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Crockett, Mary. How She Died, How I Lived.

Crockett, Mary. How She Died, How I Lived. Little, Brown, November 2018. 416p. $17.99. 978-0316523813.

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Kyle texted five girls that summer day. Jamie was the only one who answered, and it got her killed. A year later, the unnamed narrator of this story is still struggling with the realization that if she had answered that text, she would be dead. Her feelings of guilt have pushed her friends away. She has built a friendship with Lindsey, who also received Kyle's text and understands how it changed their lives. Jamie's former boyfriend, Charlie, is still grieving hard. He partly blames himself for not being able to save Jamie while also struggling with his anger toward the killer. When Charlie and the narrator of this story start falling for each other, they need to navigate their feelings about the killer and reconcile the fact that they care about each other enough to try to build a future.

Crockett's story deals with how a chance action can change someone's future or, in this case, choose to take or give a life. The narrator and other secondary characters struggle with survivor's guilt and what it means to forgive someone for a violent action. The novel delves into the stages of grief a person feels when a loved one dies. It also depicts how it is okay to love again, to move on without forgetting someone. While at times the novel can slow in pace or seem repetitive in its grieving process, it authentically portrays the real feelings of someone who survives a tragedy. This book is recommended for readers of realistic fiction and those who have lost someone close to them in a senseless crime.--Laura Panter.

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Author:Panter, Laura
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Article Type:Book review
Date:Dec 1, 2018
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