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Understanding Women's English Writings as a Paradigm of Resistance. Shah, Mudassir Ali; Riaz, Humaira Report Jul 1, 2022 9228
Settling in a Foreign Land: Women's Experiences in Exile in Latvian Writer Irma Grebzde's Prose Fiction. Kupsane, Ingrida; Meskova, Sandra Critical essay Mar 1, 2021 5314
Rediscovering the Discourse on Women's Freedom: A Feminist Exploration of Bano Qudsia's Fiction. Deeba, Farah; Usman, Ahmed Critical essay Dec 31, 2019 4790
Landon's Local Attachments: Urban Mobility, Literary Memory, and the Professional Woman Writer. Eisner, Eric Critical essay Mar 22, 2019 10124
Bakhtin's Notion of Decrowning in Virginia Woolf's Flush. Yilmaz, Victoria Bilge Critical essay Mar 22, 2019 6218
Speaking and Silence as Means of Resistance in Alifa Rifaat's Distant View of a Minaret and Bahiyya's Eyes. Mohammad, Sumaya M. Alhaj Critical essay Aug 1, 2018 5917
Intersectionality Genealogy Revisited: From Radical Writings by Women of Color to Radical Writings for Transformation. Sotelo, Xiana Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 8093
Seven: Dutch Caribbean Women's Literary Thought: Activism through Linguistic and Cosmopolitan Multiplicity. Cornet, Florencia, V. Critical essay Dec 22, 2017 635
Urban Nowhere: Loss of Self in Lydia Davis' Stories and Wang Anyi's Brothers. Wei, Xue; Rose, Kate Critical essay Aug 1, 2017 6300
Particular Bodies: Exploring a Corporeal Writing. Trayhurn, Samantha Critical essay May 1, 2017 4224
Desire as Excess: Patriarchal Control and Resistance in South Asian (Indian) Women's Writing. Dasgupta, Sanjukta Critical essay May 1, 2017 5708
'Out of Control': Excess, Desire and Agency in Female Drug Writing. Prowse, Nycole Critical essay Nov 1, 2016 7392
Medieval Models of Female Friendship in Christine de Pizan's The Book of the City of Ladies and Margery Kempe's The Book of Margery Kempe. Verini, Alexandra Essay Jun 22, 2016 11315
Medium/Machine: The Writing of Rosa Praed and Nancy Harward. White, Jessica Critical essay May 1, 2016 6716
Women's Wartime Life Writing in Early Twentieth-Century China. Guo, Li Essay Sep 1, 2015 6182
"A Meaningful Freedom": Women, Work and the Promise of Modernity in a Reading of the Letters of Raden Adjeng Kartini (Java) alongside Miles Franklin's My Brilliant Career (Australia). Lawrence, Annee Critical essay May 1, 2015 8942
Matrilineal Narratives: Learning from Voices and Objects. Nye, Adele; Barker, Lorina; Charteris, Jennifer Critical essay May 1, 2015 4272
(In)visible violence: Carolina de Jesus's Quarto de despejo and Clarice Lispector's A hora da estrela. de Oliveira, Natalia Fontes Critical essay Dec 1, 2014 6178
Rachel Speght as "Criticall Reader". Purkis, James Critical essay Dec 1, 2014 8055
The poetics of the "charmed cup" in Felicia Hemans and Letitia Elizabeth Landon. An, Young-ok Essay Jun 22, 2014 9341
Iconoclasm, parody, and the provocations of lydia maria child's a romance of the republic. Lingle-Martin, Melissa J. Critical essay Jun 1, 2014 11165
The neighborly christmas: Gifts, community, and regionalism in the christmas stories of sarah orne jewett and mary wilkins freeman. Tigchelaar, Jana Essay Jun 1, 2014 9688
W(h)ither feminism? Altschul, Susan Critical essay Jan 1, 2014 3958
Feminist Poetics, in Waves: Part Two. Greenberg, Arielle Essay Sep 1, 2013 5521
"Summoning your youth at will": memory, time, and aging in the work of Penelope Lively, Margaret Atwood, and Doris Lessing. Watkins, Susan Essay May 1, 2013 10148
Performance, fear, and the female body in Sophie Mereau-Brentano's "Die Flucht nach der Hauptstadt" (1806) and Elise Burger's Die antike Statue aus Florenz (1814). Heilmann, Lena Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 5714
