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Assessment of Imaging Features of Crohn's Disease with MR Enterography. Onay, Mehmet; Erden, Ayse; Binboga, Ali Burak; Altay, Cetin Murat; Toruner, Murat Report Aug 1, 2021 4113
Outcomes of Pediatric Fistulising Perianal Crohn's Disease. Akkelle, Bilge S.; Sengul, Ozlem K.; Volkan, Burcu; Tutar, Engin; Ergelen, Rabia; Yardimci, Samet; E Report Mar 1, 2021 4557
Miracle drug is helping Johnny win battle with Cystic fibrosis.. Limerick dad has been through the mill with disease since he was a kid but his new Kaftrio medication has given him hope that he can enjoy a healthier & longer life. SIOBHAN O'CONNOR Dec 24, 2020 930
Small Bowel Adenocarcinoma in the Setting of Crohn's Disease: A Systematic Review of the Literature/Crohn Hastaligiyla Iliskili Ince Bagirsak Adenokarsinomu: Sistematik Derleme. Aydinli, Huriye Hande; Remzi, Feza H.; Schwartzberg, David; Ream, Justin; Galvaoneto, Antonio; Megib Report Dec 1, 2020 7656
Elevated miRNA Inversely Correlates with E-cadherin Gene Expression in Tissue Biopsies from Crohn Disease Patients in contrast to Ulcerative Colitis Patients. Guz, Malgorzata; Dworzanski, Tomasz; Jeleniewicz, Witold; Cybulski, Marek; Kozicka, Joanna; Stepulak Report Aug 31, 2020 4542
The Relationship between C-Reactive Protein/Albumin Ratio and Disease Activity in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Chen, Yi-Han; Wang, Li; Feng, Shu-Yi; Cai, Wei-Min; Chen, Xiao-Fu; Huang, Zhi-Ming Jul 31, 2020 5470
The potential of metabolic and lipid profiling in inflammatory bowel diseases: A pilot study. Tefas, Cristian; Ciobanu, Lidia; Tantau, Marcel; Moraru, Corina; Socaciu, Carmen Report May 1, 2020 5555
Phenotypic and Functional Changes in Peripheral Blood Natural Killer Cells in Crohn Disease Patients. Samarani, Suzanne; Sagala, Patrick; Jantchou, Prevost; Grimard, Guy; Faure, Christophe; Deslandres, Mar 31, 2020 9666
1999 to 2017 Saw Drop in IBD Hospitalization Rate for Whites; Crohn disease, ulcerative colitis hospitalizations decreased for white, but not black, seniors aged ≥65. Dec 12, 2019 225
Risk for Birth Defects Not Increased With Adalimumab; Risk for preterm delivery higher in women with RA, Crohn disease regardless of adalimumab exposure. Nov 1, 2019 267
Low-FODMAP Diet Relieves Gut Symptoms for More IBD Patients; Adequate relief of gut symptoms reported for more patients following low-FODMAP versus control diet. Oct 7, 2019 263
Crohn's Disease Drugs Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2019 - 2025. Sep 27, 2019 611
Risk for Developing Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Up in IBD; Incidence of IPF significantly higher in patients with Crohn disease than in controls. Sep 25, 2019 268
Vaccination Does Not Up Risk for Developing Multiple Sclerosis; Odds of MS lower in participants with vaccination, especially for influenza, tick-borne illness. Aug 6, 2019 297
Etanercept Tx for Autoimmune Disease May Up Risk for IBD; Findings seen in patients receiving etanercept for other autoimmune diseases. Jul 15, 2019 299
Negative Cognitive Bias May Be Key to Depression in Active IBD; Emotional recognition bias may partially mediate the link between IBD activity and depression. Jul 11, 2019 249
The effect of concomitant ankylosing spondylitis on longterm outcome of patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Atay, Kadri; Eyvazov, Hayyam; Bozcan, Selma; Eskazan, Tugce; Demir, Nurhan; Hatemi, Ibrahim; Erzin, Jul 1, 2019 4028
The Clinical Significance of Crohn Disease Activity at Resection Margins. Setoodeh, Sasan; Liu, Li; Boukhar, Sarag A.; Singal, Amit G.; Westerhoff, Maria; Waljee, Akbar K.; A Report Apr 1, 2019 3217
The effect of concomitant ankylosing spondylitis on long-term outcome of patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Atay, Kadri; Eyvazov, Hayyam; Bozcan, Selma; Eskazan, Tugce; Demir, Nurhan; Hatemi, Ibrahim; Erzin, Apr 1, 2019 4000
Crypto exchange founder's death strands $190M. Feb 5, 2019 143
Differential diagnosis of Crohn's disease using antibodies to glycoprotein 2 and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Duman, Ali Erkan; Hulagu, Sadettin; Celebi, Altay; Korkmaz, Ugur; Musul, Mahmut Mert; Senturk, Omer; Report Jan 1, 2019 4219
Frequency and risk factors of surgical recurrence of Crohn's disease after primary bowel resection. Zhou, Jiajie; Li, Yi; Gong, Jianfeng; Zhu, Weiming Report Nov 1, 2018 5368
