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Crescent to provide the most comprehensive solutions to smooth development transition; New products, services and programs lower corporate developer obstacles in transition to Windows 95 and Visual Basic 4.0 environments.

BEDFORD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 3, 1995--The Crescent Division of Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS), the leading provider of tools and services for corporate Microsoft Visual Basic developers, today announced a broad array of solutions aimed at easing the transition to the next generation to operating platforms and attendant development tools.

Crescent unveiled tools and programs aimed at application developers moving to Microsoft Windows 95, to 32-bit applications development, and to Visual Basic Version 4.0.

The announcements encompass the following elements:

o Specialized tools and information services to ease the transition, embodied in its VB4 Jump Start Kit and Enhanced Support and Software Maintenance (ESSM) program;

o Updated versions of all its award-winning Visual Basic tools, to support 32-bit development and the OLE Controls (OCX) environment of Visual Basic 4.0, in addition to the 16-bit VBX environment; and,

o New functionality and an upgrade to its ground-breaking multi-vendor suite of Visual Basic tools, PowerPak Pro.

"Visual Basic has become the most popular programming language since COBOL. But until recently there has been a real lack of high-caliber tools and support that meet the very unique requirements of the corporate IS market. And, until today, no complete solution to ease the transition to next-generation platforms and development tools," said Jennifer J. Bergantino, director of the Crescent Division. "As corporate developers strive to keep pace with ever-changing and complex business needs, they need a more sophisticated level of functionality, service and support than was traditionally available from Visual Basic component vendors. Crescent successfully led the transition from DOS BASIC to Windows and Visual Basic, and stands ready to help again. By leveraging the client/server and service and support competencies of our parent company, Progress Software, we are ideally suited to take the lead in offering corporate users the most robust tools and services for meeting their business needs head-on."

Easing the Transition

Corporate developers are simultaneously facing a transition from Windows to Windows 95 operating platforms, from 16- to 32-bit applications development, and from Visual Basic 3.0 to Visual Basic 4.0. And, for some period of time, a mixture of all these environments.

To ease this transition, Crescent has developed the VB4 Jump Start Kit embodying its accumulated experience in this and previous transitions. With 10+ person-years already invested in these new environments and tools, Crescent has formulated the VB4 Jump Start Kit to share this knowledge with its customers, and with the Visual Basic marketplace in general.

"Crescent's transition package is a great service to the Visual Basic community," said Ron Kalin, vice president of engineering of Business Matters, Inc. "Crescent has compiled into one source the information needed for developers to more easily migrate from Visual Basic 3.0 to Visual Basic 4.0 In fact, the Jump Start Kit would have saved us a great deal of time when we began converting our VB3 applications to VB4."

The Crescent Jump Start Kit contains a Visual Basic development tool and detailed documentation designed to give corporate developers a "leg up" in moving to Windows 95 and the new version of Visual Basic. Among the contents are an Upgrade Wizard that automatically makes many of the most common changes from Visual Basic Version 3.0 code to Visual Basic 4.0. Also included is a Transition Guide, detailing many of the considerations to be factored into the migration process. This Transition Guide supplements the standard Microsoft product documentation, and will allow Visual Basic developers to more quickly take advantage of the new environment.

"While many corporate developers are deciding how and when to build their first Visual Basic 4.0 application, we've shipped our first one commercially," said Eric Frey, vice president of engineering for Crescent. "Our newest product, EnQuiry, was written in Visual Basic 4.0, and takes advantage of its many new and advanced features. Add this experience to the process of updating all our tools, and we already have ten-plus person-years invested in Visual Basic 4.0 and Windows 95 that we can share with customers."

The Jump Start Kit is available directly from Crescent at no charge by calling 1-800-35-BASIC (from outside the U.S. dial 01-617-280-3000), or by FAX at (617) 280-4025. The Jump Start Kit is also available free of charge by registering on the Crescent Web site (, or by sending an e-mail request to Crescent (

Service and Support

Crescent has also announced its unique Enhanced Support and Software Maintenance (ESSM) program for PowerPak Pro, its multi-vendor suite of industry-leading Visual Basic development tools. The ESSM program is the industry's first-ever comprehensive maintenance program available to users of Visual Basic tools. Through the ESSM program, users who have decided to make PowerPak Pro their standard Visual Basic desktop can obtain free product updates, discounts on major upgrades, and priority access to Crescent's dedicated 1-800 technical support hotline. The ESSM program is available at an annual subscription price of $279 per developer seat. For those who purchase the ESSM program at the time they purchase PowerPak Pro, the first year subscription price is reduced to $199 per developer seat. For more information or to place an order, users can call Crescent direct at 1-800-35-BASIC (from outside the U.S., 01-617-280-3000).

Corporate users of other Crescent products also benefit from working with a "single-source" vendor with extensive service and support resources, the backing of a major worldwide corporation, and the commitment to ensuring their business requirements are consistently met. Additionally, beginning with the availability of its new product versions, Crescent will begin fulfillment of free upgrades earned by users under its Upgrade Price Protection Program. This customer-driven program is designed to ensure that developers who have already invested in the VB3/VBX versions of Crescent products can upgrade to the OLE controls versions at no cost. Free upgrades are available to users who have purchased the VBX/VB3 versions under the Upgrade Price Protection Program between June 26 and September 30, 1995(a).

Crescent, headquartered in Bedford, Mass., is dedicated to enhancing the success of Visual Basic developers, by delivering tools and services that heighten their productivity and provide the foundation for creating reliable, scalable, business-critical applications. By leveraging a 10-year track record of developing successful tools and components for the BASIC and Windows/Visual Basic environments, Crescent provides components and corporate and client/server solutions to its customers worldwide. Through constant interaction with application developers, Crescent develops and markets a broad array of products, services and support options uniquely suited to the corporate Visual Basic market.

Progress Software Corporation, also headquartered in Bedford, Mass., is a leading supplier of application development and deployment software to professional IS organizations in business, government and industry worldwide. The Enterprise Division of Progress Software sells and supports the PROGRESS Version 7 application development environment (ADE) directly and through more than 2,000 Application Partners who offer thousands of enterprise client/server applications to a wide variety of industries. Progress Software operates on a global basis with 18 subsidiaries and more than 30 distributors marketing and supporting PROGRESS in over 60 countries throughout Europe, Australia, Latin America and Asia.


(a) Free upgrades require a $20 shipping and handling fee, and are available directly from Crescent. The free upgrade to PowerPak Pro requires a current subscription to the Enhanced Support and Software Maintenance (ESSM) program.

PROGRESS is a registered trademark of Progress Software Corporation. PowerPak Pro and EnQuiry are trademarks of the Crescent Division of Progress Software Corporation. Microsoft, Windows and Visual Basic are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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