Discovering Scheherazade: representations of oriental women in the travel writing of nineteenth-century German women. Brisson, Ulrike Essay Jan 1, 2013 8343
Grandmothers in the Archive: Three Digital Collections of Women's Writing. Alfano, Veronica Critical essay Jun 22, 2012 4859
Sex, death, and motherhood in the Eurozone: contemporary women's writing in German: Critically acclaimed and immensely popular, female authors are invigorating German literature with captivating stories that examine the social dynamics and gender politics which shape European life today. Baer, Hester Critical essay May 1, 2012 4743
Gender, Genre, and the (Missing) Gazelle: Arab Women Writers and the Politics of Translation. Hartman, Michelle (American college teacher) Critical essay Mar 22, 2012 13990
"Forc'd to expose to the public view": interrogating authorial agency in the case of Judith man's epitome of the history of the faire Argenis and Polyarchus (1640)/"Kamuya teshire zorlanmak": Judith man'in epitome of the history of the faire Argenis and Polyarchus (1640) vakasinda edebi yetkinligin sorgulanmasi. Coussens, Catherine Critical essay Mar 22, 2012 8574
Female Narrative Journalism in Contemporary Ukraine. Tytarenko, Mariya Critical essay Mar 1, 2012 3088
Telling Stories in Contemporary Spain: A Survey of Women Writing Literary Journalism. Pagone, Novia Critical essay Mar 1, 2012 3124
Lydia Sigourney's sailors and the limits of sentiment. Sinche, Bryan Critical essay Jan 1, 2012 10069
Postcolonial Loss of Identity and the Food Metaphor: Contemporary Indo-Pak Women Writers. Sadaf, Shazia; Rahman, Mujib Critical essay Dec 31, 2011 4102
Gender performance in the literature of the female beats. Thomson, Gillian Critical essay Mar 1, 2011 5632
French feminism. Yudkin, Leon Critical essay Jan 1, 2011 6241
"No country really now": modernist cosmopolitanisms and Jean Rhys's Quartet. Clukey, Amy Critical essay Dec 22, 2010 8777
Girls in Crisis: Rescue and Transnational Feminist Autobiographical Resistance. Gilmore, Leigh; Marshall, Elizabeth (American educator) Critical essay Sep 22, 2010 10075
Nordestina modernity in the novels of Freitas, Queiroz, and Lispector. Munoz, Fernanda Patricia Fuentes Critical essay Jun 1, 2010 5161
"I've only to say the word!" Uncle Tom's Cabin and performative speech theory. Rosenthal, Debra J. Essay Jun 1, 2010 8707
Profligate gleaning and the textual economies of Judith Sargent Murray. Hewitt, Elizabeth Essay Jun 1, 2010 11567
Where is home? Where are roots? The politics of multiculturalism in Anita and Me and White Teeth/Yuva neresi? Kokler nerede? Anita ve Ben ile inci Gibi Disler adli romanlarda cokkulturluluk politikalari. Kayisci, Burcu Critical essay Mar 22, 2010 7138
Revisiting the Black Atlantic: Bernardine Evaristo's Blonde Roots/Siyah Atlantik'e Yeniden Ziyaret: Bernardine Evaristo'nun Blonde Roots adli eseri. Munoz-Valdivieso, Sofia Critical essay Mar 22, 2010 6191
Perpetuating our secrets: ageing and memory in Doris Lessing's The Grandmothers/Sirlarimizi ebedilestirmek: Doris Lessing' in The Grandmothers adli eserinde yaslanma ve bellek. Piqueras, Maricel Oro Critical essay Mar 22, 2010 5445
The trajectory of the hybrid self/Melez kisiliklerin gezingesi. Toplu, Sebnem Essay Mar 22, 2010 9591
Exploring identity through fiction: women writers in the Islamic Republic of Iran beyond autobiography. Vanzan, Anna Essay Jan 1, 2010 6463
The lives of Tamil Dalit women: a study of the literary works of Bama and P. Sivakami. Iyer, Nalini Essay Jan 1, 2010 6023
The flight of Lilith: modern Jewish American feminist literature. Shapiro, Ann R. Essay Jan 1, 2010 5856
On borderline between shores: Space and place in Season of Migration to the North. Velez, Mike Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 6087