Crohn's disease tied to anal canal high-risk HPV infection. Karon, Amy Clinical report Nov 1, 2018 492
Surgery for Intestinal Crohn's Disease: Results of a multidisciplinary approach. Atasoy, Deniz; Aghayeva, Afag; Aytac, Erman; Erenler, Ilknur; Celik, Aykut Ferhat; Baca, Bilgi; Kara Sep 1, 2018 2646
Therapeutic role of methotrexate in pediatric Crohn's disease. Djuric, Zlatko; Saranac, Ljiljana; Budic, Ivana; Pavlovic, Voja; Djordjevic, Jelena Report Aug 1, 2018 4142
Predictive parameters of early postoperative complications in Crohn's disease: Single team experience. Atasoy, Deniz; Aghayeva, Afag; Bilgin, Ismail Ahmet; Erzin, Yusuf; Bayraktar, Ilknur Erenler; Baca, Jul 1, 2018 2999
Pediatric Crohn's Disease in Bahrain. Isa, Hasan M.; Mohamed, Afaf M.; Jowder, Halima E. Al-; Matrook, Khadija A.; Althawadi, Haya H. Report Jul 1, 2018 6584
Chronic Granulomatous Disease in a Boy Who Presented With Dactilitis Caused by Serratia Marcescens, Mimicking Rheumatic Monoarthritis in the Newborn Period: A Case Presentation. Cansever, Murat; Kircil, Nihan; Koker, Mustafa Yavuz; Patiroglu, Turkan Jun 1, 2018 2391
Argininemia, Hyperornithinemia, and 3-Hydroxyisovaleric Aciduria. Tal, Galit; Dar, Dalit E.; Idin, Anna; Korman, Stanley H.; Dumin, Elena Jun 1, 2018 1085
Arthritis-stricken Dynamo wows performing surprise card tricks backstage at Haye v Bellew boxing match after battling Crohn's disease; The illusionist impressed Chris Eubank Jr backstage at The O2 Arena in London on Saturday - just weeks after he revealed he feared that the devastating disease could spell an end to his magic career. May 6, 2018 649
Differentiating Crohn's disease from intestinal tuberculosis at presentation in patients with tissue granulomas. Watermeyer, G.; Thomson, S. Report May 1, 2018 3537
Impaired Coagulation Status in the Crohn's Disease Patients Complicated with Intestinal Fistula. Li, Yuan; Ren, Jian-An; Wang, Ge-Fei; Gu, Guo-Sheng; Wu, Xiu-Wen; Liu, Song; Ren, Hua-Jian; Hong, Zh Report Mar 18, 2018 4252
Mycobacterium avium subsp. hominissuis Infection in a Domestic Rabbit, Germany. Klotz, Daniela; Barth, Stefanie A.; Baumgartner, Wolfgang; Hewicker-Trautwein, Marion Report Mar 1, 2018 1000
Further improvement after 24-month treatment with teduglutide in a patient with active Crohn's disease and short bowel syndrome. Borghini, Raffaele; Caronna, Roberto; Corazziari, Enrico Stefano; Picarelli, Antonio Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2018 1079
Thickness of Subcutaneous Fat Is a Predictive Factor of Incisional Surgical Site Infection in Crohn's Disease Surgery: A Retrospective Study. Cai, Xingchen; Shen, Weisong; Guo, Zhen; Li, Yi; Cao, Lei; Gong, Jianfeng; Zhu, Weiming Report Jan 1, 2018 5093
Low-Dose Computed Tomography for the Optimization of Radiation Dose Exposure in Patients with Crohn's Disease. Kavanagh, Richard G.; O'Grady, John; Carey, Brian W.; McLaughlin, Patrick D.; O'Neill, Siobhan B.; M Report Jan 1, 2018 6967
Unsuspected Small-Bowel Crohn's Disease in Elderly Patients Diagnosed by Video Capsule Endoscopy. Chao, Che-Yung; Duchatellier, Carl Frederic; Seidman, Ernest G. Report Jan 1, 2018 4599
Pachydermoperiostosis in a Patient with Crohn's Disease: Treatment and Literature Review. Mobini, Maryam; Akha, Ozra; Fakheri, Hafez; Majidi, Hadi; Fattahi, Sanam Case study Jan 1, 2018 2207
ABCB1 3435C>T and 2677G>T/A polymorphisms in Polish and Bosnian patients with Crohn's disease--A preliminary report. Borecki, Krzysztof; Zawada, Iwona; Pawinska-Matecka, Anna; Salkic, Nermin Nusret; Karakiewicz, Beata Report Nov 1, 2017 3445
A rare complication of Crohn disease: Duodenocolic fistula. Bora, Gul; Sonbahar, Bilgehan Cagdas; Ozalp, Nejdet Nov 1, 2017 1707
TiGenix granted orphan drug designation for Cx601 by FDA. Oct 23, 2017 218
TiGenix granted orphan drug designation for Cx601 by FDA. Oct 23, 2017 214
Managing head and neck malignancy arising in a field of Crohn disease inflammation: Report of a case. Yver, Christina; Jhala, Darshana; Muir, Amanda; Basu, Devraj Brief article Oct 1, 2017 111
Crohn's Disease: Healing with nutrition: EN's update guides you on diet strategies that may help manage symptoms of Crohn's disease. Dennett, Carrie Report Jul 1, 2017 849
Predictive factors for endoscopic recurrence after ileocolic resection for Crohn's disease. Akpinar, Hale Report Jul 1, 2017 919
