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The Rudjer Boskovic Institute (IRB) is not a suitable location for the permanent storage of radioactive waste, the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport recently decided.

The minister made the observation during a recent meeting to discuss whether the Institute's experts should become involved in the search for an appropriate site for radioactive waste storage. The experts tend to have long-standing experience in handling radioactive and other hazardous materials.

At the meeting, federal officials considered proposals to relocate an existing radioactive waste depot from the IRB and to restrict activities there--such as using various sources of ionizing radiation or substances that produce dangerous waste--to protect IRB staff and people living near the Institute.

When the Institute was first created in the 1950s, it was located in a sparsely populated region and had only a few dozen employees. Today, the region is heavily populated and the IRB has more than 800 workers.

IRB Director Danica Ramljak said she would not sign a contract allowing all radioactive waste from throughout the country to be stored at her Institute.

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Title Annotation:INTERNATIONAL
Publication:Nuclear Waste News
Date:Dec 11, 2010
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