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, Trixy, and the vivisection question. Kelly, Lori Duin Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 9961
Mad Girls' Love Songs: Two Women Poets--a Professor and Graduate Student--Discuss Sylvia Plath, Angst, and the Poetics of Female Adolescence. Greenberg, Arielle; Klaver, Becca Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 13271
A recipe for modernism and the somatic intellect in the Alice B. Toklas Cook Book and Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons. Bruner, Belinda Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 8212
Figures du pere dans les romans de la comtesse de Segur. Giacchetti, Claudine A. Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 6780
Embodied pedagogies: femininity, diversity, and community in anthologies of women's writing, 1836-2009. Kilcup, Karen L. Critical essay Jun 1, 2009 12460
Of wandering wombs and wrongs of women: evolving conceptions of hysteria in the age of reason. Meek, Heather Critical essay Jun 1, 2009 9743
Of compass bearings and reorientations in the study of American women writers. Tonkovich, Nicole Critical essay Jun 1, 2009 8530
Recovering recovery: early American women and Legacy's future. Gaul, Theresa Strouth Critical essay Jun 1, 2009 9289
"Across the gulf": working in the "post-recovery" era. Harris, Sharon M. Critical essay Jun 1, 2009 6232
Emigree Central European Jewish Women's Holocaust life writing. Vasvari, Louise O. Critical essay Mar 1, 2009 7663
"Ideologically incorrect" responses to the Holocaust by three Israeli women writers. Brenner, Rachel Feldhay Critical essay Mar 1, 2009 6700
"When it ceases to be silly it becomes actually wrong": the cultural contexts of female homoerotic desire in Rose Terry Cooke's "My Visitation". Comment, Kristin M. Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 9732
Arab women writers. Ashour, Radwa; Berrada, Mohammed; Ghazoul, Ferial J.; Rachid, Amina Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 3732
"When children are not glad": sympathy, performance, and power in abolitionist children's literature. Russo, Robyn Essay Jan 1, 2009 9043
Poverty, payment, power: Kathleen Thompson Norris and popular romance. Carter, Catherine Critical essay Sep 22, 2008 10562
Reading "The Yellow Wallpaper" as post-traumatic writing/"The Yellow Wallpaper" adh oykunun travma-sonrasi anlati olarak okunmasi. Aksehir, Mahinur Report Sep 22, 2008 4222
Contesting national and gender boundaries: Flora Tristan's Promenades dans Londres. Pauk, Barbara Sep 22, 2008 5621
Lord Byron and the invention of celebrity. Heinzelman, Kurt Critical essay Sep 22, 2008 5064
A late night Vindication: Annis Boudinot Stockton's reading of Mary Wollstonecraft's a Vindication of the Rights of Woman. Wigginton, Caroline Critical essay Jun 1, 2008 5662
A Forgotten Daughter of Bohemia: Gertrude Christian Fosdick's Out of Bohemia and the artists' novel of the 1890s. Campbell, Donna Critical essay Jun 1, 2008 5049
The motherless child in Pauline Hopkins's Of One Blood. Bergman, Jill A. Critical essay Jun 1, 2008 5159
Isabel Paterson, Rose Wilder Lane, and Zora Neale Hurston on war, race, the state, and liberty. Beito, David T.; Beito, Linda Royster Essay Mar 22, 2008 9810
"I'm a citizen of the universe": Gloria Anzaldua's spiritual activism as catalyst for social change. Keating, AnaLouise Critical essay Mar 22, 2008 5968
The best-loved bones: spirit and history in Anzaldua's "Entering into the Serpent". Lioi, Anthony Critical essay Mar 22, 2008 10015
"Married or single?": Catharine Maria Sedgwick on old maids, wives, and marriage. Lubovich, Maglina Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 8413
"I put my fingers around my throat and squeezed it, to know how it feels": antigallows sentimentalism and E. D. E. N. Southworth's The Hidden Hand. Jones, Paul Christian Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 9618