Updating predictors of endoscopic recurrence after ileocolic resection for Crohn disease. Monteiro, Sara; Goncalves, Tiago Curdia; Carvalho, Pedro Boal; Moreira, Maria Joao; Cotter, Jose Report Jul 1, 2017 4134
A microbial signature for Crohn's disease. Cekin, Ayhan Hilmi Report May 1, 2017 1540
Endoscopic balloon dilation for stenotic lesions in Crohn's disease. Kanamori, Akira; Sugaya, Takeshi; Tominaga, Keiichi; Takahashi, Fumiaki; Takenaka, Kazuhiro; Hoshino Report Mar 1, 2017 6331
Hidradenitis suppurativa in Crohn's disease during adalimumab therapy: a paradox? Emanuela, Martina; Anna, Campanati; Katia, Giuliodori; Annamaria, Offidani Jan 1, 2017 2165
A Curious Case of Intestinal Diaphragm Disease Unmasked by Perforation of a Duodenal Ulcer. McNally, Mairead; Cretu, Ion Case overview Jan 1, 2017 2561
Ustekinumab and Vedolizumab Dual Biologic Therapy in the Treatment of Crohn's Disease. Liu, Eddie Y.; Loomes, Dustin E. Case study Jan 1, 2017 812
Correlation of 18F-FDG PET/MRE Metrics with Inflammatory Biomarkers in Patients with Crohn's Disease: A Pilot Study. Domachevsky, Liran; Leibovitzh, Haim; Avni-Biron, Irit; Lichtenstein, Lev; Goldberg, Natalia; Nidam, Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 4185
The Interplay between Defensins and Microbiota in Crohn's Disease. Coretti, Lorena; Natale, Alessandro; Cuomo, Mariella; Florio, Ermanno; Keller, Simona; Lembo, France Report Jan 1, 2017 6647
A Novel System for the Quantification of the ADCC Activity of Therapeutic Antibodies. Lallemand, Christophe; Liang, Feifei; Staub, Flore; Simansour, Maud; Vallette, Benoit; Huang, Lue; F Report Jan 1, 2017 11594
Body Composition in Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis: Correlation with Disease Severity and Duration. Yadav, Dawesh P.; Kedia, Saurabh; Madhusudhan, Kumble Seetharama; Bopanna, Sawan; Goyal, Sandeep; Ja Report Jan 1, 2017 6917
Comparative Readability Analysis of Online Patient Education Resources on Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. Gulati, Rishabh; Nawaz, Mohammad; Lam, Linh; Pyrsopoulos, Nikolaos T. Report Jan 1, 2017 4700
Maintenance of Remission with Partial Enteral Nutrition Therapy in Pediatric Crohn's Disease: A Retrospective Study. Schulman, Jacqueline M.; Pritzker, Liat; Shaoul, Ron Report Jan 1, 2017 5435
A Calcium Enterolith in a Patient with Crohn's Disease and Its In Vitro Dissolubility in Citric Acid. Iwamuro, Masaya; Urata, Haruo; Hiraoka, Sakiko; Ohmori, Masayasu; Kondo, Yoshitaka; Kawahara, Yoshir Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 2800
Newly Diagnosed Colonic Adenocarcinoma: The Presenting Sign in a Young Woman with Undiagnosed Crohn's Disease in the Absence of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis and a Normal Microsatellite Instability Profile. Lowenthal, Brett Matthew; Tipps, Ann M. Ponsford Case study Jan 1, 2017 2657
Squamous Cell Carcinoma Originating from a Crohn's Enterocutaneous Fistula. Protyniak, Bogdan; Shutt, Travis; Farmer, Russell Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 2037
Systems Pharmacological Approach of Pulsatillae Radix on Treating Crohn's Disease. Suh, Su Yeon; An, Won G. Report Jan 1, 2017 8841
Comparison of US Strain Elastography and Entero-MRI to Typify the Mesenteric and Bowel Wall Changes during Crohn's Disease: A Pilot Study. Re, Giuseppe Lo; Picone, Dario; Vernuccio, Federica; Scopelliti, Laura; Piazza, Ambra Di; Tudisca, C Report Jan 1, 2017 4131
Exclusive Enteral Nutrition Induces Remission in Pediatric Crohn's Disease via Modulation of the Gut Microbiota. Gong, Dawei; Yu, Xinjuan; Wang, Lili; Kong, Lingling; Gong, Xiaojie; Dong, Quanjiang Report Jan 1, 2017 5294
Metastatic Crohn's Disease: An Approach to an Uncommon but Important Cutaneous Disorder. Aberumand, Babak; Howard, Jessica; Howard, John Report Jan 1, 2017 3885
A Meta-Analysis of Adalimumab for Fistula in Crohn's Disease. Fu, Yin-mei; Chen, Ming; Liao, Ai-jun Report Jan 1, 2017 4752
Parallel Changes in Harvey-Bradshaw Index, TNF[alpha], and Intestinal Fatty Acid Binding Protein in Response to Infliximab in Crohn's Disease. Al-Saffar, Anas Kh.; Meijer, Carl Hampus; Gannavarapu, Venkata Ram; Hall, Gustav; Li, Yichen; Tarter Report Jan 1, 2017 5009
