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Credit bureau to have more information available.

Citizens will not be able to take credits if they have unsettled utility bills, credit card debts, have not paid their rent, or have outstanding liabilities to health and other institutions. Also, those interested in leasing their apartments or shops, will be able to access all debt-related information about the person they consider letting their apartment or shop to. This has been envisaged in the draft modifications to the Credit Bureau Law which has been provided to the Government for approval.

Banks, utilities, the Public Revenue Office, health institutions and a number of other legal entities will have an access to this information at the Credit Bureau. Also, the Credit Bureau will share this information with the credit authorities of other countries. Under these legal modifications, almost everyone will be able to scan anyone else's debts before deciding to do business with them.

The Macedonian Credit Bureau whose information was initially available only to banks, based on which banks then decided whether to approve a credit to a certain applicant or not, refuses to comment on the modifications before they see the final version to be adopted by the Government.

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Title Annotation:BUSINESS NEWS
Publication:INFOMAC Daily News Service
Date:Sep 26, 2014
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