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PCW appeals for 'safe spaces' for women. Apr 9, 2021 331
Prostitution declared violence against women. IAN BUNTING Apr 7, 2021 247
More funds needed for women's help desks in barangays--CHR. Apr 6, 2021 412
Intimate Partner Femicide in the Serbian Mainstream Media: Maintaining the Patriarchal Narrative through Online Newspaper Readers' Comments. Cvoric, Jovana Report Apr 1, 2021 7253
State Department highlights Cyprus corruption. fm Mar 31, 2021 444
NHS lends support to women. Mar 31, 2021 225
Corruption, gender violence, discrimination the focus of US human rights report. Jean Christou Mar 31, 2021 1017
UN says pandemic 'shattered' millions of women's lives. Mar 30, 2021 171
Discussion starts of bill to up penalties for domestic violence. Staff Reporter Mar 29, 2021 599
Education on violence against women should start at school - charities. Mar 29, 2021 407
After Sarah Everard's killing, we need to talk about male victims of violence too - Tom Wood; The killing of Sarah Everard was an act of such wickedness that it rightly caused outrage. Tom Wood Mar 27, 2021 623
Women must be protected at all costs. ANNIE BROWN Twitter: @anniebrownword Mar 24, 2021 195
'The idea that it's up to women to change their behaviouris an insult' Politicians' support for campaign. CARLA TALBOT Mar 24, 2021 1534
We can't stand still while women and girls are continuing to come to harm.. it would be a dereliction of all of our duties; O'NEILL PLEDGE OVER ER DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Deputy First Minister speaks out after brutal knife murders of two women. SHAUNA CORR Mar 23, 2021 752
I live my life all too aware of male violence to women the; councillor's plea to create city of safety and 'without fear'. NIALL GRIFFITHS Local Democracy Reporting Service Mar 22, 2021 607
New bid to tackle violence against women. Mar 22, 2021 274
KILLINGS HIGHLIGHT NEED TO OPPOSE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN; Strategy plan after 'absolute tragedy'. CATE McCURRY Mar 22, 2021 711
Chalk message on Hoe says women won't be silenced. Mar 22, 2021 316
Societal change is needed to stop Sarah Everard's death being 'normalised' -- expert; "It infuriates me and frustrates me that we don't take it seriously". By, Erin Santillo Mar 22, 2021 578
EU sanctions remain on the table, Germany warns Turkey. Reuters News Service Mar 22, 2021 400
1 in 3 women experience violence globally: WHO. Nihal Samir Mar 21, 2021 965
I can look you in the eye and say I had nothing to with it whatsoever. I'm not a violent person - Iain Packer during television interview; Politicians and campaigners urge action to win justice for Emma Caldwell and all victims of male violence against women. Marion Scott and Mark Aitken Mar 21, 2021 631
Pressure mounts for action to curb male violence. Marion Scott CHIEF REPORTER Mar 21, 2021 942
Opinion| Women at the centre of COVID-19 response. Christine Arab Mar 20, 2021 963
Erdogan quits European treaty on violence against women. Reuters News Service Mar 20, 2021 436
Sermon. Mar 20, 2021 228
'We should be able to take that walk home and not be harassed' The alleged abduction and murder of Sarah Everard has sparked an uprising across the UK. Lucy John spoke to some of the women behind the Reclaim the Streets protests and vigils in South Wales... Mar 20, 2021 1201
Put online pimps out of business; RECORD VIEW. Mar 19, 2021 253
Atlanta shootings expose fear in Asian-American community. Mar 19, 2021 858
Opinion: Janet Christie's Mum's the Word: Violence against women is nothing new but Sarah Everard's murder has released a new generation of outrage; Violence against women is nothing new. We grow up modifying our behaviour to accommodate the dangers of being female, but Sarah Everard's murder has released a new wave of outrage and the latest generation is taking a stand. Janet Christie Mar 18, 2021 426