Orientalism and sympathy in Maria Susanna Cummins's El Fureidis. Hamelman, Steven Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 9067
A "Daughter of the Occident" travels to the "Orient": Ida von Hahn-Hahn's the Countess Faustina and Letters From the Orient. O'Brien, Traci S. Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 9395
"Female sobriety": feminism, motherhood, and the works of Julia Franck. Hill, Alexandra Merley Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 7885
The wonder (of) woman. Franck, Julia Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 4656
"Not a novel, nor even a well-ordered story": formal experimentation and psychological innovation in Sarah Grand's The Heavenly Twins. Lowenstein, Adam Seth Dec 22, 2007 7967
The deracinated self: immigrants, orphans, and the "migratory consciousness" of Willa Cather and Susan Glaspell. Carpentier, Martha C. Sep 22, 2007 11587
"Sidown, Brother, Sidown!": the problem of commitment and the publishing history of Irene Baird's Waste Heritage. Mason, Jody Critical essay Sep 22, 2007 7719
Revising scripts of femininity in Margaret Atwood's The Blind Assassin/Margaret Atwood'un The Blind Assassin Adli Romaninda Kadinlik Normlarinin Yeniden Yazimi. Koyuncu, Nevin Yildirim Sep 22, 2007 7379
Revisiting the Amy Tan phenomenon: storytelling and ideology in Amy Tan's children's Story The Moon Lady/Amy Tan Fenomenine Yeniden Bakis: Amy Tan'in The Moon Lady adli Cocuk Oykusunde Oyku Anlatimi ve Ideoloji. Korpez, Esra Coker Sep 22, 2007 4702
Writing against the grain: the cross-over genres of Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior, China Men, and The Fifth Book of Peace/Geleneksel formlarm disinda yazmak: Maxine Hong Kingston'in The Woman Warrior, China Men, ve The Fifth Book of Peace Adli Eserlerinin Capraz Gecisli Turleri. Schultermandl, Silvia Sep 22, 2007 6140
Religion and democracy in India. Bagger, Matthew Critical essay Sep 22, 2007 3508
Linda Le's Voix and the crisis of representation: alterity and the vietnamese immigrant writer in france. Barnes, Leslie Critical essay Sep 22, 2007 6399
Becoming my own ghost: spinsterhood, heterosexuality and Sarah Waters's affinity. Carroll, Rachel Critical essay Jun 1, 2007 7767
Romance as political aesthetic in Ahdaf Soueif's The Map of Love. Davis, Emily S. Critical essay Jun 1, 2007 9505
Agnes of Harcourt, Felipa of Porcelet, and Marguerite of Oingt: women writing about women at the end of the thirteenth century (1). Field, Sean L. Jun 1, 2007 15544
Resisting colony and nation: challenging history in Maryse Conde's Moi, Tituba, sorciere ... Noire de Salem. Pitt, Kristin Essay Jun 1, 2007 4663
The sacred and the feminine: women poets writing in pre-colonial India. Godiwala, Dimple Essay Jun 1, 2007 4535
The pleasures and dangers of storytelling in Margaret Atwood's The Robber Bride. McWilliams, Ellen Critical essay May 1, 2007 1130
Unpicking female exemplarity; or, the usefulness of body stories: reassessing female communal identity in two early modern French texts. Hampton, Cathy Critical essay Apr 1, 2007 9582
Intimate relations between Israelis and Palestinians in fiction by Israeli women writers. Jacobson, David C. Critical essay Mar 22, 2007 6441
Future perfect?: Elect nationhood and the grammar of desire in Mary Cary's millennial visions (1). Warburton, Rachel Critical essay Mar 22, 2007 8715
Houston: keeping the faith. Bent, Eliza Critical essay Mar 1, 2007 301
Women and the literature of settlement and plunder: toward an understanding of the Zimbabwean land crisis. Cairnie, Julie Critical essay Mar 1, 2007 9807
The Lady in the Looking-Glass: reflections on the self in Virginia Woolf. Howard, Stephen Feb 1, 2007 5733
