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Discursive strategies of gerire hybridisation in Gianrico Carofiglio's essays and novels: Towards a consensual language of truth and justice. Ciolla, Nicoletta Di Report May 1, 2017 8164
Nihilism, modernity and the "Jewish spirit": Margarete Susman's transvaluation of a fin-de-siecle trope. Rubin, Abraham Critical essay Jan 1, 2016 10081
Christology in a pluralistic world. Jersild, Paul Essay Feb 1, 2015 4235
The 10th anniversary of the FWSA essay competition: 'new directions in feminist studies--emotions, activisms, intersectionality'. Mitra-Kahn, Trishima; Salmi, Katya Nov 1, 2014 1501
Walter benjamin's Karl. Kraus: negation, quotation, and Jewish identity. Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 11815
Fearing freedom: the intellectual and spiritual challenge to liberalism. Boettke, Peter Critical essay Jan 1, 2014 7529
Carrying the torch for Karl Kraus. Morgan, Chris R. Jan 1, 2014 2254
The lessons of Champfleury. Pappas, Sara Critical essay Sep 22, 2013 9223
A mathematical exploration of fractal complexity among the axioms on the African state in the Journal of Third World Studies: from John Mukum Mbaku to Pade Badru. Bangura, Abdul Karim Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 13598
A mathematical exploration of fractal complexity among the axioms on the African state in the Journal of Third World Studies: from John Mukum Mbaku to Pade Badru. Bangura, Abdul Karim Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 7241
On Breslaw–and Me. Chandler, Adam Jul 18, 2012 394
The Evil of Banality. Newhouse, Alana Jan 22, 2012 796
Gordon Rohlehr and the culture industry in Trinidad. Ramcharitar, Raymond Critical essay Dec 22, 2011 10103
A response to Santelli and Mueller. Finn, Daniel K. Brief article Sep 22, 2011 1800
Introduction to N.A.A.E. presentations: remembering and conversion, companions and allies, and our ecumenical future. Meyer, Russell Conference notes Jun 22, 2011 2854
Small language and big men in Virginia Woolf. Shirkhani, Kim Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 10217
The Enterprise of Nations. Lee, Wayne Critical essay Jun 21, 2010 214
The making of the wars of the roses: Anthony Pollard visits the History Today archive to examine Alan Rogers' claim that a lack of principle among rival lords resulted in the great conflagration of 15th-century England. Pollard, Anthony May 1, 2010 765
Soyinka and the dead dramatist. Graham, Kenneth J.E. Critical essay Mar 22, 2010 6223
Pontificating about Moe's pontifications. Wood, B. Dan Critical essay Dec 1, 2009 6759
Thoreau, John Brown, and the sublime spectacle of history. Schwieger, Florian Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 6013
Introduction. Blair, Karen J. Work overview Sep 1, 2009 1054
Orwell's instructive errors. Julian, Liam Critical essay Jun 1, 2009 5273
Beyond Iraq: A New U.S. Strategy for the Middle East. DeAtkine, Novell Jan 20, 2009 640
Through a mirror darkly: the face of future war, 1871-2005. Norton, Richard J. Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 8515
A century of futurism: introduction. Luisetti, Federico; Somigli, Luca Essay Jan 1, 2009 3832
The last republican. Kauffman, Bill Critical essay Aug 25, 2008 2335
Signs of reading and the subject of love in Stendhal's De l'amour. Hunter, Angela N. Mar 22, 2008 7550
"Le Charbon ardent" in Balzac's La Recherche de l'Absolu and "Des artistes". Uhden, Raina F. Mar 22, 2008 6569
Auditing the auditors: the Canadian democratic audit. Tupper, Allan Dec 22, 2007 8072
For a realist literature. Perec, Georges Reprint Sep 22, 2007 4711
Reading the Iliad in the light of eternity. Bruce, Cicero Jan 1, 2006 7024
Fairy stories say it best: Aslan embodies saving grace and divine authority. Mitchell, Rebekah Dec 1, 2005 664
"Nurse Gordon on trial: those early days of the birth control clinic movement reconsidered". Brief Article Sep 22, 2005 256
T.S. Eliot on the limits of criticism: the anomalous 'Experiment' of 1929. Marshall, Ashley Critical Essay Jul 1, 2005 6892
"On seeking global history's inner child". Brief Article Jun 22, 2005 104
"The house, the street, global society: Latin American families and childhood in the twenty-first century". Brief Article Jun 22, 2005 217
"Japan, the U.S. and the globalization of children's consumer culture". Brief Article Jun 22, 2005 152
Controversial aspects of Pater's "Style". Coates, John Critical Essay Sep 22, 2004 9317
Exercises in exorcism: the paradoxes of form in Artaud's early works. Jannarone, Kimberly Mar 22, 2004 7058
Conjuring Marks: furthering indigenous empowerment through literature. Justice, Daniel Heath Jan 1, 2004 3096
The performative voice in Mallarme's poetic reverie. Callet, Jeannette Leigh Sep 22, 2003 7533
Reading Frye. Steele, James Critical essay Sep 1, 2003 3365
September 1983. Banks, Eric Sep 1, 2003 938
Teaching through a Crisis: September 11 and Beyond. Occasional Paper Series 11. McKersie, Alison; Lent, Patricia; Rose, Megan; Stuart-Hunt, Rella; Edstrom, Lisa; Rothschild, Cynthi Author abstract May 1, 2003 626
God tricks or Barnes tricks? Comments on 'What's wrong with American regional science?'. Coffey, William J. Column Mar 22, 2003 793
Sharing authority: oral history and the collaborative process. (Commentary). Frisch, Michael Critical Essay Jan 1, 2003 1057
WLT and the essay. (Letters). McCune, Louisa Letter to the Editor Mar 22, 2001 399
Georg Lukacs, Wilhelm Worringer and German Expressionism. Sheppard, Richard Critical essay Sep 22, 1995 19984

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