Misogyny should be a hate crime; MAYOR LAUNCHES 10-YEAR STRATEGY TO PROTECT WOMEN. NICK STATHAM Local Democracy Reporting Service @MENNEWSDESK Mar 18, 2021 629
'The amount of women in o omen our world who have suffered is disgus d disgusting...' The alleged abduction and murder of Sarah Everard has sparked an uprising across the UK. Lucy John spoke to some of the women behind the Reclaim the Streets protests and vigils in Wales. Mar 18, 2021 1526
Leaders pledge to make streets safer for women. Mar 18, 2021 208
Commissioner funds alarms for women. Mar 18, 2021 173
Reaction to Sarah Everard death 'shows how far we still have to go'. Mar 18, 2021 262
High time misogyny made a hate crime. Rt Rev Anne Dyer Mar 18, 2021 796
Boris pledges to make our streets safer for women; The death of Sarah Everard and the shocking scenes that followed as police officers arrested women gathered at a peaceful vigil in her memory has reopened a national debate into gender attitudes and violence against women. Gavin Cordon reports. Gavin Cordon Mar 18, 2021 1337
Council removes graffiti from tower. Mar 18, 2021 156
Seven women are raped every week in North Yorkshire, new figures show; Every week in North Yorkshire, an average of nine women are sexually assaulted and seven are raped, the latest figures show. Corinne Macdonald Mar 18, 2021 737
It's time to Copp on over violence against women... Ruth leads demo inspired by tragic Sarah's death. SARAH SLATER Mar 17, 2021 436
Sarah Everard killing: Women's grief and anger can create the most powerful protest of all - Laura Waddell; This tragic story has caused mass reflection on how women are meant to feel safe in a hostile world. Laura Waddell Mar 17, 2021 1075
Metropolitan Police and Fire Brigade unions clash over policing of Sarah Everard vigil; A Tweet from the Fire Brigades Union prompted an angry response from the Metropolitan Police Federation. By, Zak Garner-Purkis Mar 16, 2021 436
Tories 'failing to address violence against women'. DAVID HUGHES, MATTHEW COOPER and EMMA BOWDEN Mar 16, 2021 1996
Court of Appeal rejects rape prosecutions case. SAM TOBIN Mar 16, 2021 565
I cried when I heard about Sarah...all the memories of when Claudia went missing flooded back; VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN: THE CRACKDOWN - MISSING CLAUDIA LAWRENCE'S MUM JOAN. MICHELLE RAWLINS and LUCY THORNTON Mar 16, 2021 552
WE HAVE TO FIGHT SEXUAL VIOLENCE; CALL FOR ACTION OVER ATTACKS Report calls for new system of dealing with scourge at colleges. JAMES WARD Report Mar 16, 2021 387
WE HAVE TO FIGHT SEXUAL VIOLENCE; CALL FOR ACTION OVER ATTACKS Report calls for new system of dealing with scourge at colleges. JAMES WARD Report Mar 16, 2021 307
BILL OF WRONGS ONGS; VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN: FURY OVER NEW POLICE BILL Outrage as new crime laws 'ignore women'. PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor Mar 16, 2021 704
BILL OF WRONGS ONGS; VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN: FURY OVER NEW POLICE BILL Outrage as new crime laws 'ignore women'. PIPPA CRERAR Political LABOUR has Mar 16, 2021 721
Sarah Everard police officer 'sent sick meme to colleagues on WhatsApp'; A Met Police officer working the cordon where Sarah Everard's body was found near Ashford, Kent, is accused of sharing an "inappropriate graphic" with colleagues. By, Chris Kitching Mar 16, 2021 704
UK police under fire after vigil crackdown. Mar 15, 2021 309
PM aims to 'ensure our streets are safe'. Mar 15, 2021 179
Vigils held after deaths of woman and teenager. MARCUS HUGHES and SIAN BURKITT Mar 15, 2021 518