History, memory, and the echoes of equivalence in Catharine Maria Sedgwick's Hope Leslie. Emerson, Amanda Jan 1, 2007 11635
"Face to face": localizing Lucy Delaney's From the Darkness Cometh the Light. Gardner, Eric Jan 1, 2007 9944
Charlotte Perkins Gilman and the yellow newspaper. Edelstein, Sari Jan 1, 2007 9372
"Strong, and wild, and green": Ethel Augur's western adventure, 1911-1914. Cowell, Pattie Jan 1, 2007 11588
Feminine freakishness: carnivalesque bodies in Angela Carter's Nights at the Circus. O'Brien, Wendy Critical essay Dec 1, 2006 11512
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and slavery in the Ottoman (and the British) Empire. Beach, Adam R. Critical essay Jun 22, 2006 9518
Maternal rhetoric in Jane Addams's Twenty Years at Hull-House. Ostman, Heather Critical essay Jun 22, 2006 11259
Rewriting Hesiod, revisioning Korea: Theresa Hak Kyung Cha's Dictee as a subversive Hesiodic Catalogue of Women. Lee, Kun Jong Critical essay Jun 22, 2006 10368
"Dauntless faith": contemplative sublimity and social action in Mary Anne Schimmelpenninck's aesthetics. Duquette, Natasha Critical essay Jun 22, 2006 9714
On the asphalt frontier: American women's road narratives, spatiality, and transgression. Ganser, Alexandra Critical essay May 1, 2006 7792
Autopathography and Audre Lorde's The Cancer Journals as a narrative of illness: revising the script of disease/otobiyografi ve oykusel bir hastalyk metni olarak audre lorde'yn The Cancer Journals adly eseri. Al-Zubi, Hasan A. Critical essay Mar 22, 2006 7234
Desdemona, Juliet and Constance meet the third wave. Scott, Shelley Critical essay Mar 22, 2006 5905
Choirs and split voices: female identity construction in Lorrie Moore's Who Will Run the Frog Hospital? Fagan, Monica Critical essay Mar 22, 2006 7903
Lost in the art(ifice) of male language: finding the female author in Paola Capriolo's Il doppio regno. Hipkins, Danielle Critical essay Jan 1, 2006 8547
Missing the forest for the trees. Peters, Charles Brief Article Jan 1, 2006 167
Herland revisited: narratives of motherhood, domesticity, and physical emancipation in Charlotte Perkins Gilman's feminist utopia. Lathrop, Anna Report Jan 1, 2006 7197
Peacock in love: reminiscences of Cecilia Jenkins, an unknown Victorian novelist. Joukovsky, Nicholas A. Critical essay Jan 1, 2006 15202
The muse writes back: Vivien Eliot's response to high modernism. Johnson, Melissa C. Critical essay Sep 22, 2005 11657
The archetypal mother: the Black Madonna in Sue Monk Kidd's The Secret Life of Bees. Emanuel, Catherine B. Critical essay Sep 22, 2005 4339
Lost in time: scholars react to a doctoral student's discovery that a "pioneer" of African American women's literature was not black at all. Dawkins, Wayne Sep 1, 2005 1358
Epistemologies of engagement (1). Waller, Marguerite R. Jun 22, 2005 7208
Strategies of subversion: the deconstruction of madness in Eva's Man, Corregidora, and Beloved. Escoda Agusti, Clara Jun 1, 2005 5708
Writing region from the hub: Sherwood Bonner's travel letters and questions of postbellum U.S. Southern identity. McKee, Kathryn Jun 1, 2005 11389
An elaborate pretense for the Major: making up the face of the postbellum nation. Hall, Carolyn Jun 1, 2005 8834
Eunice and the jade gods: Jewett's religious rhetoric in A Country Doctor. Heller, Terry Jun 1, 2005 10986
Estranging the familiar: "East" and "West" in Satrapi's Persepolis (1). Naghibi, Nima; O'Malley, Andrew Critical essay Jun 1, 2005 8948
The communal apartment in the works of Irina Grekova and Nina Sadur. Collopy, Erin Essay Jun 1, 2005 8385
'This curious silent unrepresented life': Greek lessons in Virginia Woolf's early fiction. Kolocotroni, Vassiliki Critical Essay Apr 1, 2005 5718
