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Critical Thinking and Clinical Judgement: A Practical Approach to Outcome-Focused Thinking.


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Publisher: Elsevier

NSW, Australia, 2008.

ISBN: 9781416039488

The author of this book points out that critical thinking is often used as a buzz word. However the capacity to focus thinking, or critical thinking, is vital to get the results required and keep patients safe. The book highlights ways to put thinking into language and tools, and is aimed for students, nurses, educators and leaders. The fourth edition of this book includes maps, memory-jogs, decision-making tools, mapping strategies, and evidence-based critical indicators. Each chapter sets out an overview and learning objectives and is followed by critical thinking exercises, and a key points and summary which stimulates reflective learning.
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Author:Alfaro-LeFevre, Rosalinda
Publication:Australian Nursing Journal
Article Type:Brief article
Geographic Code:8AUST
Date:Jun 1, 2008
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