Questions over bail for man under rape probe; OPINION. Mar 15, 2021 313
Education is best strategy to fix gender stereotypes. COMMENT BY IVANA BACIK, LABOUR SENATOR Mar 15, 2021 293
Londoners protest against police after Sarah Everard vigil disruption. Jessica Clark Mar 15, 2021 311
Only men can solve this. Only men can take ownership of this. - Baroness Helena Kennedy Mar 14, 2021 491
Only men can solve this. Only men can take ownership of this- Baroness Helena Kennedy. Mar 14, 2021 487
Sarah Everard vigil: Issue of violence against women "more important than Covid restrictions"; Hundreds of people gathered on Saturday night. By, Lorna Hughes Mar 14, 2021 656
Establishing victim centricity. Mar 14, 2021 759
Egypt, partners celebrate launch of project to eliminate violence against women. Daily News Egypt Mar 13, 2021 759
Amid 'victim shaming' after Sarah Everard's disappearance, it's past time for men to do more about male violence against women - Scotsman comment; In the Commons yesterday, an MP was given special permission to make a speech lasting longer than the usual three-minute limit. Scotsman comment Mar 12, 2021 428
Incidents of acid throwing on women dropped in 2020. Mar 12, 2021 213
Voice of the People. Mar 11, 2021 1040
Adamawa Assembly Passes Bill To End Violence Against Women. Mar 10, 2021 205
Men unite in campaign to end global violence against women. Lama Alhamawi Mar 10, 2021 507
Let Us Rise Against All Forms Of Violence Against Women-Mrs. Oyetola. Mar 9, 2021 442
Muneeza Hashmi lauds Pakistani women's remarkable achievements. Mar 9, 2021 205
Govt committed to empowering women: HRMA minister. Mar 9, 2021 213
One in three women endure physical or sexual violence, WHO says. Reuters News Service Mar 9, 2021 356
...Okotete hails APC, urges women to unite. Mar 9, 2021 215
We'll address issues impeding women's development -Gbajabiamila. Mar 9, 2021 368
International Women's Day: national organisations decry violence against women. Mar 8, 2021 353
We'll address issues impeding women's development - Gbajabiamila. Mar 8, 2021 343
EHRC Calls on Stakeholders to Prevent Gender Based Hate Speech, Violence. Mar 8, 2021 369
Rights organizations observe International Women's Day. Mar 8, 2021 390
Adamawa Assembly Passes Bill To End Violence Against Women. Mar 8, 2021 206
Violence against women reaches 'epidemic levels' during Covid pandemic. harriet line Mar 8, 2021 1169
'Epidemic levels' of domestic violence against women; Violence against women is at 'epidemic levels' during pandemic. harriet line Mar 8, 2021 1116
Virtual violence. Anjali Subedi Mar 8, 2021 518
Balochistan reports 47 incidents of violence against women in 2020. Saleem Shahid Mar 8, 2021 621
Ali Gul Pir, Eva B's 'Tera Jism, Meri Marzi' is an attack on patriarchy. Mar 8, 2021 402
'Coward and bully' attacked women. JASON EVANS Reporter Mar 6, 2021 592
Giffey and PejCinovic-Buric: Leading the way to a life free from violence. Mar 5, 2021 178
Big data shows steep rise in domestic abuse searches in pandemic. Mar 4, 2021 586
KP's initiative for women rights. Mar 4, 2021 323
Sabaya (2021), dir. Hogir Hirori. McDavid, Jodi Mar 4, 2021 676
Govt committed to implement laws protecting women rights: Dr Sumaira Shams. Mar 3, 2021 336
Civil Society Groups Advocate Justice For SGBV Victims. Mar 3, 2021 671
Comelec Tandag celebrates Women's Month with #PurpleMonday. Mar 2, 2021 172
Dealing with gender-based violence. Mar 2, 2021 997
DSWD bats for inclusion of women's issues in PH's dev't agenda. Mar 1, 2021 559
Four domestic violence complaints submitted to Famagusta police unit. George Psyllides Feb 25, 2021 223
Enforce policies that promote gender parity. Feb 24, 2021 508
Pak urges world stop systematic violence against women in IIOJK. Feb 24, 2021 233
