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Critics of dog owner barking up wrong tree.

In reply to the letter 'Rude dog owner just took the Biscuit', we are very kind owners and Biscuit has been with us for seven years now.

He is loved and very well taken care of. I am a teacher so when I got the call from the person who found Biscuit, there was no way I could leave my classroom and my students to get him.

I was thankful that he had been found. Biscuit has a tendency to wander so it is quite common that he runs. He's been doing that since he was seven months old! The caller told me he was in the car with them so I asked if he could kindly be dropped at home. I had no idea Biscuit had collapsed. The man did not sound agitated or angry and said no problem. I later texted a thank you (as I ALWAYS do).

It seems that unfortunately he did not get the thank you.

I didn't get his text either asking if my dog was doing well. Biscuit is fine and happy. All you dog lovers who are so quick to judge working moms, pass by to check on him anytime. Thank you again for finding him and helping us out of a bind. I apologise that the housemaid was not more forthcoming but sometimes language barriers do that. Warm wishes to everyone out there.

Biscuit's owner, Dubai

Rescued dog Biscuit has a bit of previous

I cannot believe another person has had to write in about that poor dog 'Rude dog owner just took the Biscuit' (June 25).

We also had to rescue Biscuit a couple of months ago and we also wrote in to express our outrage at the total lack of care this poor dog receives and the total lack of interest from its owners.

They should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. It is a choice to own a pet, so why bother if you are not going to care for the poor animal properly.



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Publication:7 Days (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Date:Jun 25, 2012
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