"Raceless" writing and difference: Ann Petry's Country Place and the African-American literary canon. Bernard, Emily Mar 22, 2005 12749
Flannery O'Connor in her letters: "a refugee from deep thought". Folks, Jeffrey J. Mar 22, 2005 2754
A feminist public sphere? Virginia Woolf's revisions of the eighteenth century. Fernald, Anne E. Mar 22, 2005 9487
Flannery O'Connor's writing: a guide for the perplexed. Jordan, Michael M. Critical Essay Jan 1, 2005 6029
Zitkala-Sa and the problem of regionalism: nations, narratives, and critical traditions. Totten, Gary Jan 1, 2005 15351
Resentful Little Women: gender and class feeling in Louisa May Alcott. Foote, Stephanie Critical Essay Jan 1, 2005 11064
"We looked like salt and pepper": children's perception of race in short stories by southern women writers. Bulgozdi, Imola Essay Jan 1, 2005 5370
The challenging writings of Elfriede Jelinek: an Austrian feminist wins the Nobel prize in literature. Brandt, Bettina Critical Essay Dec 1, 2004 1187
The Times is not a-changin': your impression of the New York Times and other prestigious book review publications (present company excluded) is correct: the women are missing. Caplan, Paula J.; Palko, Mary Ann Nov 1, 2004 2138
"That commonality of feeling": Hurston, hybridity, and ethnography. Jirousek, Lori Critical Essay Sep 22, 2004 6120
Mimesis and Metaphor: food imagery in international twentieth-century women's writing. Blodgett, Harriet Critical Essay Jun 22, 2004 11986
In the apostle's words: Elizabeth Ashbridge's Epistle to the Goshen Monthly Meeting. Ceppi, Elisabeth Critical Essay Jun 1, 2004 8736
"I consoled my heart": conversion rhetoric and female subjectivity in the personal narratives of Elizabeth Ashbridge and Abigail Bailey. Harde, Roxanne Critical Essay Jun 1, 2004 10159
Adulterous individualism, socialism, and free love in nineteenth-century anti-suffrage writing. Higgins, Lisa Cochran Critical Essay Jun 1, 2004 9834
Withdrawing from the nation: regionalist literature as ascetic practice in Jewett's The Country of the Pointed Firs. Dowdell, Coby Critical Essay Jun 1, 2004 10985
Newly recovered works by Onoto Watanna (Winnifred Eaton): a prospectus and checklist. Cole, Jean Lee Biography Jun 1, 2004 2929
Politics of/and backlash. Braithwaite, Ann Jun 1, 2004 9093
Expression in a diffuse landscape: contexts for Jeanette Winterson's lyricism. Cockal, Susann Critical Essay Mar 22, 2004 10657
Interview with Elizabeth Kuti. Kurdi, Maria Interview Mar 22, 2004 3477
Domesticating the car: women's road trips. Clarke, Deborah Mar 22, 2004 12649
Panic fiction: women's responses to antebellum economic crisis. Templin, Mary Critical Essay Jan 1, 2004 9236
A devoted reticence: the art of telling and not telling in Jane Austen's Persuasion. Fiedler, Elizabeth Jan 1, 2004 4497
Gertrude Stein, William James, and habit in the shadow of war. Olson, Liesl M. Sep 22, 2003 12872
Armed with questions: Mary Butts's sacred interrogative. Buchanan, Bradley W. Sep 22, 2003 11149
Going the extra mile: redefining identity, home, and family in Hanan al-Shaykh's Only in London. Hout, Syrine C. Jun 1, 2003 7341
The hyphenated identity and the question of belonging: a study of Samia Serageldin's The Cairo House. Sharobeem, Heba M. Jun 1, 2003 11561
The diasporic memoirist as Saidian itinerant intellectual: a reading of Leila Ahmed's A Border Passage. Shereen, Faiza W. Jun 1, 2003 9714
The frontiers of popular exoticism: Marie Bonaparte's New Orleans crossings. Brady, Heather Critical Essay Mar 22, 2003 5449
Subaltern cosmopolitanism: community and transnational mobility in Caribbean postcolonial feminist writings. Khader, Jamil Mar 22, 2003 8761
Austen's Emma and the gendering of Enlightenment satire. Mason, Nicholas Critical Essay Jan 1, 2003 2883
