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CretaPlus - Increasing Efficiency at Flour Mills.

Omya UK of Curtis Road, Dorking, Surrey, tel:0130 688 6688, have announced the introduction of GretaPlus - a complete mix of all the statutory components required under the Bread and Flour Regulations, in one homogeneous blend.

Omya UK are well known suppliers of Calcium Carbonate Greta Praeparata to the flour milling industry. As a valuable source of calcium, calcium carbonate is a compulsory additive for white flour, along with iron and the vitamins thiamine and nicotinamide.

The creation of CretaPlus is an extension of the relationship between Omya UK and BASF. Omya UK were appointed distributors for BASF Health and Nutrition to sell their range of vitamins and carotenoids to the food industry. CretaPlus is added to flour in exactly the same way as Creta Praeparata, based on a nominal addition rate of 300mg per 100g flour. Instead of just providing calcium, CretaPlus will provide all the statutory requirements of calcium, iron and vitamins in one dose, eliminating the necessity of adding iron, thiamine and nicotinamide separately.

CretaPlus will therefore provide a large boost to the efficient operation of flour mills, doing away with a bag splitting operation and associated costs. It will also free-up a feeder, giving the mill additional flexibility to produce `tailored' products for customers requiring the addition of, for example, folic acid.
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Date:Mar 1, 2000
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