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Crisis is hitting diet; You Say

THE human cost of the government-induced cost-of-living crisis is seen most starkly in people's changing diets and the impact on people's health.

The UK Faculty of Public Health says that increasing numbers of people on low wages are not earning enough money to meet their most basic nutritional needs for maintaining a healthy diet.

The ECHO (April 16) has reported that Merseyside has become the foodbank capital of the country with 56,111 people using a foodbank in the last year.

Benefit delays and sanctions are two of the big causes of people having to access emergency food aid, but the Trussell Trust, which organises networks of foodbanks across the country, says that 'static incomes, rising living costs, low pay and underemployment' are other big drivers. The UK Faculty of Public Health is right to warn that a rise in the cost of living is having a detrimental impact on our nation's health. We need government action now on cost of living to prevent the nation paying a rising price in the form of failing health in the future.

Luciana Berger, Labour & Co-operative MP for Liverpool Wavertree and shadow minister for Public Health
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 6, 2014
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