"My love is a force that will force you to care": subversive sexuality in Mathilde Blind's dramatic monologues. Diedrick, James Dec 22, 2002 13270
Back to the bookshelves. (In the Stacks). Pepper, Rachel Nov 1, 2002 732
Janette Turner Hospital's The Last Magician: 'A feminist's nightmare'? Lovell, Sue Critical Essay Oct 1, 2002 7442
'A hundred loves', 'A thousand lovers': portrayals of sexuality in the work of Thidaa Bunnaak. Harrison, Rachel Oct 1, 2002 11912
Beyond recovery: feminism and the future of eighteenth-century literary studies. (Commentary). Marsden, Jean I. Critical Essay Sep 22, 2002 2697
Maria Ginanni: futurist woman and visual writer. Sica, Paola Sep 22, 2002 6558
Artemisia: the invention of a `real' woman. Scarparo, Susanna Sep 22, 2002 7305
"The strangest pain to bear": corporeality and fear of insanity in Charlotte Mew's poetry. Walsh, Jessica Critical Essay Sep 22, 2002 10572
General materials. (Guide to the Year's Work). Riede, David G. Critical Essay Sep 22, 2002 3175
Tales from "The Big Outside World": Ann Beattie's Hemingway. (Notes). Beuka, Robert Critical Essay Sep 22, 2002 3429
F(r)ictions: women writing in working class contexts. (Research Articles/Rapports De Recherche). Kohli, Priti Critical Essay Sep 22, 2002 4732
Passion simple d' Annie Ernaux: le trajet d'une feministe. Romanowski, Sylvie Sep 22, 2002 6206
Hanging "The Yellow Wall-Paper": feminism and textual studies. St. Jean, Shawn Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 8420
"Hapless dependents": women and animals in Anne Bronte's Agnes Grey. Berg, Maggie Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 9773
Joann Rose Leonard, The Soup Has Many Eyes. Paulson, Michael Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 1251
Susan Roney-O'Brien, Farmwife. Millager, Abby Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 1564
Isabella inventrix: History and creativity in Maria Bellonci's Rinascimento privato: Romanzo. Roush, Sherry Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 6912
"A tyrannically democratic force": the symbolic and cultural function of clothing in Catherine Maria Sedgwick's Hope Leslie. Miller, Quentin Critical Essay Jun 1, 2002 10102
"Coming to Europe," coming to authorship: Sophia Hawthorne and her Notes in England and Italy. Hall, Julie E. Critical Essay Jun 1, 2002 9226
Woman, nature, and the white plague: Rebecca Harding Davis's "The Yares of the Black Mountains: A True Story". Mock, Michele L. Critical Essay Jun 1, 2002 9959
Emma Lazarus, Jewish American poetics, and the challenge of modernity. Omer-Sherman, Ranen Critical Essay Jun 1, 2002 12930
The displacement of desire: consumerism and fetishism in Mary Wilkins Freeman's Fiction. Elbert, Monika M. Critical Essay Jun 1, 2002 14853
Marriage and modernism in Edith Wharton's Twilight Sleep. Haytock, Jennifer Critical Essay Jun 1, 2002 8557
Archive survival guide: Practical and theoretical approaches for the next century of women's studies research. (Conversations). Steadman, Jennifer Bernhardt; Engelhardt, Elizabeth; Foster, Frances Smith; Micham, Laura Jun 1, 2002 5968
Maria Susanna Cummins's London letters: April 1860. (From the Archives). Jacobs, Heidi L.M. Critical Essay Jun 1, 2002 8514
Christianity and colonial discourse in Joanna Baillie's The Bride. Colon, Christine Mar 22, 2002 6383
Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds and Neopagan Feminist Spirituality. (Cinema Studies). Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 215
Helisenne de Crenne's Feminine Writing: Transgressing, Escaping, or Warning? (French & Italian Language & Literature). Junel, Caroline Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 222
Guadalupe Loaeza's "Madame Pipi": A Satirical Approach to Feminine Space and Sexual Taboos in Mexican Society. (Spanish Language, Literature, & Culture). Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 152
