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Articles from Crop Science (March 1, 1997)

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A high-density soybean genetic map based on AFLP markers. Keim, Paul; Schupp, James M.; Travis, Steven E.; Clayton, Kathryn; Zhu, Tong; Shi, Liang; Ferreira, 3366
Affinity of anti-lysergol and anti-ergonovine monoclonal antibodies to ergot alkaloid derivatives. Hill, N.S. 2058
Agronomic evaluation of Medicago ruthenica collected in Inner Mongolia. Campbell, T.A.; Xia, Z.L. 3614
Agronomic performance of hybrids between cultivars and chromosome substitution lines. Yen, Yang; Baenziger, P.S.; Bruns, R.; Reeder, J.; Moreno-Sevilla, B.; Budak, N. 3232
Analysis of the coefficient of parentage matrix. Beuningen, L.T. van; Busch, R.H. 4772
Analysis of the diallel mating design for maize inbred lines. Sughroue, Jay R.; Hallauer, Arnel R. 4641
Ancestor contributions to gene pools of different eras and regions. Beuningen, L.T. van; Busch, R.H. 4983
Application of multiplex PCR and fluorescence-based, semi-automated allele sizing technology for genotyping plant genetic resources. Mitchell, Sharon E.; Kresovich, Stephen; Jester, Christopher A.; Hernandez, C. Javier; Szewc-McFadde 4592
Change in virulence of wheat curl mite detected on TAM 107 wheat. Harvey, T.L.; Martin, T.J.; Seifers, D.L.; Sloderbeck, P.E. 1470
Changes in gene expression in six alfalfa cultivars acclimated under winter hardening conditions. Castonguay, Yves; Nadeau, Paul; Laberge, Serge; Vezina, Louis-P. 5471
Combining ability of the stay green trait and seed moisture content in sunflower. Cukadar-Olmedo, B.; Miller, J.F.; Hammond, J.J. 4103
Comparing cultivars of three cool-season turfgrasses for soil water NO3(super -) concentration and leaching potential. Liu, Haibo; Hull, Richard J.; Duff, D.T. 5798
Cuphea viscosissima mutants with decreased capric acid. Knapp, S.J.; Crane, J.M.; Tagliani, L.A.; Slabaugh, M.B. 4729
DNA content and chloroplast DNA polymorphisms among switchgrasses from remnant Midwestern prairies. Hultquist, Sherry J.; Vogel, K.P.; Lee, D.J.; Arumuganathan, K.; Kaeppler, S. 2756
Effect of leaf rust resistance gene Lr34 on grain yield and agronomic traits of spring wheat. Singh, R.P.; Huerta-Espino, J. 2899
Effect of salinity on arginine biosynthesis in leaves of Phaseolus vulgaris L. and P. acutifolius A. Gray. Lazcano-Ferrat, Ignacio; Lovatt, Carol J. 6974
Effects of heading date on agronomic performance of winter wheat isolines. Haro, Edgar S.; Allan, R.E. 5706
Emergence and growth of durum wheat derived from red smudge-infected seed. Fernandez, M.R.; Clarke, J.M.; DePauw, R.M.; Lefkovitch, L.P. 4069
Evaluation of tobacco accessions for resistance to tobacco cyst nematode and wildfire. Hayes, A.J.; Wilkinson, C.A.; Johnson, C.S. 3280
Fifty-eight years of genetic improvement of short-season soybean cultivars in Canada. Voldeng, H.D.; Cober, E.R.; Hume, D.J.; Gillard, C.; Morrison, M.J. 1931
Film coating impairs leaching of germination inhibitors in sugar beet seed. Duan, Xianming; Burris, Joseph S. 4667
Gene pool classification of common bean landraces from Chile based on RAPD and morphological data. Johns, Mitrick A.; Skroch, Paul W.; Nienhuis, James; Hinrichsen, Patricio; Bascur, Gabriel; Munoz-Sc 7267
Germination of immature soybean seeds to shorten reproductive cycle duration. Roumet, Pierre; Morin, Frederique 4139
Heat and chilling tolerance during germination and heat tolerance during flowering are not associated in cowpea. El-kholy, Aziza S.; Hall, Anthony E.; Mohsen, Awatif A. 7379