KP Govt to soon notify rule of businesses for legislation on domestic violence. Feb 24, 2021 384
KP soon to notify rule of businesses for recent legislations on domestic violence, reproductive healthcare rights. Feb 24, 2021 536
Pakistan urges int'l community to play its role to address systematic violence against women in IIOJ and K. Feb 24, 2021 238
Pakistan urges world to address systematic violence against women in IIOJ and K. Feb 24, 2021 427
Pakistan urges world to address systematic violence against women in IIOJ and K. Feb 24, 2021 236
Women in BiH society face many difficulties. Feb 23, 2021 530
Australian high commissioner, wife visit VAWC Multan. Feb 23, 2021 157
Clare's Law sees rise in requests during pandemic; more than a thousand people ask for details of partners' violent past. KRISTY DAWSON @kristy_dawson07 Feb 22, 2021 561
Ending violence against women. Feb 18, 2021 151
WACOL calls for elimination of violence against women, girls. Feb 18, 2021 373
Call made for improved access to harassment reporting. Feb 17, 2021 361
Combating Violence against Women Requires Cooperation of All - Head of Govt. Feb 17, 2021 369
Famagusta police launch domestic violence unit. Antigoni Pitta Feb 17, 2021 430
Political parties condemn behaviour of politician accused of sexual abuse. Antigoni Pitta Feb 16, 2021 306
Gender mainstreaming to address all forms of violence against women. Feb 13, 2021 443
Speakers emphasized gender mainstreaming. Feb 13, 2021 305
'Equal access to economic resources critical to address all forms of violence against women'. Feb 13, 2021 454
Mobile phone app launched to help survivors of domestic violence. Zubair Qureshi Feb 13, 2021 242
Gender-based violence courts in Pakistan. Shallum Oscar David Feb 12, 2021 1424
Domestic violence doubles in Lebanon. NAJIA HOUSSARI Feb 11, 2021 687
Bauchi gov launches action plan on women peace, security. Feb 9, 2021 285
Bauchi Launches UN Women Action Plan On Peace, Security. Feb 9, 2021 480
Female Genital Mutilation: Group Wants Practice Eliminated. Feb 9, 2021 631
Protracted Violation of Women's Rights and Liberties. Feb 9, 2021 826
Mum and daughter killings show 'toll of men's violence'. Feb 8, 2021 249
MP welcomes domestic abuse strategy review. Feb 6, 2021 272
'Without Community Participation, Gender Violence Will Continue'. Feb 5, 2021 980
Lapid seeks amendment to Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004. Feb 3, 2021 491
UN Women report proposed a comprehensive family friendly policy. Feb 2, 2021 163
IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE: Writer Abigail Shrier pits lesbians against trans and nonbinary folks in her dangerous book. Fonseca, Sarah Tom Feb 1, 2021 1175
More inclusive violence policy is considered. Jan 26, 2021 173
Govt taking steps to prevent domestic violence against women: KP CM. Jan 26, 2021 182
KP CM terms Domestic Violence against Women Bill as landmark legislation. Jan 25, 2021 312
KP CM terms Domestic Violence against Women Bill as landmark legislation. Jan 25, 2021 350
New law to prevent domestic violence against women: CM. Jan 25, 2021 344
KP CM terms Domestic Violence against Women Bill as landmark legislation. Jan 25, 2021 350
Man kills wife, four kids over 'honour' in Gujranwala, say police. Jan 22, 2021 204
Man kills wife, four kids over 'honour' in Gujranwala. Jan 22, 2021 286
Plan to prevent violence against women unveiled. Jan 22, 2021 394
MoHR campaign on HR awareness to continue till May 2021. Jan 21, 2021 153
Groups train 3,000 students to prevent sexual violence on campus. Jan 21, 2021 478
National action plan against gender violence launched. Jan 20, 2021 623
Violence Against Women: EU Ambassador Welcomes Morocco's New Strategy. Jan 18, 2021 305
