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From the Maternal to the Mechanical: The Struggle Against Sentiment in Contemporary American Motherhood Poetry. Militello, Jennifer Critical essay May 1, 2017 6210
Five Younger Women Poets from Azerbaijan. Mandaville, Alison; Naghiyeva, Shahla Critical essay Mar 1, 2016 4397
No trench required: validating the voices of female poets of WWI. Geiger, Maria Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 5776
Unruly voices/disciplined bodies: games of truth and desire in Kishwar Naheed's poetry. Sajid, Nida Essay Dec 1, 2014 6900
Baby and Demon: Woman and the Artist in the Poetry of Gwen Harwood. Priest, Ann-Marie Critical essay Nov 1, 2014 8476
Women poets. Chapman, Alison Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 4353
Space as theme and metaphor in the poetry of selected female poets in Afrikaans: 1994-2005/Ruimte as tema en metafoor in die poesie van enkele vroulike afrikaanse digters: 1994-2005. de Beer, A.M.; du Plooy, H.J.G. Critical essay Apr 1, 2011 9210
Advertising the domestic: Anne Bradstreet's sentimental poetics. VanEngen, Abram Critical essay Jan 1, 2011 9359
Sapphic consciousness in H.D. and de Noailles. Clark, Catherine O. Critical essay Sep 1, 2010 4288
And God made me a woman: Nicaraguan author Gioconda Belli intertwines the erotic, the poetic, and the political with a non-conformist feminine voice. Herrera, Adriana Nov 1, 2009 2236
Is women's poetry passe? A call for conversation. Leahy, Anna Critical essay Jun 1, 2008 5422
Abstract and concrete: translating Coral Bracho. Boll, Tom Critical essay Apr 1, 2008 9622
Language, experience, identity: contemporary Indian women poets writing in English / Dil, deneyim, kimlik: ingilizce Yazan hintli cagdas kadin Sairler. Godiwala, Dimple Critical essay Mar 22, 2008 9484
Leaving the good mother: Frances E. W. Harper, Lydia Maria Child, and the literary politics of Reconstruction. Rutkowski, Alice Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 9451
Dragon goes to bed with princess: F. Scott Fitzgerald's influence on Sylvia Plath. Journey, Anna Critical essay Sep 1, 2007 941
Recurrent themes in the poetry of Yoruba female writers. Sheba, Janet O. Report Aug 1, 2007 4200
Melancholic loss: reading Bedouin women's elegiac poetry. Al-Ghadeer, Moneera Critical essay Jan 1, 2007 11370
Mary Elizabeth Coleridge and the Flight to Lyric. Chapman, Alison Critical essay Jan 1, 2007 7768
Under the sign of the pendulum: childhood experience as determining revolutionary consciousness. Ilona Duczynska Polanyi (1897-1978) (1). McRobbie, Kenneth Critical essay Sep 22, 2006 17345
Elizabeth Singer Rowe (1674-1737): usurping a poetic tradition on behalf of a usurping monarch (1)/Elizabeth Singer Rowe (1674-1737): hukumdari zorla ele gecirmek adina siirsel gelenegi gaspetmek. Stone, Kamille Critical essay Mar 22, 2006 4728
Twelve poems. Sofia, Meetra A. Critical Essay Jan 1, 2006 7848
The adventures of Lisa Robertson in the space of flows: we die and become architecture. Clover, Joshua Dec 22, 2005 1949
The dream life of Ms. Dog: Anne Sexton's revolutionary use of pop culture. Alkalay-Gut, Karen Critical Essay Sep 22, 2005 9888
Finding her voice(s): the development of a working-class feminist vision in Ethel Carnie's poetry. Johnson, Patricia E. Critical Essay Sep 22, 2005 8005