Diagnostic Value of Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio and Platelet-to-Lymphocyte Ratio in Crohn's Disease. Feng, Jue-Rong; Qiu, Xiao; Wang, Fan; Chen, Peng-Fei; Gao, Qian; Peng, Ya-Nan; Lin, Xue; Liu, Qing; Report Jan 1, 2017 3562
Comparison between Intestinal Behcet's Disease and Crohn's Disease in Characteristics of Symptom, Endoscopy, and Radiology. Zhang, Tianyu; Hong, Liwen; Wang, Zhengting; Fan, Rong; Zhang, Maochen; Lin, Yun; Cheng, Mengmeng; Z Report Jan 1, 2017 4429
Vitamin D Deficiency Is Associated with Endoscopic Severity in Patients with Crohn's Disease. Ye, Lingna; Lin, Ziwen; Liu, Jing; Cao, Qian Report Jan 1, 2017 3347
Safety and Efficacy of Exclusive Enteral Nutrition for Percutaneously Undrainable Abdominal Abscesses in Crohn's Disease. Zhu, Yibin; Xu, Liang; Liu, Wei; Qi, Weilin; Cao, Qian; Zhou, Wei Report Jan 1, 2017 4983
Exclusive Enteral Nutrition versus Infliximab in Inducing Therapy of Pediatric Crohn's Disease. Luo, Youyou; Yu, Jindan; Lou, Jingan; Fang, Youhong; Chen, Jie Report Jan 1, 2017 3105
Strategies for Preventing Endoscopic Recurrence of Crohn's Disease 1 Year after Surgery: A Network Meta-Analysis. Feng, Jin-Shan; Li, Jin-Yu; Chen, Xiu-Yan; Yang, Zheng; Li, Shang-Hai Report Jan 1, 2017 4274
DEATHS. Oct 20, 2016 2110
ODA in Switzerland for fat-derived stem cell therapy. Oct 17, 2016 669
ODA in Switzerland for fat-derived stem cell therapy. Oct 17, 2016 669
Clinical and colonoscopic profile of isolated colonic tuberculosis at a tertiary care hospital in North India. Chandail, Vijant Singh; Jamwal, Vinu Oct 17, 2016 3627
Advances are being made in treatment of Crohn's disease. Oct 10, 2016 439
More fiber may quell Crohn's. Brief article Sep 15, 2016 175
Duodenal ulcer mistakenly attributed to Crohn's disease. Hickner, John Report Sep 1, 2016 291
More than disgraceful; FEEDBACK. Aug 18, 2016 258
Crohn's genes block microbe messages: normally, gut bacteria send signals that calm inflammation. Rosen, Meghan Jun 11, 2016 374
MR in the small bowel: Applications, techniques, and imaging findings. Melamud, Kira; Colip, Charles; Soto, Jorge A. Report Jun 1, 2016 3459
Side effects from the use of azathioprine in Crohn's disease: a systematic review. Theodoros, Loutas; Moutou, A.; Theodosopoulou, E. Report Jun 1, 2016 5787
Selenium overload? Liu, Li; Tamama, Kenichi; Palmer, Octavia M. Peck Clinical report Apr 1, 2016 497
Make the diagnosis. Report Feb 1, 2016 160
Severe Crohn's disease: a case study describing standards of care. Evans, Michael M.; Curtin, Marissa; Stombaugh, Nicole Case study Nov 1, 2015 1603
Compound shown to be safe, tolerable in Phase 3 trial. Sep 14, 2015 413
Product shown to be safe, tolerable in pivotal Phase 3 trial. Sep 7, 2015 410
Product shown to be safe, tolerable in Phase 3 trial. Sep 7, 2015 410
Crohn's disease: Chronic disease, must be treated to prevent its aggravation and transformation. Sep 3, 2015 634
Association of demyelinating and inflammatory bowel diseases: a case series and overview of the literature. Atmaca, Murat Mert; Uzun, Gunes Altiokka; Shugaiv, Erkingul; Kurtuncu, Murat; Eraksoy, Mefkure Clinical report Sep 1, 2015 2946
FDA agrees to Special Protocol Assessment for TiGenix trial. Clinical report Aug 10, 2015 167
FDA agrees to special P rotocol Assessment for TiGenix trial. Clinical report Aug 10, 2015 167
Inflammatory bowel disease: caring for a patient with Crohn's disease. Chastang, Debra Clinical report Jul 1, 2015 689
Helicobacter pylori and Crohn's disease. Klotter, Jule Jun 1, 2015 562
Field control therapy: apparent documented reversal of Crohn's disease and prompt cure of longstanding irritable bowel syndrome. Yurkovsky, Savely Clinical report Jun 1, 2015 2439
Specific carbohydrate diet in paediatric Crohn's disease. Tester, Jodie Report Jun 1, 2015 869
Granulomas at initial diagnosis of Crohn's disease signal a poor outcome. Watermeyer, G.; Thomson, S.R. Report Jun 1, 2015 4170
NOD2/CARD15 mutations in Polish and Bosnian populations with and without Crohn's disease: prevalence and genotype-phenotype analysis. Salkic, Nermin N.; Adler, Grazyna; Zawada, Iwona; Alibegovic, Ervin; Karakiewicz, Beata; Kozlowska-W Report May 1, 2015 4313
Pulmonary nocardiosis in an adolescent patient with Crohn's disease treated with infliximab: a serious complication of TNF-alpha blockers. Verma, Rishi; Walia, Ritu; Sondike, Stephen B.; Khan, Raheel Clinical report May 1, 2015 1445
