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Creme Egg fanatic gets the Cadbury treat TATTOOED on her back; Liverpudlian Jennifer Crockill, 30 -- who reckons she's scoffed 3,650 of the eggs over 10 years -- had the treat inked above her bottom.

Byline: Stephen White

A Cadbury's Creme Egg fan who reckons she managed to scoff 3,650 of them over 10 years has immortalised her "obsession" with a tattoo.

Jennifer Crockill, 30, says she has been tucking into the chocolate treat since childhood and at one point was eating one a day.

She has had to curb her intake after going on a diet -- but decided to pay tribute to her lifelong love with a [pounds sterling]4,000 tattoo on her side.

Jennifer, a railway engineer from Garston, In Liverpool, said: "I've loved Creme Eggs since I was child. My mum would always go out of her way to get me some knowing that they were my favourite.

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"At one point, I'd eat a Cream Egg everyday, I did this for 10 years which is around 3650 eggs in total.

"I have a few tattoos and was looking for some inspiration for a new one when I asked my usual tattoo artist, Sharron, if she'd do a creme egg on me -- she of course said yes.

"All of my friends know about my tattoo, they're forever taking the mick out of me for it!"

Jennifer openly admits she is 'obsessed' with the Cadbury egg and currently has every Creme Egg product stocked up in her house -- ranging from Creme Egg yoghurts, ice cream, to Easter eggs and mini egg share bags.

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She added: "My husband often jokes that if I had to choose between him and Creme Eggs, that I'd pick them over him!

"At one point, I was eating them so much that I'd often hide when eating them or wait for people to not be around because I was so embarrassed of my obsession for them.

"I've managed to calm in down a bit recently though as I'm part of a weight loss group, so can't have as many as I used to."

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Credit: Caters News Agency

A woman who has been obsessed Creme Eggs for nearly three decades has had one tattooed above her left hip

Credit: Caters News Agency

Jennifer jokes that she'd choose Creme Eggs over her husband

Credit: Caters News Agency

The Creme Egg habit has set Jennifer back around [pounds sterling]4000 in total

Credit: Caters News Agency

Jennifer was used to eating a Creme Egg every day before she decided to diet

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Title Annotation:News,UK News
Publication:Daily Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 19, 2019
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