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Crestar Energy Inc. News Releases Now Carried By Canadian Corporate News Inc.

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 28, 1999--

Crestar Energy Inc.(TSE:CRS.) (ME:CRS.) Canadian Corporate News. The news releases of Crestar Energy Inc.(Stock Symbol CRS) are now transmitted by news release distributor Canadian Corporate News Inc. (CCN). Crestar's second quarter earnings release is scheduled for August 11, 1999.

Here is a list of key locations where this news can be found and instructions on how to retrieve these news releases:

1. Starquote Enter CC (space) LS (space) CRS, or
 Enter A (space) LS (space) CRS.
2. Bridge Telerate Select menu item #24, then F1 key
 to refresh screen, then t.CRS, or
 Click on DJ News, then F1 key to
 refresh screen, then t.CRS.
3. Reuters News 2000 Search for news from Crestar, using
 their Stock Symbol (CRS). News
 transmitted by CCN is available at
 no charge but must be requested.
4. Bloomberg Enter CCN, then GO for all CCN
 headlines, or Conduct a general
 search for Crestar Energy Inc.,
 using their stock symbol (CRS).
5. CCN Internet Website (
 Search for news by stock symbol
 (CRS) company name (Crestar Energy
 Inc.), or sign up for CCN's e-mail
 service Hot Off The Wire at
6. Crestar Energy Inc. Website (
 News releases are found at

Crestar Energy Inc. is a senior Canadian exploration and production company with oil and gas operations in western Canada. With 57.6 million shares outstanding and a current market capitalization in excess of C$1 billion, Crestar Energy (CRS) trades on the Toronto and Montreal stock exchanges and is included in the TSE 300 Composite Index. Visit Crestar's website at

Founded in 1983, Canadian Corporate News has rapidly grown to become Canada's premier information distributor. An industry leader, CCN was the first Canadian company to provide real-time automatic e-mail delivery of full-text news releases worldwide via its Internet site, CCN NewsNet (
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 28, 1999
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