; BALTENSPERGER, D.D.; JOHNSON, D.L.; BORDOVSKY, Statistical Data Included 1112
Registration of Multiple-Cotyledon Red Clover Genetic Marker Stock: L38-1485. TAYLOR, NORMAN L.; MUNDELL, R. E. 310
Registration of N244 and N245 Sorghum Germplasm R-Lines. PEDERSEN, J. F.; TOY, J. J. 465
Registration of PR9443-4 Dry Bean Germplasm Resistant to Bean Golden Mosaic, Common Bacterial Blight, and Rust. BEAVER, J. S.; ZAPATA, M.; MIKLAS, P. N. 595
Registration of the SG1LS Soybean Population with Large Seed Size and [ms.sub.2] Nuclear Male Sterility. GRAEF, G. L.; SPECHT, J. E. 954
Registration of the SG1P Soybean Population with High Seed Protein and [ms.sub.2] Nuclear Male Sterility. GRAEF, G. L.; SPECHT, J. E. 937
Salinity Tolerance Mechanisms of Grasses in the Subfamily Chloridoideae. Marcum, Kenneth B. 5071
Selecting Soybean Cultivars for Dual Resistance to Soybean Cyst Nematode and Sudden Death Syndrome Using Two DNA Markers. Prabhu, R.R.; Njiti, V.N.; Bell-Johnson, B.; Johnson, J.E.; Schmidt, M.E.; Klein, J.H.; Lightfoot, D Statistical Data Included 5410
Selection for Drought Tolerance Increases Maize Yields across a Range of Nitrogen Levels. Banziger, M.; Edmeades, G. O.; Lafitte, H. R. Statistical Data Included 6026
Sink Characteristics of Reproductive Organs of Dwarf Bean in Relation to Likelihood of Abscission. Binnie, R. C.; Clifford, P. E. 6030
Soil Water Use by Diploid and Tetraploid Russian Wildrye. Frank, A. B.; Berdahl, J. D. 4021
Temporal Shade on Creeping Bentgrass Turf. Bell, G. E.; Danneberger, T. K. 5074
Theoretical Inbreeding at Selectively Neutral Loci in Uniparental Mass Selection and Recurrent Selection with Polycrossing of Selected Plants. Han, L. X.; Casler, M. D. Statistical Data Included 7191
Urea Placement and Nitrification Inhibitor Effects on Growth and Nitrogen Accumulation by No-Till Winter Wheat. Rao, Srinivas C.; Popham, Thomas W. 4727
Using Partial Least Squares Regression, Factorial Regression, and AMMI Models for Interpreting Genotype x Environment Interaction. Vargas, Mateo; Crossa, Jose; van Eeuwijk, Fred A.; Ramirez, Martha E.; Sayre, Ken Statistical Data Included 11363
Variation in Pathogenicity, Morphology, and RAPD Marker Profiles in Colletotrichum graminicola from Turfgrasses. Backman, P. A.; Landschoot, P. J.; Huff, D. R. 6132
Wear Tolerance, Shoot Performance, and Spectral Reflectance of Seashore Paspalum and Bermudagrass. Trenholm, L. E.; Duncan, R. R.; Carrow, R. N. 6357
Weed Invasion in New Stands of Alfalfa Seeded with Perennial Forage Grasses and an Oat Companion Crop. Spandl, Eric; Kells, James J.; Hesterman, Oran B. 4775

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