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Love and Sexuality in the Fallen World of Ma Jian. Fifer, Elizabeth Mar 22, 2019 2123
Transpacific Subjectivities: "Chinese"--Latin American Literature after Empire. Fu, Puo-An Wu Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 6118
Old tales, untold: Lu Xun against world literature. Dooghan, Daniel M. Essay Jun 22, 2017 12343
The migrant voice: The politics of writing home between the Sinophone and Anglophone worlds. Ng, Kenny K.K. Critical essay Jun 22, 2017 13736
A critical review of Japanese scholarship on modern Chinese fiction and translation studies. Guarde-Paz, Cesar Report Jun 22, 2017 10274
"Well, how'd you become king, then?" Swords in early medieval China. Cutter, Robert Joe Critical essay Oct 1, 2012 10532
Bizarre circuses, barbaric costumes: Hong Kong and the aspirations of translation. Minford, John Conference notes Dec 1, 2011 4829
Foreword. Kwan, Uganda Sze-pui; Wong, Lawrence Wang-chi Dec 1, 2011 1695
Legibility vs. the fullness of expression: rethinking the transformation of modern Chinese prose. Huters, Theodore Critical essay Dec 1, 2011 13440
Taking hope to China: an example of late-Qing translation. Gimpel, Denise Critical essay Dec 1, 2011 10665
No true men in the state: pseudo/translation and "feminine" voice in the late-Qing. Hill, Michael Gibbs Critical essay Dec 1, 2011 12576
Dropped off the Map: Han Shaogong's Maqiao: in her nominating statement for the 2011 Newman Prize for Chinese Literature, Julia Lovell argues for the "parochial universalism" of Han Shaogong's Dictionary of Maqiao. Lovell, Julia Critical essay Jul 1, 2011 1359
A tour of poetry. Li, Janet Oct 1, 2009 1240
A passion for the worthy. Riegel, Jeffrey Critical essay Oct 1, 2008 8435
Carnival & sadness impressions of Chinese literature in the 21st century: brought about by a polarized society, twenty-first-century Chinese writers are confronting social issues with two contradictory narrative patterns--the Internet-based carnival and grassroots-based sadness. Zhang, Qinghua Jul 1, 2007 1494
Booth's The Rhetoric of Fiction and China's critical context. Shen, Dan May 1, 2007 10328
Branching out: Chinese American literary studies in Taiwan. Shan, Te-hsing Jan 1, 2007 7052
The twilight of the Masters: Masters Literature (zishu) in early medieval China. Tlan, Xlaofei Critical essay Oct 1, 2006 13140
Where is Tibet in world literature? Venturino, Steven J. Jan 1, 2004 4486
The "biography of Sima Xiangru" and the question of the Fu in Sima Qian's Shiji. Kern, Martin Apr 1, 2003 12214
THE LITERARY WORLD OF MO YAN. WANG, DAVID DER-WEI Critical Essay Jun 22, 2000 6337
MO YAN Through Western Eyes. INGE, M. THOMAS Critical Essay Jun 22, 2000 4451
Lyrical culture: rethinking Western literature after reading 'The Book of Songs.'. Pollard, Scott Mar 22, 1999 6565
The Lu-school reading of "Guanju" as preserved in an eastern Han fu. Asselin, Mark Laurent Jul 1, 1997 16517
Chinese Christianity and China missions: works published since 1970. Lutz, Jessie G. Bibliography Jul 1, 1996 6320
What is 'wen' and why is it made so terribly strange? Zhang Longxi Feb 1, 1996 10663
Tracing the traceless antelope: toward an interartistic semiotics of the Chinese sister arts. Da'an Pan Feb 1, 1996 14137
Ma Yuan the Chinese fabricator. Zhao, Henry Y. H. Mar 22, 1995 4691
Discovery of lost eloquence: new insight from the Mawangdui "Zhanguo zonghengjia shu." Blanford, Yumiko F. Jan 1, 1994 5375
The significance of a dog's tail: comments on the 'Xu Xiyou ji.' Brandauer, Frederick P. Jul 1, 1993 3852
Dream of the Red Chamber. Reference Source Jan 1, 1989 4106
Book of Changes. Reference Source Jan 1, 1987 181

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