Crohn's drug shows promise: in clinical trial, compound blocked gut inflammation. Seppa, Nathan Apr 18, 2015 420
Partnership will manufacture stem cell-based Crohn's treatment. Feb 23, 2015 372
Partnership to manufacture stem cell-based Crohn's treatment. Feb 23, 2015 428
Discriminating Potential of Extraintestinal Systemic Manifestations and Colonoscopic Features in Chinese Patients with Intestinal Behcet's Disease and Crohn's disease. Li, Ji; Li, Pan; Bai, Jing; Lyu, Hong; Li, Yue; Yang, Hong; Shen, Bo; Qian, Jia-Ming Report Feb 1, 2015 3615
Crohn's granuloma of skin in IBD colitis. Deep, Hardeep Singh; Kumar, Vijay; Grover, Anumeet Singh Case study Jan 29, 2015 1014
Low-disaccharide diet effective against crohn's disease. Gaby, Alan R. Nov 1, 2014 943
Liver Veno-Occlusive Disease (VOD) in a patient given 6-thioguanine for Crohn's disease. Salerno, Agata; Vacante, Marco; Pollina, Donatella; Stancanelli, Benedetta; Martini, Silvia; David, Clinical report Jun 1, 2014 1344
Fluorescent quantitative PCR of Mycobacterium tuberculosis for differentiating intestinal tuberculosis from Crohn's disease. Fei, B.Y.; Lv, H.X.; Zheng, W.H. Report Feb 1, 2014 3550
Thalidomide treats Crohn's disease: study of children with disorder finds new use for tainted drug. Seppa, Nathan Jan 11, 2014 545
Diagnostic difficulties in woman with Crohn's disease, ascites, and elevated value of serum CA125 antigen. Klopocka, Maria; Liebert, Ariel; Bielinska, Joanna; Manerowski, Marcin Report Jan 1, 2014 2619
Serum omentin-1 as a disease activity marker for Crohn's disease. Lu, Yan; Zhou, Li; Liu, Lifeng; Feng, Yan; Lu, Li; Ren, Xiaoyan; Dong, Xinqian; Sang, Weiwei Report Jan 1, 2014 2631
Serum interleukin 17 levels in patients with Crohn's disease: real life data. Sahin, Abdurrahman; Calhan, Turan; Cengiz, Mustafa; Kahraman, Resul; Aydin, Kubra; Ozdil, Kamil; Kor Report Jan 1, 2014 3913
Surgical treatment of perianal fistulizing Crohn's disease: from lay-open to cell-based therapy--an overview. Pellino, Gianluca; Selvaggi, Francesco Report Jan 1, 2014 6495
Capsule endoscopy in the small Bowel Crohn's disease. Arguelles-Arias, Federico; Rodriguez-Oballe, Juan; Duarte-Chang, Calixto; Castro-Laria, Luisa; Garci Report Jan 1, 2014 6050
Granulomatous Interstitial Nephritis as a Manifestation of Crohn Disease. Colvin, Robert B.; Traum, Avram Z.; Taheri, Diana; Jafari, Mohsen; Dolatkhah, Shahaboddin Jan 1, 2014 2355
The diagnostic role of magnetic resonance enterography in Crohn's disease: an updated review of techniques, interpretation, and application. Arif-Tiwari, Hina; Kalb, Bobby; Chundru, Surya; Costello, James; Sauer, Cary G.; Martin, Diego R.; G Report Dec 1, 2013 4035
Literature review & commentary. Gaby, Alan R. Nov 1, 2013 2246
Distinct microbiome discovery could aid Crohn's therapy. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Sep 1, 2013 441
Shorts. Klotter, Jule Jun 1, 2013 4356
Mucosal barrier in ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. Dorofeyev, A.E.; Vasilenko, I.V.; Rassokhina, O.A.; Kondratiuk, R.B. Report Jan 1, 2013 4932
Enteral nutrition in Crohn's disease: an underused therapy. Kansal, S.; Wagner, J.; Kirkwood, C.D.; Catto-Smith, A.G. Report Jan 1, 2013 9541
The novel Crohn's disease marker anti-GP2 antibody is associated with ileocolonic location of disease. Somma, Valentina; Ababneh, Hani; Ababneh, Ahmad; Gatti, Simona; Romagnoli, Vittorio; Bendia, Emanuel Report Jan 1, 2013 4333
Utility of computed tomographic enteroclysis/enterography for the assessment of mucosal healing in Crohn's disease. Hashimoto, Shinichi; Shimizu, Kensaku; Shibata, Hiroaki; Kanayama, Satoko; Tanabe, Ryo; Onoda, Hidek Report Jan 1, 2013 2758
Christmas shop is family charity fundraiser. Jan 1, 2013 248
More than 200 genes behind Crohn's Disease identified. Dec 14, 2012 559
Questions & answers about Crohn's disease. Book review Dec 1, 2012 153
Psoriasis drug works on some Crohn's patients. Seppa, Nathan Brief article Nov 17, 2012 115
'I've not let Crohn's disease hold me back' MYHEALTH. Nov 7, 2012 562
New Light on the Genetic Basis of Inflammatory Diseases. Nov 2, 2012 757
'Bark diet cured me' Gran hails alternative remedy. Nov 2, 2012 432
71 new genes behind inflammatory bowel disease uncovered. Nov 1, 2012 605
