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Articles from Crop Science (January 1, 1998)

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A plant DNA isolation protocol suitable for polymerase chain reaction based marker-assisted breeding. Lange, D.A.; Penuela, S.; Denny, R.L.; Mudge, J.; Concibido, V.C.; Orf, J.H.; Young, N.D. 2799
Agricultural Extension, 2d ed. Pigg, Kenneth E. Book Review 931
Agriculture and the Citizen. Keeney, Dennis Book Review 742
Agronomic effects from chromosome translocations 7DL.7Ag and 1BL.1RS in spring wheat. Singh, R.P.; Huerta-Espino, J.; Rajaram, S.; Crossa, J. 6424
Bahiagrass response to a plant growth regulator as affected by mowing interval. Goatley, J.M., Jr.; Maddox, V.L.; Watkins, R.M. 3536
Bermudagrass growth, total nonstructural carbohydrate concentration, and quality as influenced by nitrogen and potassium. Trenholm, L.E.; Dudeck, A.E.; Sartain, J.B.; Cisar, J.L. 5495
Biomass and development. Miller, J.E.; Heagle, A.S.; Pursley, W.A. 3864
Cereal Grain Quality. Tilley, Katherine A. Book Review 880
Changes in Neotyphodium coenophialum infestation levels in tall fescue pastures due to different grazing pressures. Gwinn, Kimberly D.; Fribourg, Henry A.; Waller, John C.; Saxton, Arnold M.; Smith, Marshall C. 3420
Changes in polar lipid fatty acid composition during cold acclimation in 'Midiron' and 'U3' bermudagrass. Samala, Suresh; Yan, Jiyu; Baird, William Vance 5007
Changes in the genetic diversity of cotton in the USA from 1970 to 1995. Van Esbroeck, George A.; Bowman, Daryl T.; Calhoun, D. Steve; May, O. Lloyd 4296
Chromosomal location of genes for resistance to Karnal bunt in wheat. Nelson, J.C.; Autrique, J.E.; Fuentes-Davila, G.; Sorrells, M.E. 4646
Crop Evolution, Adaptation and Yield. Buzzell, R.I. Book Review 471
Cultural and chemical controls of thatch and their influence on rootzone nutrients in a bentgrass green. Callahan, Lloyd M.; Sanders, William L.; Parham, John M.; Harper, Cynthia A.; Lester, Lori D.; McDon 6769
Determination of minimum number of growing seasons for assessment of disease resistance stability in rice. Guimaraes, E.P.; Amezquita, M.C.; Lema, G.; Correa-Victoria, F. 4272
Development of necrosis on resistant and susceptible selections. Halimi, E.S.; Rowe, D.E. 2853
Differentiation of tall fescue monosomic lines using RFLP markers and double monosomic analysis. Eizenga, G.C.; Schardl, C.L.; Phillips, T.D.; Sleper, D.A. 4383
Direct and indirect effects of full-sib recurrent selection for resistance to common rust (Puccinia sorghi Schw.) in three sweet corn populations. Abedon, B.G.; Tracy, W.F. 3810
Embryogenic competence of immature wheat embryos: genotype donor plant environment, and endogenous hormone levels. Hess, J. Richard; Carman, John G. 3499
Epistasis for vegetative and reproductive traits in peanut. Upadhyaya, Hari D.; Nigam, Shyam N. 3558
Ethephon induced changes in vegetative growth of 'Tifton 85' bermudagrass. Shatters, Robert G., Jr.; Wheeler, Richard; West, S.H. 3971
Evaluating wheat cultivars for waterlogging tolerance. Musgrave, M.E.; Ding, N. 5316
Evaluation of discriminant analysis in identification of low- and high-water use Kentucky bluegrass cultivars. Ebdon, J.S.; Petrovic, A.M.; Schwager, S.J. 4607
Evaluation of peanut breeding lines with resistance to the peanut root-knot nematode. Holbrook, C. Corley; Noe, James P.; Gorbet, Daniel W.; Stephenson, Michael G. 2664
Expression and segregation of genes encoding CryIA insecticidal proteins in cotton. Sachs, E.S.; Benedict, J.H.; Stelly, D.M.; Taylor, J.F.; Altman, D.W.; Berberich, S.A.; Davis, S.K. 9481
Field and nutrient solution tests measure similar mechanisms controlling iron deficiency chlorosis in soybean. Lin, Shun-Fu; Baumer, James S.; Ivers, Drew; Rodriguez de Cianzio, Silvia; Shoemaker, Randy C. 4001
