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Crocodile turns orange.

Summary: Snappy the crocodile was accidentally bleached after he bit a hole in his pond's water filter.

Crocodiles should normally be green, but Snappy, as he is affectionately known, has astonished his owners and experts by turning orange.

The 2.5 metre pet is owned by Tracy Sandstrom from Melbourne, Australia, who originally thought Snappy was seriously ill.

As it turned out, the reptile is perfectly healthy - but his voracious appetite had led to him attacking and breaking his pond's water filter.

The fault, in turn, caused the water to become highly acidic, effectively bleaching Snappy's white and green head and underside bright orange.

Snappy was in the process of being sold to another collector at the time. The buyer, known only as David, was unphased by the change of colour, saying it was "no different to being married. A bit unpredictable".

Tracy says despite the unexpected change of colour, the croc is his old self: "There's no change in his behaviour, his aggression, his territorialism.

"He's still a really nasty crocodile.

"It's a collector's item now, everyone will want one, I should have put him on eBay."

Experts say Snappy will return to his normal colour over time.

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Publication:Independent Television News Limited (ITN)
Date:Sep 27, 2011
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