Alienated, Betrayed, and Powerless: A Possible Connection Between Charlotte Temple and the Legend of Inkle and Yarico. EPLEY, STEVEN Critical Essay Mar 22, 2002 7805
Edna Ferber, Jewish American feminist. Shapiro, Ann R. Critical Essay Jan 1, 2002 4234
The play of irony: theatricality and utopian transformation in contemporary women's speculative fiction *. (Essays). Wagner-Lawlor, Jennifer A. Jan 1, 2002 10970
Writing a history of difference: Jeanette Winterson's Sexing the Cherry and Angela Carter's Wise Children. Roessner, Jeffrey Jan 1, 2002 9406
Rose Cohen and Bella Spewack: the ethnic child speaks to you who never were there. Muir, Lisa Jan 1, 2002 9054
Suffering, silence, and the female voice in German fiction around 1800. Richards, Anna Topic Overview Jan 1, 2002 9416
The reception of the bluestockings by eighteenth-century German women writers. Brown, Hilary Topic Overview Jan 1, 2002 8513
Nineteenth-century German literary women's reception of Madame de Stael. Martin, Judith E. Topic Overview Jan 1, 2002 9741
Amalia Schoppe's Die Colonisten and the "menace of mimicry". Wilson, Judith Topic Overview Jan 1, 2002 9470
Else Lasker-Schuler: writing hysteria. Redmann, Jennifer Topic Overview Jan 1, 2002 9607
Presidential address. Harris, Sharon M. Jan 1, 2002 2706
The Resisting Reader. (Plenary Remarks). Fetterley, Judith Jan 1, 2002 2980
"I don't like strangers on the sabbath": theology and subjectivity in the journal of Esther Edwards Burr. Harde, Roxanne Critical Essay Jan 1, 2002 5128
Rebecca Harding Davis's "second life"; or "her hands could be trained as well as his". Stoner, Ruth Critical Essay Jan 1, 2002 5070
Returns to native lands, reclaiming the other's language: Kincaid and Danticat. Herndon, Gerise Critical Essay Nov 1, 2001 5227
Sexuality in East-West encounters: Shanghai Baby and Mistaken Love. Yuanfang, Shen Critical Essay Oct 1, 2001 3678
The Broader Picture. Eisenstein, Hester Oct 1, 2001 1503
"A thing unknown, without a name": Anna Laetitia Barbauld and the illegible signature. Rosenbaum, Susan Critical Essay Sep 22, 2001 14155
Male fears and fantasies in Harriet Prescott Spofford's "The Black Bess". Amper, Susan Sep 22, 2001 4398
Perversion as diversion: the female gaze in the novels of Rachilde. Richards, Sylvie L.F. Sep 22, 2001 3032
Writing and painting under the gaze: Emily Carr's Growing Pains. Pett, Alexandra Sep 22, 2001 7643
Anna Banti's Artemisia: Reinscribing the female gaze in Italian literature. Giuli, Paola Biography Sep 22, 2001 6334
Soldier boy: forming masculinity in Adam Bede. Reed, John R. Critical Essay Sep 22, 2001 8387
Seeing into "the life of things": nature and commodification in Phantom Fortune. Marks, Patricia Critical Essay Sep 22, 2001 9959
Spectacular homes and pastoral theaters: gender, urbanity and domesticity in the house of mirth. Von Rosk, Nancy Critical Essay Sep 22, 2001 13844
A sympathetic misunderstanding?: Mary Hallock Foote's mining West. Floyd, Janet Sep 1, 2001 8071
Tilting at Windmills. PETERS, CHARLES Editorial Sep 1, 2001 3248
Only in London. Al Shaykh, Hanan Critical Essay Jul 1, 2001 1444
Janice Galloway. McGlynn, Mary Critical Essay Jun 22, 2001 14336
Elizabeth Bowen. Hopkins, Chris Critical Essay Jun 22, 2001 17174
Gisele Pineau: writing the dimensions of migration. Suarez, Lucia M. Critical Essay Jun 22, 2001 8802
The feminist artistry of Paradise of the Blind. Blodgett, Harriet Critical Essay Jun 22, 2001 6565
The Other Side of Carnival: Romola and Bakhtin. HOLLIS, HILDA Critical Essay Jun 22, 2001 9270
Fred Hobson on Southern women's writing: a clarification. Hobson, Fred Critical Essay Jun 22, 2001 382
A Laudable Life. Cockburn, Lyn Critical Essay Jun 22, 2001 1302
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