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Credit card fraudster recruited family in pounds 100,000 bank scam.

Byline: Rachel Newton

A FRAUDSTER who recruited his family and friends into a pounds 100,000 credit card scam was last night beginning a prison sentence.

Colin Burrows used confidential account details gained from an employee at MBNA Bank's call centre in Chester to make bogus transfers from customer accounts.

He paid seven coconspirators about pounds 200 each to allow the large sums of money to be deposited into their bank accounts.

Many of these transactions transferred up to pounds 15,000 a time from customers' credit cards. More than pounds 51,000 has never been traced.

Burrows, of Kebel Street, Widnes, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud earlier this year. Yesterday, he was sentenced to 21 months imprisonment at Chester Crown Court.

MBNA employee Annette Innes had access to security details. She passed on these details in the form of computer print-outs to Joseph Lamb who recruited friends to pose as customers and made telephone requests to transfer cash into their bank accounts, defrauding the bank of pounds 216,000.

Innes, Lamb and their coconspirators were arrested and have since been dealt with. Colin Burrows, 43, repeated the scam in Spring, 2001.

Transactions were paid into bank accounts held by his step-son Miguel Serrano, stepbrother Peter Williams, cousin Andrew Burrows and his partner Amanda Morris, cousin Roy Higginson and his step-daughter Victoria Eaton, and friend Jacqueline Chesters.

Higginson, 43, of Church Street, Ellesmere Port, was given a 12-month community rehabilitation order.

Morris, 29, and Andrew Burrows, 38, both of Kebel Street, Widnes, were both given two-year community rehabilitation orders. Williams, 51, of no fixed address, and Chesters, 29, of Wood End, Preston, were both given twoyear conditional discharges. Eaton was ordered to complete 80 hours community punishment. All were charged with conspiracy to defraud.
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 5, 2002
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