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Criminals glorified.

Byline: Ijaz Husain Balti - Lahore

IT is unfortunate that people who are powerful get away with breaking the law, no matter the seriousness of the crime.

Of late, there have been two cases where influential people have got away despite causing the death of another human being. Both are cold-blooded murder.

In the first case, an MPA of the Balochistan Assembly who ran over a traffic warden in Quetta in broad daylight with his recklessly driven SUV was granted bail. When he came out of court, he was showered with rose petals and driven to his house in a motorcade.

In the second case the son of a tycoon shot dead in December 2012 another youth the only son of his parents for reprimanding him for teasing his sister. The offender walked free because the victim's family pardoned him.

One wonders where is the state and why it has abdicated its responsibility of upholding the sanctity of life and protecting the weak members of our society.

The glorification of killers and criminals is condemnable and a blight on our collective moral conscience.

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Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Jan 5, 2018
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