Optimize dietary strategies for Inflammatory Bowel Disease: eat more omega-3s and anti-inflammatory foods to help manage Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Oct 1, 2012 702
Tuberculosis in an inflammatory bowel disease cohort from South Africa. Deetlefs, E.; Epstein, D.; Watermeyer, G.A.; Seggie, R.M.; Thomson, S.R. Report Oct 1, 2012 2619
Unusual presentation of Crohn's Disease. Khushbakht, Samreen; Khan, Naeem Sep 30, 2012 1435
David is inspired by return of Fletch. Sep 22, 2012 276
Soligenix Inc wins FDA's clearance to initiate a SGX203 clinical programme for pediatric Crohna[euro](tm)s Disease in 2012. Sep 7, 2012 223
Soligenix Inc wins FDA's clearance to initiate a SGX203 clinical programme for pediatric Crohna[euro](tm)s Disease in 2012. Sep 7, 2012 219
Communicating risk. Sep 1, 2012 363
Coronado Biosciences Inc announces launch of Phase 2 clinical trial of TSO for Crohna[euro](tm)s Disease. Aug 15, 2012 188
Coronado Biosciences Inc announces launch of Phase 2 clinical trial of TSO for Crohna[euro](tm)s Disease. Aug 15, 2012 184
Salix Pharmaceuticals Ltd partners with Alfa Wassermann for new extended intestinal release formulation of rifaximin. Aug 9, 2012 204
Salix Pharmaceuticals Ltd partners with Alfa Wassermann for new extended intestinal release formulation of rifaximin. Aug 9, 2012 190
Service evaluation of patients with orofacial granulomatosis and patients with oral Crohn's disease attending a paediatric oral medicine clinic. Howell, J.L.; Bussell, R.M.; Hegarty, A.M.; Zaitoun, H. Report Aug 1, 2012 4010
The differential diagnosis of colitis in endoscopic biopsy specimens: a review article. Cerilli, Lisa A.; Greenson, Joel K. Aug 1, 2012 8370
Inflammatory bowel disease: diagnosis and research trends: the clinical lab is playing an increasingly important role. Shokrani, Masih Cover story Aug 1, 2012 3137
Burrill Bernard Crohn. Ellis, Harold Jul 1, 2012 910
Portal hypertension from nodular regenerative hyperplasia of the liver with distal splenorenal shunt. Greene, J.A.; DiPasco, P.J.; Koshenkov, V.P.; Livingstone, A.S. Case study Jul 1, 2012 1344
Spondyloarthropathy common in IBD patients. Jancin, Bruce Jul 1, 2012 329
Candida, fungal-type dysbiosis, and chronic disease: exploring the nature of the yeast connection. Olmstead, Stephen; Meiss, Dennis; Ralston, Janet Clinical report Jun 1, 2012 4910
Colonic tuberculosis masquerading as colon cancer. Kumar, A.; Patodia, M.; Pandove, P.K.; Sharda, V.K. Case study May 1, 2012 1059
Adalimumab aided mucosal healing in crohn's. Moon, Mary Ann May 1, 2012 568
Circulating epithelial cells in patients with benign colon diseases. Pantel, Klaus; Deneve, Eric; Nocca, David; Coffy, Amandine; Vendrell, Jean- Pierre; Maudelonde, Thie Report May 1, 2012 2579
Novel Therapy Discovered for Crohn's Disease. Mar 21, 2012 478
Acid in meat and dairy products offers novel therapy for bowel disease. Mar 20, 2012 498
Medical Tx an option for Crohn's abscesse. Moon, Mary Ann Mar 15, 2012 671
Crohn's risk halved when vitamin D is elevated. Napoli, Denise Mar 1, 2012 643
Metastatic Crohn disease: a rare cutaneous entity. Siroy, Alan; Wasman, Jay Disease/Disorder overview Mar 1, 2012 2560
Intestinal toxemia botulism in 3 adults, Ontario, Canada, 2006-2008. Sheppard, Yolanda D.; Middleton, Dean; Whitfield, Yvonne; Tyndel, Felix; Haider, Shariq; Spiegelman, Jan 1, 2012 3877
I hate it when I miss this stuff. Rader, Rick; Kent, Morton J. Jan 1, 2012 1117
Colon cleansing perils: where's the evidence? Holt, Stephen Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2011 444
Brave Eoghan's battle with crippling disease. Nov 10, 2011 432
Geographical variation plays role in chronic digestive conditions. Nov 1, 2011 360
2MINUTES ON.. Oct 31, 2011 226
2 MINUTES ON.. Oct 31, 2011 226
2 MINUTES ON.. health focus. Oct 31, 2011 226
'I don't want anyone to suffer way I did' Jennifer ended up at 6 stone. Oct 15, 2011 432
TiGenix to fund Phase III fistula programme in Crohn's disease with EUR5m loan. Oct 4, 2011 149
Hank Taylor: Henry (Hank) Russell Taylor, 83 of Ottawa, Ontario, passed away at Ottawa Civic Hospital on August 12, 2011. Despite his longstanding Crohn's disease and renal failure, he put up a valiant fight right to the end. He was well known to the U.S. mushroom farm community and served as the Executive Vice President of the Canadian Mushroom Growers Association for many years. Oct 1, 2011 212
Crohn's Disease. Disease/Disorder overview Sep 1, 2011 4939