A violent man, a call for help and police in the dock over a murder that might have been halted; INVESTIGATION Campaigners warn case reveals serious concerns after police are accused of failing murder victim before and after her violent death. Marion Scott CHIEF REPORTER Jan 17, 2021 1288
A violent man, a call for help and police in the dock over a murder that might have been halted; INVESTIGATION Campaigners warn case reveals serious concerns after police are accused of failing murder victim before and after her violent death. Marion Scott CHIEF REPORTER Jan 17, 2021 1280
Minister welcomes passage of bill on domestic violence against women. Jan 16, 2021 245
KP Assembly passes 'Domestic Violence against Women (Prevention and Protection) Bill 2021. Jan 16, 2021 318
KP finally legislates to criminalise domestic violence. Jan 16, 2021 818
Minister welcomes passage of bill on domestic violence against women. Jan 15, 2021 362
Govt taking all steps to provide rights to women. Jan 15, 2021 281
Doctor 'imprisons, tortures' sister for four years to deny inheritance in Lahore. Jan 14, 2021 288
Groups train 3000 students on prevention of sexual violence on campus. Jan 14, 2021 529
Domestic abuse made up one in five crimes during first lockdown. DEBORA ARU Data Reporter Jan 13, 2021 372
View from the courtroom: KP domestic violence bill a diluted version of previous drafts. Jan 11, 2021 1071
Public urged to report gender-related abuse or violence. Jan 11, 2021 431
MoHR spends Rs 20 mln on HR awareness campaign. Jan 10, 2021 163
Domestic violence bill. Jan 10, 2021 438
First ever lady DPO of KP assumes charge at Lower Chitral. Jan 8, 2021 288
PA panel clears proposed law on domestic violence. Jan 8, 2021 785
Dignity important for women protection: Kamal Haasan's comment irks many. Jan 4, 2021 578
LuAiA:Violence against women and social discrimination increased during pandemic. Jan 3, 2021 463
Female DPO joins duty in KP. Jan 2, 2021 169
How We Handled 200 Cases Of Gender Based Violence In Two Years -Oyo SGBVRT. Jan 1, 2021 1362
End of Year notes. Jan 1, 2021 1723
End Of Year Notes. Jan 1, 2021 1567
First female DPO takes up assignment in KP. Jan 1, 2021 175
Healthcare Equity Top of Biden's Agenda. Jan 1, 2021 480
Domestic Violence against Women in the Nigerian Rural Context. Igbolekwu, Chisaa Onyekachi; Arusukwu, Ogadimma; Nwogu, Joseph Nkemakolam; Rasak, Bamidele; Asamu, F Report Jan 1, 2021 8361
Effects of Violence against Women on Higher Education in Mizoram, India. Mishra, Lokanath Report Jan 1, 2021 4080
A Pandemic Within the Pandemic. Hynes, H. Patricia Jan 1, 2021 1000
LASUTH CMD Condemns Increase In Rate Of Gender-Based Violence. Dec 30, 2020 601
Online campaign on violence against women by Frederick University. Press Release Dec 29, 2020 454
AGO: Nearly 3,000 violence against women cases addressed this year. Abdul Raqeeb Sail Dec 29, 2020 204
Can Turkey tidy up its foreign policy in 2021? Sinem Cengiz Dec 25, 2020 947
Xander Ford behind bars for Violence Against Women case. Dec 23, 2020 697
Herat groom accuses bride of virginity loss. Storai Karimi Dec 23, 2020 395
Social media personality Xander Ford arrested. Dec 23, 2020 252
Xander Ford nabbed for attempted rape. Dec 23, 2020 172
Civil society lauds President Alvi for promulgating Anti-Rape Ordinance 2020. Rafique Junejo Dec 22, 2020 191
'Plenty of cells' available to contain perpetrators of domestic violence. Dec 21, 2020 238
NGO trains 5,200 women on promoting girl-child education, ending violence. Dec 20, 2020 557
Demo held over increasing unrest in society. Dec 20, 2020 238
NGOs urge women to sustain advocacy on girl-child education. Dec 19, 2020 651
Silencing the victim only helps abusers. Dec 19, 2020 566
Partnership between Egypt's NCW, Facebook to spread awareness of means of women protection on Facebook platform. Egypt Today Dec 17, 2020 693