Identifying mega-environments and targeting genotypes. Gauch, Hugh G., Jr.; Zobel, Richard W. 14288
Improvement of resistance to rust through recurrent selection in pearl millet. Tapsoba, Hamado; Wilson, Jeffrey P.; Hanna, Wayne W. 4101
Influence of cytoplasms from a wild grassy subspecies on dry matter yields in pearl millet. Hanna, Wayne W. 2665
Lack of association between Fusarium foot rot and head blight resistance in winter rye. Miedaner, Thomas; Gang, Gudrun; Reinbrecht, Carsten; Geiger, Hartwig H. 4333
Light interception and radiation-use efficiency. Sadras, Victor O.; Wilson, Lewis J. 5787
Maize leaf absorptance of photosynthetically active radiation and its estimation using a chlorophyll meter. Earl, H.J.; Tollenaar, M. 3129
Mapping QTL for seed protein and oil content in eight soybean populations. Brummer, E.C.; Graef, G.L.; Orf, J.; Wilcox, J.R.; Shoemaker, R.C. 5189
Maturity and pubescence color are associated in short-season soybean. Cober, E.R.; Voldeng, H.D.; Morrison, M.J. 2890
Meristem culture for virus elimination and peanut interspecific hybrid preservation. Morris, J.B.; Dunn, S.; Pinnow, D.L.; Hopkins, M.S.; Pittman, R.N. 3598
Modeling temperature effects on cotton internode and leaf growth. Reddy, K. Raja; Hodges, Harry F.; McKinion, James M. 4755
Molecular genetic diversity after reciprocal recurrent selection in BSSS and BSCB1 maize populations. Labate, Joanne A.; Lamkey, Kendall R.; Lee, Michael; Woodman, Wendy L. 5869
Nutritional control of soybean seed storage protein. Paek, Nam C.; Imsande, John; Shoemaker, Randy C.; Shibles, Richard 3114
Partitioning of dry matter. Sadras, Victor O.; Wilson, Lewis J. 2900
Plant breeding progress and genetic diversity from de novo variation and elevated epistasis. Rasmusson, D.C.; Phillips, R.L. 6602
Plant population effects. Otegui, Maria E. 5591
Position of the phytophthora resistance gene Rps7 on the soybean molecular map. Lohnes, D.G.; Schmitthenner, A.F. 1244
RAPD based assessment of genetic diversity in cultivated races of sorghum. Menkir, Abebe; Goldsbrough, Peter; Ejeta, Gebisa 4849
RAPD characterization of heterogeneous perennial ryegrass cultivars. Huff, David R. 5125
Regions of the genome that affect grain and malt quality in a North American two-row barley cross. Mather, D.E.; Tinker, N.A.; LaBerge, D.E.; Edney, M.; Jones, B.L.; Rossnagel, B.G.; Legge, W.G.; Bri 7084
Relationships between seed yield and seed protein in determinate and indeterminate soybean populations. Wilcox, James R.; Guodong, Zhang 4016
Repeatability of yield stability statistics in soybean. Sneller, C.H.; Kilgore-Norquest, L.; Dombek, D. 6036
Responses to root-zone CO2 enrichment and hypoxia of wheat genotypes differing in waterlogging tolerance. Huang, Bingru; Johnson, Jerry W.; NeSmith, D. Scott 4260
Screening of soybean for pendimethalin herbicide induced stem damage. Glover, D.G.; Schapaugh, W.T., Jr. 2524
Selection for spot blotch resistance in four spring wheat populations. Sharma, R.C.; Dubin, H.J.; Bhatta, M.R.; Devkota, R.N. 2680
Sites regression and shifted multiplicative model clustering of cultivar trial sites under heterogeneity of error variances. Crossa, Jose; Cornelius, Paul L. 6152
Sowing date effects. Otegui, Maria E.; Melon, Soledad 4382
Transpiration efficiency, specific leaf weight, and mineral concentration in peanut and pearl millet. Brown, R.H.; Byrd, G.T. 5577

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