Foliar properties. Heagle, A.S.; Miller, J.E.; Booker, F.L. 6512
Forage quality variation among maize inbreds: in vitro fiber digestion kinetics and prediction with NIRS. Jung, H.G.; Mertens, D.R.; Buxton, D.R. 5703
Genotypic differences in dinitrogen fixation response to NaCl stress in intact and grafted soybean. Abd-Alla, M.H.; Vuong, T.D.; Harper, J.E. 5213
Germplasm diversity among cultivars and the NPGS crimson clover collection. Steiner, J.J.; Piccioni, E.; Falcinelli, M.; Liston, A. 6731
Growth analysis of crambe. Kmec, P.; Weiss, M.J.; Milbrath, L.R.; Schatz, B.G.; Hanzel, J.; Hanson, B.K.; Eriksmoen, E.D. 3407
Growth and final weight of central and lateral barley grains under Mediterranean conditions as influenced by sink strength. Voltas, J.; Romagosa, I.; Araus, J.L. 3883
Identifying resistance to Phytophthora sojae in selected soybean accessions using RFLP techniques. Hegstad, J.M.; Nickell, C.D.; Vodkin, L.O. 5413
Inheritance of flowering pattern among four annual bluegrass (Poa annua L.) genotypes. Johnson, Paul G.; White, Donald B. 2695
Interplot interference distorts yield estimates in spring wheat. Clarke, F.R.; Baker, R.J.; DePauw, R.M. 4773
Morphological and growth characteristics of low- and high-water use Kentucky bluegrass cultivars. Ebdon, J.S.; Petrovic, A.M. 6046
Performance of S1 and F1 progenies from resistant and susceptible selections. Halimi, E.S.; Rowe, D.E. 3324
Physiological response of two turfgrass species to varying ratios of soil matric and osmotic potentials. Dean-Knox, D.E.; Devitt, D.A.; Verchick, L.S.; Morris, R.L. 6492
Plant Adaptation and Crop Improvement. St. Martin, S.K. Book Review 858
Plant population density effects on maize inbred lines grown in short-season environments. Modarres, A.M.; Hamilton, R.I.; Dijak, M.; Dwyer, L.M.; Stewart, D.W.; Mather, D.E.; Smith, D.L. 4230
Predicting progeny variance from parental divergence in hard red spring wheat. Burkhamer, Rebecca L.; Lanning, Susan P.; Martens, Roy J.; Martin, John M.; Talbert, Luther E. 5432
Prediction of maize hybrid silage performance using marker data: comparison of several models for specific combining ability. Charcosset, A.; Bonnisseau, B.; Touchebeuf, O.; Burstin, J.; Dubreuil, P.; Barriere, Y.; Gallais, A. 6181
Relationship between carbon isotope discrimination, water use efficiency, and evapotranspiration in Kentucky bluegrass. Ebdon, J.S.; Petrovic, A.M.; Dawson, T.E. 5376
Response of nonirrigated Maturity Group V determinate soybean to end-trimming. Heatherly, Larry G.; Tyler, Jeffrey M. 2014
Restriction fragment length polymorphisms in landrace barleys from Ethiopia in relation to geographic, altitude and agro-ecological factors. Demissie, Abebe; Bjornstad, Asmund; Kleinhofs, Andris 4498
Segregation at microsatellite loci in haploid and diploid gametes of Musa. Crouch, Hutokshi K.; Crouch, Jonathan H.; Jarret, Robert L.; Cregan, Perry B.; Ortiz, Rodomiro 5431
Soluble oligosaccharides and galactosyl cyclitols in maturing soybean seeds in planta and in vitro. Obendorf, Ralph L.; Horbowicz, Marcin; Dickerman, Alexandra M.; Brenac, Patrick; Smith, Margaret E. 3982
Stability of evapotranspiration rates in Kentucky bluegrass cultivars across low and high evaporative environments. Ebdon, J.S.; Petrovic, A.M.; Zobel, R.W. 5961
Transformation of oat using mature embryo-derived tissue cultures. Torbert, K.A.; Rines, H.W.; Somers, D.A. 4687
Transgressive segregation of tiller angle in rice caused by complementary gene action. Xu, Yunbi; McCouch, Susan R.; Shen, Zongtan 5924
Yield and seed quality. Heagle, A.S.; Miller, J.E.; Pursley, W.A. 4378

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