Dickinson's facing or turning away. Cappello, Mary Critical Essay Sep 22, 2005 6166
A Latin legacy in Louise Labe: imitation of Tibullus 1.2.89-94. Sterritt, D.E.L. Mar 22, 2005 6073
"Nobody knows the story": Amy Clampitt's poems of childhood. Grogan, Ruth A. Critical Essay Sep 22, 2004 7150
Rilke and the modern portrait. Bridge, Helen Critical Essay Jul 1, 2004 8270
Amy Lowell wasn't writing about flowers. Hamer, Diane Ellen Jul 1, 2004 1637
Augusta Webster and the lyric muse: the Athenaeum and Webster's poetics. Rigg, Patricia Critical Essay Jun 22, 2004 14933
A conversation: September 2002-December 2003. Keelan, Claudia; Notley, Alice Excerpt May 1, 2004 8501
Elizabeth Bishop: from coterie to canon. Gioia, Dana Apr 1, 2004 4706
Period pains: the changing body of Victorian poetry. Blain, Virginia Mar 22, 2004 4284
Reading the scar in breast cancer poetry. Hartman, Stephanie Mar 22, 2004 9934
Contributions to almighty truth: Stevie Smith's seditious romanticism. Najarian, James Dec 22, 2003 7442
Both flower and flower gatherer: Medbh McGuckian's The Flower Master and H.D.'s Sea Garden. Wheeler, Lesley Critical Essay Dec 22, 2003 9705
A bounded Field: situating Victorian poetry in the literary landscape. Gray, Erik Dec 22, 2003 3638
Reading/writing the forgotten: the poetry of Mary Boddington. O'Brien, Lee Dec 22, 2003 3889
Doing things with poems: performativity and cultural form. Hartman, Anne Dec 22, 2003 4061
What kind of a critical category is "women's poetry"? Thain, Marion Dec 22, 2003 4354
Re-reading women's poetry at the turn of the century. McGowran, Katharine Dec 22, 2003 2304
Women poets and the sister arts in nineteenth-century England. Martinez, Michele Critical Essay Dec 22, 2003 3673
Julia de Burgos as a cultural icon in Luz Maria Umpierre's The Margarita Poems. Sandlin, Betsy A. Critical essay Sep 1, 2003 6595
"I make the whole world answer to my art": Alice Meynell's poetic identity. Anderson, Kathleen Critical Essay Jun 22, 2003 7372
Surpassing borders and "folded maps": Etel Adnan's location in there. Shoaib, Mahwash Jun 1, 2003 3506
Making Christ: Alice Meynell, poetry, and the eucharist. Gray, F. Elizabeth Critical Essay Jan 1, 2003 9103
'Come on, girls, let's go bail water': eroticism in Ho Xuan Huong's Vietnamese poetry. My-Van, Tran Oct 1, 2002 10738
Dorothy Hewett (21 May 1923-25 August 2002). Garlick, Barbara Oct 1, 2002 1607
Elizabeth Barrett Browning. (Guide to the Year's Work). Stone, Marjorie Critical Essay Sep 22, 2002 5685
Illiterate Heart: where translations perish. Sharma, Prageeta Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 469
The price of sonnets and bonnets: how gender works in Luisa Bergalli's 'Le avventure del poeta'. Ward, Adrienne Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 8225
Fated marginalization: women and science in the poetry of Constance Naden. Murphy, Patricia Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 10192
Plath, domesticity, and the art of advertising. Bryant, Marsha Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 6573
Sylvia Plath's transformations of modernist paintings. Zivley, Sherry Lutz Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 8873
