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Crocodile Tears: Alex Rider.

Crocodile Tears: Alex Rider

Anthony Horowitz

Walker Books

ISBN 978 14063 10481

Hardback 14.99 [pounds sterling]


It's been two years since the last published Alex Rider novel; two years too long for fans of this teenage spy. Horowitz has given us his The Power of Five sequence in the interim, but it hasn't stirred the blood in the same way, for me. If your reluctant readers want beautifully crafted, white-knuckle, adventure books then look no further. The blond boy is back in town and once you've turned page one, it feels like he's never been away.

Crocodile Tears was simultaneously released by Walker Books in November 09 as a hardback book, an e-book and an iPhone application. It will be interesting to find out the success of this first ever multi form publication. It is the eighth Alex Rider novel and, despite the wait, it's just as good as its predecessors.

Alex is now 14 going on 15 and is getting too big for his amazing stunt bike. He's finally had a settled term at his secondary school; sinking into anonymity with relief, he's beginning to think that his days of deadly missions for MI6 are at last behind him. Invited to see in the New Year at a remote Scottish castle with his girlfriend's family, he makes the acquaintance of ex-boxing champion, ex-millionaire, ex-tory MP, ex-criminal, Desmond McCain, a born-again Christian Reverend, who now leads a global charity. When Alex beats him in a not so friendly game of cards it sets the wheels spinning for another fast paced adventure. GM crops, corrupt charities, dodgy journalists, ruthless killers and a 'biodome' housing some of the most lethal plants and creatures in the world; these are some of the things Alex must overcome. Snapping crocodiles, evil scientists, maniacal members of the clergy; Horowitz has great fun leading us into the deadliest of territories.

Alex does a bit of moping to stress how reluctantly he is being drawn into this deadly world once more. He protests, too loudly, about wanting to give it all up. No way. He's a rider on the wish fulfilment roller coaster he was born and trained for. He knows it beats the hell out of double geography ... and long may it continue!

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Author:Knight, Gavin
Publication:NATE Classroom
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Date:Mar 22, 2010
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