We should work towards violence-free election. Dec 17, 2020 688
COMMENT / Violence against women and girls: A pandemic we must end now. Dec 17, 2020 1371
NCW, Plan International present recommendations to ensure protection of women from violence amid COVID-19. Nihal Samir Dec 17, 2020 587
Women forum discusses strategies to stop gender-based violence. Dec 16, 2020 701
AWLN develops scorecard to track violence against women, girls. Dec 16, 2020 985
Violence against women and girls: A pandemic we must end now. Dec 15, 2020 1338
Domestic abuse victims should get council house priority says new report; Councils and housing associations should prioritise the housing needs of domestic abuse victims over those of the perpetrator, according to a new report. Gina Davidson Dec 15, 2020 648
Brute stabbed girlfriend when she thought he was offering her a brew; thug with history of violence against women is locked up. JON HARRIS AND REBECCA DAY Dec 15, 2020 589
Shame on 'dishonourable members' who glorify sexual, 'gender violence'. Dec 15, 2020 732
Davao's 'conscience'. Dec 14, 2020 733
Zero Tolerance: 30 years on from landmark campaign against rape and violence, women are still fighting many of the same battles - Kirsty Strickland; Nearly three decades on, the poster is still striking. Kirsty Strickland Dec 13, 2020 1155
Speakers stressed to control violence against women. Dec 13, 2020 180
Davao's 'conscience'. Dec 13, 2020 730
Empowering women collective moral, human obligation : CEO Jazz. Dec 12, 2020 322
CAN seeks religious, traditional leaders' involvement in fight against gender violence. Dec 11, 2020 357
Female-run police hotline aims to encourage Pakistani women to report abuse. Sabah Bano Malik Dec 11, 2020 526
Jazz CEO speaks about women empowerment at UN women's webinar. Dec 11, 2020 331
WPC 16 days activism campaign against women violence concluded. Dec 11, 2020 214
Eradication of violence against women, harassment priority: IGP. Dec 11, 2020 311
White Ribbon helps women to take stand. RITA CAMPBELL Dec 11, 2020 363
Media have important role in preventing violence against women. Dec 10, 2020 394
Religious scholars to sensitise public on GBV. Dec 10, 2020 274
Women demand SBK campus in Jaffarabad. Dec 10, 2020 166
Gabriela urges women to fight threats and violence. Dec 10, 2020 282
'Ignorance, poverty trigger violence against women'. Pajhwok Dec 10, 2020 244
WPC 16-days activism campaign against women violence to conclude tomorrow. Dec 10, 2020 211
Nordic way could help reduce demand. ANNIE BROWN Dec 10, 2020 255
White Ribbon marks Human Rights Day 2020, dedicate it to Pakistani women. Dec 10, 2020 205
Group empowers girls through arts to fight gender based violence. Dec 10, 2020 556
Religious scholars for ending gender-based violence for peaceful, just society. Dec 9, 2020 366
Provide more helplines to ensure women's safety. Dec 9, 2020 376
Safeguard women's mental health. Dec 9, 2020 410
Gender- based violence: Foundation trains 106 women ambassadors in Kebbi. Dec 9, 2020 632
Police continue crackdown against domestic abusers. Dec 9, 2020 342
"Female Creativity Against Violence" conference to be held on Dec. 10. Egypt Today staff Conference news Dec 9, 2020 230
World Human Rights Day: We'll Eliminate Violence Against Women, Girl-Child -Makinde. Dec 9, 2020 969
Abuse of women rises amid Covid pandemic. Dec 9, 2020 374
Women abuse. Dec 9, 2020 352
At UN, Pakistan reaffirms its commitment to end violence against women, girls. Dec 9, 2020 532
Ending gender-based violence crucial for peaceful society: Religious Scholars. Dec 9, 2020 427
Religious scholars for ending gender-based violence for peaceful, just society. Dec 9, 2020 415
