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Crew chief safety.

STAFF SGT. THOMAS J. FEENSTRA, 379 EAMX, AL UDEID AB, QATAR. Sgt. Feenstra was supervising the refueling operations of a B-1B bomber loaded with live munitions in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, when he noted a continuous fuel leak from the cooling loop bypass valve in the right main wheel well. He shut down the fueling operations, disconnected the fuel truck, cleared the area of vehicles, and performed emergency shutdown procedures of the auxiliary power unit. Fuel cell technicians were tasked to perform a manual shut-off; however, the shut-off lever broke and fuel continued to spew from the busted component. His leadership was pivotal to averting a catastrophic mishap and loss of vital combat assets or injury to personnel. (Awarded Apr. 2013)

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Date:Jun 22, 2013
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