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Articles from Crop Science (May 1, 1998)

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A high leaf-starch mutant in alfalfa has altered invertase activity. Das, Shankar B.; Bowley, Stephen R.; McKersie, Bryan D. 6180
Anther-derived dihaploids for lodging improvement in tobacco. Menchey, E.K.; Aycock, M.K., Jr. 3493
Assignment of the Y17 locus to classical soybean linkage group 14. Devine, T.E. 1494
Basic and Applied Aspects of Seed Biology. West, S.H. Book Review 556
Brachytic stem trait, row spacing, and plant population effects on soybean yield. Adams, Pamela D.; Weaver, David B. 3879
Breeding potential of maize accessions from Argentina, Chile, USA, and Uruguay. Salhuana, W.; Pollak, L.M.; Ferrer, M.; Paratori, O.; Vivo, G. 4170
Controlled freezing as an indirect selection method for field winterhardiness in turf-type perennial ryegrass. Waldron, B.L.; Ehlke, N.J.; Vellekson, D.J.; White, D.B. 4683
Controlled hybridization technique for switchgrass. Martinez-Reyna, Juan M.; Vogel, Kenneth P. 1665
Crown node elevation of switchgrass and kleingrass under low light. Elbersen, H.W.; Ocumpaugh, W.R.; Hussey, M.A.; Sanderson, M.A.; Tischler, C.R. 4468
Differential genotypic and root type penetration of compacted soil layers. Bushamuka, Victor N.; Zobel, Richard W. 4570
Drought avoidance aspects and crop coeffcients of Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue turfs in the semiarid west. Ervin, Erik H.; Koski, Anthony J. 7779
Effect of burrs vs. caryopses and planting date on establishment of seeded buffalograss in the Southern Great Plains. Gaitan-Gaitan, Fernando; McKenney, Cynthia B.; Auld, Dick L. 4420
Evaluation of near-isogenic sorghum lines contrasting for QTL markers associated with drought tolerance. Tuinstra, M.R.; Ejeta, G.; Goldsbrough, Peter 5687
Exogenous cytokinin and nitrogen do not increase grain yield in narrow-leafed lupins. Ma, Qifu; Longnecker, Nancy; Atkins, Craig 4569
Gamete selection for upright carioca bean with resistance to five diseases and a leafhopper. Singh, Shree P.; Pastor-Corrales, Marcial A.; Morales, Francisco J.; Voysest, Oswaldo; Cardona, Cesa 5102
Genetic control of insect resistance in soybean germplasm PI 417061. Kilen, T.C.; Lambert, L. 1941
Genetic progress in reducing losses to leaf rust in CIMMYT-derived Mexican spring wheat cultivars. Sayre, K.D.; Singh, R.P.; Huerta-Espino, J.; Rajaram, S. 5025
Genetic relationships of soybean mutants for different linolenic acid contents. Rahman, Shaikh M.; Kinoshita, Takehito; Anai, Toyoaki; Arima, Susumu; Takagi, Yutaka 4143
Genetic structure of regeneration populations of annual ryegrass. Johnson, R.C. 6434
Genetic variation and predicted gain from selection for winterhardiness and turf quality in a perennial ryegrass topcross population. Waldron, B.L.; Ehlke, N.J.; Wyse, D.L.; Vellekson, D.J. 4699
Growth and Mineral Nutrition of Field Crops. Bell, Paul F. Book Review 798
Historical changes in harvest index and crop nitrogen accumulation. Sinclair, Thomas R. 4741
Inheritance of tolerance to chilling stress in rice during germination and plumule greening. Sthapit, B.R.; Witcombe, J.R. 4680
Interpreting genotype x environment interaction in wheat by partial least squares regression. Vargas, Mateo; Crossa, Jose; Sayre, Ken; Reynolds, Matthew; Ramirez, Martha E.; Talbot, Mike 8839
Isozyme analysis supports allotetraploid inheritance in tetraploid creeping bentgrass (Agrostis palustris Huds.). Warnke, S.E.; Douches, D.S.; Branham, B.E. 4114
Kura clover growth and development during the seeding year. Genrich, K.C.; Sheaffer, C.C.; Ehlke, N.J. 3557
Late-planted soybean yield response to reproductive source/sink stress. Board, J.E.; Harville, B.G. 7139
Leaf area development, light interception, and yield among switchgrass populations in a short-season area. Madakadze, I.C.; Coulman, B.E.; Peterson, P.; Stewart, K.A.; Samson, R.; Smith, D.L. 4758
Mapping of disease resistance loci in barley on the basis of visual assessment of naturally occurring symptoms. Spaner, D.; Shugar, L.P.; Choo, T.M.; Falak, I.; Briggs, K.G.; Legge, W.G.; Falk, D.E.; Ullrich, S.E 6490
Molecular support for the hybrid origin of the wild potato species Solanum x rechei. Clausen, A.M.; Spooner, D.M. 5614
Nitrate reductase activities in rice genotypes in irrigated lowlands. Barlaan, Edward A.; Sato, Hiroyuki; Ichii, Masahiko 4672
Preference for smooth bromegrass clones is affected by divergent selection for nutritive value. Falkner, L.K.; Casler, M.D. 5743
Protein, oil, and yield of soybean lines selected for increased protein. Helms, T.C.; Orf, J.H. 4196
Rapid prediction of mating system of Vicia species. Zhang, X.; Mosjidis, J.A. 3853
Relationship between baking and noodle quality in hard white spring wheat. Lang, C.E.; Lanning, S.P.; Carlson, G.R.; Kushnak, G.D.; Bruckner, P.L.; Talbert, L.E. 3911
Relationship between soybean sudden death syndrome disease measures and yield components in F6-derived lines. Njiti, V.N.; Shenaut, M.A.; Suttner, R.J.; Schmidt, M.E.; Gibson, P.T. 6003
Salt gland ion secretion: a salinity tolerance mechanism among five Zoysiagrass species. Marcum, Kenneth B.; Anderson, Sharon J.; Engelke, M.C. 3823
Seed Production: Principles and Practices. Bradford, Kent J. Book Review 1097
Seeds Handbook: Biology, Production, Processing and Storage. Keiser, John R. Book Review 425
Smut resistance and grain yield of pearl millet hybrids near isogenic at the Tr locus. Wilson, J.P.; Hanna, W.W. 2744
Tillage management for doublecropped soybean grown in narrow and wide row width culture. Frederick, James R.; Bauer, Philip J.; Busscher, Warren J.; McCutcheon, Gloria S. 5824
Utilization of cowpea crop residues to reduce fertilizer nitrogen inputs with fall broccoli. Schroeder, Judith L.; Kahn, Brian A.; Lynd, J.Q. 9483
Variation in water-use efficiency and its relation to carbon isotope ratio in cotton. Saranga, Yehoshua; Flash, Igal; Yakir, Dan 3894
White clover response to a water-application gradient. Brink, G.E.; Pederson, G.A. 3170
Yield, flowering, and leaf area index of okra-leaf and normal-leaf cotton isolines. Heitholt, J.J.; Meredith, W.R., Jr. 5004

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