Crohn's disease; the complete guide to medical management. Brief article Aug 1, 2011 155
Ulcerative colitis; the complete guide to medical management. Brief article Aug 1, 2011 155
Vitamin D: cure-all or hype? Studies abound, the headlines are full of buzz, but what's the real deal on vitamin D? Rosenthal, Amy J. Aug 1, 2011 1166
Late bare-metal stent thrombosis in a patient with Crohn's disease/Crohn hastalikli bir hastada gec ciplak metal stent trombozu. Yazici, Huseyin Ugur; Birdane, Alparslan; Nadiradze, Aydin; Unalir, Ahmet Aug 1, 2011 950
Man's heroin habit to help ease pain of Crohn's disease. Jul 4, 2011 369
Disease outcome for children who present with oral manifestations of Crohn's disease. Hussey, S.; Fleming, P.; Rowland, M.; Harty, S.; Chan, L.; Broderick, A.; Drumm, B.; Bourke, B. Clinical report Jun 1, 2011 2133
I'd given up on life and love...but Simon has helped to change that. May 28, 2011 647
What is Crohn's Disease? May 26, 2011 108
Abbott event to highlight Crohn's disease. May 21, 2011 290
Crohn's conundrum. Brief article May 1, 2011 271
Probiotic bacteria 'could help in Crohn's disease therapy'. Apr 2, 2011 259
Probiotic bacteria 'could help in Crohn's disease therapy'. Apr 1, 2011 259
Psoriasis seen as anti-TNF therapy side effect. Jancin, Bruce Apr 1, 2011 966
Memorial bike ride. Mar 25, 2011 161
"LifeLine," Hosted by Joan Lunden Educates Viewers on Crohn's Disease. Mar 19, 2011 227
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Cancer drugs offer new hope for Crohn's disease and sarcoidosis. Dec 1, 2010 356
Zealand Pharma announces Phase I data for ZP1848 in Crohn's disease. Oct 15, 2010 216
Boy wins battle to ban 'miracle' drink. Oct 13, 2010 445
Crohn's disease breakthrough. Aug 27, 2010 154
Eating broccoli and plantain could reduce bouts of Crohn's disease. Aug 26, 2010 259
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Ask Dr. Nan. Jun 1, 2010 559
Sympathetic ear; Your say. May 31, 2010 196
UCB announces Cimzia study results in Crohn's Disease. May 3, 2010 237
Using drugs or diet to boost a protein to restore the body's natural defenses to gut infections may offer a new way to treat currently incurable bowel diseases such as Crohn's disease, European scientists said. May 3, 2010 138
Vitamin D supplements may protect against Crohn's disease. Dye, Dayna Brief article May 1, 2010 177
Infliximab treatment effective for cystic fibrosis and Crohn's disease. Apr 20, 2010 319
2-drug combo effective for Crohn's disease remission. Clinical report Apr 15, 2010 295
Register hope for Colitis and Crohn's; BREAKING HEALTH NEWS. Apr 12, 2010 213
Step up to fight disease. Apr 9, 2010 180
Vitamin D: cure-all or hype? Studies abound, the headlines are full of bun, but what's the real deal on vitamin D? Apr 1, 2010 1192
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Will my fiancee get over Crohn's disease? Jan 17, 2010 919
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Seventh heaven; Garden party funds grow over the years. Jul 25, 2009 428
Ignorance at distressing disease. Jun 25, 2009 219
Powerful nutrient cocktail may benefit kids with Crohn's disease. Jun 17, 2009 278
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Inflammatory bowel disease challenges persist. Walsh, Nancy Feb 15, 2009 417
Pearl Jam's McCready backs bathroom law for Crohn disease patients. Jan 31, 2009 190
Failure to have blood for transfusion: death-$9 million verdict. Tammelleo, A. David Case overview Jan 1, 2009 841
Many immune-related diseases have a few common genes at their core. Dec 25, 2008 454
'My sisters are my inspiration'. Dec 2, 2008 475
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Ileal pouch anal anastomosis works for some Crohn's patients. Jancin, Bruce Clinical report Oct 15, 2008 672
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Critical issues in the long-term management of Crohn's disease: an expert discussion. Clinical report Sep 15, 2008 6029
Crohn's patient has bowel resection, can't eat solid food. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 241
Extensive Crohn's disease may elevate risk of colon cancer, dysplasia. Tucker, Miriam E. Clinical report Sep 1, 2008 653
New nurse is a huge boost for patients; HEALTH: Bowel disease ranks in top three A&E cases. Aug 6, 2008 391
