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Cringey Auntie; Sky outshines BBC's crew of Jubilee twits.

Byline: Charlie Catchpole

DAY three of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and here comes the RAF fly-past by veteran aircraft from the Second World War.

In the BBC's studio, presenters Matt Baker and Sophie Raworth can hardly contain their excitement.

Matt: "Wow! That's a big plane!"

Sophie: "Awesome! It must weigh, well... hundreds of tons! I bet it's really difficult to drive in this weather!"

Matt (fiddling with his earpiece): "What? Um, it's a Lancashire bomber.

"Lancashires dropped lots of bombs on France. I think Douglas Bader drove one. He was legless."

Sophie: "Talking of being legless... what did the drivers do when they needed a pee? Did they just cross their legs or go in their trousers?"

Matt: "Ha, ha, ha!"

Sophie: "Over now to Anneka Rice who's in St James's Park helping some children to build a lifesize model of a Lancashire out of Lego..."

Actually, I've made all that up.

I watched the fly-past on a pub telly with the sound off. But judging by the BBC's epically clueless coverage of the Jubilee river pageant, I'm probably not far wrong.

Did Matt Baker (Blue Peter and The One Show) really refer to the Queen as Her Royal Highness rather than Her Majesty? Yep.

Did the BBC's main commentator Paul Dickenson, who is a sports journalist by trade, call the Duchess of Cornwall the Princess Royal? Yep.

Did some other idiot describe the top deck of a boat as "the first floor"? Yep.

Did the BBC cut away from the flotilla to show Tess Daly pretending to be knighted by a man in drag for "services to working in the rain"? Yep.

I don't often agree with Stephen Fry but he was spot on when he tweeted: "Has the BBC ever presented a more mind-numbingly tedious programme in its history?

"Deeply embarrassing. I expect better of the nation's broadcaster. Sky was excellent."

The BBC may have bagged the biggest audience of the week. For national events, that always happens. But Sky News showed them how it should be done.

Eamonn Holmes was a solid (sorry Eamonn) and assured anchorman.

And he was ably supported by the smart and sassy Charlotte Hawkins. Sky also had on board the best reporter by a nautical mile - Anna Botting.

She's an accomplished yachtswoman who knows her decks from her floors.

And believe it or not there wasn't a D-list celebrity to be seen.

How ironic that when Sky News launched 23 years ago Britain's chattering classes sneered it would "dumb down" TV news values.

The very opposite has happened. It's raised the bar. Sky's slogan of the moment is "Believe in better." Better than the BBC, that's for sure.

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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion, Column
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jun 10, 2012
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