Renee Vivien and the Ladies of the Lake. Engelking, Tama Lea Critical Essay Mar 22, 2002 7450
The name in the poem: women Yiddish poets (1). Hellerstein, Kathryn Mar 22, 2002 9591
Harriet Beecher Stowe's Christian feminism in The Minister's Wooing: a precedent for Emily Dickinson. Ramirez, Anne West Mar 22, 2002 7838
"The Negro never knew": Emily Dickinson and racial typology in the nineteenth century. Bennett, Paula Bernat Critical Essay Jan 1, 2002 5495
Love, Hunger, and grace: loss and belonging in the poetry of Lorna Dee Cervantes and Joy Harjo. Y Gibson, Eliza Rodriguez Critical Essay Jan 1, 2002 4934
Barrett Browning's poetic vocation: crying, singing, breathing. Dillon, Steve Critical Essay Dec 22, 2001 10473
Oral culture and AntiColonialism in Louise Michel's Memoires (1886) and Legendes et chants de gestes canaques (1885). Hart, Kathleen Sep 22, 2001 5851
Regarding Christina Rossetti's "'Reflection'". Wiesenthal, Christine Critical Essay Sep 22, 2001 8187
Elizabeth Barrett Browning. (Guide to the Year's Work). Stone, Marjorie Critical Essay Sep 22, 2001 5056
"A thing unknown, without a name": Anna Laetitia Barbauld and the illegible signature. Rosenbaum, Susan Critical Essay Sep 22, 2001 14155
Denise Levertov: testimonies of the lived life. Lacey, Paul A. Critical Essay Jun 22, 2001 5923
Eroticism and exile: Anna Frajlich's poetry. Grol, Regina Critical Essay Jun 22, 2001 4423
Elizabeth Bishop: Nova Scotia in Brazil. AXELROD, STEVEN GOULD Critical Essay Jun 22, 2001 5667
Dickinson's bawdy: Shakespeare and sexual symbolism in Emily Dickinson's writing to Susan Dickinson. Comment, Kristin M. Critical Essay Jun 1, 2001 8597
"Poetry experienced": Lucy Larcom's poetic dwelling in a New England Girlhood. Lewis, Jessica Jun 1, 2001 7171
Vittoria Colonna and the Virgin Mary. Brundin, Abigail Jan 1, 2001 13817
A "body" of writing: the voice of Henriette Hardenberg. Rupprecht, Caroline Topic Overview Jan 1, 2001 6057
Between depiction and experience: the exile dreams of Paula Ludwig. Ricci, Michele D. Topic Overview Jan 1, 2001 7265
Eve's legacy: revisions of the biblical creation myth in the poetry of Rose Auslander. von Held, Kristina Topic Overview Jan 1, 2001 4012
Eve's legacy: revisions of the biblical creation myth in the poetry of Rose Auslander. von Held, Kristina Topic Overview Jan 1, 2001 9516
"Which i's his I?": surrealist reflections in Elizabeth Bishop's Mirror (1). Suarez-Toste, Ernesto Critical Essay Dec 1, 2000 6760
Joking with Jesus in the Poetry of Kathleen Norris and Annie Dillard. ROSENTHAL, PEGGY Sep 22, 2000 3822
"Controlled Panic": Mastering the Terrors of Dissolution and Isolation in Elizabeth Bishop's Epiphanies. Bidney, Martin Sep 22, 2000 10102
About the Poet. BALABAN, JOHN Critical Essay Sep 1, 2000 3918
Nine Times Out of Ten: John Balaban and the Poetry of Ho Xuan Huong. WIEGERS, MICHAEL Critical Essay Sep 1, 2000 2415
Vocation According To Dickinson. RYAN, MICHAEL Sep 1, 2000 6331
Marguerite Young. Eichenlaub, Constance Jun 22, 2000 11835
"You're so full on". Nestle, Joan May 1, 2000 3678
The Love Song of Satin-Legs Smith: Gwendolyn Brooks Revisits Prufrock's Hell. Saunders, Judith P. Jan 1, 2000 4886
SAPPHIRE. Goldberg, RoseLee Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 417
Claire Bateman's Poetry of Matter and Spirit. HALLIDAY, MARK Jun 22, 1999 4734
