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A Newly Discovered Veterinary and Medical Manuscript in Early Modern English. Tavormina, M. Teresa Critical essay Jan 1, 2019 4794
Anne of Cleves in Book and Manuscript. Schutte, Valerie Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 10405
Material Love: Manuscript Culture in Prison Amoureuse and Carcel de Amor. Bamford, Heather Report Jun 22, 2017 11502
At Work in the Anchorhold and Beyond: A Codicological Study of London, British Library, Cotton MS Nero A.xiv. Hall, Megan J. Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 11244
'All the Strete My Voyce Shall Heare': Gender, Voice, and Desire in the Lyrics of Bodleian MS Ashmole 176. Harris, Carissa M. Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 12732
Balancing Form, Function, and Aesthetic: A Study of Ruling Patterns for Zodiac Men in Astro-Medical Manuscripts of Late Medieval England. Witherden, Sian Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 10357
Did the Scribe Draw the Miniatures in British Library, MS Cotton Nero A.x (The Pearl-Gawain Manuscript)? Hilmo, Maidie Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 7835
An Introduction to Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Don. e. 247. Cre, Marleen; Rohrhofer, Raphaela Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 31715
Unnoticed and Unusual: An Illustration in a Manuscript of John Lydgate's Fall of Princes. Drimmer, Sonja Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 3083
The Copyist of Les Cronicles in Leiden, Universiteitsbibliotheek, MS VGG F 6. Brent, Jonathan Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 2237
Maya codex real, analysis claims: Grolier text could claim spot as oldest book from Americas. Bower, Bruce Oct 29, 2016 777
The Mandaic magic scroll Zarazta d-Hibil Ziua: a possible scenario of literary evolution. Notarius, Tania Critical essay Oct 1, 2016 9689
The integrated catalog of Walt Whitman's literary manuscripts. McMullen, Kevin Sep 22, 2015 1445
Transportation, boarding, lodging, and trade along the early silk road: a preliminary study of the Xuanquan manuscripts. Yang, Jidong Essay Jul 1, 2015 8009
On editing medical fragments from the Cairo Geniza. Bos, Gerrit Critical essay Oct 1, 2014 7325
"Las variantes raleaban": two drafts of Evaristo Carriego. Balderston, Daniel Column Jul 1, 2014 6228
Some chapters touching the Law of Nature. Sytsma, David S. Mar 22, 2014 11577
Interplay between text and text collection: the case of Augustijnken's Dryvoldicheit. Bouwmeester, Gerard Critical essay Jan 1, 2014 4841
The theory of games and genetic criticism: on the manuscript of La Loteria en Babilonia". Balderston, Daniel Critical essay Jul 1, 2013 3642
Solving an intertextual manuscript mystery for women's history: the case of Hannah Mather Crocker's Reminiscences and Traditions of Boston. Critical essay Jun 1, 2013 3040
How to analyze texts that were burned, lost, fragmented, or never written. Braune, Sean Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 7977
Old Testament adaptation in The Stonyhurst Pageants. Tompkins, J. Case Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 6860
Revising manuscripts for premier entrepreneurship journals. Pearce, John A., II Survey Mar 1, 2012 5054
Virginia Woolfs marginalia manuscript. Golden, Amanda Critical essay Jan 1, 2012 2298
"Aiming excessively high and far": the early Lonergan and the challenge of theory in Catholic social thought. Brown, Patrick D. Critical essay Sep 1, 2011 11938
Compilation and contemplation: beholding Thomas Hoccleve's Series in Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Selden Supra 53. Watt, David Critical essay Jan 1, 2011 12243
Julian of Norwich in the fifteenth century: the material record, maternal devotion, and London, Westminster Cathedral Treasury MS4. Larsen, Vickie Critical essay Jan 1, 2011 11196
Caxton's exemplar for the chronicles of England? Wakelin, Daniel Critical essay Jan 1, 2011 15294
