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Crooked River Brewing Company. (Weekly Specialty Beer Report).


Caption: Crooked River Brewing Company of Cleveland, OH, is introducing its fall seasonal beer, Pumpkin Harvest Ale. "This is a true fall seasonal beer that retailers should be willing to display and feature leading into Halloween and through the Thanksgiving holiday." Said Paul Abrams, spokesman for Crooked River. According to Abrams, Crooked River Pumpking Harvest Ale is brewed in 50-barrel batches using four hundred pounds of "real pumpkin innards." In addition to pumpkin, the ale is brewed with 2-Row. Aromatic and Caramel-10 barley malts along with choice Mt. Hood and Hallertau hops. A blend of pumpkin pie spices (cinnamon, nutmng, ginger and all spice) is also added to the wort to round out his ale. "The color of the beer is a distinctive campfire red," Abrams said. "It has a full body and an original gravity of 16.5[degrees] Plato. It's full-bodied but it is so delicious that even a laver of ordinary light beers will enjoy it." Crooked River Pumpkin Harvest Ale is available in 6-packs and on draft throu ghout the fall season or when supplies are exhausted. 6-packs are available at a retail price of $6.99 in most Crooked River markets.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Sep 16, 2002
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