Building a White Tower at Night: Zhai Yongming's Poetry. TAO, NAIKAN Jun 22, 1999 6206
Conflicting emotions. Shomer, Enid May 1, 1999 2349
The Rhetoric of Prayer in Sappho's "Hymn to Aphrodite". Thomas, Bridget M. Critical Essay Mar 22, 1999 4666
A Ma(t)ter of Fact and Vision: The Objectivity Question and Muriel Rukeyser's "The Book of the Dead". Wechsler, Shoshana Critical Essay Jan 1, 1999 7040
Seaward: H.D.'s 'Helen in Egypt' as a response to Pound's 'Cantos.'. Twitchell-Waas, Jeffrey Dec 22, 1998 9309
H.D. and "The Contest": archaeology of a Sapphic gaze. Keeling, Bret L. Jun 22, 1998 12302
A "dangerous game of change": images of desire in the love poems of May Swenson. Zona, Kirstin Hotelling Jun 22, 1998 9398
Some notes on Vizma Belsevica. Ekmanis, Rolfs Mar 22, 1998 8133
Presence and transparency: a reading of Levertov's 'Sands of the Well.' Zlotkowski, Edward Sep 22, 1997 6489
Reverence and resistance: Barbara Guest, ekphrasis, and the female gaze. Lundquist, Sara Jun 22, 1997 9635
Framing water: historical knowledge in Elizabeth Bishop and Adrienne Rich. Gilbert, Roger Jun 22, 1997 7886
"A heart terrifying Sorrow": an occasional piece on poetry of miscarriage. Anselment, Raymond A. Jan 1, 1997 10763
Re-membering America: Phyllis Wheatley's intertextual epic. Kendrick, Robert Mar 22, 1996 10292
Elizabeth Middleton: early modern copyist. Clarke, Elizabeth Dec 1, 1995 1256
Elizabeth Bishop's social conscience. Longenbach, James Jun 22, 1995 8305
A child's wisdom in a poet's heart. Bach, Caleb May 1, 1995 3395
Representing other voices: rhetorical perspective in Elizabeth Bishop. Wolosky, Shira Mar 22, 1995 7615
Edna St. Vincent Millay's gendered language and form: "Sonnets from an Ungrafted Tree." Fairley, Irene R. Mar 22, 1995 8695
Dorothy Wordsworth's return to Tintern Abbey. Soderholm, James Mar 22, 1995 5688
An art of saying: Joy Harjo's poetry and the survival of storytelling. Leen, Mary Jan 1, 1995 7806
Opening the archive: Robin Hyde, Eileen Duggan and the persistence of record. Leggott, Michele Oct 1, 1994 10162
"Into the body of another": Mary Oliver and the poetics of becoming other. Graham, Vicki Sep 22, 1994 6243
Jane Barker, 'Poetical Recreations,' and the sociable text. King, Kathryn R. Sep 22, 1994 8746
Changing places: Marguerite Porete, Meister Eckhard and the question of perspective. Randall, Catharine May 1, 1994 8352
Making the difference: eroticism and aging in the work of the woman poet. Boland, Eavan Mar 1, 1994 9461
The big strip tease: female bodies and male power in the poetry of Sylvia Plath. Lant, Kathleen Margaret Dec 22, 1993 20138
Eccentric concentrism: traditional poetic forms and refracted discourse in Stevie Smith's poetry. Huk, Romana Jun 22, 1993 8693
Philoctetes radicalized: "Twenty-one Love Poems" and the lyric career of Adrienne Rich. McGuirk, Kevin Mar 22, 1993 10329
Dreaming of design: reading Denise Levertov. Janssen, Ronald R. Sep 22, 1992 6751
Levertov and Rilke: a sense of aesthetic ethics. Zlotkowski, Edward Sep 22, 1992 8126
"A Seizure of Voice": language innovation and a feminist poetics in the works of Kathleen Fraser. Taylor, Linda A. Jun 22, 1992 12639
The Poetry of Dickinson. Reference Source Jan 1, 1989 2288

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