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Crix' picks.


                                             The Raid:
                    The Deep    The Hunger   Redemption   Salmon
Studio              Blue Sea    Games        Sony         the Yemen
Release date        Music Box   Lionsgate    Classics     CBS         Mar 23      March 23     March 23     March 9
review date         Sept. 11    March 15     Sept. 10     Sep 11

Austin Chronicle                MIXED        MIXED        MIXED
Boston Globe                    PRO          PRO          MIXED
Boxoffice                       PRO          PRO          PRO
Chicago Sun-Times               PRO          CON          MIXED
Chicago Tribune                 PRO          MIXED        MIXED
Entertainment       PRO         PRO          MIXED        PRO
Los Angeles         PRO         CON          PRO
Daily News
Los Angeles Times   PRO         PRO          PRO          PRO
Lyons Den Radio     MIXED       CON          PRO          PRO
Miami Herald        MIXED       CON
Movieline           MIXED       PRO          PRO
New York            PRO         PRO          EJ           CON
Daily News
New York Magazine   PRO         CON
New York Post       PRO         MIXED        PRO          PRO
New York Times      PRO         MIXED        CON          MIXED
Philadelphia                    MIXED                     PRO
ReelzChannel *                  MIXED        MIXED
Rolling Stone       PRO         PRO          MIXED        PRO                       MIXED        PRO
San Francisco                   PRO          PRO          PRO
Time                PRO         CON                       MIXED
Time Out New York   PRO         PRO          PRO          CON
USA Today                       PRO          PRO          PRO
Variety             PRO         MIXED        PRO          MIXED
Wall Street                     MIXED


                                            The Kid
                   Act of      The Hunger   With a Bike   Wild Bill
Studio             Valor       Games        Artificial    The Works
Release date       Momentum    Lionsgate    Eye           March 23        March 23    March 23     March 23      Sept. 26
review date        Feb. 23     March 15     May 14

Daily Mail                      PRO
Empire              CON         PRO          PRO           PRO
Evening Standard    CON         MIXED        PRO           MIXED
The Financial                   CON          PRO           MIXED
Guardian            CON         PRO          PRO           PRO
Independent         CON         CON          MIXED         MIXED
Time Out            CON         MIXED        PRO           MIXED

Compiled by Todd Kushigemachi

* Maltin


Please note: Some tables or figures were omitted from this article.

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Title Annotation:movie reviews
Author:Kushigemachi, Todd
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Date:Apr 2, 2012
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