Edo NUJ partners NHRC to end gender based violence. Dec 8, 2020 313
Ending violence against women 'crucial' for peaceful society, say religious scholars. Dec 8, 2020 411
Increase in violence. Dec 8, 2020 258
Discrimination and Violence against Women in Afghanistan. Dec 8, 2020 988
Speaker says violence against women, girls forbidden in Nasarawa State. Dec 8, 2020 385
Egypt does not accept violence against women: UNFPA representative. Egypt Today staff Dec 8, 2020 489
Churches, Mosques embrace campaign to end violence against women. Dec 7, 2020 853
Al Massar calls on Public Prosecutor's Office to intervene against repeated violence against women. Dec 7, 2020 319
Kabul tops in crime cases this year, says AGO. Ahmad sohaib Dec 7, 2020 177
The 25 women in Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull killed by men in the last 10 years; They were friends, mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters. By, Rachel Stretton Dec 7, 2020 1589
Arts, culture show highlights women's issues amid pandemic. Dec 7, 2020 551
UNAMA: Afghan Judicial System Fails Women to Access Fair Justice. Dec 7, 2020 643
UN calls for improved access to justice in violence against women cases. Nizamuddin Hameedi Dec 7, 2020 570
NAWOJ seeks intensified efforts to end violence against women. Dec 6, 2020 435
Egypt's Academy of Arts hosts "Women Address Violence" seminar on Dec. 6. Egypt Today staff Dec 6, 2020 176
Sexual, Gender Violence Cases In Lagos Worrisome, Says Group. Dec 6, 2020 229
'Cops, women development dept to ensure women rights'. Dec 6, 2020 312
Female Bikers Smash Stereotypes in Daykundi Show. Dec 6, 2020 281
Awareness campaign on women's rights continues. Dec 5, 2020 184
Art exhibition titled "Violence agianst Women" on Dec 6. Dec 5, 2020 205
Punjab committed to providing all basic facilities to women: Augustine. Dec 5, 2020 458
NCW launches new paper on legislation for protecting women from violence. Daily News Egypt Dec 5, 2020 416
Speakers for structural reform to respond gender-based violence. Dec 3, 2020 454
Violence against women is a global phenomenon that needs to be responded with full force and unity: Speakers. Dec 3, 2020 610
it is time we made buying sex a crime; Ex-prostitutes lead push for legislation on buying services. ANDY PHILIP Dec 3, 2020 310
Educated women make bulk of female victims of violence in lockdown (report). Dec 3, 2020 413
Gender-Based Violence: Platform Capital And Diatom Impact Launch HEART Initiative. Dec 3, 2020 528
web header; We are a nation that increasingly talks about formerly "shameful" topics, but prostitution remains one of those areas of society we avoid discussing. The Scottish public either shrug their shoulders with indifference to it or demonstrably espouse their dogmatic views in very small clusters. All the while the practice of prostitution continues to take place in the shadows, and, as you might imagine, its business is increasingly initiated on smart devices at work or at home. But the end of 2020 affords Scotland an opportunity to wake up to the issue. Stuart Weir Dec 3, 2020 565
Artists to draw for gender cause. Dec 3, 2020 537
Filipina worker back from Kuwait after 8-year struggle. Dec 2, 2020 360
WARIF Completes First Virtual Training On Prevention Of Sexual Violence In Nigeria. Dec 1, 2020 565
Cyberattacks vs women journalists spilling into 'real world'. Dec 1, 2020 434
Ministry of Women and UN Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women sign MoC on enhancing women's rights. Dec 1, 2020 204
BRT Peshawar joins call for ending violence against women. Dec 1, 2020 453
Australian diplomat attends workshop. Dec 1, 2020 278
House approves bill raising age for statutory rape from 12 to 16. Dec 1, 2020 715
BRT Peshawar joins call for ending violence against women drive. Dec 1, 2020 473
