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Cree Confederation: Pakosiyimitan: Powwow Songs.

Cree Confederation: Pakosiyimitan: Powwow Songs. Canyon Records, Tracks: 15, Length: 44:05, 2010

Cree Confederation's Pakosiyimitan Pow-Wow Songs is a winner! Cree Confederation's Pakosiyimitan Pow-Wow Songs is complete with a 15 track CD and 7 videos on DVD combination purchase.


Cree Confederation was formed in the winter of 2007. They have traveled all over the United States performing on the pow-wow trail. Cree Confederation represents Cree people of the Treaty Six areas. The Marine Corp loving Northern drum is composed of almost 20 men and women. The soulful sound of Cree Confederation will inspire you to move your feet, feel the soul, and embrace new beginnings in your Native American heart.

I was personally moved by track number eight, "Daddy's Baby Girl". Even though, I can never pass up a fantastic crow hop; which was track number twelve, "Old School Hop". Cree Confederation says it best as stated in track number three, "Feast for life. Shout it out, feel it." Who is ready to pow-wow to the heartbeat of Cree Confederation? I'm there!

Review by Maya Bates Metairie, LA.

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Author:Bates, Maya
Publication:Whispering Wind
Article Type:Sound recording review
Date:Nov 1, 2011
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