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Creswell resident revels in country life.

Byline: Profile by The Register-Guard

Name: Helen Hollyer, 59, of Creswell

Claim to fame: Woman of many interests and careers. She has studied English literature, geology and anthropology and worked as a real estate agent and insurance agent. Now she tends her 85-acre farm six miles west of town and writes for the Creswell Chronicle. She also volunteers at the Creswell Historical Museum and the community library.

Time in community: Came to the University of Oregon from the Midwest - Illinois, Ohio and Iowa - in the early 1970s and bought her Creswell property, part of the original land claim of Caleb and Jane Moore, in 1993. "It was 140 years almost to the day from when they took out their claim," she says. "When I arrived, the lower pasture was in full bloom with Camas lilies, and the upper portion was covered with wild irises. I could see the Three Sisters. I knew this was home."

Household members: Hollyer and her life partner, Louis Lyon, share their home with Magnum, a 9-year-old Doberman pinscher and littermate of her beloved Carl, who died recently of a congenital heart ailment. They also have Rima, a black cat which, left alone as a kitten when her elderly owner died, moved next door and curled up in the litter of Dobermans. Hollyer also keeps two horses, Gypsy Queen and Let's Do Lunch, and three rabbits.

What makes her happy: Working at home, being her own boss, setting her own hours, getting to know her community. "The first five years I was out here, I spent most of my time working on the property," she says. "Now I'm meeting people completely outside my normal sphere and really enjoying it."

Words of wisdom: A piece of advice from Jean Tate, owner of Jean Tate Real Estate, where Hollyer worked for nearly 20 years: "Jean said that most people will perform up to your expectations of them. I've always found that to be a great rule of thumb in dealing with other people."

Something most people may not know about her: Besides working on a natural and cultural history of her property, Hollyer's writing a mystery novel. She won't reveal what it's about except that it involves a retired real estate agent and accomplished horsewoman who encounters an environmental conundrum.

- Randi Bjornstad

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MATT ANDERSON / The Register-Guard Helen Hollyer keeps busy tending her 85-acre farm six miles west of Creswell, volunteering and writing for the Creswell Chronicle.
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Date:Nov 28, 2001
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