Natalizumab cuts hospitalization rates in Crohn's. Splete, Heidi Aug 1, 2008 443
Methotrexate failed to boost infliximab's benefit in Crohn's. Ault, Alicia Aug 1, 2008 604
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Scientists Define 21 New Genes Associated with Crohn's Disease. Jul 21, 2008 138
FDA launches safety review of TNF blockers: under investigation are the risks for lymphoma and other cancers from Enbrel, Humira, and Remicade. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Jul 15, 2008 846
New agent approved for moderate to severe Crohn's. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Jul 1, 2008 616
WALES: Welcome for new helpline. Jun 23, 2008 154
Drug approved for Crohn's, but risks dictate close monitoring. Jun 15, 2008 400
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Postoperative pain management: the challenges of the patient with Crohn's disease. Cameron, Cynthia A.; Sawatzky, Jo-Ann V. Apr 1, 2008 5330
Potential pouchitis Tx wins orphan drug status. Boschert, Sherry Apr 1, 2008 375
Raising doubts about Crohn's treatment. Seppa, Nathan Mar 8, 2008 263
Mum tells of living with embarrassing disease for years; The North East is leading genetic research to give a better understanding of what causes Crohn's disease. Health correspondent Audrey Barton spoke to Pauline Fallows about living with the condition. Disease/Disorder overview Mar 4, 2008 713
Closing in on the riddle of Crohn's. Mar 4, 2008 177
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Football: Dave a real Diamond in battle to beat illness; EXCLUSIVE DIVISION TWO. Feb 23, 2008 546
Crohn's disease findings. Feb 23, 2008 148
Natalizumab gets the nod for use in selected Crohn's disease patients. Napoli, Denise Feb 15, 2008 333
Prebiotics show promise in Crohn's and colitis. Splete, Heidi Feb 15, 2008 660
Crohn's diseasemum died after doctors mistook vomiting for morning sickness. Feb 5, 2008 429
Crohn's diseasemumdied after doctors mistook vomiting for morning sickness. Medical condition overview Feb 5, 2008 409
Natalizumab gets the nod for use in selected Crohn's patients. Napoli, Denise Feb 1, 2008 386
Methotrexate use advocated for Crohn's patients. Kirn, Timothy F. Feb 1, 2008 700
Infliximab use may not avert surgery in Crohn's. Kirn, Timothy F. Disease/Disorder overview Feb 1, 2008 629
IBD and osteoporosis: a dangerous link: people with inflammatory bowel disease can protect their bones and reduce fracture risk. Feb 1, 2008 751
Crohn disease drug backed, with restrictions. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Sep 1, 2007 1047
Crohn disease drug approved, with restrictions. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Sep 1, 2007 933
Your LIFE daily: Outreach campaign to help sufferers; HEALTH: Joe Barr talks about his fight back to health after a year of suffering a debilitating illness. Aug 6, 2007 246
6-thioguanine nucleotide--adapted azathioprine therapy does not lead to higher remission rates than standard therapy in chronic active crohn disease: Results from a randomized, controlled, open trial. Reinshagen, Max; Schutz, Ekkehard; Armstrong, Victor W.; Behrens, Christoph; Von Tirpitz, Christian; Jul 1, 2007 5347
Radiological case of the month: John D. Ebersole, MD. Ebersole, John D. Case study Jul 1, 2007 547
What is Colitis and Crohn's Disease? Jun 14, 2007 124
BRIEFS. May 24, 2007 274
Ulcerative colitis, Crohn's linked. May 1, 2007 322
Knifelike vulvar ulcers could be a sign of Crohn's disease. Johnson, Kate Apr 15, 2007 386
Cymbalta for GAD, Humira for Crohn's. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Disease/Disorder overview Apr 1, 2007 804
In Crohn's, infliximab can be bridge to immunomodulators. McNamara, Damian Mar 1, 2007 393
Treatment for Crohn's disease may aid long-term bone health. McNamara, Damian Mar 1, 2007 428
Knife & fork :Crohn's disease. Feb 12, 2007 595
Osiris receives FDA fast track status for Prochymal in treat Crohn's disease; European approval for treating GVHD. Feb 1, 2007 348
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Medical management resolves fistulas in Crohn's. McNamara, Damian Clinical report Feb 1, 2007 272
Natalizumab takes Crohn's remission Past 2 years. Zoler, Mitchel L. Jan 1, 2007 602
Adalimumab can suppress Crohn's after infliximab fails. Zoler, Mitchel L. Dec 1, 2006 592

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