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Crocodile emerges with missing man in jaws after killing him by biting his GROIN; Darlin Uti's sister tried in vain to pull her brother to safety as a giant crocodile dragged him into a river in southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Byline: Talia Shadwell

Acrocodilehas been captured in chilling video footage emerging from a river clutching a missing man in its jaws.

The huge beast is believed to have killed the man by biting his groin.

Darlin Uti, 30, was snorkelling in the murky river to fix an underwater pipe near his home in southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, on April 12, when the crocodile attacked.

The victim's sister, who was on the river bank, tried to help Darlin by grabbing the hose he used to breath underwater to pull him to safety.

But the crocodile thrashed around in the water and disappeared into the depths, with its teeth gripping Darlin's crotch.

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Indonesian authorities immediately began searching for Darlin, who was from the Kinapani Village alongside the Malaoge river.

Tragically, the Search and Rescue Team (SAR) spotted Darlin's body the next day.

Disturbing images have emerged showing the crocodile appearing on the surface - with its jaws still clamped around its victim's groin.

The man's lower legs and feet can be seen in the video sticking out of the water as the huge crocodile floats past before submerging again.

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Rescuers boarded boats and eventually retrieved the body intact, so Darlin could be returned to his family for a funeral.

SAR team member Usmanudin said: "There was a huge bite wound in Darlin's groin which could have caused him to bleed and die, but his body was still intact inside the crocodile's mouth."

Usmanudin also said that the Malaoge River is a thriving habitat for crocodiles in the area and warned locals to be cautious if they have to go into the water.

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The death came just two day afters another man, Subli, 35, was killed by a crocodile after washing his hands in a canal while fishing on April 10 in the Indragiri Hilir regency.

According to the Natural Resources Conservation Cente, there has been a rise in crocodile attacks in Indonesia since last year.

Maluku had the highest number of incidents recorded incidents from March 2018, to present.

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Mukhtar Amin Ahmad, the Maluku BKSDA chief said: "It might be driven by the continuous damage to the reptiles' habitat from blast fishing, where explosives are used to stun fish for easy collection.

"Depletion of local fish stocks might be another factor."

The BKSDA says locals should immediately report any crocodile sightings to the authorities.

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Credit: ViralPress

A search and rescue team member fishes Darlin's body from the murky river

Credit: ViralPress

Rescuers spotted the crocodile in the Indonesian river with its victim in its jaws

Credit: ViralPress

The crocodile was seen carrying its victim, Darli Uti, who was attacked while snorkelling

Credit: ViralPress

The crocodile was seen clutching its victim in its jaws

Credit: ViralPress

The crocodile appeared on the surface with its victim the day after Darlin went missing
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Date:Apr 22, 2019
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