Awareness push tackles violence against women. Nov 30, 2020 579
Women's groups identify 'catastrophic failures' in law. Nov 30, 2020 226
UN House lights up to end gender violence. Nov 30, 2020 167
WPC commits to work for women rights: Munaza. Nov 30, 2020 206
Campaign aiming to help all abuse victims. Nov 30, 2020 152
Women's groups identify 'catastrophic failures' in law. Nov 30, 2020 226
Public Attitudes Towards Women. Nov 30, 2020 817
Inspire Africa Event Hots Up As Princess Ronke Ademiluyi Partners With Global Transformational Speaker Dame Marie Diamond For The Women And Leadership Event.. Nov 30, 2020 277
Ethiopia to Launch 'Red Card Campaign' to End Violence against Women, Girls. Nov 30, 2020 404
It is our collective moral and human obligation to empower women in digital age: Aamir Ibrahim. Nov 30, 2020 464
Group decries alarming violence against women, minors. Nov 29, 2020 285
Women Identity Crisis: Root Factors of Violence in Modern Era. Nov 29, 2020 1017
Anti-domestic violence bill pushed amid pandemic. Nov 29, 2020 315
Insight: Why violence against women in Scotland is an epidemic; Twenty-seven year old Agnieszka Szefler was stabbed to death by her partner at their home in Bridge of Earn four years ago. Only he knows why. In 2011 Alami Gotip, 22, from Livingston was also stabbed to death by her partner for the crime of "nagging" about a lack of garlic bread at dinner. A knife was also used to take the life of Leighanne Cameron, another West Lothian mum killed by her estranged partner, this time in 2015. Gina Davidson Nov 29, 2020 2529
Gender equality leads to greater productivity, growth: Frederiksen. Nov 29, 2020 420
Activists advocate patriarchy to control violence against women. Nov 29, 2020 310
Australia supports workshops on gender-sensitive media reporting. Nov 29, 2020 415
Minister Commits To Ending Gender Based Violence. Nov 28, 2020 436
Precious women. Nov 28, 2020 581
Word Day: Violence on women termed result of sick mentality in society. Nov 28, 2020 440
Violence against women has become part of daily life. Nov 28, 2020 406
'Women harassment result of male-dominated society'. Nov 28, 2020 530
NCW, UN Women Egypt light up Giza Pyramids against gender-based violence. Daily News Egypt Nov 28, 2020 421
Pyrates decries alarming violence against women, minors. Nov 28, 2020 636
Rising political violence against women at heart of online conference by UN-Women Tunisia. Conference news Nov 27, 2020 371
Violence Against Women Barbaric, Un-Islamic - MMWG. Nov 27, 2020 293
Society needs to change its mindset on women: Omer Aftab. Nov 27, 2020 308
WPC commits to work for women rights: Munaza. Nov 27, 2020 185
5300 cases of torture reported against women with VAWC. Nov 27, 2020 222
KP govt committed to ending violence against women in province. Nov 27, 2020 510
Thank you for looking after abused women; COMIC JANEY'S PRAISE FOR CAMPAIGNERS Joker reveals serious side in charity appeal. KIRSTY FEERICK Nov 27, 2020 227
Quezon City gov't opens shelter for survivors of gender-based abuse. Nov 27, 2020 360
Lottides: deafening silence a year after teen's suicide. Evie Andreou Nov 27, 2020 486
ActionAid Asks Governments To Enforce Laws Against Gender Violence. Nov 26, 2020 372
Speakers: Spike in gender-based violence amid Covid-19 pandemic. Nov 26, 2020 672
Palace: Duterte won't change, don't give too much meaning to his sex jokes. Nov 26, 2020 511
Sex jokes insult women - CHR tells Duterte. Nov 26, 2020 516
Secure VP Leni, end VAW now. Nov 26, 2020 765
HCP: 25% of Women Victims of Domestic Violence Suffer Psychologically. Nov 26, 2020 317
MiliAeviA: Home is not a safe place for many women around BiH and the world. Nov 26, 2020 421

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