Writing fame: epitaph transcriptions in renaissance Chaucer editions and the construction of Chaucer's poetic reputation. Sanders, Arnold Critical essay Jan 1, 2011 10577
Lord Rivers and Oxford, Bodleian Library, Ms Bodley 264: a speculum for the Prince of Wales? Khalaf, Omar Critical essay Jan 1, 2011 4223
Manuscripts of "A Prince out of the North". Clifton, Nicole Critical essay Jan 1, 2011 3345
"Ein schon lustig Buchlein": the influence of Pilgram Marpeck's "Admonition" on true baptism and communion in a Hutterite polemic. Rauert, Matthias H. Critical essay Jul 1, 2009 18189
"The Perspicuity of Ghosts and Spirits" and the problem of intellectual affiliations in early China. Brindley, Erica Critical essay Apr 1, 2009 14621
"A long letter upon a jacket and petticoat": reading beneath some deletions in the manuscript of Catharine, or The Bower. McAuley, Jenny Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 2490
Two manuscript comments by early readers in The Works of Mr John Marston (1633). Blagoev, Blago Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 3806
The Assembly of Ladies: contextual meaning in the manuscripts. Marshall, Simone Celine Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 11483
The Belvoir Castle (Duke of Rutland) manuscript of John Lydgate's Fall of Princes. Mooney, Linne R.; Mosser, Daniel W. Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 3883
The production of Oxford, Christ Church MS 152 and the Ploughman's tale of Marian devotion. Higl, Andrew Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 3855
The Edmund-Fremund scribe copying Chaucer. Horobin, Simon Jan 1, 2009 3793
Rauner Codex MS 003183: the Beeleigh Abbey Brut at Dartmouth College. Bryan, Elizabeth J. Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 14282
"Virginia Woolf's 'The Cinema': sneak previews of the holograph pre-texts through post-publication revisions". Hankins, Leslie Kathleen Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 16892
Ptolemy's Almagest: its dates and the dating of Oxford, All Souls College, ms. 95. Crossley, John N. Critical essay Sep 22, 2008 3183
Why study Ptolemy's Almagest? The evidence of MS Melbourne, State Library of Victoria, Sinclair 224 (1): intelligens est qui semper linguam suam refrenat nisi ad hoc ut de Deo loquatur He ys wise that settithe his tunge to speke of God Ptolemy Alexandria (2). Burnett, Charles Critical essay Sep 22, 2008 7427
Authorship, patronage, and literary gifts: The Books Froissart Brought to England in 1395. Croenen, Godfried; Figg, Kristen M.; Taylor, Andrew Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 17218
The manuscript titles of Truth: titology and the medieval gap. Gibbons, Victoria Louise Essay Jan 1, 2008 4392
Ricardus Franciscus writes for William Worcester. Nall, Catherine Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 2191
Urbane boys and obedient Stonemasons: an adapted courtesy poem in British Library Royal MS 17.a.i. Foster, Michael Essay Jan 1, 2008 1559
A note on the collation of BL MS add. 37492 (The Fillingham Manuscript). Hardman, Phillipa Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 1854
Jolly Jankin meets Aristotle. Hanna, Ralph Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 3010
The everlasting now: Walter Benjamin's archive. Brendel, Maria Zimmermann Mar 1, 2007 1922
Principles of HyperNietzsche. d'Iorio, Paolo Dec 22, 2002 6413
Erotic literature in nineteenth-century Bali. Creese, Helen; Bellows, Laura Oct 1, 2002 15460
Eight New Holograph Leaves of Lord Jim. Sullivan, Ernest W., II Jun 22, 1999 2362
Notes on medical scholarship and the broad intellectual milieu in sixteenth-century Portugal. Bellini, Ligia Jan 1, 1999 14386
Stendahl's 'Vie de Henry Brulard': the engravings - a public or private matter? Bell, Sheila M. Apr 1, 1998 8432
The lexical notes in MS Harley 2742. Hunt, Tony Mar 1, 1995 1933

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