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I Believe in my people Who for five hundred years have been exploited endlessly I believe in our children conceived in struggle and in misery who have suffered under the rule of many Pontius Pilates who were martyred "disappeared" burned alive who descended into hells of ceaseless torture and who arose again from the dead to join anew the guerrilla movement they ascended into the mountains and from thence shall they come to judge their executioners. I believe in the solidarity of all people in the unity of Central America in the blue cows of Chagall in the cronopios of Cortazar I don't know if I believe in the forgiveness of all sin but, yes, I believe in the resurrection of the death squads of the oppressed in the religion of the people in the power of the people world without end Amen

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Author:Alegria, Claribel; Orozco, Julia Mayer
Publication:Monthly Review
Date:Jul 1, 1984
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