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Crocodile Seen Crawling Inside Car Showroom.

In a rare sight, a huge crocodile was seen crawling around a Chrysler dealership in the city of Puerto Vallarta in western Mexico.

The reptile did not seem to be bothered by the stunned employers looking at it or the number of vehicles on display at the store. Its unexpected visit and stroll was captured on camera by more than one staff at the showroom. A compilation of the videos was uploaded online.

Although it was unclear how the crocodile managed to find its way into the store, some locals believe it would have wandered over from a nearby golf course. The reptile was found hiding under one of the cars in the showroom.

A security guard at the showroom said he heard some type of a commotion inside the store and initially thought thieves had invaded the shop before discovering the crocodile. The civil protection service was alerted by one of the witnesses inside the showroom, who also provided a description of the crocodile, which was reportedly two meters [6.5 feet] long.

The local police in Puerto Vallarta arrived at the scene and took the reptile back to its natural habitat. They said the crocodile was not hurt during the transfer.

Helios Hernandez Hurtado, from the management unit for the preservation of wildlife in the University Centre of Costa told ( Mirror Online that only 45 of the 200 crocodiles living in Puerto Vallarta grew to the size of more than two meters long.

"In the last eight years, more than 15 crocodiles have died, all of them more than two meters long. They died after being run over, stabbed or fished by hooks made from metal construction bars or even shot," he said.

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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
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Date:Dec 28, 2018
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