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Articles from Crop Science (September 1, 1998)

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A seed specific delta-12 oleate desaturase gene is duplicated, rearranged, and weakly expressed in high oleic acid sunflower lines. Hongtrakul, Vipa; Slabaugh, Mary B.; Knapp, Steven J. 4232
AFLP-based genetic diversity assessment among wheat cultivars from the Pacific Northwest. Barrett, B.A.; Kidwell, K.K. 6188
Agronomic performance of quackgrass and hybrid wheatgrass populations. Casler, M.D.; Goodwin, W.H. 6578
Agronomy of Grassland Systems, 2nd ed. Gillen, Robert L. Book Review 875
Allelic frequency change of P1 gene in a maize population after recurrent selection for grain yield. Frascaroli, E.; Landi, P. 2755
Applications of biotechnology in turfgrass genetic improvement. Chai, Benli; Sticklen, Mariam B. 17680
beta-1,3-Glucanase and resistance to Aspergillus flavus infection in maize. Lozovaya, Vera V.; Waranyuwat, Aree; Widholm, Jack M. 4510
Biotechnology and Plant Genetic Resources: Conservation and Use. Mengesha, Melak H. Book Review 799
Breeding Field Crops, 4th ed. Myers, Oval Book Review 607
Cell membrane thermostability and whole-plant heat tolerance of Kentucky bluegrass. Marcum, Kenneth B. 4742
Comparison across populations for forage traits. Lubberstedt, Thomas; Melchinger, Albrecht E.; Fahr, Susanne; Klein, Dietrich; Dally, Andreas; Westho 9952
Comparison of AFLP and pedigree-based genetic diversity assessment methods using wheat cultivars from the Pacific Northwest. Barrett, B.A.; Kidwell, K.K.; Fox, P.N. 5058
Comparison of soluble sugar degradation in soybean seed under simulated tropical storage conditions. Locher, R.; Bucheli, P. 4468
Core set of primers to evaluate genetic diversity of soybean. Thompson, Jeffrey A.; Nelson, Randall L. 3539
Cotton responses to shade at different growth stages: nonstructural carbohydrate composition. Zhao, Duli; Oosterhuis, Derrick 5043
Date of planting effects on seeded turf-type buffalograss. Frank, Devin W.; Gaussoin, Roch. E.; Riordan, Terrance P.; Miltner, Eric D. 3250
Defense mechanisms of maize against pink stem borer. Butron, A.; Malvar, R.A.; Velasco, P.; Revilla, P.; Ordas, A. 4150
Detection of quantitative trait loci for grain yield and yield components in maize across generations in stress and nonstress environments. Austin, David F.; Lee, Micahel 8101
Effective population size and response to S1-progeny selection in the BS11 maize population. Weyhrich, Roger A.; Lamkey, Kendall, R.; Hallauer, Arnel R. 5908
Effects of the Dt2 and S alleles on agronomic traits of F1 hybrid soybean. Lewers, K.S.; St. Martin, S.K.; Hedges, B.R.; Palmer, R.G. 6121
Enzymatic control of soluble carbohydrate accumulation in cold-acclimated crowns of alfalfa. Castonguary, Yves; Nadeau, Paul 5465
Evaluation of Caribbean maize accessions to develop a core subset. Taba, Suketoshi; Diaz, Jaime; Ramos, Jorge Franco; Crossa, Jose 4609
Fiber yield and quality of cotton grown at two divergent population densities. Jones, Michael A.; Wells, Randy 3335
Genetic variation among tomato accessions from primary and secondary centers of diversity. Villand, J.; Skroch, P.W.; Lai, T.; Hanson, P.; Kuo, C.G.; Nienhuis, J. 5716
Grain yield increase in recent Argentine wheat cultivars. Abbate, P.E.; Lazaro, L.; Andrade, F.H.; Bariffi, J.H.; Berardocco, H.G.; Inza, V.H.; Marturano, F. 5277
Histochemical, physiological, and ultrastructural changes in the maize embryo during artificial drying. Perdomo, Antonio; Burris, Joseph S. 5109
Identification of diverse soybean germplasm using RAPD markers. Thompson, Jeffrey A.; Nelson, Randall L.; Vodkin, Lila O. 5749
Identification of molecular markers linked to ant28-484, a mutation that eliminates proanthocyanidin production in barley seeds. Garvin, D.F.; Miller-Garvin, J.E.; Viccars, E.A.; Jacobsen, J.V.; Brown, A.H.D. 4117
Inheritance of common bunt resistance in androgenetically derived doubled haploid and random inbred populations of wheat. Knox, R.E.; Fernandez, M.R.; Brule-Babel, A.L.; DePauw, R.M. 4394
Inheritance of rhizomes. Nualsri, C.; Beuselinck, P.R. 3195
Marker-assisted selection as a strategy for increasing the probability of selecting superior genotypes. Knapp, Steven J. 8366
Path analyses of yield and yield-related traits of fifteen diverse rice genotypes. Samonte, S.O.PB.; Wilson, L.T.; McClung, A.M. 5627
Plant Breeding Reviews, vol. 15. Poneleit, C.G. Book Review 657
Plant Functional Types: Their Relevance to Ecosystem Properties and Global Change. Clark, E. Ann Book Review 866
Responses of alfalfa to stem-tip inoculations with five isolates of Sclerotinia trifoliorum. Halimi, E.S.; Row, D.E.; Pratt, R.G. 2855
Seasonal variation in morphology of continuously stocked white clover. Brink, G.E.; Fairbrother, T.E.; Rowe, D.E. 3100
Shoot physiological responses of two bentgrass cultivars to high temperature and poor soil aeration. Huang, Bingru; Liu, Xiaozhong; Fry, Jack D. 3483
Testcross evaluation of soybean germplasm. Lewers, K.S.; St. Martin, S.K.; Hedges, B.R.; Palmer, R.G. 6544
The NIa-proteinase of different plant potyviruses provides specific resistance to viral infection. Fellers, John P.; Collins, Glenn B.; Hunt, Arthur G. 6664
Utilization of diverse germplasm for soybean yield improvement. Thompson, Jeffrey A.; Nelson, Randall L. 4724
Variation for yield, water-use efficiency, and canopy morphology among nine alfalfa germplasms. Ray, Ian M.; Townsend, M. Shaun; Henning, John A. 3746

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